All The Wrong Places

All the wrong places episode 12



Julianne slowly turned around to face Jin. He was
standing too close. She could feel his warm breath against
her face.

“I named this place The Arabella when I was building it,”
he continued. “And that’s also why I have to tear it down.”
She bit her lip as tears rolled down her cheeks. She felt
his hands on both sides of her cheeks. His face descended
towards hers as he took her lips in one chaste kiss.
“Jin…” she started saying.
“Arabella…” he whispered against her lips. His voice was
low, but thick with emotions. “Just this once. Please…
choose me.”

He sounded sincere… and desperate. And it broke
Julianne’s heart even more. She remembered the time that
she would have given everything to stay with this man. If
she had the freedom then… if she hadn’t been scared of
what her father or McAllister would do to him… she would
choose him. Over. And over.
He raised her face towards him and then he kissed her
once again. She offered no resistance. She let him kiss her…
gently at first. And then slowly, his kisses became
demanding. He kissed her with a raging passion that
matched the wrath of the storm outside the glass house.
His arms wrapped around her waist as he pulled her to
him, trying to get as close to her as possible. He continued
pushing her towards the sofa. He never released her mouth.
He was exploring her, entering her soul. She was
mesmerized, drowned in the pool of desire he was pushing
her in.
It was getting warmer inside the glass house. Outside,
the storm was getting stronger. His kisses were getting more demanding. And she was slowly getting lost in the

“Ma belle…” he whispered against her skin as he
nuzzled her neck. “You are driving me insane.”
He gently peeled off her coat. He took off his jacket.
He kept kissing her as he continued to unbutton her
sweater. Slowly, he undressed her, kissing every bit of skin
he exposed.
Piece by piece.
Kiss after kiss.
Breath by breath.
m0an after m0an.
Oh my God! Am I really going to fall for this?
Her mind was screaming danger signs all over. She
knew Jas Mathieu. She trusted him. She knew he would take
care of her. He wouldn’t break her heart.
But this is Jin Starck!
The wolf in sheep’s skin. The devil disguised as an
Jin stared back at her, his eyes blazing with desire. His
face descended towards hers and he whispered, “Tu es
ravissante. Restez avec moi… ma belle.”
The minute his lips touched hers again, all doubts, all
warning signs flew out the window. Her mind went blank. All
she could think about was him and his mouth devouring
hers… and the electricity radiating from his skin.
“Jin…” she m0aned in a voice she couldn’t even

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He left a trail of kisses from the base of her neck, to
the slope of her shoulders and then he returned to her lips
again, tracing it with his tongue, gently goading her to open
her mouth, asking for entrance. An entrance which she
couldn’t help but grant.
He gently pushed her towards the sofa. She landed on
the soft cushions and he landed on top her, caging her,preventing her from escaping him, not that she would want
to escape him at the moment. She wasn’t herself anymore.
She was lost.
He nudged her knees apart as he pressed firmly
against her. She could feel him against her core. He was
rock hard. They were only separated now by the thin
material of her cotton panties, and his boxer briefs.


nuzzled her neck once again. She felt his hot
kisses trail down her chest. He sucked on the skin of her
[email protected] She almost screamed when she felt his mouth on
one of her peaks, gently nipping, then eagerly sucking.
“Oh my God, Jin!” she breathed.
“You like that, baby?” he asked in a hoarse whisper.
He sucked on her n!pole again.
“Oh God, yes!” she heard herself say. She was
completely surrendering to this.
She felt his hand between her thighs. He touched her
most intimate part.
“fvck!” she cursed softly.
He kissed her lips again. His kisses were much more
invading and demanding than the last ones.
“Soon, ma belle!” he whispered. He pulled her
underwear to the side so he could touch her without
barriers. She could feel her own w€tness through his fingers.
“fvck! It’s gonna be sooner than I thought! You’re so ready
for me, baby! I can’t wait to have you again.”

“Jin… please.” She couldn’t take the feeling of his
fingers on her. It was pure torture. He caressed her bud and
she felt fire ignite from her core. “Oh God! What are you
doing to me?”
“I’m gonna make you scream, ma belle!”
She felt him nudge her thighs so she could open them
wider, give him better access to the treasure between them.
Then she felt a finger invade her.
“God!” she m0aned.
At the same time, she felt his thumb on her button,
rubbing her in gentle circles as he touched her sensitive
spot from inside.
“Jin!” She could feel more w€tness coming out of her,
she must be drenching the fabric of the sofa. “Please!”
It had been a long time since she felt pleasure like
this. She hadn’t had s£x again since her first time. And now,
she couldn’t believe she was about to give herself again to
the same man she gave her virginity to.
He kissed her savagely. His tongue invaded her mouth
with as much urgency as his fingers were invading her
sweet core.


like that, baby?”
“Yes…” she breathed. She could barely find her voice.
“Give it to me, ma belle,” he commanded. “Come for
me. I want you to be very ready to take me.”
“Jin, please…”
“Come for me, sweetheart. I can barely hold it
together,” he said, as he looked at her with eyes that were
drunk with passion, raw with hunger, dark with desire.
He hit that sweet spot inside her at the same time he
pressed on her bud, driving her towards the edge.
“Oh my God, Jin! Jas! Oh my God!” she m0aned
loudly, not caring anymore who might hear them.
He gave her pleasure. He gave her fireworks. He
raptured her soul.
She shattered right before his eyes. And when she
opened hers again, she found him staring at her, content
was evident on his face. He pulled his fingers away from her
core and brought them to his mouth, tasting her nectar, the
evidence of her surrender.
“You taste as good as I remember. Sweet. Heaven.”
Then his face descended towards hers as he kissed
her gently. She could almost taste herself on his lips.
And then in one swift motion and without further
warning, he entered her.
“Holy mother of…” she cursed. She had forgotten how
big he was.
He didn’t move immediately, giving her time to adjust
to his size.
“Are you okay?” he asked.
She nodded. “It’s just that… you’re big.”
“And you’re too tight, ma belle. You’re suffocating
me,” he breathed. “But damn, you feel so good!”
Slowly he started moving. Gently. He was looking at
her intensely. Soon, she had fully adjusted to him. She could
feel pleasure slowly building up within her again.

