Agent Brynx

Agent Brynx – Episode 19

Agent BrynX – Episode 19

By Brian Ngoma

I remembered that night vividly, Mrs. Vimbuzi was shot. There was no way she could have survived that. Or was i tangled so much in what was happening that my eyes deceived me. “I don’t understand, you died and now you are Hancy Kapito?” I inquired.

“Bryn, stop wasting your time thinking of things that don’t concern you,” she told me. “You’ve come this far you shouldn’t be surprised by any abnormalities.”

I looked at Marie. She seemed uncomfortable and alert. I didn’t know what to make of that. Mrs. Vimbuzi on the other hand was taking a sit while Noob stood beside her. I thought of the dwarf. How would he react if he knew Hancy Was Mrs. Vimbuzi? I failed to understand everything.

“Let me make things clear for you, ” Mrs. Vimbuzi said sitting upright in her chair. “I still have fifteen minutes,” she looked at her watch. “You are dying anyway, that’s the least i can do for you,” she said coldly and went on. “Noob never shot me. It was all acted up. I won’t get into that. How’s my Ex husband by the way?”

“He’s fine,” I responded.

“That short man,” she said thoughtful. “Mathias, do you know he was my first love? I fell for a dwarf,” she laughed.

Marie looked at me confused.

“That X in the Agency X Corp was because of him. I loved that short man too much, he broke my heart by sleeping around with every skirt that came his way. He couldn’t be grateful that i loved him the way he was,” she said disgusted. “Anyway, that’s all in the past. Me and Mathias formed Black & White Services. It was a good initiative at the time, we had high hopes. We dreamt big, you know being young and stupid but life happened. I got tired of his playboy ways and decided to move on. I took everything from him and when i say everything, i mean everything literally. He was miserable but i didn’t care. Black & White Services died with our divorce. I don’t know how he got it running again. After some years, i formed X Corp and we were doing fine till we started having financial problems. I couldn’t afford being broke, one night whilst having some beers with some friends of friends, i met Mr. Imp,” she paused and stared at the ceiling.

I couldn’t forget Mr. Imp. I put him behind bars and he was still paying for his sins.

Mrs. Vimbuzi continued. “Mr. Imp was a Pimp; a broke one but he was well connected. He had a chain of girls under his arm all ready to work for him and with the little money i had, i saw an opportunity to invest. It wasn’t difficult to manipulate him. I told him about my proposition and he was gladly all in it. That’s how we came up with the Blackmailers and Hancy Kapito was born. ”

“Where was Agency X Corp?” I probed.

“It was operating. The money from my other secret venture saved it. I got in partnersh¡p with Mr. White and his colleagues and it grew stronger.”

“You were chasing yourself?”

“If you put it that way but i got fade up of Agency X Corps and wanted out. Since i created it, i couldn’t just abandon it like that, i had to fake my own death and thanks to you Agent BrynX, you were the catalyst. Had you not being at the Brothel the day Agent JamesX and OlivX bumped into you, i would have still been planning my own death.”

“Why go through all that trouble?” I asked looking at her carefully.

“It’s not trouble, it’s work. You would understand if you were in my shoes. You should be grateful for your life, my men have always wanted you dead. If it’s not Mrs. Daka’s allegiance to you, you would have been dead but i think you now know too much, you have to be killed.”

“Do you know i call you Cold Toilet?” I laughed.

They all stared at me blankly.

“Yeah, and to think that i felt sorry for you,” I laughed even more. “Now you are Hancy Kapito. You killed Mrs. Daka and Olivia. People who would have risked their lives for you,” I nodded. “You stink!”

She stood up and got some doc-ments from the desk. She walked to me and said, “You are too young to understand, sometimes in life you have to make sacrifices. What’s two people? I have killed dozens Agent BrynX.”

“You will pay for each death Cold Toilet,” I looked at her.

She shifted uneasily and looked at the thug. “Kill him,” she walked past me. “And kill the girl too.”

“But Ma’am….”

“I said kill her too,” Mrs. Vimbuzi said and stopped at the door. “Marie, right?” She looked at Marie.

I turned my head to look at her too. She had clenched her fists.

