November 29, 2021

Alexa episode 42


(His Soulmate)
Episode 42.

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Written by:- Racheal Dennis.


Alexa’s pov 🎀

“Alpha, he’s fine!” The doctor reports.

We’re all currently at the school infirmary, Micah brought Will here immediately he passed out… and we quickly followed up.

The doctor has just done a few check ups on him.

“Then why did he pass out?” Miss Damien asked.

She’s sitting next to Will on the bed, holding his hand.

“He seems to have been under a lot of pressure lately and he doesn’t get enough rest… especially last night!”

Miss Damien frowns and stares at Will, I guess she’s wondering what he’s been stressing about.

“Oh, that’s true! Will couldn’t sleep all night last night!” Micah said.

He couldn’t sleep? Could it be that my brother have got an incurable disease that is bothering him?

“Why couldn’t he sleep?” Miss Damien asked.

“Alexa!” He replies simply.

“Me?!” I asked with a confused frown.

Everyone too is surprised… I guess they’re all wondering why Will couldn’t sleep because of me too.

“He was worried last night when he knew you and Xander… ” He coughs lightly. “… Mated!”

I gasped, I turn to Xander with a death glare… I grab his ear and pulls it down, bending him to my level.

“Baby, why are you pulling my ear… It hurts!”

“Ok, I’ve had enough! I wanted to ask you privately before, but not anymore… I want an answer right here!”

“Ok, ok, but let go of my ear first!” He said pleadingly.

I let go of his ear and place my hands on my waist.


come everyone knows about us having s£x last night?! How come there’s no privacy here?!”

“Calm down, baby, they didn’t know we had s£x they….”

“They didn’t know?” I cut him off. “But everyone is talking about it and I have been receiving strange looks too!”

I can feel the anger building up in me bit by bit… I mean, even my brothers have to know about it too… how embarrassing!

“I’m starting to regret ever agreeing to any of this! I hate this place!” I said angrily and I heard series of whimpers.

Sad whimpers from them but I ignore it… at this point I’m too angry to care about their feelings.

The doctor clears his throat.

“Alpha, the patient will wake up soon… I have other things to do, if you’d excuse me!”

Xander gives him a small nod and he leaves quickly.. then there’s a small awkward silence until Xander breaks it.


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they didn’t know we had s£x last night they only felt that I have marked you!”

I scoff.

“As if I believe that!”

“Lexa, we just know….. ”

“Don’t say it, Micah!” I cut Micah off. “Hearing you say it makes it even more embarrassing!”

Miss Damien gets up and comes to my side, she takes my hands in hers.

“Alexa, it’s true, we didn’t know you both had s£x we just guessed”

I raised an eyebrow, signaling her to elaborate since I don’t kinda get what she meant.

“We only felt that he’s marked you.. and everyone knows that marking usually comes along with mating. Look…. ”

She tilts her head and shows me her mark.

“I was marked while mating with my mate, same goes with Joyce.. that’s how we guessed that you and Xander had mated!” She explained.

“Then how did you knew he’s marked me?”

“He’s the future alpha King, we usually feel our Alpha’s emotions.. like when he’s sad, angry and happy… We felt his extreme joy last night, Liam was howling happily in the pack-link last night and that’s how we knew he’s marked you!”

Oh! Now I get it… But it’s still not right.

“Does that mean if we have s£x again y’all will also know about it?”

They all shake their heads and I frown.

“we won’t know because he’s not marking you again.. so now your s£x life is gonna be private and only known between you guys!”

I shuts my eyes and release a long, relieved sigh.

I can’t have my brothers knowing I’m having s£x with my mate everytime.. else I can’t face them.


be so awkward everytime we meet each other… take Will’s reaction as an example.

Micah clears his throat and throws his arm around my shoulder.

“You don’t have to be shy around me, I’m a very understanding bro!”

I elbow his ribcage and he whines. Just then, we hear Will cough… Miss Damien quickly helps him up and hands him a glass of water.

He gulps it down and look around, his gaze lands on me and he stares at me blankly.. his mouth slightly open.

Unconsciously, I hide behind Xander… Xander growls warningly and Will look away.

“Will, are you ok?” Miss Damien asked him.

“Y-yeah!” He replies in a short stutter.

A warning bell rings, telling all students outside to get in their classes now.

“Connor, we’re gonna be late, let’s go!” Joyce said and pulls Connor out with her.

