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Rated:- πŸ”žπŸ”ž (strictly Adults only)

(His Soulmate)
Episode 40.

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Written by;- Racheal Dennis.

Alexa’s pov πŸŽ€

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“I’m ready, Xander, just f$*k me already!” I yelled at him.

Xander is being too sluggish, I want him to tear off my dress and have sΒ£x with me… to put an end to this pain.

He’s just staring at me like he’s not sure of my decision. I huffed and hop off the bed.

I pulled him up and slams his back against the wall.. I gather his shirt in my hands and tears it.


“Shhh!” I cut him off and crashes my lips on his.

He seemed shocked at first but quickly start reciprocating my kiss. His arms encircle my waist as we both delves more and more into the kiss.

I never knew how much I needed him until this moment.. just his kiss alone, the pain is almost gone.. I can barely feel it.

He bites my lower lip gently, asking for permission to enter my mouth… I grant him permission and his tongue slips in.

Licking and tasting every inch of my mouth… His hands move from my waist to my neck, he pushes my head in.

His hands finds their way to my zipper and pulls it down, my gown slides down and I’m left in just my bra and panties.

His lips move from mine and traces my jawline with his tongue.. placing teasing kisses down my neck to my collarbone.

He sucks on my collarbone and a small m0an escapes my mouth.

“Jump, baby!” He whispers in my ear… his hot breath sends shivers down my spine… it set my brain on overdrive!

I jump just as he has commanded me and he wraps my legs around his waist.

He lifts himself off the wall and look directly in my eyes.

“Are you really ready?”

“F$*k yeah!”

He nods. He unclip my bra as he walk towards the bed… toss it in a corner, and throws me on the bed.

I land in a soft thud. He stares at my body, ravishing it. His eyes changing colors.. from yellow to hazel.. and lust clearly written in them.

He goes on his knees and slowly pulls down my panties, kissing my belly and waistline as he does.

“So w€t!” I hear him mutters.

Then.. I feel his warm mouth cover my p***y, sucking out all my juice.. making slurring sounds as if he’s eating the sweetest meal on earth.

His teeth bites my p***y lips gently and he uses the tip of his tongue to touch my cl!toris.. sending teasing sparks through my body.

I shiver and m0an out his name.


I grab his head with both hands and pushes it in more, so he can get enough.

He slips two fingers in my opening and thrusts them in and out in a slow pace… My body shook from pleasure.. great pleasure.

If only his fingers can give so much pleasure to me, I wonder how having his d**k in me would feel like!

I huff in dissatisfaction when I feel like his fingers are going too slow.

“Faster, Xander!”

He nods and increases his pace, his finger keeps thrusting in and out of me faster and faster with each thrust.

He lifts himself and leans forward, his mouth capture my right [email protected] sucks and gingerly bites my n!pole.

Though he never removes his fingers from my p***y nor did he ever slow down his movement.

My whole body is completely not mine, I have abandoned myself to Xander.. to do as he dims fit.

The pleasure is too much, I couldn’t hold it back… I feel myself wrapping tightly around Xander’s fingers.

He withdraw his fingers and spank my ass cheek.

“Don’t cvm yet, baby!” He orders.

I simply nod, unable to form any words.

He stands up and unbuckle his belt with his eyes staring directly at mine… He takes off his pants and boxer slowly.

My eyes move to his manhood and I gulp as I watch his erΒ£cted d**k stands at attention… like a soldier ready for battle.

Battle with my p***y! Lol.


sit up and crawl towards the edge of the bed, I wrap my fingers around his d**k and strokes it slowly… I hear him suck in some air and close his eyes momentarily.

My other hand grabs his balls and begin to play with them, he jerks slightly and I smirk.

His hand grabs my left [email protected] and he squeezes it softly.

“Baby, it’s not time to pleasure me yet!” He says and pushes me back onto the bed.

I raises my legs in the air and spreads them apart.. my p***y open widely.

He strokes his d**k and stares in my eyes.

“Are you ready?!”


“I’ll try to be gentle!”

I nod and gave him approval.

He slips his d**k into my tight p***y slowly.

It took a few minutes for him to complete enter me, he waits for a few seconds until my body adjust to him.

Then he starts thrusting in slowly… I hissed in great pain at the first thrust and he stops moving immediately, but doesn’t pulls out of me.

“I’m sorry, baby, I’m sorry, so sorry…”

I feel a tear drop fall on the bed.. next to my ear.

“It hurts, Xander… ” I whimpers.

“I know, I know!” He said and kisses my lips softly.. he also kisses my eyes.

I lift myself slightly to check if I’ll see some blood stain on the bed, but I saw none… I thought virgins are supposed to bleed on the first intercourse.

Well, that doesn’t matter now.

“The pain will go away soon!” He assured me.

I nod and lay back.

“Go on!” I told him.

He nods and pecks me, then continue thrusting in and out of me slowly… I bite my lower lip to stop any sound from coming out as I am still feeling some slight pain.

