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Allison’s diary episode 3


(Secrets ❎❎)
✏Jonas POV✏
“Yes?” I answered the call, carefully locking the bathroom door.
“Are you busy?” He asked. “Can you come over to my place, it’s important” he said.
“I planned to”
“Great.. so, I’ll be expecting you” he said.
“Sure” I said and ended the call.
I walked out of the bathroom and realized that she wasn’t there, neither were her bags, she left.
I smiled cockily, she’s pretty tough yet predictable. Somehow, I know she wouldn’t resist heeding to my request when she sees the note, I had managed to put it inside her shopping bag when she was cleaning up in my bathroom.
I’ve never felt this attracted to a girl, it could be because I haven’t seen any girl to get attracted to.. there was something striking about her that made me want to know her more.
Mostly I’ve been around Zoe, she was a colleague and what we shared was nothing more than friendship, I knew she had a thing on for me but I didn’t and even if I did; it couldn’t work. Our work doesn’t permit it, neither inside the house nor outside and personally, I had nothing wrong with it.
About my work; it’s a dirty work. One that isn’t for feeble and emotional minds, it’s tough and I’ve been a worker for ten years! Pretty long huh? I started as a novice but now, I can say I’m a professional, it’s not something to brag about but I seriously am and the pay? Massive! As you must’ve guessed, I’m a wanted criminal already but without a face.
Well, I’ve discovered more to life already, the usual daily routine is starting to get all tiring to me and I wanted to explore more, I’ve been a puppet long enough and I plan to move on, so I’m resigning.
Talking majorly about my life; you should know it’s complicated, a whole lot.

I walked to the bed, looked under it and pulled out a huge briefcase, I opened it and rechecked everything to be sure it was complete. I wouldn’t want to have a reason to return back to this place or to him.
I carried the bag and pulled the strap over my shoulder, I walked out of my room; locking the door.
I went to my car, threw the bag into it and jumped onto the driver’s, I started the car and zoomed off to boss’s place.
I got into the house, a moderate house, not his main house, you can say it’s a backup.
I entered, having no interruption from the guards that stood outside, I walked into the living room, taking off my facecap and he was right on the couch, making out with a girl.. Seeing me, he smiled widely and sent the girl off before ushering me in and grabbing a shirt on the headrest.
“Sit” he offered and I left the briefcase on the floor before settling on a chair that was facing the table, he was opposite me. “The guys are going on a task tonight” he said.
“So?” I answered plainly.
“And somehow I can’t trust them well enough to do it right, not even Blake”
” So?” I repeated, urging him to go to the point.
“I want you to be on it,” he said and continued almost immediately, giving me no chance to talk.
“And just before you disagree, here!” He drew out a briefcase from wherever and placed it on the table, pushing it to me. “I’m paying you triple of the usual, that’s how important this job is to me and you’re the only one I can trust to do it perfectly” he said.

I stared at the briefcase then back at him with a straight face before pushing it back to him. “I’m not doing it” I answered, trying to be plain.
“I can add more if you want, J. Just name your price, anything at all” he said.
“So this is why you asked me to come to this town, huh?
I was supposed to have quit this days ago but because of your desperation; I stayed. You promise to give me unrestricted freedom once I finish another of your job which would be my last but you’re not doing it, Gavin” I said, addressing him by his last name. I’m the only one among the squad that has the right to do that.
“I know, Jay. Look, to be honest, I can’t lose you. You’re the most perfect person for any job to me, you’ve always been and we both know I wouldn’t have made such proposal if you hadn’t been so adamant on leaving” he said.
“I need you Jonas, please” he said, his eyes pleading but none of those emotions moved me. Somehow I’ve finalised my decision already and wasn’t backing out.
“I’m not here because of your call, Gavin. I came to return your stuffs since I won’t be needing them anymore. You and I have practically no business from now on. I’ve made my decision to live a normal life with the time I have left” I said, grabbing a briefcase way bigger than his and leaving it on the table for him. “If that’s all, then I should be on my way, I have a lot to do before my journey” I said, gave him a brief tight smile and stood up, “goodbye Gavin” I added.
“So what are you gonna do now? Get married? Have kids and live your so called normal life? You’ve never been normal Gavin. We both know your dark pasts will always be your habitat, it’ll haunt you wherever you go. This is what you’re meant for, haven’t you realised that?” He asked, making me stop. “and where do you intend moving to?”

