Alexa episode 21

(His Soulmate)
Episode 21

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Written by:- Racheal Dennis.


Alexa’s pov 🎀

I can’t believe how scared I am looking at Xander’s unconscious body on the floor.. an unknown fear grip me.

A small crowd has form by now, some students asking what happened to their alpha.. some simply staring in fright.

“Oh my God! Joyce what happened?! Why isn’t he moving?!” I asked in a shaky voice.

Joyce frowns and shakes her head, she looks around as if she’s looking for something.

“Quick! Send for Miss Damien!” I told her.

Xander is loosing too much blood already.. this is bad. Then an idea strikes me, I turned to a male student standing a few feet away from me.

“Come, please, let’s take him to the school clinic!”

“School clinic? Let’s bring him back to the packhouse instead!” He said and others supported him.

Packhouse? That’s a 15 minutes drive, it’ll be too late before we get there.

“No, the school clinic is closer, let’s take him there!” I told him.

I turned to Joyce and she’s staring at the exit if the cafeteria with an angry expression.

*We can’t just take him to the school clinic, he’s our future alpha King.. we must inform the alpha King!* A student from among the crowd say.

“We can’t just leave him here until we inform the alpha King, what if it’s too late before he arrives?” I asked.

I tried to carry him myself but couldn’t.. I tried to pull the plank away but couldn’t.

Joyce suddenly runs off towards the exit. I narrowed my eyes at the crowd.. I got up with my fist balled by my side.

“What is wrong with you, people?! Why are you all being adamant at this critical time?! This guy lying here is willing to protect you all with his life but you’re not willing to help him now?!” I glared at them.

“Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves?! If anything happens to my mate, I swear, I’ll forget you’re the people he’s protecting with his life.. I’ll make you all pay!!” I growled at them as if I can actually do anything.

Wait.. why am I suddenly angry? Why am I yelling at them?

They all bowed their heads and no one dares to utter a word.

“You! You! And you! Quick take him to the school clinic now!” I growled at three boys.

I can’t believe how authoritative I sound just now.

“Yes, Luna!” They replied.

The boys rushed forward and quickly carry Xander and rushed down the hallway.. I followed them.


Tears runs down my eyes as I watch the doctor pull the plank off, I gasp seeing the amount of nails on the plank.

I’m very sure if I had landed on this instead, I won’t survive it.

They’re more than 50! The doctor add a powdered substance on Xander’s back and bandage him up.

He takes off his gloves when he’s done and turns to me with a reassuring smile.

“Doctor, how is my ma….” I trail off.

“Luna, the alpha is fine but how did he come in contact with silver?” The doctor asked.

I frown. I don’t understand his question.


“Yes!” A nurse brings the plank and shows it to me.

I took it and stares at it with a frown.. aren’t these just nails? I wonder.

“These nails are coated in silver and they buried so deep in the alpha’s back.. if was an average wolf, he’d be dead by now!”

I gasp. “Dead?! Does that mean Xander’s gonna die?!”

We’re not married yet and I’m already gonna be a window?

“Luna, I said if it’s an average wolf he’d be dead.. but the alpha prince is far more stronger, these tiny pieces of nails coated in silver won’t affect him!”

I nod and stared at Xander’s still body.

“Then why is he unconscious!”

“The silver!”

I wait for him to elaborate since I don’t understand what he’s talking about.

“Although it’s not enough to cause him any harm, but it’s enough to put him in a short coma..silver is very dangerous for us, werewolves, after all”

Silver is dangerous to them?

“Luna, if you’d excuse me!”

“Wait, when is he gonna wake up?” I asked.

“Soon, when he’s healed himself!”

Healed himself? This injury is gonna take a while to heal.. I guess he’s not gonna wake up anytime soon.

“Thank you, doctor!” I said.

The doctor simply nods and leaves.. I sat on a chair next to Xander’s bed. I take his hand in mine and smiled.

“Why are you so foolish? Why didn’t you let me just fall?” I questioned him even though I know I’m not gonna get an answer.

Then I recalled the queen’s words *he’ll risk his life for you* I guess it’s true after all.

Just then, the door burst open and Miss Damien, Connor and Tyler rushed in.

“Alexa, what happened to Xander?” Miss Damien asked me and glanced at Xander.

I sighed.

“It’s my fault!” I showed her the nails on the tray. “He was stabbed with these nails!”

Miss Damien picks a nail but quickly drops it as if it burned her.. she hissed quietly in pain.

“Silver!” She growled lowly. “That’s why he passed out!” She said.

She quickly drops the tray and stared at her fingertips.. truly the silver burned her.

“Who dared to stab him with these nails?” Connor asked.

“And how come? No one can dare to spar with Xander!” Tyler ask in a wonder.

Miss Damien nods in support of what they said.

“He actually fell on the nails!” They frown in confusion.

I quickly brief them on what happened and they all growled.

“It must be that brute!” Connor sneers.

“Which brute?” I asked.

Connor doesn’t reply me, he marched out like he’s on an important mission.