Dylan and Tyler faces us.

“Alpha, we’ll be heading to class too!” Tyler said.

Xander simply nods and they both slips out.

Now it’s remaining Xander, miss Damien, me and my brothers.

“Alexa, go to class I wanna speak with Xander!” Will said.

I frown and look at Xander in worry, he smiles at me.

*We just wanna talk!* I hear his voice in my head.. then I realize he’s mind-linking.

Micah studies my expression and burst into laughter.

“Wait, Alexa, don’t tell me you’re worried about Xander staying alone with Will” he said.

“Huh?” I frown.

He puts his hand on my shoulder.

“My dear sister, you should be worried about Will and I instead!”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I mean, Will and I can’t even stand to fight against Xander.. he’ll be the one to woop our ass without breaking a sweat!” He said.

I chuckle as I realize what he meant. Xander turns to me, he leans down and pecks my lips softly.

From my peripheral view, I see Will look away with a disgusting expression.

“Go to class!”

I nod and look at them.

“You guys shouldn’t hurt yourselves!”

“Sis, we’re just gonna talk like civilized adults!” Micah says.

Xander gives me a reassuring smile.. Miss Damien gets up too and walks out with me.

But we part ways as I head towards my class.


Writer’s pov 🎀

Williams waited until he’s sure Alexa is out of hearing, he turns to Xander.. both him and Micah bows their heads slightly.

“Rise!” Xander pause. “I believe you have something to say to me!”

Will nod.

“Go on!” He permits him.

Will clears his throat a few minutes and begin.

“With all due respect Alpha, I know Alexa is your mate and it’s naturally that you’ll love only her all your life… but she’s my sister too, my only sister… and I don’t want her to suffer or go through any heartbreak!”

He pause and studies Xander’s face to know if he’s speaking out of line… But Xander’s expression is neutral.

“Continue!” Xander said.

“Alpha, please treat her right. She has always being our princess, Micah and I have always tried our best to provide her all she wants… we’ve always been there for her and we love her more than we love our lives… in fact, she’s our life and we would do anything and everything for her!”

He adjusts on the bed and clears his throat.

“Truth be told alpha, I won’t spare anyone that makes her cry or feel sad.. and that includes you!”

Xander growls warningly at that statement but Will doesn’t seem to mind, he continues speaking.

“Alpha, don’t make her cry.. we’re leaving to you now but please don’t disappoint us.. if she ever cries home to me.. even if you’re the alpha, even if you’re ten times stronger than me.. I’ll still fight you until my last breath!”


shuts his eyes, trying to calm himself down… His wolf doesn’t like the tone in which Will is speaking to them.

But he’s their brother-in-law after… There’s nothing they can do now!.

“Alpha, please take care of our little princess!”

“I heard you William, I will always make her happy and I’ll be there for her!” Xander said.

He turns to Micah who’s being listening to William’s speech with a smirk.

“Micah, do you have something to say to me too?”

Micah quickly shakes his head and smile.

“No, no, my dad just said it all” he replies.

Will glares at him but Micah only blows him a kiss and mouths “I love you dad!”

“Good! If there’s nothing else, I’m leaving!” Xander said and leaves.

Will pounce at Micah immediately Xander leaves…but Micah had seen this coming, so he’s prepared.

He moves from there and Will catches an empty space.

They stop fooling around when they see Xander standing by the door with a deep frown.


“You two come with me, there’s an attack at the orphanage!” He orders the brothers.

“Yes, Alpha!” They said and follows him immediately.

Connor, Dylan and Tyler joins them at the parking lot.

“Alpha!” They greets Xander.

“Connor, did you tell your mate to stay by Alexa?” Xander asked.

“Yes!” He replies.

Xander nods.

“We’re going by motorcycle or we’re taking the woods?” Tyler asked.

“We’re taking the woods!” Was Xander’s reply before he races towards the woods.


Alexa’s pov 🎀

I was in such a hurry to get to class, that I didn’t pay attention to where I’m going and I bump into someone.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t look where I….”

“Of course you didn’t watch where you’re going, blind bitch!” Janet cuts me off.

I rolled my eyeballs.. of all people, it had to be Janet.

“Janet, I’m really not in the mood to argue with you! Excuse me, I wanna go to class!”

I try to walk past her but she pushes me back.

“Don’t think you’ve succeeded because Xander marked you, there’s still chance for me to come in!”

I smile.

