November 29, 2021

Alexa episode 35


(His Soulmate)
Episode 35.

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Written by:- Racheal Dennis.


Writer’s pov 🎀

Micah’s new apartment….!

“A-are we there yet?” Eleanor asked Micah in a short stutter.

“We’re almost there!” Micah replies.

His hands covering Eleanor’s eyes, acting as a blindfold as he slowly leads her into his new home.

“Lift your foot, there’s a small step!” He tells her.

She listens and lifts her foot….when they’re already in…in the middle of the living room, Micah removes his hands from her eyes.

“Tada!” He exclaims.

Eleanor blinks a few times until her eyes adjusts to the brightness… She looks around with a small surprise frown.

“W-where is t-this?” She asked.

“Our new home!” He replies.

A small, quiet gasp leaves her mouth… she looks around with a satisfactory smile.

Judging by her expression, Micah can tell that she’s already fallen in love with the house… but he still wants to confirm his doubt.

“Do you like it?”

“Y-yeah, it’s beautiful”

Micah nods but frowns when he realizes she’s been stuttering a lot.

“Er… Mate, why are you always stuttering?”

Eleanor clears her throat and stares at the floor… Not answering his question.

“Are you scared of me?” He asked.

She shakes her head quickly.

“No, no, no! Luna said you’re a good person!” She answers quickly.

He smiles at that comment, he takes her hand and helps her sit on a sofa…he sits next to her.

“Then why are you always stuttering when talking to me?”

“Nothing!” She replies quietly.

Micah studies her carefully and sighs, he moves closer to her and takes her hands in his.


listen, you have to be free with me.. I’m your mate and no matter what happens I will always stand by your side!” He tells her.

Eleanor stares in his eyes, her eyes searching his to find any trace of lie… but all she could find is sincerity.

She smiles and nod. “Ok!”

“Good!” Micah said and smile too, caressing her cheek softly.

“Now, let’s start opening up to each other together… let’s start with our names.. yeah?” Micah suggest.

She nods and waits for Micah to start… Micah clears his throat and gets up.

“Hello, my fair lady! I’m Micah Nelson Dex but I go by Micah… shall I have the honor of knowing what this beautiful maiden is addressed by?” He introduced himself in a very clear and fluent British accent.

Eleanor gets up and a claps briefly.. she clears her throat and begin.

“Why yes, my kind sir, I’m Eleanor Roosevelt Armstrong McCall.. my acquaintances call me Eleanor!” She replies in a british accent too.


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was first surprise that she could do the British accent too.. hers is even more fluent than his.

“Shall I have the honor of being your acquaintance?”

“Why yes!”

He reaches out his hand for a handshake.. Eleanor puts her slender hand on his and he slowly kisses her knuckles.

“It’s nice to make your acquaintance, lady Eleanor!” He gestures at the sofa. “Please, do have a sit!”

“Thank you, sir!” They both sits down and stares at each other briefly.

They couldn’t hold back their laughter, they laughed out but Micah stops laughing when he sees a very deep scar on Eleanor’s leg.

Eleanor notices this and quickly covers her leg… Micah quickly looks away too like he didn’t see it, he clears his throat.

“Sorry about that… I think I might need some more time before I tell you about my scars!”

“It’s fine, I’m not gonna rush you into telling me anything… take all the time you need!”

She smiles. “Thank you!”

Just then her stomach growls loudly and she blush from embarrassment.

“Er… I should probably make you something to eat!” Micah said.

Eleanor nods and he heads towards the kitchen.. but he stops halfway and turns back to her.

“I’m.. I’m not too good at cooking… please make do with whatever I prepare!”

“Well, luckily for you I’m not a picky eater!” She replies.

Micah smiles. “Good!” He said and head to the kitchen.

Eleanor looks at her scars and suddenly regretted ever cutting herself.. she sighs deeply and throws her head back on the sofa.




“Alpha King, you’ve signed enough files for today!” The queen said as she strolls into the alpha King’s office with a tray of coffee in her hands.

She drops it on the table and picks the coffee.

“You need to rest, it’s already late!” She said and hands the coffee to him.

She went behind him and begin to massage his shoulders softly… the king m0ans in satisfaction and sips from his coffee.