Miss Damien and Tyler seem to know what or who Connor was talking about.

“Alexa, you can go back to class, I’ll stay with Xander until he wakes up!” Miss Damien said.

I shake my head.

“No, this is my fault and I should take responsibility for it and besides, I’m done with my classes for today!”

She looks at me unsure.

“Don’t worry, the doctor said he’ll wake up when he’s healed.. so you can get on with your work!”

Just then my stomach growls loudly.. Miss Damien and Tyler exchange looks and sniffles a laugh.

“That wasn’t me!” I lied.

“Right!” She mocks me. “Tyler will get something for you to eat!”

“Thanks, Miss Damien!”

She narrows her eyes. “You can call me Jenna, you’re my brother’s mate”

I nod with a shy smile.

“Thanks, Jenna!”

She winks at me. “That’s more like it!” She turns to the door. “Come on, Tyler!” They both left.

Now it’s just me and Xander again.. I sat back on the chair and poke his cheek.

“Hey! Wake up soon, I have a lot of studying to do!”


Writer’s pov 🎀

Alpha King’s office…!

The Alpha King drops the file he was signing..he stares at the files he’s signed and smile..but his smile falters when he turn to the other side of the table and sees the heap of files waiting for his signature.

He m-ssages his forehead gently..just then the Luna queen walks in with a cup of coffee.

“Darling, take a break! Here, have a cup of coffee!” She said and brings the coffee to his mouth.

He takes a sip and takes it from her..he continue to take small sips.

“I’ll give you a m-ssage!” The queen but a knock on the door stops her.

“Come in!” Alpha King said.

A guard rushed in and bowed respectfully.

“Your majesties!”

Alpha King acknowledge his greeting with a wave and gestures him to speak.

“Alpha, royal seer is here! He requested an audience with you!” He reports.

King and queen stares at each other.. silently asking each other if they sent for him.

They’re a bit surprised, cause seer hærdly visits the palace. Unless he’s got a message for them or invited to the palace for an important occasion.

Like the prince coronation or luna queen’s induction.

“Let him in!”

The guard nods and heads out..soon the seer comes in.

“Your majesties!” The seer greets.

“George! Have a sit!” Alpha King offers him a seat..the queen also sits next to the alpha.

There was a brief silence but the alpha breaks it.

“George, it’s been ages, what do we owe this visit?”

George smiles.

“Alpha, I’ll be brief, I heard Xander’s found his mate!” He said.

The alpha nods and wait for him to continue.

“And from what I know she’s still human for now!”

Alpha King frowns and shared a look with his queen.

“What do you mean, George?”

“You mean she’s a wolf?” The queen asked.

George nods.

“But we need Xander to reach out to her wolf, else she won’t ever transform!”

His words aren’t clear enough, both the king and queen don’t understand what he’s saying.

“There are two ways to make her wolf surface, either Xander mark her or she’ll live with him under one roof..if they are together every day, Xander’s wolf will reach out to hers!” The seer explain.

The King and queen nods in understanding..the King smiles knowing Alexa is a wolf.. he’s always been worried that she couldn’t lead the pack with Xander.

“I have a question!” The queen said.

“Ask, your majesty!”

“But why didn’t she transform like other wolves did?”

“Remember her mother was fed wolfsbane when she’s pregnant with her..the wolfsbane didn’t affect her mother because she was the one that digested them..hence weakening her wolf gene!”

The queen nods..she breaths in relief. George got up and bows slightly.

“Alpha, Luna, I’ll take my leave!” He said and left.

The queen sighs deeply.

“Now, which of the options should we use?” She asked.

“Marking of course!” The King said like it’s the most obvious thing.

But the queen share her head in disagreement.

“Alexa won’t just agree to that!”


The queen glares at him.

“Are you becoming dumb recently? Should I remind you the process of marking?”

The king frowns and thinks about it..then realization dawned on him.


“Yeah, oh!” The queen shake her head. “You’re lucky your dad was the alpha King else I bet nobody will agree to make you their alpha King!”

The king smiles.

“So, which option should we take?”

“It’s obviously making them stay together!” She paused. “But how do we get Alexa to agree?”

The alpha King went back to his files, leaving the queen to think alone. She does a little thinking and claps her hands.

“I know how to make her agree to stay!”


Back at Crescent high…!

Janet pulled Brett to a corner somewhere in the woods and breath heavily as they both tried to catch their breathe…

They’ve been running away from Joyce and they finally got away.. Janet glares at Brett when she’s catch enough breathe.

“Why did you do that?!”

“Do what?” Brett asked.

“Were you planning on killing Xander?! That wasn’t our plan!”

Brett crossed his arms on his chest and rest against a tree.

“I don’t care about your f-cking plan! If you want Xander to be with you, then listen to me! I call the shots!”

He lifts his body off the tree and stared directly in her eyes.

“And don’t think of hurting Alexa ever again or your Xander will keep taking the fall just like today!” With that he walked away leaving Janet standing speechless.

To be continued.

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