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(His Soulmate)
Episode 46.

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Written by:- Racheal Dennis.


Alexa’s pov 🎀

Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:-

Alpha’s mansion….!

“Alexa, darling, that was so courageous of you!” Aunt (Xander’s mom) praises me.

Xander first brought me over to his parents’ mansion to chat with his mom, before heading to his father’s office.

We’re currently talking about the incident that happened at the woods… and aunt has being showering me with compliments since I arrived.

“You save Xander and that’s something I didn’t expect you could do”

“Aunt, I simply couldn’t bear to see Xander in pain, so I just did what I could to help” I said.

“Don’t be so modest!”

I smiled.

“Aunt, I believe Xander would do the same thing if it was me trapped like that!”

I bet he’d even do more than hanging Brett on a tree. He’d tear Brett from limp to limp… he’ll make sure they all die a painful death.

“Xander is so lucky to have you, Alexa!”

“Aunt, I’m the lucky one!” I replied.

Aunt shakes her head at my response and laughs.

“Such a polite girl”

A yawn escapes my lips and my eyes involuntarily search for a wall clock… It’s 8:56pm.

Why is Xander not back yet? We have school tomorrow and we are supposed to get an early rest.

“Are you feeling sleepy?” Aunt asked.

I nod and yawn again.

“Oh, give me a second, I’ll mind-link Xander and get him here”

I shake my head and gets up.

“No, aunt, I’ll go to him myself!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, aunt, the king’s office is not far from here!”

She stays silent and eyes me doubtfully… I can tell she doesn’t want me to go alone.

“Should I send one of the guards with you?”

“No, no, no, aunt, I can go alone”

I didn’t wait for her reply, I rush out quickly before she’ll starts talking again.

I continue yawning tiredly… I can’t wait to hit the bed, I’ll so sleep like a baby.


King’s office….!

I reach out to knock on the door but what I heard from inside, left my hand hanging.

“It is written in the prophecy that a female child will be born and will be paired with the king of wolves whose death will bring eternal peace between the witches, vampires and werewolves… she’s a witch born in a wolf’s family…in order to save her, her mate will pay a big price… which is a life for a life!” I hear a voice say.

A life for a life? Is this guy saying something about death?!

A prophecy child?Paired with the king of wolves? Are they talking about Xander’s dad?

No, it can’t be him. Wait! It can’t be….

Is that supposed to be Xander?!

Are they talking about Xander and I? But I’m not a witch, I’m a werewolf!

Or does it mean I’m not Xander’s real mate?!

“You said she wasn’t supposed to be a wolf, then why did she have her shift already?” Xander asked.

“Because I wanted to change her destiny, I thought waking up her wolf gene will help her escape the prophecy…but what happened in the woods today prove that the prophecy must happen!”

What happened in the woods.., that means they’re talking about me! I’m the prophecy child and Xander’s gonna die?

No! What nonsense are they talking about?!

I wanted to barge in … but I decided to just listen more.

“She’s the queen of witches!”

Queen of witches?!

“Yes, but she reincarnated in the prince’s mate.. which will be the cause of the great war…the witches will want their queen back but the wolves won’t let it happen.. who’s gonna be their queen if they let it happen… that’s gonna be the cause of the great war!”

I’m gonna cause a great war? Does this guy knows what he’s talking about? How can I be the queen of witches when I’m not a witch?

They’ve said some other things that I didn’t pay attention to because I was lost in my thoughts.

“The Alpha prince’s mate is a witch!”

This got me, I couldn’t hold back anymore.. I need proper explanation.


push the door open without knocking.

“I’m a witch?!” I asked.

They keeps quiet and turns their gaze towards me… there’s only three people in the office, Xander, his dad and a weird looking guy.

Xander’s dad signals the guy to step out. He bows slightly at Xander and his dad, then steps out.

I turn back to Xander.

“Xander, what was that guy saying about witches?” I asked.

Xander chuckles nervously and walks towards me, he wrap his arm around my waist and smiles.

“Witches? You must have misheard him….”

“I didn’t mishear him, he said the alpha prince’s mate is a witch.. you’re the only alpha prince I know and I’m your mate!”

I frown. He exchange looks with his dad, I guess their mind-linking.

After a few minutes, he blinks his eyes and turns to me.

“Baby, he….”

“Don’t try to tell me lies, I heard all your conversation. He said something about a life for a life, what does that mean?”

He closes his eyes and inhale deeply… he opens them and stare at me.

“Are you gonna die? Because of me? Is that what he meant?” I asked.

“Baby, take it easy. Everything he said are nothing but trash” Xander assures me firmly.

I think about it and nod.. he might just be saying gibberish words.

“Right, cause I’m not a witch, I can’t be queen of witches!”

“Right!” Xander agrees and pulls me into a hug.

Xander’s dad coughs lightly to remind us of his presence, I pull away from Xander.

“We must confirm if what the seer said is true, I have sent for the Dex brothers!”

Why is he sending for my brothers? I thought Xander said the seer is wrong?

