November 29, 2021

Alexa episode 55


(His Soulmate)
Episode 55.

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Written by:- Racheal Dennis.


Pack’s dungeon…! 9:13pm…!

Xander stops at the cell where Janet’s being locked up, he glares at her from outside.

“Your highness!” The guards guiding the cell greets him.

He nods at them and faces Janet.
According to his orders, the guards have beaten her to pulp.

“Open the door!” He said.

They opens the door and he steps in.

He picks a whip and walk closer to her…he glares at her unconscious body.

The guards beat her until she went into a temporary coma.

He raised his whip but before he could land the whip on her..he receives a mind-link from his father.

*Don’t beat her, go back home and rest!*

*Why?! She’s the reason my mate won’t forgive me!* Xander growls.

*She’s not the reason, you have her room to cause discord between you and your mate!*


*That’s enough! Go back and rest, I’ll help you clean your mess!*


*I said I’ll help you clean your mess! Don’t make me order those guards to throw you out!*

With that his father cuts off the link… Xander grits his teeth and angrily releases the whip on the unconscious Janet…not caring she’s unconscious.

It’s like the pain woke her up, she opened her eyes and release quiet painful grunts.

She couldn’t scream because she’s too tired to scream.

He whips her a few times and storms out.


Alexa’s pov 🎀

The next morning…! 7:35am…!

The sweet aroma of grilled chicken swifts through my nostrils… interrupting my sweet sleep.


sit up and yawn… I guess I’m too hungry from last night that I started having food illusions.

I hop off my bed and head towards my bathroom, I did my morning business…take my bath and step out.

Racking through my closet, I decides to wear a white, turtle neck, long sleeves top and pink pants.

I smiled at myself in the I’m ready for school.

Then a thought strikes me, I left my books at Xander’s…well, I’ll just sneak in and take them before he notice.

I strolls out of my room and was surprised to see Will putting food on the dinning table.

When did he get back? I questioned myself mentally.

“Princess, I know you’re standing behind me!” He said.

I roll my eyes. Jenna comes out of the kitchen with a jar of jam, she places it on the table and turns to me with a smile.

“Good morning, Alexa!”


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morning, Jenna!” I replies and rush to a seat.

I sit down and glance around the table hungrily…my stomach growling to show me just how hungry I am.

Will laughs shortly.

“I know you’d starve to death if I don’t come back this morning!” He mocks me.

“I can cook but you wouldn’t let me into your kitchen” I defend myself.

“Yeah, but you’re my princess, how can I let you stress yourself!”

Jenna shakes her head and smile.

“If only my brother is this good to me!” She said.

I imagine Xander behaving like Will to Jenna and didn’t know when I burst into laughter.

“Ok….why is she laughing?” Jenna ask me.

“I just imagine Xander being kind and caring to you… it’s kinda scary!” I said and laugh.

She also joins in the laugh.

“Yeah, it doesn’t even sound right coming out of my mouth!” She said.

Will clears his throat… Jenna and I stop laughing and raised our eyebrows at him.

“Let’s eat, Alexa is gonna be late!” He said.

He picks a plate and serves some rice in… Jenna mimicks him and I bite back a laugh.


We ate in silence until, a honking sound was heard. Jenna looks at the wall clock and back to me… Will look like he’s in a trance.

I guess someone is mind-linking him.

“Alexa, it’s already 8:17am…I think you should head to school now!”

I turn and look at the clock.. it’s 8:18am now.

“Shoot!” I got up and picked my phone. “Will, I have to go now!” I said and rushed towards the door.

I open the door and regretted ever opening it… Xander stands by the door with a flower in his hands.


morning, baby!” He smiles.

“What are you doing here?!” I asked in a growl.

“I’m here to pick you up for school” he said, stretching the flowers to me.

I shake my head and pushes them back to him…I pass him a fake smile.

“No, thank you! I’m taking the bus!”

A smirk appears on his face.

“The bus driver is on a sick leave today!” He replies.

Hmm, the bus driver is on a sick leave, then why is he smirking? Is this his plan?

“Come on, let’s go, you’ll be late!”

I turn and see Will and Jenna are done eating.. they’re packing the plates.

I smirk.

“Will is dropping me off today!” I said loudly so Will can hear me.

Xander simply stares at me with a raised eyebrow, his smirk growing wider and wider.

