Alexa episode 43

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(His Soulmate)
Episode 43.

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NB: (I wrote this episode in a hurry because I was feeling dizzy last night… so there might be a lot of mistakes, don’t mind them please…. And might not be interesting but manage it)

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Written by:- Racheal Dennis.


Alexa’s pov 🎀

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“Please, Alexa, come with me!”

Brett pleaded with me, he’s been pleading for quite some time now.

I sighed deeply and shake my head.

“I’m sorry, Brett, I can’t!” I told him.

My mate is a super jealous guy, I’m sure he’s gonna tear this city down if he finds out I went out of town with another guy.

Besides, accompanying Brett will make me feel like a cheating girlfriend.

He takes my hands and holds them t¡ghtly.

“Alexa, you’re my only friend, aren’t you gonna help me now that I need your help most?”

Oh no! Emotional blackmail.

“Brett…. ”

He raises his hand to stop me and let go of my hand.

“Wait, are you avoiding me?” He asked.

I frown and shake my head, but he scoffs as if he doesn’t believe me.

“You are avoiding me! If not, I don’t see reasons you can’t accompany me to see a doctor!”

“Oh, you want reasons?”

He doesn’t reply me.

“Brett, I have a boyfriend and it’s not convenient for me to come with you!”

He raises his head slowly and looks at me with his mouth slightly open.. he narrows his eyes.

“You have a boyfriend?” He asked.


“When?! Who is the bastard?!”

I growl at that, even Scar growled loudly in my head… I can feel her snarling angrily.

“Don’t let him hear you call him that, Brett! Don’t cause trouble for yourself!” I warn him.

His eyes settles on my mark and his gaze h-rden, I see hate in his eyes and I quickly covers the mark with my hair.

“Xander, right?” He asked.


“Your so called boyfriend is Xander, right?”

I clenched my jaw.. he really need to stop calling Xander names and I shouldn’t waste anymore time standing here with him.

“Do you know the kind of person Xander is?”

“Yes, I know…I have class to attend and you’re gonna make me late!” I said.

I turn to walk away from him but he grabs my wrist and stops me.

“Alexa, Xander is not the kind of person you’d date. He’s a monster and he’s killed many innocent people!”

I narrow my eyes at him, why is he defaming Xander this way? Like there’s some kind of grudge between them?

Is Brett really a wolf hunter?

“Xander, isn’t someone you should mingle with, what’s more having him as a boyfriend!”

I try to snatch my hand from him but couldn’t, he holds it in a t¡ght grip…how can he be this strong?

I should be stronger than him now that I’m a werewolf!

“Who my boyfriend is shouldn’t bother you! It’s my life and I’ll decide whom to date and whom not to!”

“No, I can’t let you date him, break up with him!”

Now I regret making friends with Brett in the first place! I should have known he approached me with a motive!

“Let go of me!” I grit out.

“No! Not until you agree to break up with that monster!”

“You can’t tell me what to do Brett!”

“I can if it’s for your own good!”

Ok, I’ve had enough of his nons£nse, if Xander meets him holding my hand.. things are gonna get ugly!

A great energy suddenly overwhelm my body and I snatch my hand from him with no stress.

“Brett, I love Xander and I’m not gonna break up with him, no matter what you say!”

“Even if I tell you he’s a werewolf?!”


He shakes his head.

“You don’t know what you’re doing, Alexa! I’m telling you Xander is a human that turns into an animal.. do you still wanna be with a freak like him?”

“He’s not a freak!” I take a deep breath. “I think we should stop being friends!”


“Yeah, friends don’t force each other to go against their will…if you’re gonna keep forcing me to break up with Xander, then we should stop being friends!”

He stares at me for a brief moment and nods, then he releases a short sarcastic laugh.

“You’ll regret this decision you made today, Alexa!” He said and angrily walks away.

Something falls out of his pocket as he rushes off, I wanted to call him back to come pick it up but he’s already gone.

“Alexa!” I hear Joyce’s voice from behind.

I turn to wave at her.

“Hey! What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be in class?”

She breaths heavily and nod.

“Did you run here?” I asked with a small frown.

“Yeah!” She answers breathlessly.

I smack her shoulder lightly.

“Why are you running around? Have you forgotten you’re pregnant?” I scold her.

“It’s fine, we werewolves are usually strong.. my pup will be fine!”

I huff.

“I’m worried about you but you’re not worried about yourself one bit!”

She simply grins widely. I lower myself to study what fell out of Brett’s pocket… It’s a small silver… bullet?

“Joyce, what are you doing here?” I asked her still studying the silver bullet.

“Alpha s£nt me to come keep you company!”

“Keep me company?”

I picked the silver bullet in my hand to show Joyce….but hissed in pain and quickly throws it away as it burns my palm.

“Alexa, are you ok?” She asks.

