November 29, 2021

Alexa episode 58


(His Soulmate)
Episode 58.

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Written by:- Racheal Dennis.


Alexa’s pov 🎀

I stare at Xander longingly as he takes slow, predatory steps towards me.

My mouth slightly open and I can already picture myself drooling all over.

He stops right in front of me and leans forward, his eyes on my lips as his moves closer to mine.

I close my eyes and waits for his lips to touch mine, but it didn’t… rather I heard a scoff.

“I just wanna tell you to go freshen up!” He whispers in my ear.

I snap my eyes open and push him away with all the strength I have.. I snatch a pillow and throws it at him.

He catches it and laughs.

“You… You…”

I’m short of words right now.

I thought he wanted us to make sweet love or have a hot make out session this morning.

“I… I… What?” He asks.

My hands involuntarily move to my lower lip as I glare at him… He sees this and smirks.

“Or where you expecting something else?” He asks ignorantly.

But from his tone I can clearly tell that he’s actually mocking me.

I huffed and look away from him, I got up and head towards the bathroom… bumping his shoulder by the way.

“Bast*rd!” I growled and slams the door shut.

He walks towards the bathroom and stops outside the door… I pick my brush and glare at his brush.

I feel like using it to scrub the toilet!


said your event planner has arrived, she wants us to come by the ballroom so you can choose your theme!” He said.

“But it’s so early!” I complain.

“We’re going to school from there!”

“Hmm!” I hummed.

I begin to brush my teeth.

“I’ll go make breakfast!” He said and walks away.


“Finally, I was thinking I’d come pull you out!” Xander said when he sees me walking down the stairs.

He’s already dressed and he’s being waiting for me to come down, so we can have breakfast…I guess.

I drop my bag on an empty chair and sits on the chair Xander’s pulling out for me.

“Don’t you ever get tired of eating meat?” I asked as I look around the table.

Meat everywhere.. it’s making me wanna puke!

Which is a bit strange cause I normally love meat.. the fact that I’m a wolf or witch aside.

“Baby, we need meat to make our wolves stronger!”

“Well, I’m not a wolf, so I don’t need any wolf to be strong!”


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drops a buttered bread on my plate and add some veggies.

“You’re a wolf, that seer is a fraud!”

I raised an eyebrow.. I pick the buttered bread and take a big bite.

“What do you mean?” I muffled out.

“He lied about the prophecy, dad said that prophecy has long happened in his great grandfather’s time!”

I paused and slowly drops my hand on the table.. I quickly swallow the food in my mouth and take a sip of water.

“It has happened?!”

He nods.

“So I’m not a witch?!”

“No, baby!”

I frown, my stomach growls silently and I quickly take another big bite from my bread.

“Then how do you explain my eyes glowing and Scarlett disappearing?” I asked.

I tried to reach for the small kettle on the other side of the table but couldn’t.

Xander picks it up and helps me pour some hot water in an empty glass and hands it to me.

“What do you need hot water for?” He asked.

“To make tea, now answer my question!”

“Well, dad said he did some tricks to make your eyes glow and also sealed your wolf!”

He sealed my wolf?! I nod thoughtfully, that makes sense.. but something else crosses my mind.

“But I had a dream and some unknown people were calling me their queen!”

He laughs.

“I believe that’s his handiwork too, he manipulated your dream to make you believe you’re really a witch!”

I stop stirring my tea and stares at him seriously.

“Does that mean I’m not a witch and Scar will come back?”


dad said she’ll come back when his magic wears off… which I believe won’t be long!”

I nod, that explains my passing out everytime I fought with someone.

I sigh loudly and smile.

“Thank goodness! I didn’t like the sound of being a witch, thankfully it’s a lie… I’m still a wolf!”

Xander chuckles lightly.

“Make being a witch sounds like a bad thing!”

I scoff.

“Watch THE ORIGINALS or THE VAMPIRE’S DIARY you’ll know why I hate witches!” I told him.

Things I have always thought we’re folklores are really in existence… And I’m one of those folklores… Life!