Mrs. Vimbuzi said, “I know what you’ve playing at Marie. You led Agent BrynX here. You have been working for Mathias all along, even the time you pretended to be Hooker at one of my brothels, i kept tabs on you. I let you play your games and made you think you were going somewhere but you never did. You have just led yourself to your death.”

I was confused. Marie was looking at Mrs. Vimbuzi so angrily she could have jumped her in that moment. “Is it true?” I asked her.

She didn’t answer me.

“The Dwarfs games, i beat him again,” she laughed and left the room while Noob followed her.

Me and Marie were left with the thug. There was no way i was letting Mrs. Vimbuzi escape but i had to get rid of the thug, how? Was a question. I looked around the office for anything i could use and couldn’t get my eyes on anything.

“Mr. Sitale,” the thug laughed. “Marie, you too?”

“Don’t waste time, if you want to kill us, kill us now,” Marie said defiantly.

“Oh I will,” the thug got a knife from the drawer. “I cannot do it from here though. Let’s go to the back, now move.”

Marie started off and i followed while the thug was behind me. “Marie,” I whispered.

“What?” She whispered back.

“Your gun?”

“Hey stop talking,” the thug yelled.

“Come on man, you are killing us, can’t we at least talk for the last time?” I asked. He didn’t say anything. “Marie, your gun?” She didnt whisper back but hit her left leg with her right. Seeing clearly, the handgun was in her boots. I had to get it.

“Stop right there,” the thug said. “Now who will die first?”

“Ladies first,” I answered.

Marie looked at me furrows forming on her forehead.

I shrugged.

“Don’t be funny Agent,” he walked to me. “I have a lot to say to Marie and you are kind of an obstacle so you have to go first.” He held the knife in his right hand. “Death is such a bore,” he said and lifted his hand.

He swung the knife at me and i looked at it as if coming at me in slow motion. My reflexes instantly went to work. I blocked it with my hands. “Marie, Now!” I shouted.

Marie quickly knelt and got the gun from her boots and pointed it at the thug. His face was written with shock all over it. While his concentration went to Marie, his face was left open for a s-cker punch. I punched him so hærd he threw in the air and hit his head on the ground. “Don’t you dare move!” I shouted.

Marie moved in and pointed the gun to his face. She was about to shoot him when i stopped her. “Why?” she asked me.

“We are outnumbered here,” I answered. “The moment you pull that trigger, we are done for.”

“What should we do with him?” She asked still pointing the gun at him.

I looked at him and then her. “We do this,” I kicked him in the face he laid on the ground unconscious.

“Impressive,” Marie said.

I ignored her remarks. I carried the thug and threw him in the trash bin. “Now let’s go back to the office, i have to make a car,” I told her.

We went back the way we came in. No one seemed to notice us. Whilst in the office, I made a call to Floyd. “Hello Floyd!” I said with urgency.

“Bryn? Is that you?” He asked.

“Yes. Listen to me, I know the top leader of the blackmailers. I’ll send you an address now. You have to come here now.”

“Where are you?” Floyd asked.

“I’ll text you the address and Floyd, tell Triza to call Leah so that she can come there.”

“I’ll do that, hang on we are coming,” I hung up.

“So whats next?” Marie asked.

“You shot me,” I said. “You even shot the dwarf.”

“I knew you were wearing a vest,” she rolled her eyes. “As for the dwarf, he too had one on. I bet he refused to show you the wound,” she laughed.

“That short man,” I grinded my teeth. I remembered earlier when i wanted to check his wound and he said it hurt. “So that was the plan?”

“Yes. The dwarf said you needed motivation and it worked. Here we are. And the thugs really believed i was on their side. What bothers me is how she knew i have been working for The Dwarf all along. And you knew she was married to Mathias?”

“Yes, i found out today,” I responded. I heard a car engine start from outside. “Did you hear that?”


“Mrs. Vimbuzi is still here,” I answered. “Let’s go now,” I stormed out of the office. I reached outside and found the Limousine at the gate about to leave.

Marie got where i was. “She’s getting away,” she said.

“Not on my watch,” I said and sprinted my way to the Limousine.