“Dad, we have an agreement!” Xander said in a bit of a angry voice.

“There’s no agreement, she have the right to know as this concerns her!”

“But dad…!”

“She must be here and listen to our discussion!” His dad said firmly.


grip on Xander tightens. I can’t be a witch, I’m a werewolf!

“Let’s sit down, baby!” Xander said and leads us to one of the chairs.


Writer’s pov 🎀

He walks into the house and look around in disgust, his hand quickly covers his nose and he frowns.

“Diane, get me my disinfectant spray!” He orders calmly.

Diane quickly reach for it inside the briefcase she’s carrying.

“Sire!” She said as she offers him the disinfectant spray.

He sprays it on a couch and sits down, crossing a leg on the other.

He reaches for a packet of cigarettes in his pocket and draws out a cigarette… He lights it and brings it to his mouth.

Inhaling and exhaling some smoke.

“Boss, he was trying to escape!” One of his men reports to him and throws a man in front of him.

He smirks and studies the man.. he’s already beaten up, black and blue.

“Why were you trying to run away? I mean, where can you possibly run to?” He asked in his usual calm voice.

He stares silently at the man for a brief moment.

“Your son couldn’t do the job and to make matters worse… He got himself killed by a woman.. he died by the hands of a woman!”

The man mumble some incoherent words since his mouth is covered.

“I placed high hopes on you and gave you an important job…but you gave it to your brat and now he’s failed!” He said…a voice raised a bit.

He shuts his eyes and keeps himself calm…he straighten the frown lines on his forehead.

“I don’t waste my time on people that doesn’t add to my list of success!”

He gets up and adjusts his suit.

“Kill him!”

“Yes, sire!” His boss replies.

“Diane, let’s go!” He said and head out with Diane following behind.


Alexa’s pov 🎀

King’s office…!

Micah and Will walks in, they both have a confuse frown on when they saw me.

But didn’t say a word to me me, they walk straight to Xander’s dad and bows.

“Your majesty!” They greet him.

Xander’s dad replies them with a nod.

“Williams, the seer just left here a while ago. He said your sister is the queen of witches…”

I study Will and Micah’s expression, they don’t look surprised… They frown but didn’t look a bit surprised.

“Both your parents are wolves, correct?” Xander’s dad asked.

“Yes, your majesty!” Will replies.

They’re both wolves, they’re all wolves.. then how come I’m a witch?

Or was I adopted?!


you explain why your sister is a witch and not a wolf?” Xander’s dad asked.

Will and Micah turns to me, they stares at me for a few minutes then stare at each other… talking in their mind-link.

When they are done speaking, they both have this realization expression on.

Will and Micah falls on their knees.

My heart starts beating fast as I can already guess what they’re about to say.

Xander puts his hand on mine and clasps them together… He smiles at me.

“Forgive us your majesty!” Will said.

“Forgive you? For what crime?”

“Our great grandma was a witch before she passed away…our mom once told us that every female of our family will carry on the witch bloodline… but it skipped our grandma’s generation, she wasn’t a witch… same with our mom!” Will paused.

He turns towards me and smiles at me, before he turns back to the king.

“We thought it’ll skip Alexa’s generation too as both our parents were wolves…but it seems like it didn’t!”

Xander’s dad nod thoughtfully.

“It’s fine, you may rise!”

“Thank you your majesty”

They rise up. Micah stares at me with a frown.

“Wait.. I don’t get something, if Alexa is a witch.. why did she shift into a wolf?” Micah asked.

Yeah, I think that too.

“The seer forcefully awoke the wolf gene in her but unfortunately it’s not as strong as other wolves…the witch power in her, surpasses her wolf’s strength!” Xander said.

“So now she can’t shift into her wolf form?”

I stare at Xander anxiously…I don’t wanna be a witch, I prefer being a werewolf!

“I’m afraid she can’t!” Xander said.

I gasp. I can’t transform into a wolf..does that mean Scarlett is gone?!

“Is this about the prophecy?” Will asked.

Xander nods and I see Will stagers back slightly and shut his eyes tightly.

“Is there no way to stop this from happening?” I found myself asking.

I don’t want to be a witch, I’m a werewolf.

“There is!” Micah said.

“What way?” I asked him.

“The prophecy states, a life for a life!”

I frown, a life for a life… Death?!

“Xander must….”

“Shut up, Micah!” Xander snaps at Micah.

He gets up and helps me up too.

“That prophecy is crap! Bullshit!” He look around. “Stop scaring my mate! I don’t want anyone to speak of this before her!”

He takes my hand and pulls me along with him… I simply follow him without knowing what to think.

I’m too lazy to think right now.


Xander’s mansion…! 11:09pm…!

I toss on the bed for the hundredth time since we got back.. Xander had insisted we go to sleep immediately we got home.

But I haven’t being able to fall asleep. My mind keeps going back to the prophecy.

A life for a life.. which means Xander’s gonna die to bring peace among the three species.

I sits up and shake my head. I can’t let that happen, why does he have to die?