“Wait.. uncle knows the seer is fraud?”

Xander nods.

“Then what action have you guys taken?”

“Nothing for now!”

“Nothing?! You clearly know he’s a bad guy, why not arrest him or… ” I move my hand across my neck… Making the killing sign.

Xander laughs at my expression.

“We can’t kill him because we think he’s not acting on his own!”

“You mean he’s working for someone?”

“Yes and we don’t know who his boss is yet or what’s his motive… killing him is like throwing our only clue in a fire pit!”

I nod.. they’re right, the seer should be kept around for now… to make his boss let his guard down.

“Well, we should be extra careful now… we don’t know what they are up to!”

“Yes, ma’am! Oh, right, I talked with Jenna and Joyce.. starting tomorrow, they’ll be teaching you some fighting skills.. they’ll be your trainers!”

I simply nod. I look at Xander’s plate, he’s been talking and haven’t eaten much.

“Baby, eat!” I said.

Xander stilled and stares at me, blinking rapidly.

“You.. said…?”

“I said you should eat!”

He shakes his head.

“No, you said something before eat”

I tilt my head.


He grins widely.

“You called me baby! Not Xander, baby!”

I frown slightly, then I think about what I said… I blush when I realize I really did called him baby.

“You called me baby!”

“It’s not a big deal, you call me baby all the time!” I said.. shrugging it off like it’s no big deal.

“Yeah, I call you baby but I haven’t heard you call me that before… I’m not used to it”

I smile at him and blows him a kiss.

“Then get use to it.. I’ll call you baby more often now!”

He nods and grins wider than before. He puts more meat in my plate.

“Eat more!”

I rolled my eyes.

“I just told you that I don’t want eat more, we’re leaving soon!”

He nods and starts eating.


Jenna’s pov 🎀

Dex’s apartment…! 6:03am…!




I frowns deeply as I stares at the blood trailing the floor…why is there so much blood here?


No reply. I steps into the living room and walks towards the kitchen.


Still no reply. My eyes zeroed on the trail of blood and some unknown fear grips me.

“Could it be….?” No!

I quickly follows the blood trail…it leads me to Will’s room, I opens the door and rushes into the room.

I glance around the room, Will is not here…whose blood is this?

My eyes follow the blood, it leads me to the bathroom, I opens the door and a loud gasp leaves my mouth.

Will holds a long blade, stretching it at someone in front of him.. blood gushing out of his head.. his face and clothes covered in blood.

What happened?! Who is this that Will is battling with?!

I hear a thud, the person standing in front of Will falls down with Will’s blade on his stomach… Will stabs him with the blade.

“W-will…?” I called in a shaky voice.

He turns to face me… I’m scared but no sound came out when I opens my mouth.

I didn’t know his condition was this bad…how long did they fight?! And how was he able to hurt Will this much?!


smiles at me weakly.

“I’m tired!” He whispers and falls.

I rushes to him and shakes him.




Still silence.

“Will.. open your eyes!” I screams.


My eyes snaps open and I sit up, I look around in fright, my hands reaches for the light switch.

I turn on the light and look at the floor.. there’s no blood but I hear water running in the bathroom.

I turn to Will’s side on the bed… It’s empty. I leap off the bed and quickly runs to the bathroom.. I opens the door and sees Will showering.

“Sweetheart?” He called in a surprise tone.

Before he could ask another question, I pull him into a tight hug.. hugging him very close to me as if reassuring myself.

He chuckles.

“Ok, I don’t know why you’re holding me so tight but just know I’m fine!”

I nod.

“You’re fine! You’re really fine!”


Writer’s pov 🎀

He stands by the borderline, he stays hidden from the guards guiding the border.

“When is the coronation?” He asks the seer.

“Next week!” The seer replies.

He nods and smirks.

“I thought you said you’re coming back, when are you gonna show yourself?”

“On the coronation day, I should congratulate my nephew personally!”

“But…. ”

“Shh! I have other things to do!” He said and walks off.


