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Allison’s Diary episode 2


(Secrets ❎❎)
✏Allison’s POV✏
He raised a questioning brow at me when I said nothing nor took his palm..
He might be good looking but he’s still a total stranger, that’s a fact.
His hand slowly dropped to his side.
“He would’ve gotten away if you hadn’t stopped him, thank you!” I said, forcefully pushing my mind off his good looks.
Good looks can be deceptive, Bob taught me that and here I am, falling for it again.
I’m so unbelievable sometimes.
I picked my bag from the ground, ready to find my way home.

“What about my proposal?” He asked before I could take a step.
“I believe I’ve thanked you enough, or would you rather I pay cash?” I asked, making my stare blank.
“Ow! That was unexpected,” he said, tucking his palm into the pockets of his fitting sweatpant.
“I see you’re not the kind that tells her name to certain people-

“Strangers,” I corrected “Although, I’m really grateful for your help” I added, trying not to be too rude but if I get too sweet with this guy, I might end up falling into his cute-traps and probably have another Bob experience.

“Right!” He smiled “but how about a walk?” He asked.

“A walk?” I repeated, giving him a questioning look. “Are you new around here?” I asked.

“If by new you mean two days ago then yes. I’m here on a brief vacation” he said.

A vacation? In Lonatown? Of all amazing places, he chose this wretched town??
Hearing that makes him seem more deceptive to me..

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Sorry for prying but you searched and chose to come to this town for a vacation?” I asked, curiously.

“It’s really moderate around here but the vacation stuff wasn’t my idea, it’s a work thing” he said and I muttered an ‘oh’.
“I haven’t really seen much of this town, I plan to though,” he said, looking around quickly. “And you look quite messy, if you don’t mind you could clean up at my place, it’s just few walks from here”

“Your place?” I repeated suspiciously, then gave him a straight face. “Thanks but no thanks, I’ll be fine!” I expound, trying to take a step forward and away from him but the pain from my toe, intensified, sending me to a halt and releasing a hiss of pain from my lips.

“See? You chased that dude for minutes, you should be far from your destination but my Lodge is just over there. I don’t think you’ll be able to walk for long if you don’t clean that up” he said, referring to my legs and smiling slightly. I glanced at where he referred to and sight a hotel at a distance.

A hotel? Seriously.. isn’t that where bad stuffs happen?

“Don’t bother, I’ll take a cab” I replied him plainly.
“You won’t find one around here,” he said as I backed him, in an attempt to walk away, I tilt my head backward, giving him a look. “Trust me, I’ve been here long enough to know that” he said. “You can come with me!”
“I’m not following you to your hotel room, mister”

“It’s Jonas” he said.
“Whatever.. And you should stop insisting I follow you and mind your business when someone doesn’t want your supposed help” I said.
“If you’re scared I might do something belittling to you then I could leave the door wide open for you-
“What do you want from me?” I interrupted him.
“I just want to help you, nothing more” he said and I searched his gaze for his motive but I found nothing, he’s doing a good job hiding it.

“And I can’t refuse it?” I asked.
“Well, you could-
“Then I have, I don’t want your help a second time. Thanks again for earlier but I think our meeting should end here” I said.
“Okay then, if you insist” he said, his smile fading a little.

He’s right, I probably do look messy a bit but if he thinks it’ll make me follow him to his hotel room then he must be a joker..
I gave him a more observing look, he’s doing well hiding his emotions.
Ignoring the pricking pain at my toe that affected the rest of my leg, I turned and tried limping, clinging onto the bag in my palm but I guess the whole weight overthrew me and I lost my balance, falling.
A slow cry escape from my lips and halfway I saw myself hanging and something soft clinging to my skin to keep me in place..
I slowly stood on my feet, giving him a low look.
“So?” He shrugged.
“We leave the door open?” I found myself asking, much to my disappointment and fallen-pride.
He smiled. “Sure! I could carry you if you want”
I gave him a frown and he laughed, it was annoying yet beautiful.
“Just kidding. C’mon, I’ll help you with that” he took my bag before I could oppose. Well, I couldn’t carry it anyways so I let him do it.
As he walked, I found out my I couldn’t properly lift my injured leg and it caused me to limp.. He came to me and his arm [email protected] around my waist, I stilled at the unexpected touch but as if feeling no effect, he pulled me closer to himself..

“Let me help you” he offered and I nodded, suddenly speechless.
Shouldn’t permission be granted before action..
Somehow I knew I shouldn’t trust this dude but then again, I had to, at least for an hour or more..

“This would hurt a little” he said and before I could get prepared, he applied the soaked cotton wool on my toe. Caught unaware; I let out a small cry before shutting my eyes tightly and biting my lower lip to muffle the cry, my palms curling to tight fists beside me.
I felt the wool go off my toe but the pain didn’t as it bit deep but gradually it suppressed and I opened my eyes slowly to find him smiling..
“For a girl who fearlessly chased a thief, I didn’t think iodine should hurt you that much” he said and I gave him a glare, not replying to his taunt.

