Alexa episode 59


(His Soulmate)
Episode 59.

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Written by:- Racheal Dennis.


Alexa’s pov 🎀

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“How dare you curse me, huh?”

“I.. aunt…”

“You’re just as arrogant as your father.. have you forgotten I’m your wife?” She smacks his head again.

Xander winces and rubs his head, glaring at his aunt secretly.. I hold back my laugh at his expression.

He look so miserable right now… and cute too.

“Aunt, you’re embarrassing me in front of my mate!” He said.

Aunt Kate pause and raises an eyebrow.

“Yo! He’s finally got himself a mate!”

Xander moves away from her and comes to my side, he stands behind my chair and puts his hands on my shoulders.

He kisses my hair. Aunt Kate smiles as she watches him, her gaze leaves Xander and settles on me.

“Hi, you must be this little trouble maker’s mate… I’m his aunt, Kate!” She said stretching out her hand.

“Hi, aunt Kate, I’m Alexa!” I reach out my hand too, expecting her to take it.

But she surprise me, she pushes Xander away from me and engulfs me in a hug.

“We don’t shake, we’re family of huggers!” She said still hugging me.

Xander rushes forward and pulls me gently away from aunt Kate.. aunt Kate gives him a questioning glare.

He chuckles nervously.

“Aunt, we are handling her with care!” He said.

Aunt Kate is still glaring at him, waiting for a clear explanation, I guess… Well, I’m also waiting for some explanations too.

But instead of explaining it out loud, he decides to mind-link her.

After some minutes, aunt Kate suddenly exclaims.

“That’s great news!”

I narrow my eyes at Xander, he simply smiles and leans towards me… Placing a light kiss on my lips.

“Aunt, it’s just an assumption for now… it’s not confirmed yet!” Xander said.

“Oh!” Aunt Kate replies..but flashes me a smile.

“Kate, where are the themes?” Aunt asked.

“Oh, right, I have them on my phone!” Aunt Kate replies.

She pulls out a chair and sits between Aunt and I… she takes out an iPad and turns it on.

“I only have two themes here!” She said.

“Only two?” Aunt asked.

“Yes, I don’t want her to have a hard time choosing” she replies.

Aunt nods in understanding, I rest my hands on the table waiting for her to show us the themes.

She flips through her phones few minutes, then stops.

“Here!” She shows us. “What theme do you prefer?”

I stare at the pictures with a small frown.

“Can I know their names?” I asked.

“Oh, this is the royal theme wedding and this is the romantic theme wedding… so which one do you prefer?”

“Wedding?” I asked feeling kinda confused.

Aunt smiles and reaches for my hand on the table.

“Remember I told you we’ll make your induction look like your wedding day?”

I nod.

“That’s what we’re trying to do!” She said.

I smile, I’m gonna have a wedding after all…such a thoughtful queen, I wish I could be like her when I’m queen.

I sigh inwardly, I know that’s not easy to achieve… I don’t think I have her kind of patience and understanding!

“Thanks, aunt!” I greet her.

She waves me off.

“Oh, please, I just want you to be happy!” She pause. “Oh, and I can’t wait for you to call me mom after your induction!”

I blush. Call her mom?

She’s my mother-in-law after all, I should expect something like this sooner or later.

But I haven’t called anyone mom in a while, hmm, I don’t know if I can get used to calling her mom.

“Now I feel like having a daughter-in-law!” Aunt Kate said pouting her lips.

Aunt and I laughs.

I notice Xander is seriously checking out the pictures… he taps my shoulder lightly to get my attention.

“Baby, let’s go for the Royal theme wedding!” He said.

I scoff and shake my head, he frowns slightly.

“Why?” He asked.

“Look around you, everything here is royalty which makes us look like the typical royal family… I need a change!” I said.


change?” I nod. “So which one are you going for?” He asked when he obviously knows the answer.

Aunt and aunt Kate are both looking at us in silence, I guess they’re also waiting for me to make a choice.