Why is he smirking so maliciously?!

“Er… Alexa?” Will called.

I turn to face him.

“I can’t drop you off today, I have an appointment with some investors and it wouldn’t look good if I keep them waiting!”

I turn to Xander with a glare, I clenched my jaw…I feel like wiping that smirk off his face.

“I know this is your plan to make me go with you…but newsflash, I’m not coming with you..I need to go get my books!”

He smile.

“Your books and bag are in my car!” He points at his Lamborghini.

I blink, I have never seen a student driving a Lamborghini to school…well rich students can!

“I’m still not coming with you..I’m walking to school today!”

He sighs deeply and stares at me with his sad eyes…he pouts his lips…which doesn’t look cute right now.

“Fine! Honestly, I made the bus driver take a sick leave and I told Will not to drop you off…but I did all these because I wanted to give you a ride!”

I scoff…tell me something I don’t know!

“I did wrong for not clarifying things with you before coming to conclusion…I know I was wrong and I’m really very sorry, baby…I’m sorry!”

He waits for me to speak but I didn’t…I’m not gonna forgive him easily.

“Ok, you don’t have to forgive me right now…but just let me drop you off at school… I’ll find ways to earn your forgiveness soon!”

“Then you have to try harder because you’ve completely ruin my reputation in front of your pack members!” I said.

He nods.

“Just let me give you a ride, please!”

He stares at me hopefully…the way he’s staring at me is making me feel like a cold hearted demon!

*Poor mate! Forgive mate!* I heard in my head.

Scarlett?! She’s back?!


No response.


No response.


Still no response. I guess I just imagined her voice in my head…if she was here she’d force me to forgive him already.

Well, it’s a good thing she’s not here now… it’ll make me punish him to my satisfaction!

Or I might use my witch power to punish him…lolz!

I don’t even know how to use my powers yet and I’m already thinking of how to do wicked with it!

“Baby, please let me drop you off!”

I sighed and reluctantly agreed…I took the flowers from him and throws it on the ground just like he did to my food.

“I’m going with you doesn’t mean I have forgiven you!”

He stares at the flowers for a brief moment and I saw something like pain flash through his eyes….I smirk.

Now he knows what it feels like when he threw my food away!

I huffed and walk towards his car..I got into the passenger seat and fasten my seatbelt.

“Come on, I don’t wanna be late!” I said from inside.

He quickly puts on a smile and rushes over, he got in, starts the engine and drives off.




Xander drives into the parking lot and parks in an empty space.

He reaches for something at the back seat and hands it to me.

“Your bag!”

“Thanks!” I said and takes it from him.

I opens it and check inside if everything I needed is in it… everything is complete.

I reach for the door and opens it, but Xander stops me before I can step out.

“I’ll be back to pick you up after your classes…and I’ll be sure to get your forgiveness then!”

“Goodluck with that!” I said simply.

I wants to step out but he stops me again.

“Can I at least give you a peck?”

I shrug his hand off me and get out of his car.

“Get my forgiveness first!” I said and leaves in a haste without turning back.

*You’re wicked!* I imagine Scarlett say in my head.



I turn around and sees Joyce running towards me.

I take a peek at my class, the teacher is isn’t in yet…I’m just a few steps away from my class.

“Alexa!” She calls when she’s got to me.

She pulls me into a brief hug and breathlessly looks at me all over.

“You were absent for two days, I thought something happened to you but Connor told me you’re fine…that you just had a fight with Xander!”

“Yeah, he’s being an a**f$*ker!” I said.

She nods. Her body language is telling me that she’s got something else to say.

“Ok…say whatever you wanna say!”

She grins but quickly wipes it off her face and clears her throat.

“I heard what happened at the training ground and how Janet made you misunderstand Xander”

“Misunderstand Xander?!”

She nods, I shake my head and chuckles lightly.

“I didn’t misunderstand Xander, I trust him and I know nothing happened between them!”

“Then why are you punishing Xander?”

“I’m not punishing him because of Janet…I’m punishing him because he publicly humiliated me!”

I don’t need to punish Xander because of Janet… everyone knows she’s a slut lusting after power!

“Ok…but I’ll need your help with something!”


“You know Janet’s being in love with Xander for ages…”

I rolled my eyes…if being in love is trying to force myself on someone…then I don’t wanna be in love.

