Alexa episode 45


(His Soulmate)
Episode 45.

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Written by:- Racheal Dennis.


Writer’s pov 🎀

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Xander’s mansion….! 4:50pm…!


Total silence! Footsteps pacing to and fro is heard..the clock ticking sound accompanies the footsteps.

Xander watch anxiously as the pack doctor does different check ups on Alexa… it’s been almost one hour since she passed out and have not open her eyes.

Williams, Micah and Joyce are also in the room… Will and Micah watching the doctor’s every move just as Xander is.

The tension in the room is too much, everyone is impatiently waiting for the doctor’s report.

Xander grabs the doctor’s hand as he sees him unbuttoning Alexa’s blouse.

He growls warningly at the doctor.

“What audacity! Do you instead to ogle over my mate?!”

The doctor’s eyes grows wide as fear is clearly seen in his eyes… ogling over an alpha mate is a crime he doesn’t wish to commit.

“N-no, Alpha…. ”

“Nonsense!” Xander cuts him off and glares at him. “How is my mate?! Why is she not waking up yet?!”

The doctor couldn’t speak, his lips are quivering in fear…he bows his head and doesn’t dare to look Xander in the eyes.


“I’m… n-not done checking her…..” He stumbles in his words.

“Then hurry up!” He pushes the doctor back towards the bed.

The doctor quickly starts again without trying to unbutton Alexa’s blouse this time.

“I want you to find out why she passed out in ten minutes or I’ll kill you!”

“Y-yes, Alpha!” The doctor replies in a shaky voice.

There’s a few minutes of silence as the doctor is solely focused on Alexa.

Suddenly, the door burst open and Xander’s mom rushes in with worry written all over her.

“Alexa!” She calls.

She halts when she sees Alexa laying on the bed, she turns to Xander and grabs his hands.

Meanwhile, William, Micah, Joyce and the doctor bows slightly and greets her.

“Your majesty!”

She simply wave them and turns to Xander.

“Xander, what’s wrong with Alexa? I heard she passed out in the woods, what happened?” She asked in a worried tone.

Like a mother whose daughter is in great danger. Xander signals her to bring her voice down.

“We don’t know why she passed out yet, we’re just waiting for the doctor’s report!”

She nods and turns to the doctor, watching him anxiously just like the others.

Soon the doctor packed up his medical kit and stands up.

“How is she?” Xander’s mom asked.

“Your majesty, the princess is just tired from using too much strength… also, the silver she came in contact with took a toil on her!”

Everyone’s eyes move to Alexa’s unconscious body with a frown on their foreheads.

“What do you mean?” Williams asked.

“I mean, she tried to fight off the effects of the silver by holding onto it longer than she ought to… she’s just shifted and her werewolf gene isn’t as strong as everyone else… If she continues coming in contact with silver and overusing her strength… I’m afraid she won’t be able to shift ever again.. her wolf gene will remain silent and she’ll be just like human!”

Xander’s frown deepens and he walk towards the bed, he sits next to Alexa and takes her right hand in his.

“So you mean, Alexa can’t fight? She shouldn’t fight?” Micah asked.

“She can, but her strength is limited… like she’s not a full werewolf!”

“What do you mean?” Xander’s mom asked.

“I can’t really explain it but she’s not a full blood werewolf…”

“Could she be a vampire?” Joyce gasped.

“No, she’s not a vampire but I don’t know what she is!”

Then there’s silence, everyone looking at Alexa with a deep frown.

Xander sighs.

“My mate needs some alone time!” Was all he said.

His mom nods and usher everyone out… William reluctantly walks out.

Now it’s just Xander and Alexa in the room. Xander wipes some sweat off her head.

“Baby, why do you always make me worry?” He said to himself.


Meanwhile, Diane has successfully manage to make it out of the pack… she’s bleeding heavily.


car is already waiting for her right at the pack’s border, she quickly gets in and they drives off.

A few minutes in the drive, a man wearing a black suit, with a shoulder length hair… a cigarette in his hand… he’s sitting at the back seat.

He clears his throat and speaks.

“Diane, you failed me!”

“I’m sorry, sire…..”

“You know I hate sorries!” He interrupts her.

His voice calm but you can feel the anger laced in his words.

Diane shuts up immediately.

She stares out the window with a clenched jaw, her plan was perfect but Theresa ruined it.

“I heard the hunter’s son is dead!” He states.

“Yes, sire!”

“And who killed him?”

“Alpha’s mate!”

He pause and frown deeply.

“He was killed by a female?!”

“Yes, sire!”

He inhaled deeply and throws his head back on the seat.

“I guess using those hunters was a big mistake from me!”

A frown appears on his forehead, he clenched his jaw and balled his fist,…but he quickly straighten the frown lines.

“Frowning doesn’t look good on me” he paused. “We’ll visit that stupid hunter later…useless people don’t work for me!”

Diane feels her heart beat increase at that statement, she wonders what her boss have in store for the hunter.

