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(His Soulmate)
Episode 44.

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Written by:- Racheal Dennis.


Alexa’s pov 🎀

Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:-

Crescent pup’s home…!

“We’re too late!” Joyce said.

We raced all the way here..but we’re still too late, the fight is already over.

We’re currently outside the orphanage, dead bodies everywhere… though some people are already moving them away.

I simply stood speechlessly, my eyes searching the place for Xander.

“It’s over, it’s really over!” I mumbled coherently.

How come so many people died? I just hope none of the pack members died.. it should just be only the rogues.

But I know that’s just my wishful thinking, with all these bodies..I’m sure some of them are out pack members.

“Alexa, let’s go back to the packhouse and wait for Xander..he doesn’t seem to be here!”

“But I must find him! I need to know where he is…if he’s safe!” I said still looking around if I’ll find him.

“He’s not here, maybe he’s gone back to the packhouse!” She replies.

I frown…I wish I know how to mind-link him.

“Alexa?!” I hear Will’s voice.

He walks out of the orphanage towards me… Micah rushes out and follows him too.

I guess they came to fight off the rogues too.

“Alexa, what are you doing here?” Will and Micah asked at once.

“I’m looking for Xander!” I reply.

I gesture at the dead bodies.

“What happened?” I asked as if I don’t already know the answer.

Micah sighs and puts his arm on Will’s shoulder.

“It was such a fierce battle between the rogues and pack warriors, bloody mess, tearing of skins and….”

I tone Micah off, he’s just being his dramatic self at a time like this.

“Alexa, go back home, Xander won’t like it if he sees you here” Will told him.

I wanted to argue just then aunt May rushes out, with blood dripping from her shoulder.

I gasp and rush to her.

“Aunt, what happened? Why are you bleeding?” I asked in a worried tone.

“I’m fine, darling!” She said with a smile.

I inspect the wound and finds out it’s very deep.

“Who did this to you, Aunt?” I asked.

“Oh, it’s one of the caretakers here, Diane or something she was called!” Micah said.

Diane again! Could it be she’s working with the rogues? But how is that possible?

How can she work against her pack?

“Where’s Diane now?” I asked.

Joyce takes out a very small first aid kit from her bag and helps aunt May to a log of tree near by.

“Aunt, let me help you wrap up your wound!” I hear her tell aunt May.

I turn back to Will and Micah.

“Where’s Diane now? Has she been arrested and taken to the palace?”

“Diane ran away, she’s no where to be found!” Will reply.

How can this happen? I thought the king promised to arrest her to the palace?

Now I’m confused, I don’t understand what is happening. Is Diane working with the rogues or the hunters?

But she’s a wolf, she can’t work with the hunters.. they’ll kill her.

Who is she working for? And why did she chose to betray her pack?

“Alexa!” Will snaps his fingers in front of my eyes.

I blink back to reality.


“Go back home, Xander will get angry if he knows he came!” Will told me.

I simply nod. I need to speak with Xander…how can I mind-link him?

*Just imagine him in your mind and project your thoughts to him!* Scar said.

I rolled my eyes, she finally decide to show up.

*I am always here, you just don’t know how to call me out yet!* She said.

*How do I call you out?* I asked her.

*I’ll teach you next time, mind-link our mate now and ask him where he is… I can feel he’s gonna be in trouble!*

I nod and did as she had said. I picture Xander in my mind.. I took a deep breath.


I wait for a few seconds but got no reply.

*Xander?* I tried again.

Still no reply… in fact, it feels like my words are hitting a wall and bouncing back to me.

I frown, I should try one more time.


I scream his name this time.

*What?! Who dared to f$*king break into my mind-link?!* I hear his voice growl.

I smile, I got it… He replied! I did a mental dance… It seems like his mind-link was blocked, I better speak now before he blocks it again.

*Xander, it’s me, Alexa!*

*Baby?* His tone calmer and soft now.

*Yes, where are you, Xander?* I asked.

There’s a pause and I frown… don’t tell me he’s blocked his mind-link again.

*I’m fine, baby, just go home when you’re done with your classes, ok?* He said.

*I know you’re fine, just tell me where you are.. I wanna see you ASAP!*

*I’m going back to the palace, I….*

He stops talking and I hear him growl loudly, then I feel him block me out of his mind-link.


No reply.