As it was about to leave the premises, I jumped on the lid of the trunk and dived on the roof top sliding my way to the drivers door whilst on the rooftop. Noob must have been aware of me now because the speed of the car Increased. I knew i didn’t have much time on top, I held on, luckily, the drivers door window was open. I stretched myself while holding the window frame and grabbed the wheel and turned it so hærd that the car drifted off the road and drove off road into the dirt throwing me out of the top of the car and landed on the ground with my back. It hurt so much, I must have landed on a stone. While trying to feel the pain, the front door opened. Noob came out while stretching himself. He looked at me and breathed heavily. Mrs. Vimbuzi also came out coughing. She looked at me and shouted, “Are you that stupid! Why would you do that?”

“Same reason you killed those people,” I answered.

“Noob Kill him now,” She ordered him.

Noob started walking towards me when Marie showed up. “Don’t move!” she shouted pointing the gun at him. “I’ll blow your brains out Noob and you know i can,” she threatened him.

Noob wasn’t threatened. He continued walking towards me. Next thing i heard was a click of a gun. Noob stopped. I looked at Marie, she was confused looking at her handgun. “Are you kidding me right now!” I yelled.

“I didn’t know i had run out of bullets,” she shrugged.

Noob smiled mischievously. I was dead meat. “Don’t let Mrs. Vimbuzi get away,” I shouted at Marie while moving backwards.

Noob caught up with me. He dragged me from the ground and stood me up. I was facing him and damn did he look scary. He punched me in the face it felt numb. I couldn’t stand i fell on the ground. Whilst down, i heard some scre-ms and shouts, i looked up and it was Marie and Mrs. Vimbuzi at it by the car. Marie was on top of Mrs. Vimbuzi and giving her a beating she deserved. She shouted for help and Noob turned around to walk to where the women where.

I stood myself up breathing heavily and my nose was bleeding. I saw Noob reach where Marie was and pulled her by the hair. I ran fiercely at him and dived at him pushing him against the Limousine both of us hitting it. I saw Marie standing looking at me. Behind her was Mrs. Vimbuzi trying to get away, “Get her!” I yelled. Marie turned around and chased Mrs. Vimbuzi.

On my left was Noob getting himself up. We both stood up facing each with our fists clenched. Noob came at me and threw a punch which i ducked. He threw another one and i slid to my left. His punch came out strong that it made him lose his balance exposing his wh0le right body. I hit him with my elbow on his temple that he squealed like a chicken. After momentarily staggering to the car, he found balance. He looked at me as if wanting to say something but poor thing, he didn’t have his voice. He turned around and forcefully removed the windshield wiper and turned back to me.

“Come on,” I complained. “That’s not fair.”

He ran towards and jumped with the wiper in his hands and wh¡pped me in the face i fell on my butt. My hands were on my face trying to soften the pain. Before it could stop, Noob repeatedly wh¡pped me all over i felt like i was walking in a field of thorns. I don’t know what happened, he dropped it and stepped back. He must have been tired.

I stood myself up feeling my wh0le body tingling. I charged at him throwing punches which he blocked till he got hold of my right hand and twisted it. I scre-med like a baby, it hurt so much. I looked at him and he was enjoying my scre-ms but he was wasting my time. I turned with my all mighty turning my hand against the direction he was twisting it, i was now looking at him clearly, I crashed his nose with my forehead. He let go of me and his hands were on his face. I pushed him to the door of the car he landed on his knees. I lifted his head and banged it against the door. He was unconscious.

I crossed the road and reached the gate. “Marie!” I shouted. There was no one, there was only the rover i had come with. I ran to the car whilst shouting Maries name. I opened it and got the dwarfs phone.

“Agent BrynX!” Mrs. Vimbuzi called me from a distance.

I turned around and she had a knife on Maries neck.

“Drop that phone!” she said slowly walking to me.

I dropped the phone. “We can talk about this Mrs. Vimbuzi,” I said. “It’s over for you, the cops are on their way.”

She had the knife tightly pressed on Maries neck. I could see from Maries eyes that she was scared. I had to do something.

“The car keys now!” she yelled.

“They are in the car,” I stepped away from the car.

She dragged Marie with her to the car and reached the door. “You have to understand that actions have consequences,” she said before slitting Maries throat and dropped her her like a stone on the ground.

“No!” I scre-med.

To be continued

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