Alexa episode 36

(His Soulmate)
Episode 36.

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Written by:- Racheal Dennis.


Alexa’s pov 🎀

Next morning…! 6:54am…!

I woke up with a strong urge of using the bathroom, I rip the blanket off me and made to get up but couldn’t.

Something seems to be restricting me… I frown.

I look down and realize Xander’s arm is tightly wrap around me, and we’re sleeping on the couch… my mouth shape into an “O”.

I clearly remember that last night I didn’t let him into the bed, I made him sleep on the couch… But how I ended up being on the couch with him is a mystery.

With his arms so tight around my wa-ist, how am I gonna get up?

I throw my head back onto the couch and sighed, why does this happen everytime… Darn you Scarlett!

*Don’t curse at me, I was just cold and wanted some warmth!* Scar retorted in my head.

I rolled my eyes at her comment.

*Wolves are warm blooded animals, you don’t need any warmth!*

*Of course I do, btw, it’s not like you didn’t enjoy being held by him!*

Yeah, I really did enjoyed it, I felt much more comfortable and I had the best sleep ever.

*See? I’m right!*

*Shut up, Scar!* I scolded her and that does the job.. she kept quiet immediately.

I slowly turn my neck and stare at Xander’s sleeping face and I suddenly feel guilty for staying mad at him.

He look so peaceful now, like he doesn’t have any care in the world… well, it’s right that I’m angry.

Since Janet can come into his house without his knowledge.. then anybody can come in and maybe kill me!

I feel him move and I quickly shut my eyes… I pretend like I’m still asleep. I feel his gaze on me and soon a small peck on my neck.

“My beautiful mate!” I hear him say.

I smiled mentally at his compliment. Then I feel his fingers combing through my hair gently.. his hot breath on my face.

“Good morning, baby!”

I kept quiet, then he chuckles in his rich and alluring voice.

“Baby, I know you’re awake, stop pretending to be asleep” he said.

I snap my eyes open and sit up, I push his arm away from me and fold my arms on my chest.

“Who’s pretending to be asleep?” I said and glare at him.

He shakes his head and smile, he leans forward and crashes his lips on mine, k-ssing me briefly.

“Baby, just forgive me, alright?” I scoff and turn away from him. “It’s too early to get angry, baby!”

I kept quiet, he got up and pull me closer to himself.. embracing me.

“I was wrong, I just have paid more attention to avoid yesterday’s incident… I’m sorry, so sorry baby.. forgive me, alright?”

He rests his head on my chest… My br-asts to be precised and I feel pleasurable sparks run through my body…but I quickly shake that thought off my head.

“I promise I’ll investigate how Janet had the access of entering our mansion… Just please stop being mad at me… let’s stop fighting, ok?”

I sighed and my hand rushed to his head, as if they have legs…car-ssing his hair slowly.

“It’s fine, but investigate well and don’t let this repeat itself!” I warned him and he nods quickly.

“So does that mean you’re not moving out?” He asked.. I guess he’s hoping I’d say no.

“No!” I said.

“Yes!” He exclaims and raised his head up… He k-sses me on the lips briefly.

“Thank you, baby!” He said.

I simply nod and tries to push him off me.. but he didn’t wanna let go.

“Er… Xander, you might wanna let me go”

He frowns.

“Why? I thought you’ve forgiven me!” He said sadly.

I rolled my eyes.. why is he always being a big cry baby?!

“I’m pressed!”

“Huh? Pressed?” He asked.

From his tone I knew he doesn’t understand me.

“I wanna pee!”

“Oh!” He quickly let go and I rushed towards the bathroom.


I step out of the bathroom and found the bed empty… Xander isn’t in the room.

Then the sweet aroma of fried chicken fill my nostrils.

I quickly find my way downstairs and in a twinkling of an eye I’m standing by the kitchen door… I closed my eyes and inhale deeply.

“Oh, you’re here!” Xander said and turns to me.

Ok, I didn’t realize or know guys look hot when wearing aprons but Xander sure look super hot right now!

“Xander, you must be in my head… How did you know I’m hungry?”

He scoffs and turns back to the gas.

“I wasn’t making these for you!” He said.


“I’m making them for myself.. I’m hungry and I feel like eating some meat!”

I put my hands on my wa-ist and clench my jaw… grinding my teeth against each other.

“I dare you to say that again!” I grit out.

“I said made these for my….. ”

“Arghh!” I release a war cry and jump on his back.

I begin to pound on his back… He chuckles and continues frying his chicken, like I weigh nothing.

“Baby, don’t hurt your hands!” He advice me.

I scoff.

