Agent Brynx

Agent Brynx – Episode 2

Agent BrynX – Episode 2

By Brian Ngoma

The Wife

Our camouflage offices were situated along HillView road next to Vodafone Branch. We were operating under the name BOB & BOB Plumbers for Hire. How the name came about, I don’t know, no one knew. Even the longest serving Agent, Mrs. Daka didn’t know.

“How was it?” Mrs. Daka asked me as I sat on my chair.

I sighed, “Haven’t they called you MadamX?” MadamX was her agent name. I was afraid they might have called to ask her how she got a slob like me into the Agency.

“Tell me!” She said curiously. “No one Called me.”

MadamX knew me from way back. Apparently, shes the one who took me in when my parents decided to abandon me. That’s how i dropped my parents names and named myself Bryn Williams. There was nothing special about the name, i just loved it. Mrs. Daka gave me shelter, food and clothes. Even though i was a teen, she practically raised me. After completing secondary education, She found me a job so that i can take myself to college. She believed in me and that daunted me. I always told her not to trust me because I’m only human and prone to error. She kept saying i was a straight guy till i told her that i got a girl pregnant. She was shook. Her facial expression was like she had seen a Lion in her bedroom. By then it was a lie, i just wanted to marry Leah. “I don’t know but I think I still have my job,” I said.

“That’s good,” she said exhaling relief. She knew Leah was expecting and me losing my job would have been a blow. She loved us both and wanted the best for us.

“Have you met those people before?” I asked her.

“Who?” She asked back.

“The Disciplinary committee?”

“OH, I have. Several times.”

“Really?” I asked surpised.

“Yes, I know that panel very well. Mrs. Zimba; the old dark lady who thinks she’s got it all. Mr Keyala; that stupid son of a gun. Imagine he was hitting on me sometime back, ” she laughed.

“There is also a Mr. White and Cold toilet,” I added.

“Who are those?” she asked curiously. “So if it’s you, you have started nicknaming people.”

“Mrs. Vimbuzi,” I laughed. “Mr. White is a middle aged simple looking man. Very serious, doesn’t laugh nor smile and has a funny accent.”

“I only know Mrs. Vimbuzi. She’s been my boss since forever,” she said. “You should be grateful you still have your job. You have to go home; I’ll cover for you. A pregnant woman doesn’t need to be left alone for too long.”

I thanked heavens for Mrs. Daka, she was a blessing. She was a mother to me. She understood me. She was the only one who put up with me. She never seemed bothered.

“Thank you,” I stood up grabbing my bag.

“When is Leah due?” She asked. “I know you told me about it but I’m old i forget things,” she chuckled.

I laughed. She was getting old it was true. Despite saying it alot, she never liked to be told that she was getting old. I cleared my throat and answered. “Any day.”

“Pass my regards,” she said.

I got up and noticed the desks were des**ted. “Where is everyone?” I asked her.

“Everyone?” She looked at me expressionless. “Which everyone?”

“James and Olivia of course?” I asked.

“You asked as if we are ten,” MadamX answered. “They left after you had left. “They were also called by headquarters. I’m sure with their last successful job together , they’ll be assigned another job.”

I remembered the two agents that the old man talked about at the headquarters and said. “I don’t know how they do it but those two are bad news.” I envied James and Olivia. They seemed to have it all. They never had problems with their tasks. “Good for them.” I said.

“Yes good for them. I think they are also shagging each other,” MadamX laughed. “They have become too close.”

I laughed at her remark and left. Knowing James though he wasn’t my friend, he must have been screwing Olivia. He was too straightforward and took work serious. Suffice to mention, he was good looking. James had a baby face that drew women closer to him. I failed to get it. Why would a grown up woman be attracted to a man with a baby face? Wouldn’t that make her feel less secure? He was tall but not taller than me. He was light as hell and i was on the other side. Olivia was a goddess too. She was slim and tall. Chocolate brown in complexion. Tough, strong and a willed woman. She never took trash from anyone. They were perfect for each other; no one could blame them anyway.

I drove home thinking about my wife. Life always had a way of making us content. While James and Olivia were a perfect match, I also had my match Leah. She was the most beautiful woman in my eyes. I loved her even more when she got pregnant. I would always scold her that she looked like a ball. With her short height, she was fun size. Over the last months she had gained and she hated me saying it. She would always say that it was the baby making her eat too much.

