November 29, 2021

Alexa episode 14


(His Soulmate)
Episode 14

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Written by:- Racheal Dennis.


Alexa’s pov 🎀

♪…. fe fa la… ♪

“Stop!” I cut him off. “Stop!”

I’m so frustrated, no matter how slow I go with him he still doesn’t gets it right.

I look around, the class is empty. Everyone has gone out, leaving me behind with this dump head.

“Did I get it right this time?” He asked.

“Let’s just say you’re not cut out for music! It’s best you give up now that it’s still early!” I told him and pack my stuff.

“I can’t be that bad, I can learn it slowly”

I scoffed.

“You’ve had enough!” I sighed heavily and shake my head. “I have out done myself trying to teach you… Now I’m hungry!”

I got up and carried my bag, but Xander took it from me and got up too.

“How about I replenish your energy?” He asked.


“I’ll buy you lunch!” He smiled.

I thought about it and nod.. he’s drained all my energy, the best he could do now is buying me lunch.

“Ok! I don’t think I can wait until I get home anyway!”

We step out and walk through the hallway towards the cafeteria… We met with Joyce and Xander’s friends on the way.

“Alexa!” Joyce greets me, I smiled at her in return.

I honestly don’t think I have the strength to start a conversation… My eyes wandered to Connor’s arm wrap around her slim waist.

Her body pressed against his and I feel myself starting to get jealous… I took a glance at Xander and wish he and I could be like them.


Why am I suddenly thinking of that? Comparing xander and I to them?

I guess I’m losing my mind now!

“Alexa!” Xander whisper in my ear.

I glared at him.


“I was asking if you wanna eat in the school cafeteria or we should go outside?”

I frown slightly.

“Is something wrong with the food here?” I asked him back.

They all shake their heads.

“Then let’s eat here!”

“Alright, let’s go! My girlfriend is starving!” Connor said.

I see Xander’s other two friends rolled their eyes…I noticed these two are kinda quiet, I wonder if they’re twins…they both look alike!

“You know me too well, baby!” Joyce said and pecks Connor’s lips.

I look away from them and gag.

“Have you no shame?” I hear one of the other boys asked.

They both shake their heads.

“Nope, I can’t get enough of her!”

Xander growls and they kept quiet abruptly.


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go!” He said and grabs my hand and pulls me along before I could get the chance to argue with him.


“Guys, why so much food?” I asked.

The table we’re sitting is filled with different kinds of food and each plates carries enough meat.

I glance around, every student’s food is the same as theirs.

“Cause we need more than this to sustain our staminas!” One of the other two said.

“Sustain your stamina with so much food?”

He nods and grins.

I really need to know their names.

“Sorry, what’s your name?” I asked the guy that spoke just now.

“Tyler!” He said.

I nod and turn to the other…I didn’t say a word but he understood.

“I’m Dylan”

“Are you two twins?”

They both nod. That explains their close resemblance.. they’re very identical.

My stomach suddenly growls loudly and I remember the reason we’re sitting round this table in the first place.

My cheeks flame up as everyone is staring at me expectantly.

“Can we eat now?” Joyce asked.

“Yes, please!”

Everyone starts eating, Xander is busy heaping my plate with meat.

“Eat!” He paused and studied me briefly me. “You need more flesh!” He said.

“I need more flesh?! Do you mean I’m skinny?!” I growled.

He paused and calculates his words, then he laughs nervously.

“No! No! You’re perfect!” He said.

I smirk. “Good!”

We starts eating, well they were eating while I was watching in astonishment…I wonder how they’ll be able to finish this feast.

I won’t be too surprised though… Joyce had this same amount of food too the other day.

“Right! Alexa, how was your music class?” Tyler mumbled out…his mouth stuffed with meat.


groan recalling the stress Xander caused me.

“I don’t wanna talk about it, why don’t you ask your dear friend?”

They all stopped eating and turned their heads to xander.

“He sang too?” Connor asked in a surprise tone.

“You sound like I can’t sing!” Xander said and puts a spoonful of vegetables in my mouth.

“Yeah, he sang beautifully…he nailed it!” I said in a mocking tone.

They all laughed.. Joyce choked and Connor quickly helps her with a glass of water.

“I would really love to hear Xander sing!” Dylan said.

I shake my head quickly.

“No! Please! If you still want your hearing intact…I wouldn’t like it if he nailed your ears!” I advised him.

Xander leans closer to me.

“Baby, stop destroying my reputation!” He whispered in my ear…but somehow everyone sitting on our table heard him and burst into laughter.

I felt somewhat happy hearing him call me baby, but because of Connor and the others laughing.

I elbowed his ribcage and he groans.

“I’m not your baby!”


“I’m not!”


“I’m not!”


I took a deep breath and narrowed my eyes at him.

