November 29, 2021

Alexa episode 57


(His Soulmate)
Episode 57.

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Written by:- Racheal Dennis.


Alpha’s mansion…! alpha’s room…! 8pm…!

The queen applies some cream on her hands and combs her hair… she’s just had her bath and is sitting by her dressing table.

“You know, Alexa reminds me so much of you when you were at her age!” Her husband said.

He walks towards her and takes the comb from her, he continues combing her in her stead.

“Really?” She asked.

“Yeah, you were very courageous then and wasn’t afraid to speak your mind… My dad was a very ruthless man but you were still able to capture his heart!”

She giggles and turns to face him.

“That’s because I have a very wise and brave alpha behind me”

“Hmm, who could that Alpha be?” He pretends to think.

“You!” She replies.

The king bends down a bit and kisses the middle of her head… he caresses it softly.

“Alexa will make a great queen, just put your mind at rest and stop testing her in every opportunity you get”

The king hums and nods thoughtfully.

“She have proven herself more than enough already!”

“Fine! I will stop testing her!” He agrees.

He drops the comb on the dresser and pulls her up gently… He leads her towards their bed.

“Right, honey, how is the preparation for Alexa’s induction?” The king asked.

“Everything is fine, but she still have chosen her theme yet… It’s not her fault though, her event planner haven’t had chance to come!”


king raised an eyebrow.

“Kate doesn’t have chance?! Call her tomorrow and urge her, we’re running out of time!”

She sighs.

“You know your sister, she will come whenever she wants to.. we can’t force her and you know that!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll talk to her tomorrow morning… I don’t care wherever she is, she must be here!”

The queen simply smiles, she knows apart from her, only Kate can put the king in a corner.

“Darling, you’re just bluffing, wait until you call her and scold her!”

“I’m bluffing?” He scoffs. “Watch me tomorrow!”

She nods mockingly.

“Let’s just sleep, I have a busy day tomorrow!” She said and climbs onto the bed.

The king climbs in after her and uses the blanket to cover them.. he pulled her closer and embraces her.


Next morning…! Cam’s residence..!

Mr Cam stops right at the foot of his bed, he drops the bowl of water he’s holding and takes out a handkerchief.


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deeps it in the water and squeeze out the water… He sits on the bed next to Janet.

He stares at her unconscious body, she doesn’t have that glow she normally have… she looks so pale.

Someone can mistake her for the dead… Mr Cam sighs and puts the handkerchief on her forehead.

He held her right hand in his and kisses it.

“I’m sorry! You’ll be fine!”

Just then Janet moves her hand, he stares at her anxiously hoping she’d finally wake up.

Since he brought her in yesterday, she’s being unstable… gaining consciousness and slipping back into unconsciousness!


Mr Cam hears Janet whisper.

He quickly pours a glass of water and lifts her head up a little…he brings the glass closer to her lips.

She take few sips and move her head away.

Mr Cam drops the glass on the nightstand and helps her rest her head against the headboard.

“How are you feeling?” He asked.

Janet simply gives him a small nod. She looks around and frowns slightly.

“Where am I?”

“My home!”

She wanted to say something but Mr Cam cuts her off with a nervous laugh.

“Don’t worry, I know you hate me and stuff, but you’re my mate and I can’t bear to leave you alone in this condition…”

He trails off. Janet stares at him silently, she waits for him to continue.

“… I know shouldn’t have brought you here but I can only take good care of you here. I took a few days leave from the school, I’ll be back when you’re alright and gone back to your parents home!”


sniffles, Mr Cam frowns and looks at her. Tears flow down her cheeks, he wipes them.

“W-why are you crying? Did I say something wrong? Or was I talking too much?”

Janet didn’t speak but continue to cry more…more tears running down her cheeks.

“Ok, ok! I won’t speak, I’ll shut my mouth!”

“D-do you hate me?” She asked quietly.

Mr Cam stares at her with a confused expression, he’s wondering why she’s suddenly asking if he hates her.

“Do you hate me?” She asked again.