Now I’m afraid if my choice is gonna be wrong.

“Alexa, darling, we’re waiting?” Aunt said.

I said, they’re waiting for me.

“I.. I think we should go for…The romantic theme?” I said in an unsure tone.

“The romantic theme?” Aunt asked.

I nod, biting my tongue inside my mouth…why does she look like I just made the worse choice?

“Are you sure?!” Aunt asked again.

And I nod again, she smiles brightly.. even aunt Kate breaks into a smile.

She bangs on the table lightly.

“That’s a very good choice, just what I wanted too!” Aunt Kate said.

What she wanted?

“Yes, yes! Me too!” Aunt said in support.

Ok, this is weird! Are they just trying to make me feel happy?

“I have always wanted to see what a romantic theme will look like in reality” aunt said and grabs my hands. “Finally, Alexa is gonna make it come true!”

“Yes! I have always to decorate a romantic scene, Alexa finally made my wish come true!” Aunt said.

“Really?” I asked to be sure.

“Yes, yes, darling!” Aunt replies and aunt Kate nods.

I releases a deep sigh and breaks into a smile.. I thought they were just trying to make me feel good.

“But I still think the Royal theme looks matured!” Xander said.

Aunt Kate and aunt smacks his head at once.. he winces and rubs his head.

“What?” He asked.

Aunt Kate rolls her eyes.

“No one wants your opinion here! This is her induction and she have the right to choose whatever theme she wants!”

“Besides, every girl wants a fairytale party!” Aunt said.

Xander scoffs.

“She’s my mate and we do everything together!”


this one baby!” I said quickly.

Aunt and aunt Kate laughs loudly… they give me thumbs up.

“We can’t let our mates interfere everytime!” Aunt Kate said.

Xander scoffs loudly and fold his arms on his chest…I wanted to ask him something but I pause when I realize he’s receiving a mind-link.

He snaps back and clears his throat.

“Mom, aunt, my mate and I are gonna head back now!”

“Why? I still have a lot of catching up to do with Alexa!” Aunt Kate said.

“Something important came up and we must leave!”

I frown.. something important? Aunt is also mirroring my expression.

“Alexa, will stay, she haven’t tried on her dress yet!” Aunt said gesturing to the white dresses hanging on a rail.

Xander sighs and turns to me, he leans down and places a lingering kiss on my forehead.

*Connor and Tyler are waiting for me at the border, something happened… I’ll tell you about it later!* He mind-link me.

*Ok, do take care!* I replied.

*I will, I have to go… I love you!*

I feel my blushing but reply him anyway.

*I love you!*

*Don’t let mom stress you too much ok?*

I nod. He kisses my forehead once more before rushing towards the exit.

“Awwwn, they make me wanna go back to my old days!” Aunt said.

“Right? I feel like getting young again!” Aunt Kate replies.

Wait, are they talking about Xander and I? My cheeks grows even redder.

“She’s blushing, she’s blushing!” Aunt Kate said.

I blush even more. Can’t they stop making me blush? I clear my throat.

“Aunt, should I try on my dress now?” I asked, trying to change the topic.

“Yes, dear, I have been waiting for this part!”

We got up and walk towards the dresses, aunt Kate looks at them and turns to us with a frown.

“Wedding dress?”

“Yes” aunt replies.

“Hmm, I’ll get to see someone in a wedding gown for the first time in a while now!”

I look through the dresses and my eyes catches one…though it’s kinda plain but I like it.

“Aunt, can I try this on?”

They both turns to me and studies the gown for a while, then they nod their heads.

I look around, looking for where to change.

“Go behind that shield!” Aunt shows me a shield.


Writer’s pov 🎀


“Alpha!” Connor, Tyler and some other warriors greets Xander when he reaches the scene.

He was in his wolf form, his clothes in his mouth…he had taken them off to avoid ripping them while he was shifting.

He drops his clothes in the ground and quickly shift back and Tyler stretches out a basketball truck to him.


takes it and wears it.