“Don’t push your luck! I. Said. I’m. Not. Your. Baby!” I growled slowly.

He shuts up immediately and nods, I smirk and see Joyce giving me a thumbs up!

Then we concentrated on our food.


Halfway through, I decide to call Micah and ask if he’s here yet.

I reached for my bag and search for my phone but didn’t find it. Then I remembered I kept it under my desk…I must have left it there!

I got up and drop my bag on my chair.

“Where are you going?” Xander asks me… Joyce and the others are focused on their lunch, not paying attention to us.

“To get my phone!”

He raised an eyebrow. “Your phone?”

“Yeah, I left it under my desk!” I replied.

He drops his spoon and got up.

“I’ll come with you!”

I shake my head and pushed him back on the chair.

“Stay here, I’ll be right back!”


I gave him a stern look and lean closer to his ear.

“We’ve just become friends, you don’t want me to change my mind now, do you?!” I sneered at him.

He shakes his head, I tap his back gently. “I will be back in a gp!”.

He nods.


*What I do shouldn’t be any of your business!*

I heard Janet’s voice growled from inside the classroom…I stop by the door to listen.

Don’t call me an eavesdropper, I just wanna know who she’s talking to…I caught Mr Cam winking at her…who knows if he’s the one she’s talking to!

*I have told you times without number to stop trying to get closer to me! We can never be together!*

*But I’m your mate!*

I was right, it’s Mr Cam!

*Stop saying you’re my mate! I can never be mates with you!*

*Janet! There’s nothing we can do about it, we’re not the moon goddess*

I hear Janet scoffed.

*Change Xander’s partner, I want to be his partner!*

I rolled my eyes…too late girlfriend, he’s already Mine! Lol, I sound kinda possessive!

*You know I can’t do that, the Alpha chose his partner himself and I can’t oppose him!*

*You’re so useless!* She growls and I heard her footsteps coming towards the door.

I wanted to run and hide but I guess I wasn’t fast enough..or she walked too fast.

She glares at me and I smile, I wave at her.


“You think you’ve won huh?” She sneers.

I frown though I know she’s relating to Xander..but I don’t understand what exactly I won.


“You think because you’re mates, it means you have him?”

“Have who?” I asked pretending to be clueless.

“Don’t try to play dumb with me! Listen to me clearly, you can have him now but I’ll take him away from you soon!”


her say those words doesn’t sit well with me… something in me suddenly felt like she’s challenging me.

“How confident are you that you can have him?” I asked.

“Oh, I’m confident! Very confident!”

I scoffed mentally.

It’s just a singing competition and he’s just my singing partner…I don’t understand why she’s taking it personal.

“Well, he’s mine already, why don’t you try and see if you can have him!” I slap my mouth mentally.

Am I declaring war here?

She glares at me intensely, then her eyes suddenly lits up and she smirks.

“Let’s see how well you can sing first!” She said.

“How well I can sing?” I asked.

She simply raised an eyebrow.

“What do you mean?” I asked again.

“We’ll see who will have him after the competition!” She said and flips her hair on my face and walks away confidently.

I stared at her back in confusion until she’s out of sight…what does she mean?

Just then I felt a tap on my shoulder…I turned and saw Mr Cam.

“Mr Cam!”

“Alexa, what are….”

“Nothing!” I said quickly.

I don’t want him to know I have being here all along, but he smiles.

“I know you were having an argument with Janet, don’t take whatever she said seriously…I apologise on her behalf!”

Hmm.. something is going on between this two.

“It’s fine, we were just having a friendly conversation!”

He looked like he doesn’t believe me but nod anyway.

“I forgot my phone…I came to get it back”

“Ok, I’ll be on my way!” He said and walked away.

I sighed and step into the class..this school is weird, but I strangely like it.

I rampage through my desk and saw my phone, it’s like Micah knew it’s on my hand…it starts ringing.

“Hello, Micah?”

“Hey, princess, you finally picked up!”

I turned and head out, walking down the hallway towards the cafeteria.

“Aren’t you done with your classes yet?”


“Come on out, I have a date with my girlfriend!”

I rolled my eyes.

“Another girlfriend?”

“Yeah, so hurry up!”

“Ok!” I hang up.

Soon I arrived at the cafeteria, I take long stride to our table.

Xander and his friends are done eating, it seems they’re waiting for me. I picked my bag and smiled at them.

“Guys, my brother is here to pick me up, I gotta go!”

Joyce got up and gave me a brief hug.

“I’ll be bored in my remaining three classes!” She groaned.

I laughed. “Connor is here!”

“But he won’t be in those classes with me!” She pouts.

Connor looks at her and pulled her against himself.

“Don’t be sad, I’ll attend class with you!”


Connor nods, she happily pecks his cheek.. I shake my head.

“Please have mercy on the single souls!” Dylan said… I guess he’s referring to himself and Tyler.

