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All The Wrong Places episode 24



Julianne spent the rest of the afternoon washing the
curtains and beddings so she could dry them and use them
immediately. The delivery came around three in the
afternoon and Jin paid the delivery guys extra so they could
assemble and install the shelves, tables and chairs.

Julianne cooked pesto pasta and baked éclair squares.
Then she prepared a blend of fruit juice. She brought the
tray out in the backyard for Jin.
She found him talking on the phone, with his back
towards her.

“Gatwick, just get it done,” he was saying to the other
person on the line. “I will give you the address and phone
number by email. Tell the guy that money is not a problem.
Pay him a premium. Double the price if needed. Then I want
works to commence immediately after you close the deal.”
He paused to listen to the other guy. Then he added. “No.
Dad will not question this because I will not use Starck
Corp’s resources. It’s my personal project. You know I can
afford that all on my own. Comprenez-vous?”
He hung up the phone and turned around to face her.

“That sounded intense,” she commented. “You could
use a break.”
She placed the tray on the table.
“You cooked?”
“No. I just waived my hands in the air and chanted,
‘Abracadabra!’” she said in a teasing tone.
“Ha-ha,” he chuckled and pinched her nose playfully.
She handed him a plate of pasta with toasted garlic
bread. Then she poured him a glass of juice.
He took a bite of his pasta. Then he stared back at her
and smiled.
“This is really good! I haven’t had pesto as good as
this.” And he attacked his pasta like he hadn’t eaten in

Julianne smiled to herself. Her chicken pesto spaghetti
was Jared’s favorite too.
Like father, like son.
He drank his juice. “What’s in this thing?”
“Cucvmber, mint and melon,” she replied.
“Very nice,” he said.
When he took a bite of the eclairs, he was smiling like
a little kid.
He shook his head. He finished his éclair and then
pulled her to him.

“What are you grinning about?”
He hugged her and then he whispered in her ear,
“Damn, my woman can cook.”
“Well, I was afraid I was a bit out of practice,” she
said, pulling away. “I used to have my own kitchen in my
father’s house. When I lived in Italy, I invaded Abi’s kitchen
most of the time. She was always busy anyway. But when I
arrived at the Adams Mansion, they had plenty of help
around, they did not allow me much in the kitchen.”
“So, you’re really happy you have your own kitchen
She beamed. “Hell yeah! I’m gonna buy a lot of
kitchenware, after I settle everything here.”
“You deserve a bigger kitchen.”
“Well, right now, that’s all I could afford and it’s more
than enough. Maybe someday, when I have my own
brownstone house, I will make space for a bigger kitchen.”
“You should do that,” he said.
She looked at what Jin had done on the backyard. He
had cut some wood and nailed them to make frames for a
vertical garden.
“Wow! I didn’t know you have some skill on
“Carpentry. Landscaping,” he said. “Contrary to
everyone’s perception, Starck Corp. was created not just
inside the boardrooms. A lot of it was built on sweat and
hard labor.”
“You’re really good at this stuff.”
She heard him take a deep breath. “Do you remember
the glass house I named after you?”
She nodded and then looked away from him. “Wh-
what about it?”
“I didn’t just ask the contractors to build that. I put in
a lot of work in that too.”
“Well, that’s why it’s a pity you had to tear it down,”
she murmured.


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kept quiet for a while. Then he walked towards the
shelves he created on the wall. Julianne could imagine what
a beautiful vertical garden she could make out of it.
“It’s beautiful. I can’t wait to buy pots and flowers for
“We can go tomorrow,” he said.
“Are you sure you’re still okay to help me tomorrow? I
know you’re a very busy man.”
He shrugged. “Gatwick will call me if something
requires my personal attention.”
“Okay. I still needed to pick out some stuff for Jared’s
Rubik’s cube room.”
He laughed. “I will paint his room tomorrow.”
“Are you sure? I mean… I could do it, but you’re more
experienced than me.”
He raised a brow at her, “Seriously? You’re asking me
if I’m okay with painting a wall? Ma belle, it’s like you’re
asking a child if he’s okay to stay in a playground.”
“Okay. Then I’ll be in the kitchen. Cooking,” she said
brightly. “What would you like to eat?”
“Surprise me,” he gave her a challenging grin. “I’ll eat
anything you cook.”
She nodded. “Okay. I hope you won’t be
“Never,” he said, leaning forward and kissing her
She went to the table to gather the tray and the