“Right, darling, I want you to tell Xander… he and his mate should visit the orphanage tomorrow morning!” The king said.

“Why? Is something wrong?”

“No! Quite the contrary!”

The queen frowns and stops massaging him, she comes in front of him and sits on the table.

“What do you mean?”

He reaches for some papers and hands them to her.

“What are these?”

“Report from the orphanage!”

She quickly glances through them.. her frown deepens.

“According to the matron, every is going on smoothly and all the pups are fine… but I have a feeling that her report is too good to be true!”

The queen nods too.

“The report seems so fake! How come none of the pups have fallen sick or got injured… And their schooling expenses….” She trails off and studies the report more closely.

“These figures seems to be abnormal” she concludes.

“Yes. That’s why I want Xander and his mate here tomorrow… they’ll check this report and tell me what’s wrong with it!”

“Why? We already figure out what’s wrong… why do you need them to check it again?”

The King clears his throat.

“I want to know what they’re capable of.. I want to know if I’m leaving the pack in safe hands when I retire!” He explains.

“Oh!” The queen nods in understanding… she smiles because she have so much faith that Alexa won’t let them down.

“Also, they’ll visit the orphanage in our stead and take care of this issue! They need to learn!”

The queen pinches his cheek gently.

“I think getting old is a good thing for you, it’s making you more smarter!”

“That’s because I have a wise queen by my side.. I have been learning from you all these years!” He said.

He winks at her and she blushed… the king leans forward and rests his forehead on hers.

His hands balance on her waist.

“Don’t you think I deserve a reward for that?”

“There’s nothing to reward there!”

“Oh? But I think there’s!”

With that he crashes his lips on hers.. he kisses her slowly at first and just when the kiss was about to get heated.

The door burst open and Jenna rushes in.. she quickly look away.

“Mom! Dad!” She exclaims.

They quickly pull away from each other.. the king clears his throat.

“What are you doing here?” He asked.

Jenna turns around and look between them, the shudders.

“That was so gross! Just how old are you guys?”

The queen rolls her eyes.

“Old or young, we’re mates and it’s our right to kiss each other at anytime, anyplace!”

Jenna gags.

“Yikes! I just wanna tell you guys that I’m staying at my mate’s place tonight… Bye!” She said quickly and rubs out.

The king and queen laughs at her and carry-on with their business.


Alexa’s pov 🎀

Xander’s mansion…! 9:30pm…!

I drop the glass of water and burp.. I look around the table on awe… I can’t believe I just ate twice the amount of mountain Joyce eats.

“Xander, clean up the place!” I order Xander.

“Yes! Mistress!” He replies.

Ok, here’s the thing… I have been punishing Xander since that Janet’s incident this afternoon… I have made him do all the house work.

And make him calm me mistress too.

“I want this table sparkling in five minutes!”

“Yes, mistress!”

He gathers the plates and faces me.. he stares at me sadly.


I’m sorry, I’m really sorry!”

“What are you sorry about?” I asked.

“Janet, I don’t know how she got into our home….”

I cut him off by banging on the table.

“So you mean anyone can just enter this house without your knowledge? You mean I’m not even save here?”

He shakes his head.

“No, that’s not what I mean… I’ll investigate and find out how she got in”

I got up and glare at him.

“Until you find out, we’re not on talking terms!”

He grabs my hand. “But… ”

“No buts!”

He opens his mouth to speak but didn’t, I guess he’s interrupted by a mind-link.. he stays silent for a very brief moment.

“Baby, my dad ask for our presence in the palace tomorrow!”

I nod and head upstairs towards our room but his grip on me pulls me back.

“Let go of my hand!”

He stares in my eyes.

“Can I sleep in our room tonight?” He asked.

I wanted to say no, but Scar won’t let me sleep in peace.. sleeping in the same to as him or on the same bed doesn’t mean I forgive him.


He smiles brightly.

“But… I’m moving out tomorrow…. ”

“Moving out? B-but my wound…. ”

“Your wound is long healed!”

I didn’t give him any chance to speak, I snatch my hand from him and rushed upstairs.

I can’t stay here with him if he doesn’t give me a good reason as to why Janet can easily get into his mansion.

To be continued.


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