Agent Brynx

Agent Brynx – Episode 9

Agent BrynX – Episode 9
The fight

By Brian Ngoma

“Bryn!” Floyd shouted my name. I thanked the heavens. I stood up and saw Noob and his henchmen on the floor bleeding heavily. “Bryn!” Floyd shouted again.

I walked to where he was and he was hit too; on the right side of his chest. “Hold, let me call for help,” I said.

“There is no time, go and check on Triza please. She must be in danger,” he said. “Go now!”

I stood up with my mind all over the place. There were a lot of bodies laying around. I couldn’t think straight.

“Go, I’ll get help!” Olivia shouted.

I caught a glimpse of James and he was still alive. I went to my car and drove off to Floyds house which was a couple blocks from my house in a different street. If it wasn’t before my house, i could have passed it and drove to my house to check on Leah but with what Noob said, i was scared for Triza. I checked my watch and it was fifteen minutes to four in the morning. I got out of the car and noticed that all the lights were off. Floyds house was small. It only had a one bedroom, a living room and a small kitchen. I directly went to the bedroom window and knocked. There was no response. Fade up, i broke the window and moved the curtain. The bed was nicely made and i could tell that no one had slept on it for a day now. I then remembered that i left Triza at my house. What if she was still waiting for me to come back and tell her how i had gone? I left Floyds house in a hurry realizing the danger Leah and Triza were in.

I got home and found the lights on in our bedroom. Leah never slept with the lights on, she hated light when asleep. I walked to the door. We had a spare key Leah used to put under a mat in instances were i got home late. I got the key and unlocked the door. I found my way to the corridor leading to the bedroom. I opened the door and found Leah on the floor. “Leah!” I shouted running to her.

“Stop right there!” a voice stopped me.

I turned around and found the old man who was wearing a cardigan coat from the brothel standing with Marie.

“It wasn’t easy finding you Bryn,” Marie said leaning on the man.

“It wasn’t at all,” the old man said. “We met earlier Mr. Bryn,” he said and went on. “Noob mentioned my name to you, i heard.”


“Yes. We heard everything that happened this night,” Marie said. ” I must confess Floyd being a detective struck us. Who could have thought?” she laughed.

“That Floyd has hurt my boys, “the old man said. “I came for his wife and didn’t find her at her house. Asked around and was directed here.”

“How interesting,” Marie said. “So back at the brothel, you were looking for your brother in law?” she clapped her hands.

I didn’t say a word.

“What’s more interesting is that you are an Agent,” the old man laughed. “This night has been crazy. Agents and detectives. Hearing all of it felt like i was watching a movie. The gunshots, deaths and everything, WOW, i envy you guys. You had so much fun.”

“Fun?” I asked. “What’s your name old man?”

“Oh, pardon my manners. I’m Mr. Imp. I run the Bordello,” he answered.

“I don’t care what you do. You call people dying fun?” I asked disgusted. “Innocent people have died tonight and you call that fun,” I laughed.

“Call it whatever you want but to me, it’s been an interesting and jaw dropping night, ” Mr. Imp said.

Marie shifted uneasily.

“Now hearing everything. It has come to my attention that you know where the headquarters of Agency X Corps is,” Mr. Imp paused. “Tell me and your wife will be fine.”

I looked at Leah. “What have you done to her?” I wanted to walk to her.

“Don’t move Agent,” Mr. Imp said. “Let’s talk first.”

“Why isn’t she moving?” I asked my heart pounding. “Where is Triza?”

Marie ignored the Triza question and answered the first question i asked, “Nothing, just some sleeping pills, It was a struggle though. I hope I didn’t hurt the baby.”

I grew even angrier. Who did these people think they were? Coming into my house and hurting my wife. My pregnant wife. “If anything happens to my wife and baby, you will regret the day you were both born,” I stepped forward.

“Stay right there!” Mr. Imp ordered me. “Where is the headquarters Bryn?”

I looked at the old man. If what he said about hearing everything was true, then he was supposed to be pointing a gun at me. Fortunately, I didn’t strike him as a dangerous person and that worked to my advantage. “I don’t know where it is.”

“Come on Agent BrynX,” Marie said mockingly.

Mr. Pimp was old and I was vibrant. There was no way in hell he could have stood against me. The only obstacle was Marie. If only she could be out of the way, then I could have a shot at Mr. Imp. I didn’t have time to think. I acted impulsively. I found myself head to head with Mr. Imp. For a man of his age, he was strong. He threw a punch and I ducked. He threw more and I kept ducking. Marie was standing behind him.

“Come on Bryn,” Mr. Imp said annoyed.

“Fight like a man,” Marie added. “Why ducking?”

I stepped towards them. I had my eye on both of them. He threw another punch and it almost hit me. I didn’t need to be hit again because I had been shot in my ear and my jaw felt like dropping from the gun barrel Noob had hit me with. Ducking was the only way to avoid been hit. It was working because Mr. Pimp was getting tired.

“Old man, come on hit me,” I said smiling.

Mr. Imps eyes burned with anger and he jumped me over which I didn’t expect from him. For an old man like him, he threw himself in the air like a ten year old. Next thing I saw was him on my chest with his clenched fists all ready to teach me a lesson to never mess with the elders. Instead of punching me, he squeezed my ear and i scre-med in pain. Hell broke loose. The pain I felt was too much to handle. Nothing had ever hurt me that much. In that moment I knew that nothing would break me now. I had felt all the pain there was in the world.

“Get off me,” I shouted in pain throwing Mr. Imp in the air. I walked to him while Marie watched in shock. It was like she had seen the hulk unleashed. As i was walking to Mr. Imp, Marie threw Leahs favorite flower Vase at me. Fortunately, i saw it quickly and lowered my head and it hit the wall breaking into pieces. “Why are you behaving like I’m a villain?” I looked at her. “If anything, I’m supposed to beat you too but i don’t beat women. Just sit your butt down, I’ll deal with you later.”

Marie didn’t say anything.

I stood Mr. Imp up. The throw drained him. The punches he started throwing were not as powerful as i expected them to be. I got hold of his hand, looked him in the eyes and said, “What now?”.

He smiled at me and said, “Watch your balls.” whilst trying to figure out what he meant, he kicked me in the nuts kneeling me down. “You think you can beat me?” he asked.

I knelt feeling the pain. It was too much. The ear, jaw and now the balls. I couldn’t hear what he was saying. I looked at Leah and got even more worried because she hadn’t moved since i got at the house.

“Stand up!” Mr. Imp shouted.

I looked up and he was standing before me. I was tired and fade up with everything. I grabbed his legs and lifted him up while i stood. I could see from Maries facial expression that she didn’t expect that to happen. Without hesitating, i busted Mr. Imp on the floor. I knelt again. I saw Mr. Imp slowly getting up while his right hand was on the back feeling the pain. “Won’t you just stay down?” I asked him irritated.

“You are telling me where the Headquarters is,” he said.

I charged and run to him. He threw a punch and i evaded it. I could see his face clearly, I punched him in the face sending him off in the air and hitting his back on the wall shaking the wall. He staggered getting up. I walked to him and grabbed him by the shirt. I nodded my head pitying him. He just looked at me weary. “Let’s fight old man. This is the fight you wanted. ”

“You win today Bryn,” he smiled weakly dropping to the floor.

“It’s not about winning it’s about respecting boundaries. You don’t mess with my wife,” I said. “ Thinking about Leah, i walked to her and held her. “Leah baby,” I called her.

She was not moving.

“Baby talk to me,” i felt tears in my eyes. “Leah.”

To be continued

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