How can I be cursed even before I was born? how about I run away instead?

“Don’t even think of running away, baby!” Xander suddenly speaks in his eyes.

His eyes snaps open and he sits up too. He glares at me.

“You think running away will solve any of this?” He asked.

I thought he was sleeping, how did he know I was thinking of running away?

“I haven’t fallen asleep yet, not when my mate is still tossing around.. and besides, I can read your thoughts, have you forgotten so soon?”

I sighed and look away from him.. tears brim my eyes.

“Xander, I’m sorry, I’m sorry for all the troubles I’m causing you and your pack!”

He turns me back to face him, he holds my shoulders.

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

“I shouldn’t have moved here, had I not come to your pack your life wouldn’t be consider as a sacrifice… you wouldn’t be scared thinking about a war outbreak… I.. you…. ”

He places a finger on my lips to shut me up.. he looks into my eyes seriously.

“Who said I’m scared?” He asked.

“You… ”

“Shh! I’m not scared of anything or anyone because I have you by my side! You’re my rock!” He tells me seriously.

Hearing these words from him, makes the tears I was fighting hard to hold back come running down my cheeks.

“But the prophecy… you should let me run away, if the witches don’t see me they won’t….”

“You’re not running away, you have me. We’ll go through this together… besides, we’re not sure if this prophecy will ever happen.. even if it’s gonna, it’s not gonna happen now.. we might still have years until it happens!”

He pause and studies my expression.

“We’re mates, we’ll go through whatever happens together.. when the time comes, I’ll stand by your side, I’ll hold your hands and we’ll walk through it together…stop thinking about it and giving yourself a headache!”

How come he doesn’t hate me? I was expecting him to hate me… that would have made it easier to run away.

“Baby, I said you should stop thinking of running away. You have me and the pack behind you… You’re stuck with us!”

He wipes my tears and kisses my eyes.

“Sorry, I didn’t know I’m cursed, I…”

“You are not cursed! You’re a blessing to me and the pack, we will all stand by you so don’t think of abandoning us!”

He caresses my hair softly.

“Let’s forget about what that seer said, let’s continue our lives like we didn’t hear anything about any prophecy!”

“But…. ”

“No buts, baby” he cuts me off. “Tomorrow we’ll go to school as usual, we will do what we usually do and forget about anything else!”

I can’t believe Xander is actually comforting me, he surprised me.

He said I’m his rock, but we clearly know that he’s MY rock!

“Can we go to sleep now?” He asked.

I hold his face in my hands and lowers his head… I crash my lips on his and kisses him.

He seem shocked but quickly recovers from his shock and reciprocated the kiss..

I break the kiss and smile at him, he smiles back at me.

“Thank you, Xander!”

I stare at him lovingly.. I can imagine apples coming out of my eyes at I stare at him like those cartoon characters.

“Don’t thank…..”

“I love you!” I blurt out cutting him off.

He stares at me with a surprised expression, like he wasn’t expecting that… I wasn’t either.

“W-what did you say?”

“I love you, Xander!” I said again.

It’s kinda surprising that I’m saying this now, but I don’t care. If I don’t tell him now, I don’t think I’ll ever tell him.

“Say it again!”

“I love, love you, Xander!”

He crashes his lips on mine and gives me a brief, sweet kiss.

“I.. I.. didn’t see that coming!” He said.

Me too, I wanted to say.

“I love you, baby, I swear… I love you so dearly”

I smile, forgetting I was sad just a few minutes ago.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve you in this life!” He said.

I sighed. If only he knew he deserves someone better.

“Let’s go to sleep, we have school tomorrow!” I said.

He nods. He rest my head on his chest and lays back on the bed.


Writer’s pov 🎀


He sits in his office, staring out the window… It’s dark outside, very dark.

He taps a finger on his lap as if he’s waiting for someone.

“Diane, you said he’s reliable?” He asked.

“Yes, sire!” Diane replies.

“Then why haven’t we heard a word from him?”

Just as Diane opens her mouth to speak, his phone starts ringing… He checks the caller’s ID and smirks.

“Right on time!” He said and press the answer button.

“Speak!” He said into the phone.

“It’s done!”

“Did they believe you? Did your story convince them?”

“It’s not a story, the prophecy is real”

He scoffs.

“Yeah, the war between witches and werewolves part is real.. but the girl having a vampire prince mate was fabricated by us… so you tell me, is that a story or not?”

The person from the other line keeps quiet. He chuckles and shakes his head.

“Don’t forget, your mate is with me.. make sure everything goes as plan if you want to see her again!”

“But how can I convince the vampire prince to work with me?”

He gets up and grabs Diane chin tightly, as if he’s taking a close look at her face.

“Leave that to me!” He said.

“Then when are we gonna take action?”

“After their war with the witches!”

“When is that?”

“I don’t know, that’s still some months ahead… Let’s just say, we’re giving them a few months of peace!”

With that he ends the call… He pushes Diane from his way and head towards the door.

“Get some sleep, Diane!”

“Yes, sire!”

To be continued.

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