I nod but frown deeply and rubs my palm gently to numb the burning sting.

“Goodness! What’s that?!” I ask pointing at it.

Joyce bends down and studies it, she stands up abruptly and stares at me with wide eyes.

“Alexa, that’s a silver bullet! What are you doing with it?! Do you know how lethal it is to werewolves?!”


She brings out a small handkerchief from her bag and use it to pick up the bullet.

“This tiny thing you see can cause the death of our great Alpha King! It can kill Xander and any werewolf!”

“Was that why it burnt me?”

“Yes! How did you get it?”

“It fell out of Brett’s pocket a while ago!”

“Brett?” She paused and glare at the silver bullet. “He’s really a wolf hunter!” She growls.

A wolf hunter!

My mind suddenly flashes back to when Xander took the fall for me, those nails that stabb£d him on his back were coated in silver.

That must be Brett’s handwork!

Now I get it, he came here to hunt werewolves!

His main target is Xander… everyone in the royal family. That’s why he is so against Xander!

“But how come he’s got wolf’s scent all over him?” She wonders.

“Joyce, do you all know he’s a wolf hunter before?”

“We were suspecting him but…”

“Then why didn’t you guys report him to the king, he should be driven out of the pack before he takes action!”

“The king knows but we were still investigating him”

I sighed.

“What’s there to investigate?”

I mean, it’s things that doesn’t happen before here are occuring lately.

I recall the attack on Eleanor and I that day at the woods…the rogue attack at the packhouse… Xander falling on silver nails.

All these clearly shows that Brett is a big threat here.. they should have kicked him out.

Now I understand Will’s words… Brett is bad news!

“Where’s Xander?” I asked.

“Who?” She asked me back abs£ntmindedly.

“Xander, I wanna speak with him!”

“He’s at the orphanage, there’s an attack there!”

“Attack at the orphanage?!” I exclaims.

Her eyes grows wide like she suddenly just realize what she said.

“Orphanage? Did I say anything about any orphanage?”

“Yeah, you said there’s an attack at the orphanage!”

She laughs nervously.

“No, no, no.. I didn’t say that, that wasn’t me!” She denies.

I grab her shoulder.

“Take me there!”

“Take you to where?”

“The orphanage!” I told her.

She shakes her and takes slow steps away from me.. but I hold her back.

“If the orphanage is on attack, we need to be there to save those kids!”

“That’s why Xander and the guy’s are there” she said.

Brett told me just now that’ll regret my decision, could it be he has arranged some people to ambush Xander?

I quickly reach for my phone, I should give him a call… I dialed his number and wait for him to pick up.

The phone rings and rings and rings but he didn’t pick up… My heart stopped.

Could it be that my guess is right? But Brett just left here… he couldn’t make any arrangements now, unless, he’s made the arrangements before hand.

“Joyce take me to the orphanage now!”

“No, Alexa, Xander gave a strict warning that I should stay here with you!”

“But I need to be there, this might be Brett’s plan to hurt Xander!”

She shakes her head.

“I’m sorry, Alexa, I can’t let you leave”

“Come on, Joyce….”

She cuts me off with a deep sigh.

“How about we go back to the packhouse to wait for them?”

“Fine! Don’t take me, I’ll go alone!” I said and runs towards the exit.

“Hey! Alexa, stop!” I hear Joyce yells after me.

I ignore her and continue running, then I hear her footsteps behind me.


Writer’s pov 🎀

Crescent pup’s home…!

Chaos everywhere!

Rogues and pack warriors fighting, all in wolf forms… biting on each other mercilessly.

The warriors are outnumbered, which makes it difficult for them to win against the rogues.

“Bloody hell, we are almost too late!” Micah exclaims.

Xander growls as he sees his warriors getting killed.. dying by the hands of the rogues.

“All of you shift and kill every single rogue!” He orders.

Without wasting time, they all shifted and joins in the fight.

Xander quickly takes off his shirt and shifts… he rushes into the fight, killing any and every rogue that comes his way.

He scan around the place, his eyes searching for their leader.. if he could kill their leader, they’ll all surrender.

Just then two rogues charge at him, both each from his right and left…he kicks one off and his teeth grabs the other’s neck.

The rogue is howling painfully, struggling to get away but Xander ignores him and tears its skin… he uses his claw to dig out the rogue’s eyes and throws the rogue away from him.

The rogue turns around blindly… growling in pain.

A whistle was heard and all the rogues starts retreating into the woods.

*Alpha, they’re getting away!* Dylan said to Xander through mind-link.

*Connor s£nd some trackers after them to track their camp!* Xander orders Connor.

*Yes, Alpha*

*Dylan and Tyler, clear this bodies!*

*Yes, Alpha!*

Xander turns to the Dex brothers.

*Make sure the pups are all ok! I’m going back to report to the king!*

Then he rushes off into the woods.

To be continued.

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