“Hate you? Never! I would never hate you!”

“But I rejected you and… ”

He cuts her off with a scoff.

“It’s no big deal” he said.

There’s a moment of silence until he breaks the silence.

“I can accept it now if you want me to, I….”

“No!” She interrupts him.

He blinks his eyes.

“No? I thought that’s what you wanted!”

She shakes her head as she chew on her lower lip.

“You don’t want the rejection, then why did you reject me?”

Instead of speaking, Janet leans forward..not minding the pains she’s having all over her body.

She grabs his head and crashes her lips on his… Mr Cam blinks his eyes rapidly as he’s shocked by her action.

But he was quick to recover from his shock and reciprocate Janet’s kiss.

Janet wanted to kiss him longer but the pains she’s having didn’t let her… she breaks the kiss and leans back against the headboard.

Though it was a short kiss but it’s passionate and magical.

Mr Cam touches his lips, he’s in a daze… He couldn’t believe Janet actually kissed him.

He’s happy, his wolf is happy but he’s confused why Janet kissed him… He stares at her for an explanation.

Janet clears her throat.

“Er… I was foolish and thought I could have whatever I want either willingly or forcefully…I didn’t realize I was actually pushing everyone away from me and making people hate me… ”

She pause and wipes a tear running down…she sniffles and takes Mr Cam’s hands in her hands.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry for being hostile towards you…I’m sorry for rejecting you and making you feel worthless… I’m the worthless one…I don’t deserve anything good…”

Mr Cam shakes his head.

“… please give me another chance, let me learn to love you…I promise I’ll be good to you, just give me another chance”

Mr Cam smiles…the joy in him at this moment cannot be described.

He’s so happy that he doesn’t know when tears starts running down his cheeks, he quickly pulls her in a hug.

But not a tight hug because of her injuries.

“You always have all the chances you need with me… I’m always here for you with arms wide open!”

“Thank you, thank you so much, Cam!”

Mr Cam pulls away from the hug and stares at her fondly, with a smile.

“You called my name!” He said.

Janet smiles and nods.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you don’t regret making this decision!” He assured her.

Her stomach growls loudly… Mr Cam laughs lightly and Janet blush… which is something new for Mr Cam.

He’s never seen her blush.

“I’m sorry, I haven’t had anything since yesterday!” She said.

“I will get you food, I will get you food to eat!” Mr Cam said and stands up abruptly.

He rushes off towards his kitchen. Janet simply look around the room.


“Food is ready!” Mr Cam said.

He sits next to Janet and places the tray of pudding in front of her.



“Can you go with me tomorrow to apologise to Alexa?”

Mr Cam nods and flashes her a smile.

“Now, let’s put some food in your stomach!” He said and starts feeding her.

She studies his features as he feeds her… finally noticing how handsome he is…she smiles and blush.


/> *

Alexa’s pov 🎀

Xander’s mansion…!

I wake up to find myself hugging my pillow, I sit up and looks at the wall clock.

It’s reading… 5:55am.

I yawn and stretch my body. When did I start waking up early like this?

My eyes move to the couch where Xander slept last night.. but it’s empty.

Where could he have gone? Could he have gone for training? This early morning?

Wait, why am I looking for him when I’m still punishing him?!

Alexa, you need deliverance!

Just then I hear the bathroom door open and Xander steps out with a towel hanging dangerously low on his waist.

His fingers combing through his w€t hair…water droplets on his body making his strong abs even more delicious.

His veins pumping as he runs his fingers through his hair.. he raises his head and flashes me a sweet smile when he sees me.

Making him seem like those actors in the movies.. the male lead.. they always look delicious.

I subconsciously lick my lips and squeeze my legs together as I feel my golden apple tingling.

What kind of temptation is this so early in the morning?

What is this Alpha trying to do?

He takes slow steps towards me, his smile turns into a smirk… Goodness! I’m just wear a bra and panties!

Please God help me overcome this temptation! Or I swear I’m gonna rape this Alpha!

To be continued.

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