“Where’s the body?” He asked.

Connor points at a body a few inches away from him… Xander walks closer to the body, he squats and studies it.

“Where’s the doctor?” He asked.

“Alpha!” The doctor replies and steps forward.

He was keeping his medical tools.

“Have you checked him?”

“Yes, alpha!”

“What’s the cause of death?” Xander asked.

“Reporting to the alpha, gender male, species werewolf, rank pack member…. ”

“I bloody know that!” Xander growls angrily and everyone flinches. “Say something I don’t f$cking know!”

The doctor nods.

“Yes, alpha. Head bashed on a hard surface… Neck stabbed deeply… Heart ripped off and nails removed… ”

Xander cuts him off with a growl, he grinds his teeth against each other angrily.

“F$cking get to the point!”

“Yes, Alpha! Died of excessive bleeding!”

Xander gets up.

“Who found this body?!” He asked.

The guards guiding the border steps back slowly, they’re all scared to speak.

“I asked a question!!”

Three of the guards frighteningly steps forward, their bodies shaking in fear.

“W-we, we did… Alpha!” They replied.

“Then did you see who dropped it here?”

They shake their heads. Xander narrows his eyes.

“Who were guiding this particular area?!”

Another set of three guards steps forward.. judging from their reaction one can clearly tell that they’re scared.

“Did you leave your post this morning?!”

“N-no Alpha!”

“Then you saw who dumped this body here!”

They remain silent. He growls lowly and they quickly shakes their head.

“How did it get here then?!”

“W-we don’t know, Alpha… we just suddenly passed out and found the body here when we woke up… we were scared of taking the blame.. so we hide and let those three find the body…” One of the guards explain… stumbling on his words.

Xander nods and glare at the six guards.

“Six of you, 200 laps round the training ground!”

They stare at Xander with their eyes widen in fear… Their training ground is a very wide and long field… Nobody will voluntarily run 10 laps on it.

“Go now!!” Xander roars.

Without arguments they runs off.

“Whose fighters are those?” He asked.

“Mine!” Tyler replied.

“Yours?! And you are proudly admitting that?!”

“I’m sorry, alpha!”

“Sorry?! Are these the kind of fighters you’re training for me?! Huh?! They can’t even best my dad’s laziest fighter!”

“I’m sorry, alpha, I didn’t train them well” Tyler apologise.

“Anyone can get past them and come into the pack..” he points at the body. “This is what happened when your fighters are on guard, can you take responsibility for this?!”

Tyler stays silent… Xander runs his fingers through his hair frustratingly.

He’s thinking of how his dad is gonna punish him for this.. because it was his men on guard.

“Go and reflect on your training skills, 150 laps, go!”

“Yes, Alpha!” Tyler said and runs off in the same direction with those six.

He turns to Connor.

“Mind-link Dylan, tell him to get his fighters here to replace Tyler’s!”

“Yes, Alpha!”

Xander turns to a guard standing next to him.

“Find his the deceased family and report back to the king’s office.. I’ll be there!”

“Yes, Alpha!”

He signals them to carry the deceased away.

“Right, Alpha, the doctor found this in the guy’s mouth…” Connor said and hands Xander a paper. “Also, there’s a letter written on his hand.. letter K!”

Xander opens the paper and reads.

*Today it’s a pack member you probably don’t know… Next time it might be someone close to you!*

Xander squeezes the paper in his hands and grit his teeth.

“I’m bringing this to my dad, mind-link your mate, tell her to go to my mate and stay with her at all time until I arrive!”

“Yes, alpha!” Connor replies as Xander rushes off.


Alexa’s pov 🎀

I look at myself one last time in the mirror and take off the gown.. I hang it back on the rack.

“Alexa, that gown really fits you perfectly!” Aunt compliment me.

“Thanks aunt!”

Aunt Kate suddenly burst into laughter as if she just remembers something.

“Time really does fly, now little Xander has got a mate too!” She said.

