Alexa episode 47


(His Soulmate)
Episode 47.

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Written by:- Racheal Dennis.


Writer’s pov πŸŽ€

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Next morning…! Alpha’s mansion…!

“You came back so late last night!” The queen states.

The King nods and chew on his bread. The queen drops a cup of tea in front of me and sits next to him.

“I really pity that child, she didn’t ask for all this!” The queen sighs sadly.

“They are both kids, how can they pull through?”

There’s silence as they both have nothing to say.. the queen stabs on her salad absentmindedly.

“Does anyone else knows about what the seer said?” She asked.

“No, just her brothers and I have instructed them not to bring it up before her!”

The queen nods.

“Let’s help them relax and get their minds off the seer’s prophecy”

The king nods and let’s her continue.

“We just let Alexa go with Xander to Alpha Dimitri’s birthday party, what do you think?”

He simply nods and smiles at his queen.


“Why do you always agree to my every word without second thoughts?”

“Because you’re my mate, my love!” He said and leans his forehead on hers.

They both stare in each other’s eyes lovingly, they’re both old but you can clearly see love in their eyes.

Their lips touch but they quickly pull apart when they heard Jenna clearing her throat.

“Mom! Dad! Do you realize you’re both at your old age?” She complains and pulls out a chair.

She sits down and reaches for some waffles…she notices her mother blushing hard.

“We’re not old, we’re both in our prime!” Her mother said.

Jenna scoffs and takes a bite on her waffle.

“At least be shy that you’re caught flirting with each other by your grown up daughter!”

“Well, if you’re with your mate you wouldn’t catch us flirting!” Her dad said.

She stops eating and frown.

“Wait, are you trying to chase me out already?”

The king and queen stares at each other and nods.

“It’s about time you move in with your mate permanently!” Her mother said.

Jenna gets up and carries her mom’s cup of tea and finishes it in one gulp… She does same to her dad’s.

They just stare at her in shock, she flips her hair and head to the door.

“Jenna, what are we suppose to eat now?” Her dad ask.

“You’re both gonna starve this morning!” She scoffs and slams the door loudly.

The king and queen stares at the door and laughs at her silliness.

“This child!”


Alexa’s pov πŸŽ€

Xander’s mansion…! 6:40am…!

I feel arms wrap around my waist, head rests on my shoulder and I hear silent sniffing around my neck.

I smile and continue with what I’m doing.

“Smells nice.. so nice, baby!” Xander said.

“Good morning, my Wolfie!” I greets him.

“Good morning, baby, what are you cooking?” He asked.

I put aside the carrots I wash and starts dicing some potatoes…I woke up early to give him a surprise breakfast in bed.

But this big headed wolfie just ruin my surprise breakfast in bed!

“I just wanna prepare some healthy dish!” I answer his question.

He nods and kisses my mark, sending sparks all through my body.

“Baby, are you still feeling upset?”

“Well, someone told me to forget about everything else and do what I normally do…” I pause and tries to reach for a pot at the top cabinet.

I went on tiptoes but still couldn’t reach it, Xander reaches for it and hands it to me.

“… that’s why, I’m not gonna get myself upset unnecessarily!” I said.

I rinse the pot and pour the diced potatoes on it, I add some water… I turn on the gas and places it on it.

“That’s my Luna queen!” Xander said.

Then there’s a brief silence before he speaks.

“Right, you’ll start training soon!”

“Training?” I frown.

He nods.

“I just want you to learn some basic fighting skills!”

“Do I have to?” I asked.

I’m a lazybone, I don’t wanna stress myself after all I don’t have a wolf to train.


to protect yourself better!”

“But I have you to protect me”

He laughs.

“Yeah, that’s true. But I’m might not be with you all the time, what if you encounter some rogues and I’m not there?”

Hmm.. he’s right.


“Right, so you’ll come by the training ground later after school, I’ll arrange someone to train you!”

I simply nod.

“I’ll rush off to the packhouse after breakfast, I’m sorry, I won’t be driving you to school…”

He reaches for his pocket and hands me a bunch of car keys.

“….you can drive any of my car to school” he said.

“Ok” I replies and drops the key on the counter next to my phone.

Just then my phone rings on the counter, I reach for it and see Will’s name flashing on the screen.

I quickly answer it.

“Hey, Will, good morning!” I greet him cheerfully.

“Good morning, honey!” I hear Micah’s voice instead.

I frown, why is Micah using Will’s phone? Or are they together?

“Princess, are you ok?” Will’s voice came.

I nod but quickly remember they can’t see me.

“I’m fine!” I replied.

Xander takes the knife from me and starts slicing some tomatoes.

“Are you really ok, honey?” Micah asked seriously.

I smile.

All my life, since I knew Micah.. grew up with him, I’ve never seen him being serious.

I guess I really made them worried about me.

“You can tell us anything, we’ll sure listen to you!” Will said.

“Oh! And if you wanna run away from all this, just say the word and I’ll take you somewhere far away!” Micah adds.

Xander stabs the knife on the counter and growled loudly at that comment.

I rolled my eyes, just when I think Micah was being serious.

“Uh-oh, I didn’t know the alpha’s there too!” He said.

Xander snatches the phone from me and growled.

“I’m right here! And don’t bloody think of taking my mate away from me.. or I’ll hunt you down and kill you!”


ends the call and throws the phone angrily on the counter.

I chuckle nervously, and try massaging his tensed shoulders.

“Xander, how about you sit down and let me do the cooking?”

He holds my shoulders and stare in my eyes.

“Baby, I love you, I love you so much… please don’t run away, ok?”

I sigh and nod.

“I’m not think of running away, never!” I assured him.

He pulls me into a hug and releases a long breath… We stayed that way for some minutes.

“I should hurry up with the food or we’ll be late for school!”