“That is only if I give you the chance to come in!”

She scoffs and flips her hair in my face.

“I can always sneak into his room and I swear with this body of mine, Xander won’t resist me and…. ”

I cut her off with a laugh. She stops and stares at me… no, glares at me.

“You think I’m funny? You’re not taking me serious?”

“I can’t take you serious when what you’re saying are nothing but jargons!”

“You…. ”

“I what?!” I cut her off again. “Oh, don’t forget to sneak into our room today, you can watch us f$*k each other today again… after all, you weren’t able to watch it to the finish last time!” I told her.

Now it’s my turn to flip my hair in her face… she just stood, gaping at me speechlessly as I walk away.

This Janet is a pain in the ass, I’d have let the king banish her the other day!

“Alexa!” I hear Brett’s voice call me.

I lift my head and sees him walking out of my math class.. I frown.

He doesn’t have math, what is he doing there?

“Alexa, longest time!” He tells me when he finally reaches me.

“What were you doing in my math class?” I asked.

“I was looking for you!”

“Looking for me?”

“Yeah, you know, I haven’t seen you for some days now and I don’t know what happened, so…!” He trails off.

Days?! Yeah, thinking about it now, it should five days or so since I started living with Xander.. I almost forgot I’m staying there temporary.

“Hey, you’ve got yourself a tattoo?!” He exclaims and touches my mark.

I finch away from him as his finger touches it… It’s like an electric shock.

“Did you just electrified me?” I asked.

He shakes his head.

“No, I think it’s your tattoo that did that!”

“My tattoo?!”

I wonder. But Xander touched it this morning and I wasn’t electrified.. how come it’s electrifying now?

“Let me see your tattoo!” He said.

I nod and shows him, he, glares at it with a clenched jaw… like my mark offended him.

“What’s that look for?” I asked.

He quickly breaks into a smile.

“Nothing, I’m just thinking if I can get something like this done on my neck too!” He said.

I ignore his statement and touch the mark by myself to know if it’ll electrify me but it didn’t.

Then why did it electrified me just now? I asked myself mentally.

*That’s because he’s not our mate!* Scar said.


*That’s a mark given to us by our mate.. to show his territory.. others can’t touch it!* She explains vaguely.

I sighs and shut her out, I’ll ask Xander to explain it better later when I get home.

“… so I want you to come with me to a place!” I hear Brett say.

I guess he’s being talking but since I was talking with Scarlett, I didn’t hear him.

“I can’t come with you, I have math!” I told him.

“Your math class is cancelled”

“Cancelled?! Why?!”

He rolls his eyes and smacks my head gently.

“Your math teacher just put to bed!”

“Oh!” I said.

I forgot she was pregnant. Brett laugh.

“So are you coming with me?” He asked.

“Where is that?” I asked him back.

If it’s somewhere far or outside the school premises, I won’t go with him.

“I.. I.. sick…”


“Yeah, I have been having fever lately and I don’t know why.. so I want you to go to a hospital out of town with me!”


He nods. I reach forward and feels his temperature with my palm…his temperature is normal.

“You don’t seen to have any fever!”

“I have, I went for check up two days ago and the doctor said I should come back today!”

“But there are hospitals here, why not visit one?”

He shakes his head and sigh.

“I don’t know anyone here, so, I went out of town to a doctor I know!”

Right, he doesn’t know anyone here. Which makes me wonder if he’s also a werewolf or not.

Now I’m kinda realizing that I know nothing about him…where did he come from? Is he human or werewolf?

Does he know about werewolves?

“Please come with me, accompany me!”

“I can’t!”


“Nothing, I just can’t!”

“But you’re my friend and you’re the only one I’m familiar with here!”

He’s right… I’m the only friend he has here, what if something happens to him?

But something keeps telling me not to go with him… He’s someone with an unknown origin.

“Please, Alexa, I wouldn’t bother you if I have someone else to accompany me… please!”

He starts coughing lightly…I study his appearance.

From his paled skin…

To his paled lips…

To his feverish yellow eyes…

His unkempt hair…

He really does look sick but I don’t know if I can go with him.

When he first approach me.. before I knew I’m a werewolf.. I didn’t read much or question his arrival.

But now that I am, I’m finding it hard to trust him and I honestly don’t know why.

“Please, Alexa!” He pleaded helplessly.

Hmm…I don’t know if I’m should go with him or not!

To be continued.

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