“You feel good, love,” he said. “God! You fit me like a
glove! Snug… tight. Perfect. Like you were made for me.”
He kissed her again. Then his thrusts became faster,
more urgent than before.
“Oh God! Love!” he m0aned. “Arabella…”
Her core began to ignite once more. She became
w€tter and w€tter by the second. He filled her perfectly,
touching her in all the right places inside. Every thrust he
made stimulated that sensitive spot that made her hunger
for more.

“Jin… please…” she whispered.
“What do you want, baby?”
She pulled him to her, so she could give him
demanding kisses this time. “Make me come again!”
She felt him smile against her lips. Then he whispered,
“My pleasure, ma belle.”
He pushed himself up. Then he took both her legs and
slung them on his shoulders. He put both his hands on her
hips and then he started pounding her—hard, giving her
strong, powerful thrusts. Julianne felt that her second
rapture was inevitable.
“Oh, my God!”
He wasn’t gentle anymore. He was a man on a
mission. He was a beast consumed with desire. And Julianne felt like she could no longer take the pleasure he was giving
She could hear the sound of his body slamming
against hers. She could hear the sound of her own w€tness
as he pushed and pulled from her… over and over.

“God, Arabella!” he said in a low, hoarse voice. “You’re
driving me mad! I’ve never wanted anyone like this before!”
“Jin! Faster! Oh God, I’m so close!” she demanded. If
he stopped, it would drive her insane. “Don’t stop, don’t
stop! Please don’t stop!”
She couldn’t believe it! An hour ago, she was making
him promise not to kiss her again. Now, she was demanding
that he doesn’t stop thrusting in and out of her. “Jin… please
don’t stop!”
“Never, baby!” he breathed. “I don’t think I would be
able to stop from now on!”
He gave her one strong thrust that hit her right on her
spot and finally pushed her to the cliff of oblivion.
“Oh my God, I’m coming! I’m coming!” she screamed,
not caring who heard her.

He released her legs and leaned forward to kiss her
lips, swallowing her cries and still pumping within her to ride
her through ecstasy. Then she heard him cry, “fvck! I’m
coming too! Damn!”
Then she felt him pulsating inside her. He was filling
her up with his hot fluid. He buried himself within her even
deeper and it intensified her pleasure even more.
She didn’t know how long it lasted, but she wished it
could have lasted a lifetime. They were both in Nirvana. It
was the most powerful orgasm of her life, even better than
the one he gave her when they first made love and she
thought nothing could top that.
When she opened her eyes again, he was staring
down at her with gentler eyes. He smiled and then he
leaned forward to give her a soft kiss on the lips. He was still in her, not releasing her, as if he, too, was scared to break
the magic.

“You’re amazing!” he whispered and then he gave her
cheek a kiss. He left a trail of light kisses from her ear to her
chin. Then he gave her lips another kiss. “Are you okay?”
She nodded. “Why wouldn’t I be?”
“I was a bit rough,” he replied. “I’m sorry. I think I lost
She gave her a soft laugh. “That makes the two of us.”
“You were too beautiful… I couldn’t hold anything
She reached up to gently touch his cheek. “It was
good that you didn’t. I’ve never felt like that before.”
“I did,” he whispered. “The first time we made love.”
“You were gentler that time.”
“I had to be…” he started saying and then he trailed

She raised a brow at him, waiting for him to continue.
But instead, he kissed her lips once again and then he
gently pulled out of her.
He reached down and pulled something from under
the sofa. Julianne realized that the sofa had a drawer under
it. He pulled a white fur-like blanket from the drawer and
then he draped it over both of them. He pulled her into his
arms, making her rest her head on his shoulder. She felt
warm and comfortable.
Just then, she realized that she had s£x in public…
well, almost public.

“Oh my God! Do you think somebody could see us
from outside?”
“Of course not,” he said. “The bushes around the
house were perfectly arranged to obscure what’s inside. I’m
quite particular with my privacy.”
She propped up on her elbow and raised a brow at
him. “Hmmm… how many women have you brought here?”
He stared back at her in surprise. Then he laughed.
Julianne was almost shocked because she didn’t expect
that. Jin Starck does not laugh. At least that’s how they
describe him.
She realized how ridiculous she sounded. “I’m sorry. I
was out of line. I had no right to ask that.”

He reached forward to push a lock of stray hair away
from her face.
“I didn’t know why I bought a sofa as big as this and
placed it here. It’s big enough to be a day bed. But now…
I’m thankful that I did,” he said. He tilted her chin up so she
could look him in the eye. “It’s safe to say that the only
woman I’ve brought inside The Arabella… is Arabella
She smiled at him shyly. He smiled back. Then he
pulled her gently towards him. She rested her head against
the crook of his shoulder.
Outside, the weather got worse. They could see the
lightning in the skies above them. The rain poured heavily
against the glass roof.
“This glass house is storm proof, is it?” she asked
“Of course, it is,” he assured her. “We’re safe here
until morning.” He gently caressed her arm. “Sleep,
Arabella. I will wake you up when it’s time to go.”
“Hmmm…” she murmured as she closed her eyes.

The storm may be raging outside but right at that
moment, Julianne felt warm and safe. And for the first time
in many years, she felt like it was okay to take a break… to
escape. And she was glad that she chose to stay with him
this time.
Even just this one last time.

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