“At least pretend to be in pain!” I growl out.

He laughs and clears his throat.

“It hurts, baby, stop, I’m gonna die if you don’t stop!”

I scoff and slaps his back gently… I jump off him and sits on a stool.

“That’s too fake!” I said.

“Hm… I’m not good at acting” he said and turns off the gas.

I reach out and takes a drumstick… I take a big bite and close my eyes to salivate it.

“This is the best drumstick I’ve had!” I mo-n.

“I assure you I’m sweeter than that… do you wanna taste me this morning?”

I know what he’s talking about but I pretend like I don’t know.. he wanna play dirty and make me end up jumping him.

“When are we going to the palace?” I change the topic.

“I don’t know, we’ll go there whenever you’re ready!” He replies.

I nod… I take his hand and make him sit on the stool next to mine… I picked a drumstick and stuffs it in his mouth.

“Eat, we’re living after eating!”


King’s palace….! 7:30am….!

“Dad! We’re here!” Xander yells from the entrance.

“Rude!” I mutter and smacks the back of his head.

He frowns and stares at me but I pass him a glare and he quickly look away.

“Alexa, darling, you’re here!” Xander’s Mom said with a warm smile when she sees me.

“Good morning, aunt!” I greet her.

“Good morning, babygirl, how was your night?” She asked me.

A smile tugs at the corner of my lips as I reminisces how I was curled up in Xander’s arms through the night.

“It was warm!” I replied.

Xander scoffs and shake.

“Of course, I was used as a blanket for the night!” He grumbles under his breath.. but we all heard him.

Aunt snacks his head.

“Of course, that’s why you’re the man!”

“Ow! Why is everyone smacking my head this morning!” He whine.

I rolled my eyes.

“Cry baby!” I mumbled.

Aunt laugh and uncle covers his laugh with a cough. Aunt eyes him before gesturing towards uncle.

“Say hi to your uncle too”

I turn to uncle, he’s staring at me with love… Oh, don’t get me wrong… like father and daughter’s love!

“Uncle, good morning!”

“Good morning, princess… I hope my boy isn’t treating you so bad?”

I turn to Xander, he grins at me boyishly.. he throws an arm around my shoulders and pulls me close.

He rests his head on mine as if demonstrating how caring he is… I shake my head, childishness.

“We’re good, uncle!” I told uncle.

He smiles and nod.

“Such a good girl.. well mannered, I’ll reward William for a job well done!” He said.

I smile and blush a little… Yeah, Will is simply the best big bro… He is my father and my brother at the same time.

Xander clears his throat.

“Why do you guys want us here so early?” He asked.

Aunt and uncle glares at him shortly.. uncle reach for some papers and hands them to Xander.

“I want you to go through those reports and tell me what’s wrong with them!” Uncle said.

I take some from Xander and glance through, flipping through different pages.

“I don’t see anything wrong with them!” Xander said.

I take his report from him and compares it with mine.

“Are you sure there’s nothing wrong?” Uncle asked him again.

“Absolutely!” He replies.

I feel aunt’s eyes on me, she seem to be watching me… but I paid no attention to her.

My eyes zeroed on some numbers and a deep frown appear on my face.

“Alexa, darling, did you find something?” Aunt asked.

“Yeah.. these numbers…” I raised my head. “I wanna ask a question… Are these reports done by the same person?”

“No!” Aunt replies.

I nod… That’s why.

“Uncle, Xander’s report states that each child’s intuition fee in the orphanage is $45,000…. ”

Uncle and aunt nods, Xander quickly takes back his report and glances through it with wide eyes.

“Why didn’t I see it?”

“That’s because you didn’t compare yours with Alexa’s like she just did… Now shut up and let Alexa speak!” Uncle scolds him.

He turns to me and gestures me to continue… I nod and continue.

“But my reports states that every child’s intuition fee in the orphanage is $23,000… and that’s a huge difference!”

They nod… But doesn’t say anything which means they want me to continue.

“Xander’s report states that 25 kids were admitted in the pack’s hospital last month… But mine states that it was only 1 kid… that’s all I found out!”

Uncle and aunt nods again… Uncle clears his throat.

“You’re right, Alexa! I also noticed that.. but what do you think we should do about this?”

“Well, looking at these reports we don’t need to be told twice… Something is not right at the orphanage, someone seem to be embezzling the pack’s money… the question is who is behind this, because I know the person writing these reports might not be the ones behind but they might be unwilling to speak… Or maybe too scared to speak!” I said.

Xander nods at my words and faces uncle.

“Dad, have you been receiving two different reports like this before?”

