Agent Brynx

Agent Brynx – Episode 20 (Finale)

Agent BrynX – Episode 20
Agent BrynX Will Always Be Agent BrynX

By Brian Ngoma

Cold toilet hurriedly entered the car and started the engine. I walked to where Marie was laying bleeding to death. I knelt before her and put her in my arms as she was struggling to breath. She looked at me hopelessly knowing there was nothing i could have done to save her. She finally breathed her last breath. I closed her eyes. Before i could stand, the car started. I stood up watching it till it stopped before the gate. I didn’t know what was happening.

Mrs. Vimbuzi came out of it and started hitting it in frustration. I started walking towards her clenching my fists. I was determined to beat her up. I was not for the idea of beating women but she deserved a beating. Noticing how scary i looked when i was walking to her, she started running for the gate. I chased her and caught her. “Don’t kill me please,” she begged.

“You’ve just killed Marie and you are begging for your life,” I looked at her disgustingly.

“I don’t want to die,” she whined.

“The irony,” I raised my hand and clenched my fist.

She started shaking and hitting me. She was irritating me i pushed her to the ground. I knelt and grabbed her by her jacket. “I’m killing you tonight,” I said.

There was terror in her eyes. For a woman who had killed dozens of people, i was expecting a fierce one but in that moment, she was being a woman. I couldn’t hit her. As i was about to stand up, headlights shone on my face.

“Don’t move!” a male voice shouted. “It’s the police!”

I felt relieved knowing Floyd had come but what i didn’t expect was what Mrs. Vimbuzi did next.

“Help!” she scre-med. “He killed her.”

I was astound.

“He cut her throat,” she stood up and ran to one of the officers. “He killed her, he was about to kill me too,” she cried.

“Sir don’t move, put your hands where i can see them,” the officer shouted.

“He killed her,” she cried even more.

What the hell was she doing? I had just spared her life and she was framing me. “I didn’t kill anyone, she did,” I pointed at her.

“He’s lying. She threatened his wife a year ago and he was revenging for that,” Mrs. Vimbuzi kept crying.

“Where is Floyd?” I yelled.

“Sir get down!” a voice behind me ordered me.

Before i could turn around, i was forcefully brought down and cuffed. “Sir you are under arrest, you have a right to remain silent, anything you say or do will be held against you in the courts of law.”

“I didn’t do anything,” I shouted.

“Take him to the car,” another officer ordered.

The officer stood me up and dragged me to the car. I looked around and couldn’t see Floyd anywhere. I was pushed to the back of the car. The officer banged the door on my face. I watched Mrs. Vimbuzi shading crocodile tears whilst talking to the officer. I hated her.

In that moment, i managed to twirl my cuffed hands to the front. It hurt but that was the only chance i had at escaping. The officer came back to the car and got in. “So you killed the girl,” he nodded his head. “Not even an animal can do that.”

“I didn’t do it, she did.”

“We found you on top of her seemingly trying to punch her.”

There was nothing i could have said to change that officers mind. The odds were against me. Who can believe a man over a crying woman? He started the car. I reached for the handbrake and pulled it up stopping the car. The officer was about to look at me when i banged his head with my forehead. I squeezed myself to the drivers seat and let myself out. I had to run for the gate.

I started running when i heard shoutings from the officers. I didn’t look back. As i run to the gate, my eyes were distracted by the headlights of the car getting into the premises that it me and i fell. The car stopped. Lucky enough, it wasn’t speeding. If anything, i hit myself in the car not the other way round. I looked up and it was a black Audi. I heard footsteps and as i turned my head to look, it was the dwarf. “Where have you been?” I asked frustrated.

“Are those cuffs?” he asked.

Before I could answer him, Floyd came too. “What was that?” he asked. “You just hit yourself in the car.”

“Get me up,” I said.

The officers had reached where we were. “What’s happening?” Floyd asked. “Why is he cuffed? He’s the one who made the call.”

They looked at each other blankly. “But sir, the woman says he killed the young lady.”

“Young lady?” the dwarf asked.

“Yes, sir there,” the officer pointed at the dead Marie.

The dwarf took off. “Uncuff me,” I looked at Floyd. “Where is that woman,” I asked the officer.

“She’s there,” he tried to point where he had left Mrs. Vimbuzi, she was not there. “Where is she?”

“Uncuff me please, you have just let the killer get away,” I shouted.

