November 29, 2021

Alexa episode 37


(His Soulmate)
Episode 37

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Written by:- Racheal Dennis.


Alexa’s pov 🎀

Crescent pup’s home….!

“Are you coming in with me to meet the matron?” Xander asked me.

Currently we’re outside the orphanage… Crescent pup’s home written on the entrance gate.

“Baby, are you coming with me?” Xander asked again.

Before I could reply him, a middle aged woman rushes towards us…a big happy smile on her face.

“Oh, Xander! What brought you here today?!” The woman asked as she bends Xander to her level and embraces him.

“Aunt May, I….”

She pulls away from the hug and gasp loudly.

“Don’t tell me you came to visit me, I won’t believe that”

She grabs Xander’s ear, the one I was just pulling a few minutes ago…I whine, feeling his pain.

I’m sure his ear will turn purple soon with a few bruises.

“Aunt, it’s hurt….”

She lets go of his ear and spanks his butts.

“When was the last time you came here to visit me?!”

“Aunt May, I have been busy with a lot of paperwork….”

I gasp mentally, Xander’s a liar…with just the few days I’ve spent with him I got to know that Xander doesn’t like paperwork and does every and anything to hide away from them.

Aunt May spanks him again.

“You’re lying”

She folds her arms on her chest and pulls a long she’s angry.

“I knew it, you must be cheating on me!”

Wait..what now?

“I knew you’d break up with me sooner or later!” She sniffles and wipes off imaginary tears.


your girlfriend but you abandoned me….!”

I tone her off and leans closer to Xander and whisper in his ear.

“Who’s her?”

“My maternal Aunt!” He whispers back in my ear.

“Is she the girlfriend your mom was talking about?”

He nods.

I bite back a laugh…first I feel ashamed for getting jealous over his aunt, I thought his Mom was talking about some fair lady.

Secondly, Xander look so embarrassed right now…like the ground should open up and swallow him.

“…see, he no longer pays attention to me!” She cries dramatically.

“Aunt, I….”

“Don’t call me aunt, I’m your girlfriend, call me sweetheart!” She corrects him.

I thought Xander’s mom and Micah are dramatic, I swear they’re nowhere near this woman.

I clears my throat and steps forward from behind Xander…I guess she haven’t notice my presence yet….I should introduce myself.

“Hi, aunt, I’m Alexa, Xander’s new girlfriend!”

She pause and shifts her gaze towards me…she accesses me and nod.


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just knew it! This boy has found someone fresher than me…so, he’s been cheating on me with you?” She asked.

I nod and plaster an overly sweet smile on my face.

“Alas! The younger generation own today’s world!”

Xander rolls his eyeballs.

“Aunt, this is my mate, Alexa!”

She paused again…then suddenly engulfs me in a very tight hug.

“Finally! I thought I wouldn’t live to see this day!”

I simply nod and hold back a cough…I seriously need air to survive now.

“Aunt, you’re squeezing the life out of her!” Xander said and pulls us apart.

I sneakily gasp in large amount of air. I don’t think I’d survive if Xander hadn’t tear us apart.

She grabs my hands in hers and smiles at me.

“Alexa, sure a beautiful girl”

Meh! I’m anything but beautiful…I don’t even think I meet the average standard of any beautiful damsel.

“I’m aunt May!”

“Yeah, I already know that, ma”

“You know that? Who told you?”

“Xander just called you aunt May!”

“Oh, come with me, let’s know each other better….” She begins to pull me in. “Oh, I’ll tell you how I ended up being Xander’s girlfriend!”

My eyes lit up. I really wanna know why she’s Xander’s girlfriend…I guess he might have done something embarrassing that earned him this girlfriend!

Xander quickly rush forward and snatches my hand from aunt May.

“Aunt, that will be another day!”

I frown.

“Another day? I have time now”

“No you don’t!”

“I do!”

“You don’t!”

“I do!”

“You don’t!”

“I do!”

“You don’t!”

“Xander shut up!” I yelled frustratingly.

“Yes, I’ll shut up!” He yells too without realizing what he said.


May look between us silently in amusement.

“Have you forgotten, dad said I should show you around the orphanage!”


Now I understand what he meant…I almost forgot we came here on a mission…but why is he using code words?

Could it be that he’s suspecting his aunt?

