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Rated;- πŸ”žπŸ”ž (matured content, read at your own risk)

(His Soulmate)
Episode 48.

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Written by:- Racheal Dennis.


Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:-

Writer’s pov πŸŽ€

Crescent high….!

*Is that Luna?!*

*What did she do?! Why is Alpha carrying her out in a blanket?!*

*Oh no, Alpha is super angry!*

Connor hear students whisper as he rushes through the hallways to find Joyce.

He stops at Joyce’s class when he sees her coming out.

“Connor!” She greets him with a smile.

Connor embraces her and kiss her lips sweetly.

“How is my little pup doing?” He asked as he rubs her stomach.

“Fine but hungry!” Joyce replies.

Connor chuckles lightly, he knows this is a truck Joyce uses any time she’s hungry.

“Come on, I’ll grab something for us to eat!”

Joyce nods and follows Connor, he wrap an arm around her waist to support her.

“Right, what happened? Why did alpha rushed here with a blanket?” Connor ask her.

“Isn’t he your friend? Didn’t he tell you?”

Connor shakes his head.

“No, he just ordered me to get him a blanket!”

“Oh!” Joyce exclaims.

They arrive at the cafeteria and finds a table.

“Well apparently, Alexa came to school wearing some clothes Xander didn’t approve of!” She explains.

Connor narrows his eyes briefly and burst into laughter… Joyce simply stares at him wondering what he found amusing in what she just said.

He bangs on the table as he laughs.

“That explains why he left in such great speed!”

Joyce shakes her head and release a long sigh.

“I just pity my dear friend, I wonder what alpha’s gonna do to her!”

Connor puts an arm around her shoulder.

“Don’t worry, honey, Alpha is gonna go easy on her!”

Joyce elbows his rib and he groan.

“Why do I feel like you mean something else?”

“Oh I’m simply saying what the alpha’s gonna do to her, she’s his mate so we both know what his punishment is gonna be!”

Joyce frown.

“No, I don’t know!” She denies even though she clearly knows what Connor meant.

Connor leans closer to her ear and whisper.

“How about we go home and I show you what I mean?”

Joyce smacks his head and he whines…she points at her stomach.

“Is this not enough? You wanna put another in there?”

He grins widely.

“I wouldn’t mind adding another one!” He winks at her.

“No, thank you, go get the food” Joyce said.

“But I’ll be gentle and….”

She sends him a killer glare that shuts him up immediately. He gets up quickly.

“I’ll go get the food!” He said and runs off.

Joyce smirks at the power she have over him.


Alexa’s pov πŸŽ€

“Xander, I’m sorry!”

He narrows his eyes and starts unbuckling his belt.

“Strip!” He said in a firm voice.

I can’t believe I’m gonna be a cripple at this young age!

“Xander, let’s talk…..!” His glare shuts me up.

His glare tells me that he doesn’t wanna listen to any explanation from me right now.

“Less talking! More stripping!” He said.

I nod and starts taking off my clothes quickly, but he stops me with a growl.

“Take them off slowly!” He commands.

Last time I was the boss but from the look of things, I can tell he’s gonna be the boss here.

I starts taking off my clothes slowly, his eyes trailing down my body as he strokes himself through his pants.

Soon I’m standing stark [email protected] in front of him. His eyes continue accessing my body, then he nods in satisfaction.

“Baby, get on the bed and play with yourself!”

I obeyed and climb onto the bed, I spread my legs open.. facing him, then I begin to play with myself.

I thrust my fingers in my p***y and starts thrusting in and out slowly… soon I starts going faster and faster.

Normally, I see those girls do it in porn films and they seem to enjoy playing with themselves..which I didn’t think was fun or enjoyable.

But doing it now makes me understand what sweetness they derive from it…they enjoy their partners staring at them with lust.

Xander is staring at me intensely, with his lust hooded eyes… it’s like he should jump on me and replace my fingers with his tongue.


imagine his fingers in me instead of mine and a soft m0an escapes my throat.

After letting me play with myself for some minutes, he stops me.

My eyes move to his manhood, I can see a huge dent on his pants.. which means his d**k is dying to spring out any time soon.

“Get off the bed, baby!” He said.

I got off the bed and stands in front of him. He pulls me closer and slightly turns me, my ass facing him.

He grabs my [email protected] and squeezes it possessively… then he spanks my ass.

“Who does this ass belong to?” He asks.

“You!” I replied.

He spanks me again.

“Louder, who does this ass belong to?!”

“You!” I replies louder.

He spanks me again, a little bit harder this time but I’m not feeling any pain… It’s surprisingly pleasuring.

He squeezes my [email protected] again… Harder.

“Who own this [email protected]?!”