should put a pergola on this area. And then some
outdoor lights,” he suggested.
She nodded. “Great idea. I’ll save up for it. I’ll do it
later. But if it’s too expensive, then no. I’m just renting. This
house isn’t mine. It will be a waste if I don’t renew the lease
next year.”
He nodded. “If you decide to give it a go, let me know.
I can design it for you. Unique and economical.”
She smiled. “I’ll keep that mind.”
It was already nine in the evening when they decided
to stop the works and have dinner. Julianne cooked honey
glazed pork chops with steamed vegetables. Jin helped her
wash the dishes and clean up the table.
Afterwards, Julianne took a warm bath in the masters’
bedroom on the second floor. Jin took a shower on the
ground floor bathroom.
He was sitting on the sofa, browsing through the TV
channels when she came down, wearing a silk sleeveless
nightdress and a robe.
“What are you watching?” she asked.
“Nothing in particular,” he replied.
He took her hand in his and pulled her to him so she
could sit on his lap. Then he leaned back on the sofa, and
she rested her head against his shoulder.

He settled on a comedy show. He was lazily rubbing
her forearm while they were watching.
Julianne’s emotions were on a haywire. She knew that
she wasn’t supposed to enjoy this too much because this would not last forever. But she couldn’t help but wonder
what it would have been like if she hadn’t left him, and if he
knew he was Jared’s father.

Would we be together like this? Like a family?
She heaved a deep sigh. She would love to give Jared
a complete, happy family.
“Are you okay?” he asked.
She looked up at him. “Yeah. You?”
He smiled at her and he leaned forward and kissed
her lips. “I’m more than okay, ma belle. Right now, I feel
He took her lips in his and gave her a deep passionate
kiss. She accepted his kisses. She welcomed the electricity
that radiated from his skin to hers. He leaned her down on
the sofa, and she felt him shift so half of his body was on
top of her.

He nuzzled her neck and she felt his hand creeping
upwards on her thighs. She m0aned, anticipating the places
where his hands would touch her.
She felt him squeeze her butt cheek as he lifted her
leg to give him better access to her body. Then he lifted his
hand higher on her body until it rested on the base of her
[email protected] He gently rested his thumb on top of her n!pole,
lightly teasing it over the soft material of her nightgown. Her
breaths started getting heavier, her m0ans started to get
“You’re mine, my love,” he whispered against her skin.
“Hmmm… for tonight… all night…” she m0aned as he
pressed his body harder against hers.
He nipped at her earlobe. Then he trailed kisses to the
base of her neck, sucking on the skin, gently bruising it and
marking her.

“God, Jin!” she m0aned. She could feel a rush of fluid
between her legs. He pressed against her and she felt him
on her thighs. He was rock hard, eager in his desire.
He gave her a hard kiss on the lips and then he
stopped. She blinked back at him in confusion.
He grinned at her mischievously. Then he gently got
up from the sofa. She saw his manhood—hard and wanting
—as it started to form a tent against his pajama pants. He
bent down and lifted her on his arms like she weighed

“Come, my love,” he said in a hoarse voice. “I
promised myself I would make love to you on a proper bed
the next time around.”
She giggled. “You are a man who knows how to keep
his promises.”
He carried her upstairs to the master’s bedroom. He
laid her down on the bed and took off his shirt. Then he
kissed her lips thoroughly. “God! You drive me insane with
lust, ma belle. I cannot wait to be inside you again!”
She kissed him back. “Why are you waiting?”
He chuckled. “Patience, you little minx. We have all
night. I will take you on a ride you will never forget.”
He pulled her robe off her. Then he bit at her shoulder,
sucking on her skin, doubtlessly leaving another mark.
“Do you want this, love?”
“Say it,” he demanded. He sucked on her skin again,
as he grazed his hand higher on her thighs. “I want you to
tell me what you want me to do to you.”
“Jin… I want… I want you to… make me scream,” she
He smiled against her skin. “My pleasure, love. I will
make you scream my name over and over.”
He was kissing her passionately on the lips when she
suddenly remembered something.
“Oh my God, Jin, wait.”
“Something wrong, ma belle?” he asked. Concern was
written all over his face.

“I… don’t think I’m safe today.”
He drew his brows together.
“I mean, I’m not safe,” she repeated. “Do you have a
He shook his head. “No, I don’t.”
She blinked back at him. “Why?”
“What do you mean, why?”
“I mean, don’t guys usually keep a condom in their
cars or in their wallets?”
“Well… not me.”
“Because contrary to my reputation, ma belle, I don’t
do one night stands. I have never needed emergency
protection before. I always come prepared because when I
engage in s£xual activity, it’s always planned. So, I bring a
condom then.”
“What about now? You didn’t bring one. You weren’t
planning this at all?” she asked, raising a challenging brow
at him.