Thrusting… Thrusting… Thrusting!

And soon there’s no more pain.. I begin to feel pleasure and I want nothing but to feel him go faster and deeper.



He nods and increases his pace.. he goes faster and faster… deeper and deeper!

I’m a pleasure mess and I couldn’t help but m0an out his name.


“Yes, baby!”


“Yes, Luna!”

He goes deeper and faster than before… I swear I can feel his d**k hitting my womb now.

Just when I feel a knot tie at the pit of my stomach, he pulls out.

I frown in disappointment.. but I feel something warm drop on my opening, I look at him and realize it’s his spit.

He pours another spit in and slips his fingers in and f$*ks me with his fingers.

He stops and raises me up, he made me go on my knees.. he grabs my face and make me stare in his eyes.

“You’re so beautiful, baby!” He leans down and kisses my lips shortly.

“Open your mouth!” He said.

I open my mouth and he stuffs his d**k in, he’s a little too big but my mouth manage to contain him… I wanted to suck him but he shakes his head.

He f$*ks my mouth instead, making me gag and cough lightly.. he stops and pulls out.

“Spit on it!”

I did as he commands and he rubs my spit on him, he leans down and kiss me…. he puts it back in my mouth.

“Now, suck it, baby!”

I begin to suck it.. biting and squeezing his balls… playing with them in my hand.

My tongue touching the tip of his d**k and I feel him vibrate… He closes his eyes and throws his head back.

“That’s right, baby!”

I went back to sucking him.. moving my mouth faster against his d**k.

“F$*k yeah!” He exclaims.

I continue going faster and faster.. he grabs my ass cheeks and squeezes them, then he spanks my right ass cheek.

I feel his d**k growing bigger in my mouth… He quickly removes it and carried me off the bed.

He wrap my legs around his waist and slips his d**k into me and begin to thrust faster.

My right arm wrap around his neck tightly… My free fingers draw lines on his back as his thrusts goes deeper.

“Baby, I wanna mark you!” He growls in my ear.

His d**k is doing wonders to me, my sense is in disarray right now… so I nod.

He smiles and opens his mouth… teeth suddenly turns fangs and they sink into a spot on my neck.

I thought I would feel pain, but it was just like a mosquito bite.. the pain left just as it came.


now Mine! MINE!” He growls.

Just then, I hear different voices in my head… like everyone in the pack is inside my head talking.

“Ignore those voices, just focus on me!” Xander said.

He didn’t stop thrusting into me all these while, he’s still going but in a slow pace.

I listen to him and try to ignore those voices… soon, they are gone out of my head… I can’t hear them anymore.

He kisses my lips and puts me down, I’d have fall down if I wasn’t holding him.

He leads me towards the headboard.

“Leans on it, baby!” He said.

I did and without warning, he thrusts into me from behind… I gasp loudly.

“F$*k!” He m0ans.

Thrusting…. Thrusting… Thrusting…. Thrusting….

Faster… Faster…. Faster… Faster….

Deeper… Deeper… Deeper… Deeper….

Until he hit my G-spot, I couldn’t hold back the m0an that leaves my mouth.. same with him.

“Xander, right there…!”

“You’re so f$*king tight, baby…!”

He keeps on going until we scream each other’s name as we cvm at once…my eyes roll to the back of my head.



Xander wait until every single drop of his sperm pours inside me before he pulls out slowly.

He turns me to face him and rests his forehead on mine… He kisses my lips briefly and we both breath heavily.

“That was hot, so hot, baby!”

“Y-yeah!” I stutter weakly, trying to catch my breath.

I don’t know why but I’m suddenly feeling dizzy… my vision starts bluring.

“I love you, Alexa!” I hear Xander say.. or I think I hear him say.

My head falls on Xander’s shoulder and darkness envelope me!


Writer’s pov πŸŽ€

“Baby! Baby!” Xander calls Alexa but she doesn’t answer.

He quickly lays her on the bed and wears her one of his t-shirt and boxer.

“Baby, what’s wrong?!” He shakes her gently in panic.

“Alexa! Alexa! Open your eyes!” But she doesn’t open her eyes.

He sent a quick mind-link to the pack doctor.. then he rushes to kitchen to get a bowl of cold water…but not before wearing a basketball truck.


Xander paces back and forth as the doctor checks on Alexa, he’s very worried.

“Alpha!” The doctor calls his attention.

He turns to the doctor and grabs his shoulders tightly.. though he isn’t aware of it.

“Tell me, what’s wrong with my mate?! Why did she passed out?! Why is she not waking up?!”

“Alpha, she’s fine….”

“She’s fine?! Then why is she lying there and not moving?!” He shakes the doctor.

“The Luna is just exhausted, Alpha!”

Xander releases his shoulders and stares at Alexa.


“Yes, ever since her first shift she haven’t had another shift, so her body is still a little bit like that of an ordinary human….”

“What does it have to do with this?”

“The mark kinda overpowered her.. but she is fine, she just needs a little rest!” The doctor explain.

