Agent Brynx

Agent Brynx – Episode 18

Agent BrynX – Episode 18
Tough Son Of a Gun

By Brian Ngoma

“Don’t look at me like that, I can see you,” Leah had said earlier that day. “You know i don’t like that vest. It’s ugly,” she frowned.

“I get you baby, you have been whining about it since forever,” I had said staring at her. Her facial expression said it all. She had had it. It was time to get rid of it or get a new one but the dwarf had said to wear it all the time. Damn. “Okay let me just wear it one more time and you’ll never see it again.”

She just nodded without even looking at me. She had washed her hands out of it. She didn’t even want to look at me. “Do whatever pleases you Bryn,” She carried Zoey.

“Just one more time,” I smiled. “I love you. Bye now.”

Ouch! I opened my eyes and felt the dirt in my eyes. I rubbed my eyes while rolling my body to my back. I laid for a moment breathing heavily looking at the window i had just fell from. It was all wrecked up with the pieces of it with me on the ground. I tilted my neck to check where i had been shot. I unbuttoned my shirt and there was the bullet; Stuck on the vest. “This thing sure hurts,” I complained trying to put it out. I couldn’t manage. I was too weak to stand up. I just laid there thanking the heavens for the vest The dwarf had given me. Had it not been for it, i could have been dead. Marie betrayed us and the dwarf trusted her. “The dwarf!” I shouted gathering my strength to stand up. I finally managed and ran around to the entrance. I wondered where Cyrus and the girl were. I ran to the dwarf but found him laying like he had been dag into the ground with his buttocks vertically positioned. I couldn’t bear the sight. I knelt down. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t see my phone.

Mathias’s office was a mess as usual. Everything was out of place. Papers every where. One thing caught my attention. A small shiny box under his table. I reached for it and grabbed it. It was designed like those old briefcases that had combinations. It was beautifully custom designed. I tried to open it but failed. It was obvious it needed a combination. I didn’t have time to start thinking about combinations. I put it down. Then again, why was it hidden? I took it again and thought about numbers. It needed five numbers. I thought about what The dwarf could put as his password on this case. Fortunately, the first number i thought of was 87013. It opened. There were a ton of pictures and doc-ments. I got one picture and saw the Dwarf with Mrs Vimbuzi. The dwarf was in a suit and Mrs. Vimbuzi in a wedding dress.

I looked at the Dwarf on the floor and got more confused. I checked the other photos and it was there wedding. On one photo, was a date 3/10/87. The dwarf and Cold toilet. Who could have thought? I started laughing as i checked more photos. It was insane. I got one of the doc-ments and it was a divorce agreement from 18 years ago. Wow, the dwarf and cold toilet. I remembered what he said about Black and White Agency to be a sister agency to Agency X Corps. I now got the picture. That’s the reason he talked about Agency X Corp whenever he mentioned Black and white Agency. It was sad he was dead too, so i thought.

“Bryn!” The dwarf shouted faintly. “Here,” He said.

How glad i was to hear his voice. I put the box away and quickly crawled to his aid and found him laying on his back. Upon seeing me, he smiled. “Tough son of a gun,” he said.

“It’s the vest you gave me,” I knelt down and held him and since he was as big as Zoey, i held him like a baby.

“She betrayed us,” he said with hate in his voice.

This was not a time to start saying i told you so. He was hurting and i could see his body and soul were crashed. “Let me take you to the hospital,” I said trying to check his wound.

“No, don’t touch it, it hurts,” he complained bitterly. “And i didn’t wear my vest today. Stupid me,” he nodded his head looking at the opened shiny box on the floor. “You opened it?”

“Yes i did. You and Mrs. Vimbuzi?”

“Yes Agent BrynX, we were once married but like all good things come to an end, we got divorced,” he said. “Ouch, it hurts!”

“Let us go to the hospital,” I tried to stand up.

“No. Marie is meeting up with Hancy Kapito as we are speaking right now, go after her,” he directly looked me in the eyes. I was confused. What kind of man would think about his enemy when he’s in pain. “I had Cyrus put a GPs tracker on her car, get my phone and track her,” he got his phone and handed it over to me. “See that app named Black and White Tracker, that’s the one. Follow her,” he pushed me.

I got up looking at him while the phone was in my hands. The dwarf was one sick little b******. “How about you?” I asked him.

“Cyrus and the girl will take me to the hospital, ” he answered.

“Where are they?”