Still no reply. I became anxious, I don’t know why he suddenly cut off the mind-link.

“Alexa!” Micah shake me as he call my name.


“Will is getting angry, I’d advice you go back home now, ok?”

I nod.

“But first tell me which direction Xander went.. which road if he take?”

He laughs.

“You can’t take that road, don’t even think of it”

“Why?!” I asked.

“Why are you being stubborn, Alexa?!” Will yells at me.

I didn’t flinch away, I simply stood and blink my eyes. Micah holds me and drags me away from Will.

“Lexa, go back home now!” He tells me.

“Tell me which way Xander went first!”

He stares at me for a brief moment and sighs.

“He went through the woods, can you go through the woods too?” He asked.

The woods?! Brett also took off into the woods back at school… what if they both run into each other?

What if Brett and his fellow hunters attack him?!

“D-did he went alone?”

“Yeah, Alpha…. ”

I didn’t wait for him to complete his statement before I dash into the woods too.


I hear he and Will call but I didn’t stop.


Xander’s pov 🎀

I was already running deep into the woods when I felt someone pushing at my mind… trying to break into my mind-link.

I ignore it since no one can break into my mind.. but a great force hit my mind and I feel my mind-link break.

Which is something that has never happened before.. it irritated me and I growled angrily.

*What?! Who dared to f$*king break into my mind-link?!*

*Xander, it’s me, Alexa!* I hear my mate’s voice.

Liam suddenly starts jumping around in joy… Of course I’m in my wolf form but I’m still very much in control.

*Baby?* I asked to be sure.

*Yes, where are you, Xander?*

I forgot that since we mated, she’s the only one that can break into my mind-link.

*I’m fine, baby, just go home when you’re done with your classes, ok?*

*I know you’re fine, just tell me where you are.. I wanna see you ASAP!*

Hmm.. I don’t think this little woman is still at school.

I wanted to lie that I’m at home, but she might have come back from school already and might know I’m lying.

*I’m going back to the palace, I….* I trail off as I perceive an all too familiar smell.

The smell of hunters. I smirk, I know they’ll lurk in the woods and wait for any unlucky wolf.

That’s why I came here to wait for them…I can’t let both rogues and hunters continue to terrorize my pack at the same time.

I should deal with the hunters first before coming to the rogues.

I growl and cut off our mind-link, blocking Alexa out of my mind as I see Brett and his men standing a few feet away from me.

“Hello, dirty dog!” Brett say.

I snarled at him for calling me a dog, even Liam is fighting to take over and teach Brett a lesson for calling him a dog.

“I have been waiting to get rid of you!” He said.

Well the feeling is mutual.. I have long wanted to get rid of you too, I said in my mind.

“Can you shift back to your human form, it feels weird talking to an animal”

I growled but held myself back. I count his men and realize they are ten in numbers… Him making it eleven!

Piece of cake!

“Hey! Can you understand me?”

I assess their weapons, some carried crossbows… with silver arrows.

Some carried guns with enough silver bullet.. I must be careful how I attack them.


seems you don’t wanna shift, I’ll just talk to you in your animal form!”

I just glare at him, imagining how he’s gonna die by my hands.

“You know, I wanted to change my mind. I didn’t wanna carry on with my plans because I thought I have a chance with Alexa…”

I growl at him for calling Alexa’s name but the bastard laughs.

“I thought if Alexa could agree to leave with me, I can forget about destroying your pack because of her.. but she chooses you instead!”

Of course she’ll chose me, I’m her mate!

“I tried to convince her to leave you but she didn’t agree.. all because of you! Now, gonna kill you and destroy your pack after.. then I’ll leave with Alexa!”

I stomp my paws on the ground and growls at him… baring my teeth at him.

I shift back to my human form and stands [email protected] in front of them.. but I don’t mind.

“Yo! He finally shifted!” He said.

He and his men laugh. I simply smirk cause I know they’re all going to die today.

“I’ll kill you and destroy your pack, then I’ll leave with Alexa.. she’s mine!”

That word got to me and I let Liam take control.

“I’ll make you eat your words!” Liam growls.

“After I kill you?”

Liam rushed forward and grab two of his men by their neck, without wasting time he snaps their necks and throws their bodies against some tress.

Brett’s men gets their weapons ready to fire at me.

“Fire!” Brett orders them.