Xander nods slowly.

“So when is she gonna wake up?”

The doctor looks at his wrist watch.

“In two hours!”

Xander closes his eyes and sighed deeply… He is relieved hearing this from the doctor.

“You can go!”

“Yes, Alpha!” The doctor carries his medical kit and head for out.

Xander sits on the bed next to Alexa and takes her hand in his.. he caresses it softly.

“My love, you scared me so much today… I thought I was too rough on you and something bad has happened to you because of my roughness!”

He pause and stares at her face with a small smile.

“Baby, don’t do this again.. it’s not funny!” He scolds her.

He leans down and kisses her lips.


Alexa’s pov πŸŽ€

Xander’s mansion…! 8:20pm…!

I open my eyes and groan as I hear multiple voices in my head.. I hold my head and sit up with a groan.

Different voices are talking in my head and it’s so noisy.. annoying.. and it’s giving me a headache.

“Baby, you’re awake!” I hear Xander chirps as he walks in.

I ignore him and pound my head, trying to get rid of the noise in my head.

He rush towards me and stops me from hitting my head.

“Xander, why am I hearing other people talking in my head?”

“That’s because your pack-link is open now!”

I frown.


He nods, I remember Miss Damien also said something about pack-link sometime ago.

“What’s a pack-link?”

“It’s a portal in your mind which gives you access to communicate with anyone in this pack!”

Wait, could this be what Will and Micah also do?

“Is that why I’m hearing voices in my head?”

“Yes, you’re the Luna after all!”

“Then can I make it stop? It’s giving me a headache!”

“Yes, you can block them from your mind!”

“How?!” I asked quickly.

I can’t wait to block them, their noise is annoying.

“Just imagine there’s a wall in your mind and no one is talking!”

I nod. I did as he has instructed and truly I could no longer hear their voices in my head.

It’s silent! I smile.

“It worked!” I said.

Xander simply nods.. he carries a tray from the nightstand and places it on his lap.

I gulp at the sight of fried punk… stabs a small with a fork and brings it to my mouth.

“Are you feeling better now?” He asked.

“Yeah!” I reply chewing on the punk.

I looked down at myself and realized I’m in Xander’s t-shirt and boxer… I frown.

“What happened, Xander? Why am I in your clothes?” I cough lightly and he hands me a glass of orange juice.

“You passed out and I wanted to call a doctor, so I just wore the first shirt I saw!” He explained.

I nod.

“Why did I pass out?”

“The doctor said you were exhausted”

I was exhausted? Could it be because of Xander and I having sΒ£x together?!

“No, baby, it’s not because of that!”

I frown. How did he know what I was thinking?

“Because I’ve marked you, our mate-link is now open”

Yeah, I remember mate-link. Miss Damien said it helps mates in locating each other quickly.

“Mate-link also allows mates to read each other’s thoughts!”

I frown and listen if I can hear his thoughts but I heard nothing. My frown deepens.

“Then why can’t I hear your thoughts too?”

He smirks.

“Because I blocked my thoughts from you, baby!”

“Then teach me how to block you too!”

He shakes his head. I narrow my eyes and scoffs.. if he doesn’t wanna tell me, then I’ll let him be.

I’ll figure it out myself later. I snatch the punk meats from him and starts to feed myself.

“You said the doctor said, I passed out because I was exhausted… Why was I exhausted?” I asked.

“Oh, because of my mark.. but he said you’re fine!”

I raised my eyebrows.

“I hope there won’t be any sides effect since I had sΒ£x with a werewolf?”

“Baby, you’re a werewolf too!”

I nod.. ok, he’s right.

I got up and hop off the bed but I slams my legs together… I kinda forgot I had rough sΒ£x before I passed out.

“Oh? Does someone need any help?” Xander ask in a mocking tone.

I rolled my eyes and scorn at him.

“No! Thanks but no thanks, I can walk Mr Damien… I’m not crippled!” I snaps at him.

I take slow steps towards the bathroom.. I need a bath cause I’m literally smelling like sΒ£x right now.

I suddenly hear Xander laughing.

“You seem pretty crippled to me!”

I growled lowly but told myself to ignore him.. I’ll punish him another time for laughing at me now.

“Are you sure you don’t need any help?”

“Shut up! Busybody!”

I braced myself and dash into the bathroom.. I slams the door shut and breaths out in relief.

I quickly strips off Xander’s clothes and walk towards the bath… passing by the mirror, my eyes caught something on my neck.

I move back to the mirror and check my neck… exactly the same tattoo on Joyce’s neck is on mine now.

But with different letters and different kind of wolf.

X.L and a wolf’s head.. the wolf seem more powerful than the one on Joyce’s neck.. it seems to be howling.

I guess the X.L stands for Xander Liam and this wolf’s head is Liam.

I don’t know why but I’m suddenly smiling… I kinda like it.

I sighed.. I better go bath now, tomorrow I’ll go to school.

To be continued.

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