He turns me back to face him and nods… He crashes his lips on mine and kisses me roughly… passionately… possessively!

He breaks the kiss and stare in my eyes.

“And whose lips are these?”


He nods. He cups my p***y and slaps it lightly…

“Who own this?”


He nod and smirk.

“Your body and soul all belong to me! Then why are you dressing up for other wolves!”

“I didn’t, I only dressed up for you!”

“Lie!” He said. “If you dressed up for me you wouldn’t go to school in those clothes!”

He steps back a little but not enough to creat distance between us.

“Get on your knees, baby!” He commands.

I nod and quickly get on my knees. He removes his belt and toss it carelessly on the floor.. he unzip his zipper and pulls down his pants and boxer.

His erΒ£cted d**k springs out onto my face…my eyes crossed…my mouth watered.

I want him in my mouth.

Last time I didn’t know take note of his size… He’s ok! Not too big, not too small.


grabs my chin and raises my face, then he grabs his d**k and uses it to beat my face.

“I’ll f$*k you hard.. so hard until it’s imprinted in you that you’re mine alone!”

He lowers himself slightly and spanks my ass twice.. then he straighten up.

“Now suck it! Pleasure me!” He commands.

I quickly grab him, I stroke him a few times before wrapping my lips around him.

My mouth move on his d**k, slowly at first then faster.

He hisses out softly…I continue sucking and biting him teasingly for a few more minutes.

“Grab those balls, baby!” He m0ans.

I pull my mouth away from him and grabs his d**k with my right hand, stroking it…my other hand grabs his balls and begin to play with it.

“Lick ’em, lick the balls!”

I did as he commanded and lick the balls…I gather his balls in my mouth and sucks ’em a few minutes before I focus back on his d**k.

I spit on it and continue stroking it.

“Open your mouth!”

I open my mouth and he puts his d**k back in it, he starts f$*king my mouth…his d**k touching my throat as he f$*ks my mouth.

Making me cough and gag…

I feel some warm pour in my mouth….I frown at him. Is he cvmming so soon? Last time he didn’t cvm this fast.

He stops and pulls out of my mouth

“Swallow it!” He said..I nod and swallow it.

“That’s pre-cvm!” He said.

I rolled my eyes, I’m sure he made up this word cause I have never heard of it before.

“Baby, I wanna f$*k your tits!”

I know what he meant since I have girls do it in porn films…but I’m surprised at how he knew all these…I was told he didn’t date any girl before me.

He seems like a professional… I’ll ask him about it later!

He rest his d$*k in between my [email protected] and I slams both my [email protected] together.

Then he starts thrusting in and out slowly… slowly… slowly. He does it for a few minutes and stops.

I didn’t enjoy that, but judging from his expression, I guess he did.

He raises me up and crashes his lips on mine, he kisses me briefly and pushes me onto the bed.

He spreads my legs wide open and smirk…he gulps loudly before he delves in.

He starts eating up my p***y….he thrusts in a finger as he eats it, moving his finger slowly.

I held onto the sheets.


he removes his finger and replaces it with his warm tongue.

I close my eyes and inhale deeply….his tongue working wonders on me and I can literally see myself on cloud nine.

Now I understand what they mean when people say they are in cloud nine.

His tongue continue working its wonders untill i find myself cvmming in his mouth.

He licks every drop from me…he stares at me from down there.

“So sweet!” He said.

He gets up and kisses me….I taste myself in his mouth, I frown slightly, cause I don’t understand why he just said so sweet.

What I tasted is salty! Men!

“We’re done with phase one of your punishment, now let’s go to phase two!” He said.

Oh? We have two phases?!

He jumps onto the bed and strokes himself briefly.

“Ride me, baby!” He tells me.

I went on top of him and slowly slips his d**k in me, a soft m0an escapes my throat.

He growls in approval… I take that as my cue and starts moving slowly.. allowing myself to adjust to him, since this is just the second time we are doing.

When I’m fully adjusted to him, I starts moving faster, m0aning as I move.

My [email protected] swaying in front of his face, he grabs and puts it in his mouth, sucking and biting teasingly on my n!pole.

His other hand plays with my other [email protected]… A gush of pleasure rushes through my body.

And I feel like I’m not going fast enough, I puts my hands on both side of him to support myself and starts twerking on him.

He leaves my [email protected] and spanks my ass.

“F$*k, yeah, baby!” He m0ans.

“Ah….” I m0an and bite my lower lip.

I continue twerking on him a few more minutes.. I guess he felt like I’m still not fast enough, he holds my shoulders and thrusts faster and harder into me.

He’s going faster… harder… And deeper, making my eyes close on their own.

I feel my pulse keeps racing with every thrust, a cataclysm of emotions overwhelms me.

“Arghh!” He m0ans.