He wrapped the wound up, the blood had stopped and the pain wasn’t as biting as before, plus I could walk now.
“Thank you” I said, feeling a bit shy that I had almost ignored his kind offer. He had not only treated my wound, he had also let me use his bathroom and clean up the mess on my pants after I refuse his offer to change into one of his pants. “I feel much better now!”

“You’re welcome” he gave me a gentle smile.
I almost drowned in it but my ringing phone thankfully caught me half way, I quickly collected it and saw it was Dad..
“Ally, are you home already?” He asked.
“No, not yet. I sort of got into a mess on my way but I’m out now, I should be home in about twenty minutes” I said, reaching for my bag.
“Oh..thank goodness! Please be careful and call me when you get home, don’t forget, okay?” He asked.
“Sure!” I answered and he ended the call.
“I have to go now” I told him..
“I could drop you at your place if you want”

Okay, this kindness; surely can’t be ordinary.
“Thanks for the offer, but I’m fine on my own” I said.
He nodded wryly.
“Oh well.. if you say so but can I at least get a name? I’m afraid I won’t be seeing you again since I’ll be leaving this town today” He said and just immediately, his phone rang, gladly interrupting us..
He excused himself to answer it and I quickly used that opportunity, grabbed my bag and head of his room.
I got to the exterior of the building and began walking fast, scanning around for a cab and fortunately my legs didn’t hinder me.
I was able to sight a cab at a corner and I quickly hailed it, it drove to me and I got in immediately before giving my destination to him.
As the ride lengthened, I couldn’t help but start to guilty about the way I left without his notice..
He had said he’d be leaving today and we won’t be crossing path, I felt relieved and at the same time disturbed about it. I should’ve at least told him my name but somehow I still feel skeptical about him..
Well, we won’t be seeing again, it’d have been useless knowing anything about ourselves anyways and I’d get over this unexplainable feeling.

After some minutes, the cab pulled up at my place and I paid and climbed down, grabbing my bag as I did. I walked into the house and first chugged down a bottle of water from the kitchen after dropping the bags on the cabinet.
I glanced at the time, it was already noon so I went out and picked the laundry from the line.. I had quickly done it before leaving for the market.
I checked my to-do list and sighed when I realised, I had only two chores left. I made a sandwich for lunch and ate it up right there in the kitchen before grabbing my phone to call Dad..
“Hey honey, are you home?” He asked.
“Yes!” I replied.
“Great. I left some money on the shelf , They’re for Mrs Rogers, she called me earlier that she isn’t home now but she’ll be coming for it anytime soon, give it to her when she comes” he said.
“Okay, I will” I answered “were you able to get your pay?”
“Not yet, our boss seem kind of tense today. Is your mom home for her break yet?” He asked.
“No but she should be in a few minutes, I have stuffs to do now, so I’m hanging up” I said.
“Of course, bye” dad said and I hung up. I walked back to the kitchen, quickly cleaned up and did the dishes, I made some herbal tea for mom; she always takes it instead of coffee cos of her constant slight illness.
And just incase your wondering, my mom works in a bakery, the only bakery in Lonatown and she’s sometimes given a break at noon while dad works as a gardener in a mansion that’s a little farther from Lonatown, the salary wouldn’t have benefited that much if dad didn’t have an old truck that he uses to transport himself.

That aside, I began unloading the grocery items in my bag and arranging them in the store and refrigerator, depending on what it was. As I took out a pack of raw meat, a paper fell with it and curiously, I picked it up..
It was a short paper with a phone number in it and a small note.
**Hey, it’s me, Jonas. And that’s my digit since I knew I wouldn’t be able to get yours. I’m not harmful, you would’ve noticed that and I don’t have any bad intentions either, so would you please give me a call? It’d mean a lot to me and I will be expecting it greatly I know your pretty heart wouldn’t want to turn my harmless want down. You can hide your number if you want**
How did he manage to slip this into the bag, probably when I was washing up or when I had shut my eyes. I stared at the number, contemplating. I left it aside and finished unpacking the bag, I walked out to finish up with the rest of my work.
By the time I was done, i felt slightly worn out. I walked to the kitchen and poured myself some milk from the bottle, I drank it up, feeling better; I washed the cup and as I turned to head to the living room, I saw the note and I took it up, walking to the living room with it..

His line began ringing and nervously I bit on my lower lip, rolling the hem of my dress on my index finger.. I didn’t know what made me take the decision of calling and at the same time not ending it immediately..
I had the chance to but I couldn’t, it could’ve been too late already anyways.. I’m at a dead end now, since it’s ringing..
At the extended, I got more nervous. He sure did seem harmless but at a time harmful or probably not..
Geez.. what’s wrong with me and why is he not answering the call?
Is he not with his phone?
Gosh! Why did I even call? I should’ve..
“Hello” the sudden answer made me jerk, but there was something off about the voice.
“Um hello-
“who is this?” The impatient voice cut me off, I could guess irritation went with it but then again.. it wasn’t his voice.
It was a female’s..
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