And what fate will be fall her.


Alexa’s pov 🎀

“Long live our queen! Long live our queen! Long live our queen!”

I hear a group of people chanting, I curiously walk towards them and I’m shocked by what I saw.

They’re bowing down to a statue, worshiping it with great reference.

“Long live our queen!” They continue to chant.

I look around them, they’re all strangers.. I don’t know any of them. I tap a lady that is closest to me.

I bends slightly and whisper in her ear.

“What are you all doing?”

“We’re worshipping our queen!” Was her only reply before she continues worshiping the statue again.


raised my head and take a closer look at the statue… I gasp and opens my eyes widely.

“Why do you have my statue here?” I blurt out loudly.

They stopped worshipping and turns to me, they look at me and back at the statue.

“It’s our queen!” Of them yells.

Judging from their reaction, I can tell they are about to capture me. I shake my head and takes slow steps backwards.

“I’m not your queen!”

Then I turn around and make a run for it.. they begin to chase after me.

I keep running.. running.. running.. running.. running and they keep chasing after me.


My eyes snaps open and I breath heavily, I quickly sit up and look around.

I sighed deeply when I realize I’m in Xander’s room and on Xander’s bed…that means I’m saved from those people

*Thank goodness!* I said mentally.

I can’t have some strange people worshipping me and calling me their queen.

Wait…how did I get back to Xander’s room?

Last I remember, I was in the woods watching Xander fight with Brett and his men!

They held Xander down silver chains and I went to save him, then I….

I gasped loudly.

*I’m a murderer!* I exclaims mentally. *I killed Brett!*

I shake my head. No! That can’t be..wait, I should ask Scarlett.

*Scar?* I called but she didn’t reply.

Could she be sleeping? Wait, does she even sleep?

*Scarlett?* I called again but she still doesn’t reply me.

Right, she must be sleeping! I’ll talk to her later.

My throat suddenly felt dry, I reach for a glass of water on the nightstand and gulps it down.

Xander doesn’t seem to be in the room, I panic and quickly hop off the bed.

*Xander?!* I called him through our mind-link.

*Baby? You’re awake?* He answers instantly.

I smile and relax a bit.

*Where are you?*

*Kitchen, I’m…..*

I tone him off and rush downstairs towards the kitchen, I wanna know if he’s really there or just lying to me.

He’s really in there, with an apron around his neck…his back faces me as he focus on whatever he’s cooking.

“Baby, I know you’re here!” He said.

I run to him and jump on his back… I wrap my arms tightly around his shoulders.

“Ah!” I puffed out some air. “You’re safe!”

He drops the spatula he was holding and turns to me in his arms… carrying me in front of him.

He crashes his lips on mine and kisses me like today’s the last time he’s gonna kiss me.


can feel his fear… love… frustration and anger in the kiss.. though it was a brief kiss but I received his message.

He rests his forehead on mine and shuts his eyes, breathing heavily.

He opens his eyes and place a lingering kiss on my forehead.

“You made me worried today, baby!” He said and sits me on a stool.

My eyes meets some steaks on the counter, I quickly reach for it and take one.

“Baby, I told you to go home, why did you come to find me?” He asked.

I took a bit from the steak.

“I was just worried that you’ll be in danger and I was right, you were really in danger”

Xander sighs.

“I wasn’t in danger, I could have handled them just fine….”

I cut him off with a scoff.

“But from what I saw you were held down by those chains and you couldn’t fight back!”

“I was distracted and besides, those chains were nothing… I could have break free!”

“You were distracted?! You’re fighting with wolf hunters and you still have the time to be distracted?”

He turns to the gas and flips the egg he’s frying.

“I felt your presence and I was worried Brett would find you, so I was looking around for you.. that’s when Brett’s men trapped me with those chains!”

Oh! I thought he wouldn’t know I’m around.

“But I helped out, right?”

“Helped out? Do you know how dangerous your actions was? Do you know what damage it could bring to you and Scarlett?”

From his tone and expression, he seems so serious and worried.

I frown.

“Xander, you should be saying thank you and not scolding me” I said chuckling lightly.

“Alexa, you just had your first shift, do you think you’re strong enough to fight?”

He’s right there, I was kinda impulsive.

“I’m sorry about that….”

“You don’t even know the basic fighting skills yet! Can you please take it easy on yourself?”

I can feel myself getting worried, angry and sad.. but the strange thing is, these don’t seem to be my feelings.

Then I recall Joyce telling me that I’ll be feeling some of Xander’s emotions just as he’ll be feeling mine.

I sighed. I guess I really made him worry so much, I climb down the stool and hug him from behind.

“I’m sorry, Xander, I’ll be careful next time”

“Next time?!”

He turns around and holds my shoulders, staring straight in my eyes.

“There’ll be no next time, you tired yourself out and passed out… We can’t let this repeat itself next time!” He said.