Alexa’s pov 🎀

I have been running for a few minutes now, but haven’t found Xander yet.

I never knew the woods is very big.

“Fire!” I hear Brett’s voice order.

His voice sounded so close, I increase my pace and finally arrived at the scene.

Brett stands behind some armed men, they’re all pointing their guns and bows at something…they all look serious.

I follow their gaze and my eyes fell on a [email protected] Xander.

*Oh lala! What a s£x god!* Scar exclaims in my head, purring in satisfaction.

*What is wrong with you, Scarlett, our mate is about to die and you’re being horny?*

*He’s gonna handle it just fine!* Was her only reply before I shut her out.

Xander is holding two guys by their necks and is using them as shield… Using them to block any bullet or arrow that is coming his way.

My heart is beating fast, I’m scared that a bullet or arrow will actually hit him.

The hunters aren’t slowing down in their attacks, they keep firing their guns and bows in a rapid speed.

I feel like stepping forward to help Xander but I can’t, I might be a distraction to him.

Soon the hunters ran out of bullets and arrows.. Xander throws those guys away and smirks at Brett.

My eyes move to the guys lying on the ground, they are long died and with the amount of hits they took.. they don’t look pleasant to the eyes at all.

“Is this all you’ve got?” Xander asked Brett.

Brett turn to his men.

“Where are the back up bullets?” He asked.

“They are finished, boss!”

Xander takes long strides towards them and they take slow steps backwards.. I can see fear in their eyes from where I’m standing.

In a flash Xander is grabbing two by their necks, he throws one against a tree.. I guess the force was much as the tree breaks and falls on the guy.

He groans and cough out blood… Xander snaps the other guy’s neck and throws him at Brett.

He lands on Brett’s feet and Brett tries to jump but falls on his butts instead.

“What are you waiting for?! Attack him at once!!” Brett yells at his men.

They all rushed towards Xander but Xander’s growl makes them halt.. I chuckles silently.

They begin to circle Xander, looking for ways to bring him down.

“I told you to go back home!” I hear Micah whisper in my ear.

I turn to Micah with a frown.

“Shh! Watch!” I told him and point towards Xander and the hunters.

But I was kinda distracted when Micah whisper in my ear, I don’t know how it happened but looking back at the fight, I saw Brett’s men holding Xander back with a chain.

Xander is growling in pain and struggling to get away from the chain but couldn’t.

“What is happening?!” I asked Micah.

“Silver!” He replied glaring at Brett maliciously.

Brett laughs and stands in front of Xander with a long sharp rod.. it seem to be made of silver too.

“I thought you are almighty and the most powerful of all werewolves!” He mocks Xander.

I feel anger build inside me and Scar urging me to go save Xander. Micah is growling beside me.

“You are nothing but a dirty dog!” He said stabs the rod on Xander’s thigh.

Xander growls warningly.

I don’t know what possessed me, my Ms calm and practical side gone… A wild maniac side in combat that I didn’t know I had in me came out and pushes me forward.

“Alexa where are you going?!” Micah yells.

I ignore him.

I kicked Brett away from Xander and pull the rod out of Xander’s thigh… Not minding how it’s burning my palm.

It’s like I’m not in control of my body…I can’t control my actions.

I stab one of the guys in his heart with the rod, be lets out a loud painful cry and he lets go of the chain.

I pull it out and stabs another in throat and he falls down.

From my peripheral view I see Xander snapping the other guys necks.

I turn to Brett and glare at him.

“Alexa, you… you… you…” He points at me as he stutters.

I take slow steps towards him.

“You’re a soulless lunatic with no respect for human life!” I growled.

“Your… Y-your eyes….”

He bends down and pick a gun, he aims at me but before he could pull the trigger, I throws the rod at him.

It went through his chest and sends him straight to a tree… hanging him on the tree.

He stares at me with his eyes wide open.. like he couldn’t believe what just happened.

The gun falls from his hand and his head bends down… blood pouring from his chest like a pouring rain.

I suddenly starts feeling dizzy, Xander rush forward and catch me before I could fall.

“Baby, are you ok?” He asked.

“Alexa!” I hear Joyce and Will call me.

“Your eyes…” Joyce trails off.

I frown… What’s wrong with my eyes?

“They’re glowing!” Was all I heard before I passed out.

To be continued.

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