Connor scorn at them… I sighed.

“Alright, guys, see you on Monday!”

“You see!” They all said.

Xander turns to me. “I’ll walk you out!” He said in a firm voice.

I agreed since I have no strength to argue with him..we walked for a few minutes and finally arrived outside the gate where Micah parks the car.

Micah rest against the car and checking his wrist watch.

“Micah!” I called him.

He raised his head and smiled brightly. “Darling!” He opens his arms wide and rushes to hug me.

But Xander growls and he stops abruptly, he turns to Xander and nod slightly.. I guess he didn’t see xander before.

“Al… X-xander!” Micah said.

Xander simply nods and faces me.

“So I’ll come over to your place tomorrow!”

I frown.

“Come over to my place?”

He nods.




He nods.

“For the singing competition!”

Oh! I forgot he’s my partner..I just hope we won’t lose because of him.

“So it’s confirmed, I’m coming over tomorrow!” He said.

I rolled my eyes and turns to the car, but he holds my shoulder and pulled me back…he placed a lingering kiss on my cheek.

My eyes grew wide in surprise and I feel some weird butterflies dancing in my stomach!

I pushed him away with all my might.

“Why did you do that?!”

He grins boyishly.

“It’s a good bye kiss!”


“Friends do give each other good bye kisses!” He said simply.

I narrowed my eyes and growled…I wipe my cheek and made a disgusting face.

“You…..” I cut myself off and turn away from him.

I quickly got in the car and slams the door shut… Micah is already in the driver’s seat.

Xander rushed to the window and kissed it. “That’s for you!” I hear him say from outside.

“Drive!” I told Micah…he smirks and steps on the gas.

I’m angry at Xander for kissing me suddenly, but strangely enough, I feel happy deep down.

It’s official, I’m going crazy!

“I thought you and your lover boy would delay my date!” Micah said.

I glared at him and punched his shoulder gently.

“You were there and you let that guy kiss your sister without teaching him a lesson!”

“I can’t do that, you’re his property”


“I mean, you’re gonna get married someday…who knows, he might be your husband! I don’t wanna be the kind of brother who won’t let his sister have a love life!”

His way of thinking is just…I don’t even know how to place the word.

“Anyways, I’ll drop you off real quick and rush off to my girlfriend!”

“You’ll leave me alone at home?”

“Nope! Will is home!”

I hummed. “How many ex-girlfriends now?” I asked.

He laughs. “Just three”


He nods.

“We’re here for just three days and you’ve already had three ex-girlfriends?!”

“It’s not my fault that the girls love me! Just blame it on my handsome face!”

I rolled my eyes.

“Ladies’ man!”

“That’s my name!” He said.

“Focus on the road!” I command him.

“Yes, ma’am!”


Writer’s pov 🎀

Alpha King’s office…..!

“The alpha prince is back from snowflake pack..he reported that alpha Derek doesn’t follow any of our laws… omegas are slaves in his pack and he doesn’t concern himself with the well-being of his pack members!” The alpha King said.

The elders shake their heads in dissatisfaction.

“What should we do with alpha Derek?!” Alpha King asked.

The elders discuss among themselves silently for a brief moment.

Then one of the elders got up and bows respectfully at the alpha King.

“Your majesty, I would say we should send a warning to him…if he doesn’t change we’ll summon him before the councils!”

Others nods in agreement, the alpha King turns to his beta king and signal him for his opinion.

“Your majesty, I think elder Greg is right, we should give him another chance to correct his mistakes!”

The alpha King nods thoughtfully.

“Ok, I’ll send the royal messenger to him tomorrow!” He look around. “Any other matter?”

They shake their heads.



Alexa’s pov 🎀

Dex’s apartment…! 9:30pm…! Alexa’s room….!

I fall on my bed and released a tired yawn… it’s been a long day.

Thankfully, tomorrow is saturday, I’ll sleep to my heart content.

I really like this place, since we moved here, I have not have any nightmares!

I have been sleeping soundly, like a baby.

*Good night, princess!* I heard my brothers say from the living room.

“Good night, bugs!” I murmured but I know they’ll hear it.

I closed my eyes and that’s how I found myself in lala land!


I smiled as I feel hands caressing my hair… fingers playing with my hair.

I grab onto my pillow and snuggle into it more…it feels so warm and a little bit….hard?!

Since when did my pillow suddenly becomes hard?

I sat up and yawned with my eyes closed, after yawning to my heart content…I opened my eyes and saw…..

“Xander?!” I exclaimed.

“Hello, baby!” He waves.

Wait…how did he get into my room? I looked down at myself…I’m wearing my see through nightie.

I looked back at him… he’s staring at my…chest?!

I quickly kicked him off the bed and released a very loud, ear piercing squeal.


To be continued.

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