His m0ans are like music to my ears, they make me want him more and more.

I grab my aching [email protected] and massages them. He stops and kisses me, then he pulls out of me slowly.

“Get up!”

I did.

He hops off the bed and takes my hand, he leads me to a couch in his room and lays me on it.

He went on one knee and spreads my legs open… he pours his warm spit on my p***y and thrusts his fingers in.

He stares at my face as he pumps his fingers in faster… He leans towards me and crashes his lips on mine, his fingers still inside me.

I grab his hair as he moves his skilled fingers deeper and faster.. creating a pleasuring torture, a blistering ecstasy, sending me to the edge.

“I’m gonna cvm, Xander” I m0an out.

I feel my orgasm nearing and gasp for air, I want him to end my agony and make me cvm.

“It’s not yet time, baby!” He said.

He pumps his fingers harder.. faster.. until I have no control left, I can’t hold on any longer.

Just when I was about to let it lose, he removes his fingers and spanks my ass very hard.

“I said not yet time!”

I nod and squirt on him instead.. he licks his fingers.

He thrusts into me smoothly and move his hips against mine, his balls hitting my ass as he move.

“F$*k! Baby, you feel so good!”

We stayed in that position for a few minutes before he gets up and changes our position.

He make me knee on the couch, he pushes my head down and lifts my ass up…doggy style.

Without a warning he thrusts into me.

“Oh my god!” I m0an loudly.

He spanks my ass… I swear my ass must be super red by now, but it doesn’t matter since I’m deriving pleasure from it.

“Don’t call any god, call my name! I’m the one f$*king you! I’m the one pleasuring you!”

Is he jealous of god right now?! He stops moving.

“Call my name!”


“Tell me what you want!”

“I want you to f$*k me”

He pulls out of me and replaces his d**k with his tongue… Teasing me.

“Do you want it hard and rough? Or gentle and sweet?” He asks.

“Hard and rough!” I reply.

He pulls his tongue out of my p***y.

“On it!”

He thrusts into with great force and starts going faster…faster… faster.. harder.. harder.. harder…his fingers in my mouth, tearing it open.

This is the real definition of hard and rough!

“Xander, right there!” I m0an.

Honestly, I can feel his d**k hitting my womb but I don’t care.. I demanded for it!

“Yeah, that’s the spot, Xander!”

I can feel my head spinning from all the pleasure… overdose of pleasure that I’m receiving.

I feel myself wrapping around him as he keeps getting bigger in me… It’s like we’re both gonna explode anytime soon.

He pulls out of me and quickly gets up… He lifts me up single handedly and wrap my legs around his waist.

Without wasting time, he swifts into me slamming into me very hard.

I wrap an arm around his neck, my other hand grab his hair.. pulling on it.

With every thrust, my walls getting tighter.. Xander’s d**k becoming fatter and harder like a rod!

“Baby, cvm with me!”

With a very hard thrust, we both cvm together screaming each other’s name.



I feel Xander’s seed flow inside me, looking for where to settle.

He stays in me for a few seconds until every single drop of his sperm drops in me.

He kisses my lips.

“Baby, have you learnt your lesson?” He asked.

“Y-yes!” I stutter… my voice a bit crack from all the m0aning and screaming.

“Who do you belong to?”


“Me, who?”

“Xander Liam Damien!”

He nods and kisses me again.

“Always remember that, ok?”

I nod. He puts me down and I feel my legs shake slightly, he makes me kneel down.

“Help me clean up!” He said.

I grab his d**k and begin to lick him clean. Just then, we hear a scream.


We both turn our head and saw aunt standing by the door, she quickly turns away from us.

I feel my cheeks suddenly burn in embarrassment… I never imagined my mother-in-law will walk in on me and my mate having sΒ£x!

I feel like the ground should open up and swallow the whole of me!

“Mom!” Xander growls.

Aunt clears her throat… Still backing us.

“Ignore me! Continue! Continue, I’ll just wait in the living room.. and trust me, I’m gonna block you guys out of my hearing!”

“Mom!” Xander growls again.

But aunt ignored him.

“Feel free to scream all you like, just don’t forget to give me lots of grandpups… don’t let this be for waste!” With that she rushes out.

Xander glares at the door and I get up… I release a long breath I didn’t know I was holding.

“Baby, I’m sorry about my mom barging in on us!” Xander apologise.

I went on tiptoes and kisses his cheek.

“It’s fine, let’s just freshen up and meet her downstairs!”

He nods.

Thankfully, we are done else I would have died of embarrassment…

I mean, having sΒ£x with my mate and my mother-in-law is right in the living room is something I don’t wanna dream of.

That will be super embarrassing… in fact, I don’t even know how to face her now.

To be continued.

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