I turned to aunt May and smile at her politely.

“Aunt May, we’ll gossip about Xander another…I wanted to see the orphanage that’s why we came!”

“Hmm, I know this boy wouldn’t come here for no reason! It turns out he came to show you around the orphanage!”

She sighed.

“Anyways, come in, I’ll show you around!” She said pulling me with her.

But Xander pulls me back and smile at aunt May.

“Aunt, I wanna have a word with my mate, if you don’t mind?”

“Oh, it’s fine, just meet me inside!”

“Ok!” Xander nods.

He waits until she’s out of hearing before speaking.

“Baby, we don’t know what is happening in this orphanage, everyone here is a suspect…so, be careful, don’t let anyone know we’re investigating a case!”

“Yeah, everyone is a suspect, does that include your aunt?”

“I don’t wanna suspect her, baby, but like I said everyone is a suspect”

I narrow my eyes.

Him saying everyone is a suspect means he’s suspecting his aunt too.

Aunt May seem like a nice and carefree person to me…as if he read my mind, he said.

“People are not always whom they seem to be”

“What do you mean?”

I wrap an arm around my waist and leads me along with himself through the big gate.

“It’s been years since any of us saw aunt May, who knows what she’s been up to all these years!”

He’s right, we’re here to investigate and it’s only right for us to be careful.

“Alpha!” A lady greets Xander with a bow as we walk by.

Xander simply nod to acknowledge her greeting…I look around as we walk in.

My eyes zeroed on three kids sitting by a tap… they’re building sand houses but they don’t look happy.

I frown, building houses out of sand is something every kid is happy to do…in fact, they feel fulfilled building it.

“Xander, look at those kids over there!”

Xander turns and I points at them, one of them lock gaze with us but quickly look away.

“Don’t you think they’re behaving weird?” I asked.

He stares at them with a small frown.

“Weird? What’s weird about them?” He asked me back.

“They are playing but they don’t look happy!”

Xander chuckles lightly.

“Really?, Baby, happiness doesn’t mean the person will be jumping around with a big smile on”

“I know, but trust me I know what I’m talking about…it seem as if they’re being forced to play!”

Xander stops walking and studies the kids some more…trying to figure something out, I guess.

“And why aren’t they in school by this time? I believe the alpha is paying their intuition fees!”

“Well, let’s go in first, we’ll get aunt May to say one or two things!” He said.

Just then, that lady from earlier that greeted Xander comes back…I stop her.

“Excuse me, where’s the playground?”

“Over there! Right behind the tap!” She replied.

“Thank you!”

“You’re welcome, ma’am!” She said.

Maybe she doesn’t know I’m Xander’s mate. Xander wanted to correct her but I stopped him.

I wait until she’s out of hearing.

“Why are you asking about the playground?” Xander asked.

“Shh! Just listen!” I told him.

He nods and we both listen…I listen for some noise from the kids on the playground but heard nothing.

I frown.

“Why is it so quiet?”

“Maybe there aren’t any kids at the playground!”

My frown deepens and I shake my head.

“No, that’s not right…kids are there but they might just be like these three!” I gestures towards the kids sitting by the tap.



I believe something is wrong, really wrong and it’s not just the embezzlement of money…I don’t think the kids are being treated right here!”

Xander sighs and kisses my forehead gently.

“Let’s just go in first!”

I gently unwrap his arm from my waist.

“No, I wanna go play with the kids” I reply.

He frowns slightly.

“Play with the kids?”

I nod.

“But dad said we should investigate what’s going on here!”

“Yeah, that’s why I wanna mingle with them, I can get something from the kids!”

“How? What does those kids know that can be of help?”

I stares at him with an arch eyebrow… I pats his back lightly.

“Don’t underestimate kids… they don’t lie”

“I don’t understand!”

“If you wanna find out the truth about a matter, ask the kids around!” I told him.

He still has that confused expression on… Well, I guess it’s best I make him see what I mean.

“Don’t worry, you’ll understand later… Just go and speak with the matron!” I said.

“What if aunt May ask about you?”

“Tell her I wanna spend some time with the kids!” I replied…I went on tiptoes and place a lingering kiss on his lips.

Xander nods reluctantly.

“Take care and don’t forget to call my cellphone when you can’t find your way!” I nod.