He grinned at her and gently kissed her lips. “Oh no.
I’ve been thinking about this night ever since I left your
room last week. This was planned and thought of well ahead
of time.”
“Why didn’t you bring protection then?”
“Because I didn’t want to,” he replied. “I want to feel
you… all of you. I won’t settle for anything less, love.”
“Jin, I might get—”
“Pregnant again?” he cut her off. Then he kissed her
lips, as he nudged her knees apart. “I bet Jared would love
to have a little sister or brother.
Would you agree?”
“Jin Starck!” she scolded him.
He merely laughed. “I don’t care, Arabella,” he said.
“We’ll deal with it. And this time, you wouldn’t have to go
through your pregnancy alone.”
“Okay, fine. I’ll pull out, if that will make you feel
better. But after this, maybe we should start looking at
contraceptives, if you don’t want to get pregnant yet.”
“Or we could stop this after tonight,” she said.

He shook his head. “Good luck with that. You can try
and stop me. But I don’t think you will succeed.”
“God, Jin, why are we doing this?”
He sighed and kissed her gently. “Because I want you
with every fiber of my soul, ma belle. And you cannot deny
that you want me too.” He shook his head. “So, stop fighting
this, Arabella. You’re mine and you know it.”
“Only for tonight,” she whispered.
He gave her a naughty smile. “Ten bucks say, I can
change your mind about that and we’re going to be doing
the same thing tomorrow night.”
“You’re a bundle of conceit, aren’t you?”
He pushed her back to bed, and pressed his hips
forward, putting pressure on her sweet core. She m0aned.

“Your mind might be denying me, ma belle… but you
cannot deny that your body responds to me with intense
passion,” he said. “So, I’m gonna do this right, if this is the
way to make you come back for more of this… more of us.”
He took her lips in another head-spinning kiss. Then
she felt his hands creep up from under her gown, until she
felt his palm on her bare [email protected], gently kneading it, sending
her head to the clouds. She spread her legs wider
involuntarily, causing him to rub his manhood against her
core even more.
He bent his head and she felt his w€t kiss on her
[email protected] Then he took one of her peaks into his mouth,
causing her to squirm in pleasure. She felt him circle her
pink tip with his tongue.
“Oh my God!” she m0aned.
He kept torturing her n!poles. She was lost in her
desire. She was completely giving in to him.
She felt his hands between her legs. In one motion, he
pulled her underwear on the side so he could touch her

“Damn!” she cursed.
“Tsk, tsk,” he said. “You’re so ready for me, ma belle.”
“Jin, please, take me!” she begged.
“No,” he said. “Not yet, my love. I plan to torture you
some more.”
“No, please!”
He removed his fingers from her core. She saw him
bring his fingers to his lips, sucking on the nectar he
gathered from her pearl.
“Damn, you taste so sweet!” he said.
He nuzzled her neck and then he left a trail of kisses
from her chest down to her stomach. He went down further
until he was dangerously close to her mons.

“Oh my God!” she m0aned. “Jin, no!”
She started pulling away. No one has ever gone down
on her before. And she suddenly felt shy and embarrassed.
“Yes, love,” he said, kissing the insides of her thigh.
She wanted to pull away, but the sensations he was
giving her was clouding her judgment.
“Jin…” she m0aned. “No, please.”
She struggled and he blinked back at her in surprise.

He pulled himself up so he could look into her eyes.
“What’s the problem, love?”
“No, please don’t go down there.”
“Why? Is something wrong?”
She shook her head. “It’s just that… I haven’t…
nobody has…”
He stared back at her in surprise. And then he smiled
at her, obviously pleased with the discovery. He leaned
forward and kissed her lips gently.
“There’s nothing to feel embarrassed about,” he
whispered. “I will make you feel so good, you’re going to
love this.”
She felt his fingers on her core. He was gently
caressing her, making her feel sensations that were brand
new to her. He kissed her lips gently, while his fingers
continue to brush against her sensitive bud and her w€t slit.
“Oh, God, Jin!” she breathed.
“Surrender yourself to me, ma belle,” he said. “Let me
make you feel good… let me make you scream!” She felt
one of his fingers slide inside her.
She fell back on the bed, m0aning. She felt him pull
her panties down so he could have better access to her
folds. Then suddenly, she felt her hot breath against her
sensitive center.

“Oh my God!”
This is really happening! He’s really going to do it.
Then she felt his hot tongue graze her slit and she
fought the urge to scream. He licked her, traced patterns on
her bud with his tongue. He opened her up so he could suck
up her nectar.