“Oh!” He releases me and steps aside.

I kisses his cheek and continue cooking.


“Belle, ya hot this morning!” Joyce said when she sees me coming out of Xander’s car.

I just arrived at school and I’m near the parking lot, I met Joyce on my way.

“Chica, did Xander let you leave his mansion in this outfit?” Miss Damien asked.

I laugh and shake my head, he has left to the packhouse before I got dressed for school…else he wouldn’t have let me leave.

I’m dressed in a very short black skirt that’s only a few inches below my butts.. a ripped off white crop top and a see through jacket.

A black knee length boot.. I applied a very red lipstick on my lips.. I braided my hair messily, letting a few strands fall on my forehead.

I look like one of those gangster’s girlfriend… well, my mate is worse than a gangster.

“Are you sure you’re dressed for class?” Eleanor ask in her calm voice.

They all look at me stunningly.

“I’m so dressed for class!” I told them.

“But this outfit… Xander….” Miss Damien trails off.

“Alexa, last time you wore similar outfit, it didn’t end well for you.. do you want Xander to punish you more?” Joyce asked.

“Come on, I just wanna feel like a bad girl today.. don’t worry I’ll get home and change before Xander gets back.. he won’t know wore this!”

Three of them didn’t say anything more, they simply eye my outfit and gulp.

Honestly, I’m showing so much skin.

“Don’t worry, I’m ready for any punishment Xander will give!”

“Alright then, I have English class now, I’ll see you girls later!” Joyce said and rushes towards her English class.

“Let’s go!” Miss Damien said.

Miss Damien, Eleanor and I are headed towards the same direction, Eleanor and I gave music… While miss Damien is headed to her office.

“Don’t let Xander catch you in this!” Miss Damien reminds me.


won’t!” I said and waves her as she rushes off too.

Now it’s just me and Eleanor. We’re almost at our music class, when Janet suddenly bumps into me.

“Watch where you’re going, blind fool” she growls.

I stare at her briefly and shake my head.

“You’re the least of my problems!” I said and walk past her.

I was expecting her to stope and argue with me but she didn’t… Maybe she’s finally grown up.

Though I saw her smirks, but didn’t think too much about it.

“Eleanor, you’ll sit next to me today, please”

“Ok, Luna!” She said.

We walk into our music class.


Xander’s pov πŸŽ€

Meeting room…!

“…. it’s decided, two team will go with alpha prince to alpha Dimitri’s birthday party!” Connor said.

We’re discussing about my trip to Dimitri’s pack to celebrate his just told me about it this morning.

“Dylan, your fighters will lead while Tyler’s fighters will follow behind the alpha’s car!”

My phone suddenly beeps for the first time since I bought.. I frown and reach for it.

It’s a message notification.. I open it and clenched my jaw at what I saw.

*Our mate is f$*king hot!* Liam purrs in my head.

*She wore this to school* I growled at Liam.

He shuts up immediately.

I stands up abruptly and angrily throws the phone across the room.

All those unmated wolves will be ogling over her body.

“Alpha, anything the matter?” Connor asks me.

“Get me a blanket, quick!” I growled at him.


Alexa’s pov πŸŽ€

“So our singing competition is fast approaching… I hope you’re all preparing well for it?” Mr Cam asked looking around the class.

His eyes settles on Janet momentarily and I saw something like pain.. but it didn’t last long.

“I wanna know how well you’ve prepared….”

He trails off and look around again.

“Luna, please sing a little of your song for us!” Mr Cam said.

I nod and get up, I head to the front of the class… I hear some of the boys wolf whistling.. I know it’s because of my outfit.

“I’m not a good singer but please accept my voice!” I plead with them.

Some laugh as they find my words amusing and others nod… Janet scoffs loudly.

I rolled my eyes, yeah, she’s a good singer than me but she shouldn’t be too proud.

I clear my throat and begin.

β™ͺβ™ͺI was caught off guard when I first met youβ™ͺβ™ͺ

β™ͺβ™ͺI can’t control my palpitationsβ™ͺβ™ͺ

β™ͺβ™ͺIs it because I’m abnormal? Or is it you shin……β™ͺβ™ͺ

I was cut off by the sound of doors banging open.. all eyes move towards the door.

A loud gasp leaves my mouth as I saw my angry mate standing at the door.. he look so damn angry.

His eyes trails along my body and he frowns deeply.

What is he doing here?! I thought he wasn’t coming to school today?!

He takes long stride towards me with something in his hands, it seem to like a…. Blanket?!

“Xander…..” I trails off.

Before I knew it, he’s wrapping me in the blanket, then carries me in his arms.

Without a word he heads towards the door.

Only God can save me now!


Back at Xander’s mansion….!

He throws me on the bed and glares at me, I slowly unwrap myself from the blanket.

“Xander, I….” He raises his hand up and cuts me off.

“Baby, what’s the meaning of this?” He asks calmly.

Though his voice is calm, I can still feel his anger.

“Why did you dress like to school?! Do you like it so much when other wolves ogle over you?”

I shake my head.

“Then why are you dressed like this?!”

“I just… I don’t know!”

I couldn’t find a reasonable excuse. He nods and pace to and fro in front of me.

Then he stops…

“I need to teach you a lesson that will stop you from trying to get other male’s attention!”

A lesson?

“I guess you want some punishment! You want me to imprint it in your mind that you’re mine!”

Oh no! I think I have an idea what kind of punishment awaits me…I feel my little confidence from earlier fade away.

I don’t think I’m ready for his punishment…I don’t wanna be a cripple.

“Xander, I’m sorry!”

He narrows his eyes and starts unbuckling his belt.

“Stripe!” He said in a firm voice.

I can’t believe I’m gonna be a cripple at this young age!

To be continued.

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