“….and she’s done many wrongs because of how desperately she wants to be with him. The Alpha King said she can’t continue to stay in the pack because of her desperation…greed for power….”

I frown deeply, are they trying to throw her out of the pack?!

“….I know it’s too much to ask but please talk to Xander or the King, they shouldn’t send her away… she’s my only sibling..apart from my mom, she’s the only relative I have left… please talk to them, even if they reduced her to an Omega we won’t complain..but they shouldn’t send her away…!”

I feel myself having pity on Janet…yeah I know we don’t agree…in fact we hate each other.

But if she’s sent out, she’ll be all alone and only heaven knows what will happen to her.

“… please Alexa!”

“Where’s Janet now?”

“She’s in the dungeon”

I pats her shoulder and gives her a reassuring smile.

“Don’t worry, she won’t be sent away!”

“Really?! Are you sure?!”

“The king’s my father-in-law, he can’t say no to his beloved daughter-in-law, right?”

She smiles and nods.

“Thanks, Alexa!”

“Oh, please, what are friends for!”

Just then I saw the teacher enter the class, I check the time in my phone…8:59am.

My eyes catches a message, I quickly open it… it’s a message from Aunt.

*Come by the ballroom after school…your induction dress has arrived!*

I keep my phone back in my bag.

“What do you have this morning?” I asked Joyce.

She points at my class.

“History!” She replies.

“Me too, let’s go!”


Writer’s pov 🎀

Xander’s mansion…!

Xander pace back and forth in his living room… Connor, Dylan and Tyler are sitting on different sofas watching him as he pace about.

“Ok, my Alpha, please, stop pacing to and fro… you’re making me dizzy with all this pacing!” Connor said.

Xander glares at him but sits down anyway.

“Alpha, so what are you planning to do now? How do you intend to make her forgive you?” Dylan asked.

Xander shakes his head.

“I don’t know, that’s why I asked all of you here!” He said.

There’s silence as all of them are looking at each other expectantly… Xander bangs on the table loudly and they flinch back.

“Stop looking at each other and think!” He growls at them.

They nod and puts on serious expression…after a few minutes, Connor jumps up.

Tyler wanted to say something but Connor beats him to it.

“Alpha, I have an idea!”

“Connor sit down!” Dylan, Tyler and Xander said at once.

“What?! I have a perfect idea!”

Dylan rolls his eyes.

“Alpha always misinterpret your ideas, which in turn makes things worse!”

Connor huffs and sits down…he looks at them and flips his imaginary hair.

“Whatever!” He said.

Tyler taps his shoulder in consolation and turns to Xander.

“Alpha, I know a perfect way of apologizing sincerely!”

“What way?”

Tyler moves closer to him and whispers in his ear…. Connor and Dylan exchange looks, wondering what Tyler is telling Xander.

“What do you think?” Tyler asked Xander loudly when he’s done telling him his plan.

Xander nods.

“Let’s do it!”


Writer’s pov 🎀

Unknown character’s office…! 12pm…!

He sits in his office, a bottle of beer in his hand and a cigarette stick in his mouth.

He bangs his bottle of beer on the table slowly… He raises his head and grins at Diane.

Diane looks away from him with a clenched jaw.. he laughs.

“What’s with that look, Diane?!”

Diane didn’t respond, she stares out the window blankly.

He bangs his beer bottle on the table, Diane flinches back as the bottle crash.

“I’m asking you a question, what’s that look about?!” He growls.

“When am I gonna go home?” Diane asked back.

He gets up and walk towards her.. he grabs her chin and stare in her eyes.

Then he lifts his hand and lands it on her cheek… Diane closes her eyes and inhale deeply, stopping herself from letting out any sound.

“You’re thinking of going home?! Huh?!”

He paused and pushes her away, she almost lost her balance.

“I gave you a simple job and you failed at it… Now I have given your mate another but I still haven’t gotten any news from him!”

He walks back to his chair with sits down. He throws the almost finished cigarette he was holding in a trash can and picks another.

He lights it and sucks in some smoke.. he breaths it out through his nose and mouth.

“Besides, Damien have found out about you embezzling the pack’s money… Do you think he’ll allow you back into his pack?”

Diane didn’t say a word, she knows he is right… She knows there’s no place for her in the pack now.