I briskly walk towards the kids… I’ll speak with them first before going to the playground.


“Hi, guys… I see you’re tryna build a house, do you mind if I join?” I asked.

The kids stares at me and quickly turn back to their sand houses.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you my name. I’m Alexa Dex… Mind if I know your names?”

They still didn’t reply me, they are just busy building their houses.

“Listen guys, I’m not a bad guy… I just saw how beautiful your houses are and wanna be your friend”

Still didn’t reply. I sighed, there’s only one way to get their attention now.

I look around and sees a small heap of sand, I walk towards it and squats… Then I begin to build my own house.

Not doing something regularly makes one forget how to actually do it… But I finally managed to build a castle.

“So beautiful”
“That’s so beautiful”

I smirk and pretend like I’m not hearing their compliments.. soon, I hear tiny footsteps running towards me.

“Alexa, how did you make these?” One of them ask admiring my house.

“I can teach you but I’m not gonna!”

They frown and stare at my face.

“Why?” The first boy ask.

“Because you’re not my friend and I don’t know your names!”

They exchange looks and shake their heads… I look at them with my best puppy eyes and pouty lips.

“Aunt May said we shouldn’t tell strangers our name” another boy said.

“But I’m not a stranger, you saw me come in with your alpha and besides, I already told you my name!”

They kept quiet until the first boy said.

“I’m Tate!” He reaches out his hand for a handshake.

I smile and quickly shake hands with him.

“Tate, it’s nice to meet ya!”

“And I’m Reeves!” Another boy said reaching out his hand too.

I take it and smile “nice to meet you, Reeves!”

The last boy hesitate a bit but reaches out his hand.

“I’m Rex!”

“Nice to meet you Rex!”

Though they told me their names and I’m smiling at them but they didn’t return my smile.

Well, we’ll take it slowly.

“Are you three siblings?”

They nod.

“Triplets!” Reeves replies.

“Wow! That’s so cool”

Their gaze are fixed on my sand house, I guess they really wanna know how I made such a big beautiful castle.

Buddies, it’s not yet time… You’re gonna answer a few questions first! I said mentally.

“So why are you guys here? Playing by yourselves?”

“Won’t say!” Rex said.


“You’re a stranger.. we’re warned not to talk to strangers!”

I smile.

“Guys, I thought we’re past that, I already know your names… We’re already friends!”

They kept quiet like they are contemplating w€ther to speak or not.

“Guys, I don’t mean any harm, I’m just curious to know!”

A few more minutes of silence.

“Aunt Diane said we have a dangerous disease and shouldn’t get in contact with the others!” Tate said.

I study their skin colors and their lips… Their skin colors are ok and their lips aren’t pale.. there’s no sign of being sick at all.

“Did she take you to the hospital?”

They shake their heads.

“Did she bring any doctors to check you?”

They shake their heads again… hmm, strange.

How then did she know they’re sick if they didn’t see any doctors… unless….

“Aunt Diane said we shouldn’t play with others or else they’ll be sick too!” Rex said.

Hmm, I need to see the other kids too.

“Come on guys, let’s meet the others!”

“No! They’ll be sick too!”

I sighed… Since they’ve made up their minds I can’t force them.

“Ok, I’ll come back to play with you guys later, yeah?” They nod.

With that I rushed towards the playground.


Writer’s pov 🎀

“Xander, where’s your mate?” Aunt May asked Xander as he enters her office.

“She’s looking around, she’ll join us later!”

“Oh, have a seat then!” She ushers him to a chair.

She pour some coffee and hands it to Xander.

“Thank you, aunt!”

“You’re welcome!”

Xander takes a sip and drops the cup on the table.

“So aunt, how have you been?”

“I’ve been fine.. how’s your mom?” She asked.

“She’s doing well”

Then silence engulf them but it wasn’t for long.

“Aunt, this orphanage is really old and you’ve been doing a lot to make it stand….” He paused. “why haven’t you and your assistants take up any new project?” Xander asked.

He knows there’s a project according to the report, he just wanna know if the project is really existing.

“About that, we are building a new apartment… It’s bigger than the one the pups are now!”

Xander nods thoughtfully.

“Can I see it?”

“Yeah, sure!”

Aunt May gets up.

“Come with me!” She invites Xander. Xander smirks and follows her.

To be continued.

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