Aunt takes my hand and leads me back to our chairs, Aunt Kate follows behind us.

“Right, let’s tell Alexa how Xander ends up having May as his girlfriend and you as his wife!” Aunt said.

My eyes lits up in excitement, I can’t wait to hear his embarrassing moments.

We sit down and aunt clears her throat.

“When Xander was three years old, he heard people saying mate, mate. One day he asked the meaning of mate and his dad explained as best as he could to Xander and Xander said he’ll soon find his mate…. Two days later, May came back from Australia… she was wearing a white dress and honestly speaking, May is naturally beautiful… like she doesn’t need any make-up…”

I nod, aunt May is truly beautiful… I sometimes get jealous of her beauty anytime I remember her face.

Werewolves are all beautiful… Why am I not?!

“…. little Xander saw May and he was awestruck because of her beauty, then he said mate, that he has found his mate… We laugh at him and try to explain to him that May is his aunt and can’t be his mate but he wasn’t having any of it… He started crying and stomping his feet on the ground… ”

I laugh… I try to imagine Xander’s crying baby face and I laugh even more… It’s gonna be so cute.

“Are you imagining his crying face right now?” Aunt Kate asked and I nod.

She joins me laughing, even aunt paused and joins in the laugh too.

“…. to make him calm down, May then promised to be his girlfriend.. and he was like, do you promise to be my girlfriend forever, ever, ever.. May nod and said yes!” Aunt concluded her story.

Such a funny story.. now I know how Aunt May became his girlfriend.

“Then how did you became his wife, Aunt Kate?” I asked.

“Oh, mine is even funnier!” She said and burst into another fit of laughter.

She quickly sobers up though and clears his throat.

“Xander doesn’t have any friends when he was growing up.. no! He have friends but doesn’t like playing with them.. he’s always on his own space. So, one day, he was flying a kite and the kite got stuck in a tree… He climbed to the top… Honestly, up till now, I don’t know how he got to the top of the tree…”

“How old was he?” I asked.

“Six years!” Aunt replies.

“… He was able to get the kite but couldn’t climb down, he looked down from the tree top and fear grip him.. he hugged a branch and starts calling for help but no one heard him… Luckily I was passing by, then he saw me and yelled my name… I looked up and saw him, I asked him what he was doing there, instead of replying me.. he burst into tears…”

So Xander was such a cry baby when he was a kid.

“…. He sat on the tree with boogers hanging from his nose, crying, aunt save me, I’m scared!”

“Oh my goodness!” I exclaims and laughs again.

“I finally brought him down from the tree but Xander didn’t let me leave that place… He hugged my legs so tight and said I’m a wonder woman and must marry him… He didn’t let me go until I promised to be his wife” aunt Kate shakes her head as she finish her story.

We all burst into laughter, I never knew Xander was such a cute baby.

As we are still laughing, the alarm I set on my phone went off… I quickly reach for my phone and finds out it’s 7:50am already… Time for school.

Aunt said I should go back home.. what excuse should I give now?

As if God heard my prayers, my phone starts ringing.. I check it and see it’s Joyce calling.

I quickly answer it.

“Hey Joyce!”

“Hey, Luna, where are you?”

“I’m with Xander’s Mom!” I reply.

Aunt and Aunt Kate are still laughing and reminiscing something about the past together.

“Oh, I’m outside the palace, I’ll come get you!” Joyce said.

“No, no, no! Wait for me there, I’m coming out now!” I said.

If I let her come in, aunt won’t let me leave with her, she’ll know I’m going to school.

“Ok!” Joyce replies and hangs up.

I turn to my two aunts.

“Aunt, I’m going home to rest, I’m feeling kinda tired!”

“Oh, right, wait let me send some guards to go with you!” She said.

I get up shaking my head.

“No, aunt, Joyce is waiting for me outside!”

“Joyce? Are you sure?”

“Yes, I should get going!”

Aunt nod, aunt Kate waves me and I rushes out.

To be continued.

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