Floyd told the officer to uncuff me. I took off aswel as Floyd trailed me. We went to the brothel directlu to the office. “She must be here,” I told Floyd as i slowly opened the door.

“Be careful,” he said.

As i opened the door, i caught a glimpse of Mrs. Vimbuzi sitted in a chair with the gun in her mouth and a finger on the trigger. “No wait,” I shouted.

It was too late, before i could even get two meters from her, her brains were scattered on the wall. “Damn, I shouted!”

“Did she just kill herself?” Floyd asked with hands on his head.

“Yes,” I sat down on a chair. “She killed herself,” I breathed in heavily.

The dwarf and the other officers rushed in and found the gruesome scene. “Did she?” the dwarf asked.

“Yes,” Floyd answered.

“I guess she knew it was over for her,” I said.

The officers secured the scene. I told them about the thug in the trash bin and Noob laying unconscious outside the fence. I was questioned for a while but Floyd told the officers everything and was told to go. If anything, they would call me.

We walked to the gate in silence with the dwarf. It was a sad day for him. He had lost his ex wife and loyal employee. “She was a good girl you know,” he broke the silence.

“Who?” I asked.

“Marie, and Loyal too.”

“I bet she was,” I said.

“You did good agent,” he commended me. “I guess Marie told you why we had to fake that scene. I was tired of the blackmailers and having them think that Marie had betrayed me was the only way to get at them,” he paused. “But she ended up losing her life.”

“Did you know Hancy Kapito Was Your ex wife?”

“Yes. Marie wore a wire. We have everything recorded at the office.”

“I’m tired. I need to go home,” I said.

“Take the Audi,” he threw me the car keys.


“No buts Bryn, you deserve to drive it, I’ll drive the rover,” he smiled.

I drove home and found Leah was still at Floyds. I called Triza and she told me they were fine. I drove to Triza’s house and picked up Leah and Zoey. Whilst in the car, Leah kept looking at me. “Babe this has to stop,” she finally spoke.

“Yes baby, It will stop.”

“No it needs to stop. You lied to me,” she said softly not to wake up Zoey. “We cannot be living our lives like this.”

I didn’t have to be told, she knew what happened. It was the repeat of what happened a year ago. I understood her fear. “I’m stopping babe,” I sighed.

“You better,” she leaned on the mirror.

Next morning, i was sitted across the dwarf in his office. He looked at me carefully studying me. “Are you sure about this Bryn?”

“Yes Mathias,” I answered. “That’s my resignation letter.”

He looked at me and said. “I was on the phone this morning with Mr. White from Agency X Corp. He wants a partnersh¡p.”

“Oh that’s good for you,” I said.

“He asked about you,” he paused. “And James too.”

“I’m leaving now,” I stood up.

“Wait,” he said and got out of his chair. He walked to me. “There is nothing i can do to make you stay but do me a favor Agent BrynX.”


“I won’t open that envelope till you come back from your vacation,” he said.

“What vacation?” I asked.

“This,” he handed me an envelope.

I opened it and it was a vacation voucher all expenses paid for.

“Don’t say anything, that’s the least i can do for you. Go and fun with your wife and child, they deserve a good time after this stressful moment. Now go!” he shouted.

“Mathias, ” I said.

“Don’t be stubborn now, get out of here. The plane leaves at 2pm,” he said.

I smiled and left his office. I told Leah to pack as i drove to the house. She was happy and surprised at the same time. I told her that i had handed in my resignation letter but my boss said we would talk about that when i got back from the vacation. She didn’t comment on that, she was happy about the vacation.

While the plane awaited take off , i thought of all the people that died. One death that shocked me was Mrs. Vimbuzi’s. I didn’t expect that from her. All in all, everyone who died didn’t deserve to die. I looked at Leah tightly holding on to Zoey who was busy smiling and s-cking her thumb. I couldn’t help it but smile. I was free and happy. I was where i needed to be. With my family. I pulled Leah closer and she leaned on me.

My phone rang. It was a text. I checked and it was from the dwarf.

“Have a good time and remember ; Agent BrynX will always be Agent BrynX. ”

“Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome onboard this flight to Livingstone. My name is Vaughn Chanda and I’m Your In-flight Service Director. Your cabin crew are here to ensure you have an enjoyable flight to Livingstone this afternoon. For your safety, all passengers are kindly requested to refrain from using phones, Tablets, Ipods, or fm radios in the cabin. Thank you.”


I smiled and put the phone on airplane mode.


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