Agent Brynx

Agent Brynx – Episode 6

Agent BrynX – Episode 6

 Brian Ngoma

h0le in your Ear

“Bryn!” Olivia shouted.

I was lost in thoughts I didn’t hear her call. She called me countless times while I laid on the floor looking at Mrs. Dakas body. A woman so kind with a heart of gold. The only woman I had known in my life as a mother. Just a single bullet to the head and she was no more and for what? I didn’t know. I had no clue.

“Snap out of it Bryn!” Olivia shouted angrily. “She’s dead. We’ll be dead too if you keep staring at her body.”

I snapped out of it and wiped my tears. Everything seemed surreal. I wished to wake up from whatever nightmare this was. “What?” I looked at Olivia.

“They are still outside,” Olivia said. “Obviously waiting for one of us to stand so that they take us down. Did you park the car behind the building?”

“Yes i did.” I answered. “What is this all about Olivia?” I asked. “Call the police!”

“You don’t know what’s happening, involving the cops will only make things worse and this is not the time for questions Bryn,” Olivia said. “Go and lock the door.”

“What?” I asked shocked. “They have guns, how will locking the door help?.” I shouted like a little girl. “Can’t you see Mrs. Daka was shot?”

“Close the door!” James said gathering his strength. “Hurry!” he crawled. “You locking the door will distract them while i try to crawl out of this place and go to the back.”

“The back door is locked,” I told James.

“Don’t worry, i have the keys,” he looked at Olivia. “Give me your car keys.”

“My car keys?” I asked.

“Yes Bryn, we don’t have time to argue, we need to get out of here otherwise we will be dead.”

Olivia looked at me. I could see she was scared. We were all scared. The people outside came prepared and we were not. Hesitating meant one of us would follow Mrs. Daka. “Give him the keys Bryn,” Olivia said.

I got the keys out of my pocket and threw them to James. I crawled my way to the door and pushed it. I waited for a gunshot but it was quiet. I looked back at Olivia and James. “Maybe they are gone?” I whispered.

James nodded his head.

I stayed silent in my position and didn’t hear any movement. The headlights were turned off and i heard an engine start. I slowly got up. I was putting my life as bet and was very sure they had gone. Olivia kept signalling me to stay down but I didn’t listen. I finally stood upright. “You see? They are gone. Now can someone tell me what’s going on. Mrs. Daka is dead.”

“Bryn get down!” Olivia shouted.

Damn! Next thing I heard was a gunshot and a funny feeling on my ear. I felt the world crumbling down my feet. I heard a thud sound with a mixture of a woman’s voice scre-ming in terror. All I could think of in that moment was Leah.

“Wake up Bryn!” a voice called out on me. A light shone on my face. I wasn’t a believer of heaven but this seemed like it. The light was too bright and a voice sounded angel like. As if I had heard an angel voice. Was this my time of atonement? In an instant, I thought about all the bad things I had done especially making Leah suffer. She didn’t deserve the life I had given her. I didn’t have to have any excuse because as a man i was supposed to give her the best life. If I was in heaven, that means I had lived good so why was I worried?

“Bryn wake up!” Olivia slapped me.

“You died too? I asked. “No s***.”

“You are still alive you idiot,” she said.

“Am I?” I asked.

“Yes,” she answered. “Sit upright.”

As I sat upright, I felt a s-nsation in my ear. I tried to touch it but it hurt even more. I slowly touched it and felt a cloth on it. “What is this?” I asked Olivia.

“You have a h0le in your ear,” she answered. “I managed to control the bleeding.”

“What do you mean a h0le?” I touched it and squealed in pain. A wh0le in my ear? I then remembered what had happened. The gunshot and the funny feeling in my ear before blacking out. I had escaped death by an inch. Fully gaining conscious, we were in my car and James was driving. “How did you escape?” I asked.

“Through the backdoor,” Olivia answered.

“What’s happening?” I asked.

“That’s not important right now. What matters is getting where we are going safely,” she answered.

“Is anything ever important to you?” I asked frustrated. “A person I consider my mother has been shot and no one wants to tell me anything. What’s wrong with you?”