“fvck, you taste so good!”
“Jin…” she breathed. “Please…”
He continued lapping at her juices. She fought the
urge to scream. If before she was shy about oral s£x, now,
she was opening herself up to him. She felt his finger inside
her again as he sucked on her bud.
“Oh, God!” She wailed in pleasure. “Jin… please make
love to me now!”
“Not yet.”
“Jin… please…”
He lapped at her nectar more feverishly as his finger
continued its assault on her box. She was feeling all sorts of
sensations she almost could not control. He was undoing her
and she wondered how it was possible to lose control of all
your thoughts or feelings.

He didn’t speak. He blew on her bud and then he
sucked on it, while his finger kept rubbing her from inside.
She couldn’t hold it back anymore. She was falling
apart. She was breaking down. She was getting lost. She
was coming for him.
She fell over the edge, without a care of whether he
would catch her or not. She was wailing, not caring if her
neighbors could hear.

“Oh my God, oh my God, Jin!”
He moved on top of her swiftly. While she was still on
the throes of pleasure, he slipped inside her without warning
or hesitation.
She was coming down from her intense orgasm but
when he entered her, he needed only to pump a few times
and she was coming again. And her second orgasm was
more powerful than the first.
She held his face between her hands as she looked
into his eyes. He was pumping her like there’s no tomorrow,
intensifying her orgasm even more.

She lost count of how many times she came, or if she
ever stopped coming at all. He looked like he was struggling
to control his own release, trying to prolong their mating.
He kissed her gently.
“Am I hurting you, love?” he asked. “You feel so
fvcking good, I can’t help myself.”
She smiled at him naughtily. “Don’t you even dare
“Never!” he said. “I will never stop making love to
you, ma belle!” He kissed her gently.
He shifted a little so that he was kneeling on the bed
and her two legs were slung on his shoulder. Then he pulled
out of her and then he entered her again in one rough,
intense motion.

“Yes!” she m0aned. He withdrew and then just when
only his head was inside her, he came back in with a powerful thrust. He was giving her intense and long pumps.
“Oh my God, Jin!”
“You want more of me, baby?”
“Yes! Yes!”
“What do you want, my love?”
“You! I want you,” she breathed. “Make me come
again, Jin! Please!”
He smiled triumphantly. “My pleasure, ma belle.”

He held on to her legs tightly and kept pumping into
her, faster, harder, like a piston. She felt the buildup of
pleasure against her abdomen. And she knew she was going
to come harder than she did before.
“Jin, please!”
“Just wait for it, my love. I’m going to give it you!
Surrender yourself to me!”
His thrusts were getting more urgent, more
demanding. She could tell he was close too. He gave her
one deep thrust, and it was enough to push her to the edge.
“Oh, my God!” Her pleasure was ten times stronger
than before.

“fvck! Arabella! I can’t hold it anymore!” He gave her
one more thrust and then he abruptly pulled out of her as
his body collapsed on top of her.
As she was coming down from her orgasm, she felt his
body rock and he finally gave in to his release.
She wrapped her arms around his neck as she hugged
him to her, gently caressing his hair with her fingers.
He stopped shaking, he was breathing heavily on top
of her. She felt his hands and on both sides of her hips. He
was breathing through her hair.
Finally, he calmed down and he propped himself up on
his elbow so he could look into her eyes.

She smiled weakly at him.
“Hi,” he breathed.
“Hi,” she responded lazily.
“You’re the best I’ve ever had,” he said. “So, seriously,
good luck asking me to stay away.”
“So… you’re only in this for the s£x?”
He shook his head. “I’m in this for you—all of you.”
She smiled at him weakly. She reached up to touch his
cheek with her fingers. He turned sideways to kiss her palm.
“You’re probably right,” she said weakly. “We might do
this again tomorrow.”
He laughed and then he pulled away from her.
She sat up from the bed and composed herself. She
pulled up the straps of her night gown. She saw the liquid
mess they made on the bed.
“We’re going to need another sheet,” she said.

He nodded in agreement. He pulled her up and they
both got out of the bed.
“I’ll change the bedsheets,” he volunteered. “You can
go freshen up if you want.”
When Julianne saw herself in the mirror in the
bathroom, she felt embarrassed and giddy at the same
time. Her hair was disheveled, her lips were red and
swollen. One of the straps of her night dress was detached.

She was drenched between her legs and her neck and chest
were filled with hickeys. But she had a big smile on her face
and a blush that wouldn’t go away.
No doubt, she looked like a woman who had just been
thoroughly pleased by a man—a man she wanted with every
fiber of her soul. A man she fell in love with seven years
ago. A man, she knew in her heart, she was still in love with
She remembered what he said to her a while ago.
Seriously, good luck asking me to stay away.

I’m in this for you—all of you.
Could it be?
Could they have a chance for a future together?
Not because his body was craving hers, but because
he realized that he still had a heart and after all these years,it was still beating for her?

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