I simply nod… He pulls me closer and embraced me tightly.. sniffing my hair and his tensed body starts relaxing.

My stomach growls loudly and Xander chuckles.

“Someone is hungry after playing the heroin!”

“You can’t blame me, I haven’t had anything since breakfast!”

Xander pulls away from our embrace and take my hand, he leads me towards the dinning table.

He pulls out a chair for me and made me sit down.

“Let me set the table!” He said.

He walks back to the kitchen and starts bringing out the food.. my mouth watered when I saw how delicious the food look.

Xander sits next to me and dishes my plate… I didn’t waste time, I start eating immediately.

“Humm, yummy!” I m0an.

Xander clears his throat.

“Stop m0aning or I won’t hold back and I’ll f$*k you senseless!”

I blush… I stop m0aning immediately, I can’t have him cripple me now.

“No, thank you! Keep your killer machine to yourself!” I told him.

“My what?! Killer machine?!”


He scoffs.

“Well I remember someone couldn’t get enough of my killer machine!”

I didn’t comment cause my face has turn red from blushing as I reminisce our s£x scene, he clears his throat.

“Someone was begging to have more…Xander…faster… faster….”

“Stop!” I cut him off.

He laughs and kisses my cheek.

“You’re so cute when you blush!” He said.

“Let’s just eat!” I told him.

He laughs briefly and we ate in silence.

We’re almost done eating, hen I notice he’s dressed like he’s going out.

“Are you going somewhere?”

He nods.

“Yeah, dad sent for me!”

“He sent for you?” I asked and check the time on my phone.

It’s 7:03pm.

“But it’s late!” I said.

“He said it’s urgent!”

I sighed and my shoulders slumps down.

I’ll be the only one here when he leaves, I’m so gonna die of boredom.

“You’re coming with me but you’ll stay with mom while I speak with dad”

I smile and nod quickly.

“We’ll leave after eating!” He said.


Xander’s pov 🎀

King’s office…!

I walk into my dad office and was surprised to see my dad and pack’s seer.

What is he doing here at this late hour? I wonder.

He seldom comes out.

“Dad, why did you send for me?” I asked and sits down.

The seer bows at me and greets me. “Your highness!”

I nod to acknowledge his greeting. My dad clears his throat.

“I heard your mate killed that hunter!” He states.

“Yes!” I replied.

“I heard she passed out? How is she now?”

“She’s fine, dad, why did you sent for me?” I asked.

He didn’t reply me but turns to the seer instead.

“He’s the reason I sent for you, he has something to tell us about Alexa!” Dad said.

I turn to the seer with a raised eyebrow.

“Your highness, I want you to know that your mate is not supposed to be a wolf… She’s the prophecy!”


He nods. I turn to my dad, he seem to understand what the seer means.. I’m the only one that doesn’t know.

“What prophecy?”

“The prophecy that requires your live!”

A prophecy that requires my life?! How is it connected to my mate?!

“War between the witches, vampires and werewolves that happened centuries ago…is going to repeat itself in this generation and your mate will be the cause!”

“What do you mean? Speak clearly!”

“It is written in the prophecy that a female child will be born and will be paired with the king of wolves whose death will bring eternal peace between the witches, vampires and werewolves… she’s a witch born in a wolf’s family…in order to save her, her mate will pay a big price… which is a life for a life!”

I frown deeply. When was this prophecy written and why didn’t I know of it until now?.

“You said she wasn’t supposed to be a wolf, then why did she have her shift already?” I asked.

“Because I wanted to change her destiny, I thought waking up her wolf gene will help her escape the prophecy…but what happened in the woods today prove that the prophecy must happen!”

“You were in the woods?”

“Yes, I was the one that prevented you from fighting back when you were held down by those chains!”

Right, I felt like some force was holding me down… So it was him!

“I wanted to know which side she’ll take if you’re in danger… wolf or witch!”

He pause and sighs.

“But unfortunately, she used her witch power which means the prophecy must happen!” He said.

Witch power?! That explains why her eyes were glowing!

“She’s the queen of witches!”

“Queen of witches?!” I asked.

He nods.

“I thought she’s disappeared from the earth centuries ago?” Dad asked.

“Yes, but she reincarnated in the prince’s mate.. which will be the cause of the great war…the witches will want their queen back but the wolves won’t let it happen.. who’s gonna be their queen if they let it happen… that’s gonna be the cause of the great war!”

Queen of witches! How come that happen when both her parents were wolves?

“Then how did the vampires come in?” Dad asked.

“She’s their prince’s beloved..which means, alpha prince’s love rival”

I clenched my jaw… what’s the moon goddess playing at?!

I’m not gonna share my mate with anyone.. she’s Mine! Mine alone!

“If she’s not supposed to be a wolf, what is she then? A vampire? Or a witch?” Dad asked.

“The Alpha prince’s mate is a witch!”

The door burst open.

“I’m a witch?!”

Oh no, could it be she heard all the seer said?

To be continued.

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