“Be patient Bryn,” she said.

“Patient?” I laughed. “Tell me how? I have a wife at home waiting for me and you are telling me to be patient. I almost got shot, infact i have been shot and you are talking about patient. You must be joking,” I said. “Take me home.”

“It’s not safe,” James said.

“Whatever is happening, i ain’t no part of it. Since no one wants to tell me what the hell is happening, i want to go home!” I shouted.

“I’m sorry but we are not taking you home,”Olivia joined in.

“Where are you driving to?” I asked James.

“Upstate,” he answered.

Upstate was the suburb of Hillpark. It was located in the north of the town. It’s where the rich and glamourous resided. “Whose in upstate?” I asked.

James kept driving ignoring my question. It was very dark to see where the car was going to but all I wanted to do was go home. The car came to a stop before a big gate. James made a call. The gate opened and he drove in. I could see a tall dark figure signalling where to park the car. James obliged. After parking, he told us to get off the car.

“Are you sure you were not followed?” Mrs. Vimbuzi appeared from the dark. She didn’t even greet any one of us. “What is he doing here?” she pointed at me. “Is that a h0le in your ear?”

“Yes,” I answered. What was wrong with this woman? Can’t she have asked how we were doing? She led us into the house.

“What happened? I thought you had it under control,” Mrs. Vimbuzi asked James.

“I did till he showed up,” He looked at me.

“Wasn’t he led off work today? Can someone tell me what he’s doing here?” She asked looking at Olivia.

“Good question to ask him is what was he doing at the brothel?” Olivia stared at me.

I shifted nervously. I couldn’t tell them that I was looking for my brother in law who apparently was working with the men who had killed MadamX. I wasn’t sure though because the time the guys stopped me at the brothel, I didn’t see Floyd. Was it that he had seen me and avoided me? I absolutely had no idea but I was going to find out without telling them that one of the guys was my brother in law. I had to hear their story first. “I was there for a hooker,” I said composing myself.

“Aren’t you married?” Olivia asked bewildered.

“That’s none of your business, ” I answered.

“Men,” she sighed heavily.

James stared at her. I could see that he wanted to defend himself but that wasn’t the time nor place to do so. “He called me Agent JamesX in front of Noob, he blew my cover,” James said disappointed.

“How was I supposed to know Huh?” I asked. “I thought you were there for some broads. I thought perhaps you weren’t getting some,” I looked at Olivia who shifted uneasily.

“Just shut up!” Mrs. Vimbuzi yelled. “You only cause trouble. Look where it has gotten us now. Mrs. Daka is dead all because of you.”

“Don’t you dare put her death on me,” I jumped to my feet. “Don’t try to do that,” I nodded and went on. “If anyone, I should be crying now because she meant more to me than she will ever mean to all of you. She was a mother I never had while she was just an asset to all of you,” I said. “And how do you know she’s dead? No one has told you since we got here?”

Mrs. Vimbuzi looked at me and nodded her head. “Am i supposed to answer that?”

“Obviously, yes,” I answered looking at her suspiciously.

“How long was he out?” she asked James.

“Close to two hours,” he answered.

“I see, step aside,” she told me.

“And go where?” I asked.

“Whatever,” she said turning her attention to James.

Was this woman ever going to take me seriously? What did I need to do for her to realise that I wasn’t just some sort of millennial in her eyes?

“Did you hear that?” Olivia asked spooked. She looked at the three of us with her eyes wide open. “You heard that, right?” she asked again.

“What?” I asked feeling my legs going numb. I wasn’t going to die tonight, No. “Check it out,” I looked at James.

“Why me?” he asked obviously scared too. Cold toilet and Olivia looked at him too. He was the typical agent. He took a beating earlier and he could take another one, no big deal. He walked to the door.

As he walked to the door, footsteps could be heard outside. James stopped. We all froze hearing the footsteps walk to the door. The door knob made a squeaky noise. It then slowly started moving. We all looked at each other.

“We are going to die,” I said shakingly.

To be continued

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