I parked my car and walked to the house. I found Leah with her sister. I didn’t notice her sister crying. My wife’s sister was a married woman but she behaved like a twelve-year-old girl; every time she fought with her husband, she ran to Leah and she entertained her which pissed me off. On most occasions, I told my wife to show her some tough love but my wife was too good of a person.

“Baby!” Leah called me to the kitchen.

I got there and found her sister shading tears. I k-ssed my wife and only looked at her sister.

“Sit down baby,” Leah said.

The way my wife was talking, I could tell that something was happening. “What is wrong?” I asked feeling my legs tremble. I could see the seriousness and focus on her face. She was letting out words as if she was the one in pain.

“My sister has a problem,” she said looking at her. “Triza tell Bryn.”

I looked at my wife startled. She didn’t even look at me. I turned my attention to her sister. She was busy sobbing. I was patient and waited for her to ready herself. “It’s my husband,” she finally spoke.

“What about him?” I asked her.

“I think Floyd is involved in some shady business.”

“Shady?” I looked at my wife. The way i knew Floyd i couldn’t put together what she was saying about him being involved in some shady business. He was one of the straight guys i knew. He never talked much but was a debater. Whenever he came over to pay us a visit, we would always argue about football, Politics, the economy etc. One thing that amused me about him was how he talked highly of the police. He never talked much about his job. He was a business man. His wife never asked for anything from us but just came crying everytime they fought. I understood why she acted like that because Leah was like a mother to her and she was young. “How shady?” I asked curiously.

“He goes for days and when he comes back, it’s either he comes with a black eye, broken arm and the other night, he came with a cut so deep I wanted to take him to the hospital, he refused.”

“I told her about what you do,” Leah said.

“What?” I yelled. “You told her what?”

“I told her you’re an Agent,” Leah answered.

“Why would you do that?” I stood up upset.

“Baby sit down, I told her so that you can help her,” she said.

My wife had an absolute different perspective of what I was doing. For her, she thought I was a James Bond like Agent; there to save the day but I was nothing like that. I had never even held a gun in my hand and if it’s combat, i was pathetic. I blamed myself on the other hand, when telling her I made it sound so interesting. The way she looked at me when i narrated the wh0le thing, i could tell she was visualizing everything and i was tempted to spice it up even more. “You are not supposed to talk to people about my work,” I told her.

“She’s family baby,” Leah said with a sad face. “She’s not people.”

I couldn’t say more. I sat down and was forced to hear what she had to say. “I love my husband please help him,” Triza looked at me. “Before anything bad happens to him.” Her face seemed tired. She was going through a lot.

I looked at my wife. I knew she was waiting for my response. A lot of things were running through my head. I didn’t even know what the disciplinary committee had decided and there I was, being asked for assistance.

“Baby!” Leah called me.

“I’ll see what I can do,” I said after a long breath.

“Thank you,” Triza said getting up.

I watched my wife esc-rt her outside as I walked to the bedroom to freshen up. I didn’t even know what to do with Triza’s husband. For some reason, Triza looked up to me and my wife, she thought we had everything all figured out. Sometimes, her reliance on us made me feel old when I was only 26 and my wife 22.

I came out of the bathroom and found my wife sited on the bed pressing her phone with a straight face. I acted like I hadn’t seen her. I sat on the other side of the bed and applied some lotion.

“What was that all about?” She asked.

I was aback. “What?” I asked.

“Your reaction? You know Triza relies on us and you acted like you didn’t want to help her,” She raised her voice. “Talking about how I’m not supposed to be talking about your work with other people when you know she’s family.”

“Didn’t I just….”

“I just forced you,” she cut me. “A husband and wife talk about things together. When telling her about your work, i assured her you would help and there you were behaving like a ten year old boy. You almost embarrassed me in front of my sister.”


“Don’t baby me Bryn,” she stood up. “I’m your wife. If my sister comes to me with a problem and if i can’t help her, i turn to you. How do you suppose i do it Huh? Go and ask for help from someone else when my husband is there?” she stormed out of the bedroom.

“Hormones,” I said under my breath.

“What did you just say?” she came back and stood at the door.

“Nothing baby,” I smiled nervously shifting uneasily.

“Pff,” expressing annoyance, she left.

To be continued


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