“No, just yesterday!”

Xander and I exchange looks… It’s as if we understood each other without speaking.

“Someone is trying to send a message!” We both said.

“It could be one of the reporters!” Xander added.

Aunt and uncle shared a knowing look… I simply stare at them with a confused expression.

“Dad, you need to investigate this… We should find out what’s going on, who’s embezzling this money?” Xander said.

I frown deeply… As attentive as this alpha King, something as big as this won’t slip past his eyes unless he haven’t visited the orphanage for a long time.

Or he doesn’t check the report carefully before.

“Yeah, so, I want you and your to visit the orphanage in our stead!” Uncle said.

“What? Dad, visiting orphanage is the Luna’s responsibility!”

“Yeah, I know, but your Luna is new here and don’t understand a lot of things now!”

Xander keeps quiet for a brief moment… then turns to aunt with a big smile.

“Mom, you’re the Luna and she’s suppose to learn from you… Why don’t you go with her?” He suggests.

I narrow my eyes, why do I feel like he’s avoiding going to the orphanage?

Aunt laughs.

“Don’t worry, your girlfriend won’t see you!”

“Girlfriend?!” I exclaimed quietly… but they heard me clearly.

I feel jealousy build up from the pit of my stomach…I thought he was keeping himself for me.

Seeing my expression, Aunt laugh loudly.

“Yep, you’ll see her when you both arrive at the orphanage!”

I turn to Xander with a raised eyebrow.. waiting for him to tell me more about this girlfriend.

He chuckles lightly.

“Er… Dad, we can’t go to….”

“Uncle, we’re going there right now!” I cut him off.

He turns to me and his eyes grow wide in fear when he sees my angry eyes… why I’m angry, I don’t know?

“We’re going?” He asked.

“We’re going!” I grit out in a tone that says *don’t say another word*

I turn back to aunt and uncle… I smile at them sweetly.

“Uncle we are going!” I said… I’ll use this as an opportunity to visit the orphanage and play with some kids.

I grab Xander’s ear and pulls him along with me.

“Ow! Ouch! Ow! Baby, easy” he whines.

I scoff.

“You’ll show me who that girlfriend is!”

“There’s no girlfriend, I swear!”

But I paid him no attention, I pull him out with me.


Writer’s pov 🎀

The king and queen laugh at Xander as Alexa drags him out by his ear.

“Good! Finally there’s someone to put Xander in his place!” The queen said.

“Yes, and I think Alexa will be a great and wise Luna… she sees and understand things clearly!” The king commends.

The queen inhale deeply and exhale slowly.

“Now I don’t have much work to do, she’s gonna make all my work easy!”

Meanwhile, Janet stood in a corner watching them… she had come to greet the king and queen.

She balled her fist and glare at the direction Xander and Alexa went.

*Yes, and I think Alexa will be a great and wise Luna… she sees and understand things clearly!* She mocks mentally.

She huffed and angrily march away.


Crescent high…! 8:50am…!

Janet angrily slams her locker shut, the conversation she heard from the palace this morning is still haunting her ears.

“Oh? Someone woke up at wrong side of the bed?” Brett asks and leans on the locker next to Janet’s.

“It’s none of your business! Screw off!”

She turns to go the other way but Brett rushed in front of her.

“Hey! Are you really serious about breaking off our cooperation?”

“I believe I made it clear to you last time!” She growls at him.

“Calm down, you need me as much as I need you… We need to work together to make our plan work!”

Janet glares at him and slaps his hand off her shoulder.

“It’s too late for us to work together!”

“What do you mean?”

“Why not watch them having s£x and find out what I mean!” With that she walks off.

Brett stands there fuming in anger.


Alexa’s pov 🎀

Crescent pup’s home….!

“Are you coming in with me to meet the matron?” Xander asked me.

Currently we’re outside the orphanage… Crescent pup’s home written on the entrance gate.

“Baby, are you coming with me?” Xander asked again.

“No, I wanna go play with the kids” I reply.

He frowns slightly.

“Play with the kids?”

I nod.

“But dad said we should investigate what’s going on here!”

“Yeah, that’s why I’m here, I can get something from the kids!”

“How? What does those kids know that can be of help?”

I stares at him with an arch eyebrow… I pats his back lightly.

“Don’t underestimate kids… they don’t lie”

“I don’t understand!”

“If you wanna find out the truth about a matter, ask the kids around!” I told him.

He still has that confused expression on… Well, I guess it’s best I make him see what I mean.

“Don’t worry, you’ll understand later… Just go and speak with the matron!” I said and bounce in… Looking around for the playground.

To be continued.

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