“Upstairs, probably hiding,” he chuckled and pressed a button under his table.

A moment later, Cyrus and the girl rushed in looking petrified. I watched them run to him carrying him to the table. Boy was he small. “Go sir, we’ll take care of Mr. Goma,” Cyrus said.

I left the house and ran to the car. It was time to drive the Land rover. I got on it and left the compound. I turned on the GPs tracker and found that even my car was bugged. I found Maries car. It was not in motion. I drove at a speed so fast that i almost hit another car. The dwarfs cars had phones in them, i called Leah. “Hello Leah.” There was silence. “Hello baby it’s me.”

“Hey babe. I got scared. Whose line is this?” She asked.

“It’s Work’s babe,.. How are you holding up?” I asked.

“Fine. We just miss you. I had a strange feeling and thought something had happened to you. Tried calling you but your phone is off, Is everything alright?”

“I forgot my phone at the office, I’m running an errand in town,” I said. I had reached where Maries car was parked. It was at a famous restaurant in town. Only the big bosses afforded that place. I knew she was with Hancy Kapito in there or at least someone who could lead me to him. “Baby i have to go,” i told Leah.

“Come back home safely, I love you,” She said.

“Hold that thought,” I smiled and cut the call.

I checked the time, it was 7:34pm. I waited for about an hour when Marie came out of the restaurant. She was with one of the thugs from the brothel. They stood talking and looking around suspiciously. I had parked the rover where it was impossible to be seen. The gentleman started moving but not towards Maries car. She followed him to what seemed like his car. Looking at the car clearly, it was the Limousine i had seen from the night of the gala. The same one Agent OlivX had chased. Marie and the gentleman got into the Limousine. I expected it to start off but it didn’t. I was determined to wait. Eventually it started moving and i followed meticulously.

I called at the office to check on the dwarf but no one answered. I assumed they were at the hospital. The Limousine had left town and we were heading North of Hillpark. Luckily, there were some other cars on the road. It didn’t seem obvious i was following the Limousine. It made a turn into a dust road and i didn’t turn. I parked the rover and started following walking. My guts told me wherever the Limousine was headed to, it was getting closer. I ran following it’s trail and i got to another brothel. A peculiar thing about this brothel was that it wasn’t loaded like the others. There were only two cars parked together with the Limousine. I went to the Limousine and checked it. As i turned, a gun clicked behind me.

“Don’t move,” a male voice dictated. “Put your hands in the air and turn around.

I did as told and turned around. It was the thug who had come with Marie. “Start walking, ” he said.

I started walking feeling the gun behind my back. I reached the entrance of the brothel and stood not knowing what to do. “Enter!” he shouted.

Entering the brothel, i saw three men chatting at the reception. They didn’t mind me. As soon as they saw me, they turned their heads away. I looked back and the thug motioned me to take a right turn. I walked to a corridor leading to a number of rooms.

“Keep moving,” he said behind me.

“I don’t know know where I’m going,” I said.

“Open the door to your right,” he said.

I opened the door and entered. As i entered, i found Marie. It was as if she expected me. She didn’t say a word but nod. The door closed behind me. “Where is Hancy Kapito?” I asked.

“Sit down!” the thug said.

I sat down looking at Marie. “Where is he?”

“Who said it’s a he?” a female voice asked while the door opened. It was a familiar voice. Marie looked at me as she was also in awe. The thug didn’t move a muscle. “Hello Agent BrynX.”

I turned around and saw Mrs. Vimbuzi entering the room. Trailing her was Noob. “Mrs. Vimbuz!” I shouted. “How?”

“Agent BrynX!” she exclaimed. “You never give up, do you? I underestimated you.”

“Where is Hancy Kapito?” I asked. “Aren’t you both supposed to be dead?” I looked at her and Noob.

She smiled and looked at Noob. “We didn’t die, you are not seeing ghosts. Me and are Noob are here,” she touched Noobs shoulder. “Poor thing can’t talk anymore, you and your friend destroyed his vocal cords.”

“Noob shot you,” I said aback.

“That’s what i made you think,” she laughed. “And who is this pretty girl?” she turned to Marie.

“The girl i told you about Ma’am,” the thug answered. “She’s been of great help.”

“I see,” she said turning to me.

“Where Is Hancy Kapito?” I asked.

“I’m Hancy Kapito. It’s so funny how everyone thought i was a man,” she laughed inordinately.

“Why? How?” I looked at Marie who was equally shocked.

To be continued

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