“You and your mate only have me to depend on, so, I’d advise you urge your mate to help me… or you’ll both become rogues forever… That is if Damien doesn’t kill you!”

Diane bites her lower lip and holds the hem of her blouse. Just then a phone rings.. it’s his phone.

He reaches for it and smile.

“Your mate is calling!” He tells Diane.

He presses the answer button and puts it on speakerphone.

“Yes, speak!” He said.

“Sire, we can’t go by that plan, they’ve found out!”

“Found out about what?”

“That the prophecy has already happened centuries ago… You need to change your plan!”

He frowns and grits his teeth.

“What about that little girl, I told you to manipulate her dreams!”

“Yes, I did. I even shut out her wolf and did a little trick that makes her eyes glow… But they somehow found out too, I can’t help you more than this, I’m afraid”

He stayed silent and was deep in thought.

“I believe her wolf will break through my seal soon and that will make her doubt my prophecy more!”

“Ok, don’t do anything, just wait for my orders… I’ll have to find think of something else!”

“Then what about my mate and daughter? When are they coming home?”

He looks at Diane and laughs.

“Not anytime soon, I’m afraid if I let them come back to you, you and your mate will betray me… so, it’s best I keep them with me for now!”

“But my daughter and mate….. ”

“Your daughter is a cute, obedient pup, always does her homework in time… She’s a very intelligent little one I must say! Don’t worry about her, she’s well taken care of…I made sure she attends one of the best schools, you know I appreciate talents and she’s got a lot!”

He pause and looks at Diane, he shakes his head.

“But your mate is something else…I can’t guarantee her safety!”

“Please, I beg of you, don’t hurt my mate… I promise, I’ll do whatever you say!”

He smirks.

“Just be good and wait for my orders… I think it’s time I pay my brother a visit!”


Alexa’s pov 🎀

Crescent high…! 1:30pm…!

“Why didn’t Mr Cam come to school today?” I asked Joyce as we step out of our music class.

Which is also my last class for today.

We stop by Joyce’s locker, she puts in some books and takes out her biology textbook…she have biology later.

“Let me ask you, if you know Xander’s gonna be sentence, will you be standing here?”

“Oh, right!”

I kinda momentarily forgot Mr Cam is Janet’s mate…no, ex-mate, since she rejected him the other day.

But I guess Joyce doesn’t know Janet rejected her mate.

“Come on, I’ll walk you to the gate!” She said.

I shake my head and move my gaze to her stomach.

“Don’t forget you’re pregnant, you shouldn’t be anywhere and everywhere…if anything harms to this baby, I won’t forgive you!”

She rolls her eyes.

“Oh, please, one Connor is enough!”

I laugh.

“It’s true, you shouldn’t…..”

“Luna! Luna!” Someone cuts me off.

Turning around, a girl stops in front of me… she’s younger than me, I guess she’s 14-15!

“Luna, come see Alpha!” She said.

I frown.


She nods. I exchange looks with Joyce, she simply shrugs and her eyes glazes over.

She’s receiving a mind-link, she snaps back and smiles at me…she signal the little girl to go back.

Then links our arms together…I simply at her in confusion.

“Whatcha doing?!” I asked.

“Don’t ask, just come with me!” She replies.

She leads me through the hallways…we arrive at the school playground.

so many students…in fact all the students are standing, surrounding something…awing at whatever they’re staring at.

My brows knit together in a frown.

“What’s going on there?” I asked her.

Just as I asked that question, all the students starts making way and my mouth falls open at what I saw.


Are my eyes deceiving me?!

Xander kneels down, holding up a banner with these inscription.

*I’m sorry, my most beautiful baby! Please forgive me, baby!*

My cheeks flame up as I blush profusely.

“Xander, what are you doing? Get up!” I said.

He shakes his head.

“I humiliated you publicly, it’s only right I apologise publicly too!” He said.

Oh no! He’s humiliating himself for me!

He smiles.

“I don’t care humiliating myself, I just want you to forgive me…I’m really sorry baby, I’m fool but please forgive this foolish mate of yours!”

I look around…all the girls are fangirling and all the boys are giving him thumbs up!

“Baby, I’m sorry!”

*Forgive him!*
*Luna forgive our Alpha!* Different people chants.

Oh goodness! I don’t wanna forgive him so easily…what should I do now?!

To be continued.

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