Alexa’s pov 🎀

Ballroom…! 6:49am…!

A yawn escapes my mouth and aunt turns to me.

“Alexa, are you ok?” She asked.

“Yes, aunt!”

“Are you sure? This is the fourth time you’re yawning!”

“I’m fine, Aunt, I guess I didn’t get enough sleep!”

She smiles and gives me a knowing look… I sigh mentally.

Aunt’s imagination sometimes is just too wild… But seriously, I don’t understand why I have been getting tired since yesterday.

“Xander, how about you take Alexa back to get enough rest?” Aunt suggest.

I quickly shake my head.

“No, no, we must choose my theme today”

“But you look so tired!” Aunt said.

“I’m fine, aunt, we can’t keep putting off the day to choose my theme!”

Aunt nods in understanding. Xander frowns and sniffs the air, he turns to me a sniffs my body.

“Mom, can you perceive that?” He asked.

“Perceive what?!” Aunt and I asked at once.

He inhaled deeply.

“A scent…” He sniffs me again. “An extra scent is coming from my mate!”.

I frown and perceive myself, I didn’t perceive anything off. Aunt sniffs the air and suddenly breaks into a smile.

“Yes, it’s a very faint scent. Could it be….” She trails off.

She stares at Xander as if she’s mind-linking him, Xander breaks into a smile..a very happy smile.

What are they talking about?! I wonder.

Soon they snaps back and smiles at me…Xander looks at me with an extreme tenderness in his eyes…his gaze settled on my stomach.

I subconsciously wrap my arms around my stomach and glare at him… his look is kinda creepy right now.

*Quite staring at my stomach with those creepy eyes of yours!* I scold him.

He ignores me and continue staring… weirdo!

“Aunt, did you perceive anything?” I perceive myself. “I think I smell fine”

Aunt nods.

“Yes, yes. You smell extremely fine!”

I glare at Xander.

“Something is wrong with your nose!”

Aunt laughs.

“Yes, something is really wrong with his nose…but Alexa, after you finish from here you’ll go back home and rest, ok?” Aunt said softly…like extremely softly.


She nods.

“There’s no time for resting, I have biology practical today!”

“No, no, you can’t do any practicals, all you need to do right now is rest!”

“But Aunt, I’m fine, I’m just feeling kinda tired”

“Which is why you should rest more!” She said in a firm voice leaving no room for arguments.

Well, I can just agree with her now and go to school later.

“Ok, aunt, I’ll go home and rest!”

“Good girl” she smiles.

“Mom, when’s the event planner coming?” Xander asked finally moving his eyes away from me.

Aunt sighs and leans back on her chair.

“I don’t know, Kate is unpredictable!”

“Aunt Kate?!” Xander exclaims.

His eyes bulging out of their sockets.

“Hmm!” Aunt hums.

“She’s my baby’s event planner?!”

Aunt nods.

“F$ck!” He said and aunt smacks his head.

“Language, boy!”

I studies Xander, he has the kind of expression he had when we met Aunt May.

Aunt leans closer to me and whisper in my ear.

“Kate is Xander’s wife!”

My eyes grow wide.

“His wife?!”

Aunt nods.

“I’ll tell you the story later!”

I nod already getting excited.. I really wanna know how aunt May end up being his girlfriend and his Aunt Kate his wife.

“Mom, I’m gonna leave, I don’t want aunt Kate to embarrass and….”

“Who’s cursing me behind my back!” I heard a very tiny but sharp female voice speak.

I turned towards the entrance of the ballroom and sees a goddess walk in… You know, if I wanna imagine what the moon goddess look like, I’ll just picture this lady.

She walks straight to Xander and stops in front of him, she grabs his ear and pulls it very hard.

“Ow! Ouch! Aunt it hurts!”

She lets go of his ear and smacks his head.

“How dare you curse me, huh?”

“I.. aunt…”

“You’re just as arrogant as your father.. have you forgotten I’m your wife?” She smacks his head again.

To be continued.

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