“Somewhere very far!” I answered plainly. “And yes, I intend to do all of what you just mentioned, people change Gavin and if I can’t have the life I want, I know there’s more to life than killing people!” I said, giving him a straight look and he returned it.
“I’ll give you three more of this, it’ll be the last one if you want but-
“No more, Gavin. You know me, I always keep a deal. Goodbye!” I pulled on my face cap and head out of the room, heading for the gate, I hopped on my car and brought it to life before driving off.
Gavin’s words hit me and I realised that he’s right. I’ve had a dark life, a very dark and confusing life and I’ve taken it as a habitat. I locked up my heart and emotions the moment I took this job and it might not be easy to open them up but it’s not impossible either, even though it doesn’t get completely opened.
After today, I’ll be done with this life. I’ve planned this long ago and have prepared.
Suddenly, she flashed through my mind. What was so captivating about her? Or is it because she’s the first I’ve been so free and indirect with. And why hasn’t she called, surely she must’ve seen my note and it can’t be that she ignored it.. she can’t be that tough, she seemed readable and at the same time complicated. I reached into my pocket for my phone and realised that it wasn’t there. I must’ve left it in my hotel room; I sighed.

I got to my room, the secretary informed me that I had a usual guest and I grumbled silently, knowing who it was. I got to my room and opened the door and the first person I saw was Zoe. My former accomplice and colleague. I frowned, walking in and closing the door.
“What’re you doing here?” I asked.
“Boss told me you were resigning”
“That doesn’t answer my question” I fired.
“Well, I came to see you and since you already told the secretary that I was your girlfriend and should be allowed in anytime, she let me in”
“It was you who said that, Zoe”
“But you agreed, what difference does it make anyway?” She scoffed. “I’m here to spend sometime with you. Tell me, where are you moving to?”
“None of your business” I said.
” You know, I’d find out eventually, don’t you?” She asked, sliding her index finger down my face. I pushed her palm off, giving her a glare.
“Whatever! Just leave, I’m going out” I said.
“Where? To meet her? Tell me Jay, are you quitting the squad cos of her?” She asked.
“What’re you talking about?” I asked and she raised my cellphone to my face.
“She called and ended the call the moment I asked who she was” she said, batting a suspicious eyebrow.
I grabbed my phone from her, eyeing her. I went through my dialer and saw her number at the top of the list. I pocketed my phone.
“You should leave, Zoe” I said, walking past her.
“I will, we have a job tonight anyways. But that’ll be only if you’ll drop me off” she said, biting her lower lip seductively..
Yeah, she can be a big bitch.
I gave her a long look and rolled my eyes. “Ugh! Fine!” I said and she smiled.
“Thanks babe” she said and when I began walking to the door, she rushed to me and grip my palm, her body clinging to me. I gave her a long look and just let it be, we walked out together.
🖊️ Allison’s POV 🖊️
Mom was first to arrive before dad that night which was unusual cos dad was always first to arrive.
“I wonder what could be keeping him” mom said but I noticed something suspicious about her words. I glanced at the wall clock and it was already past nine!
“You think it could be traffic?”
“Or something more!” She said and I gave her a suspicious look. “don’t look at me like that, I know nothing about this” she said.
“Come-on mom, you know you can’t hide it from you sweet daughter!” I cooed, giving her a puppy eyes. It works on her.
“Stop that Alli!” She said and I was about persuading her more when I heard dad’s car honking at the backyard. I squealed happily and stood up, dad walked in and I quickly rushed to hug him.
“What took you so long?” I pouted.
“Oh honey, I didn’t know what color of bike you’d prefer, I had to go for pink, I hope you like it?”
“You got me the bike?!” I stuttered, dazzled and he nodded, I gasped, giving mom a look and she flashed me a knowing smile..
I knew she was hiding something!
“Oh my goodness, papa! Can I see it?”
“Sure, it’s in the truck” he had barely completed the words when I dashed out. “Be careful so you don’t trip, honey!” He yelled after me but I didn’t heed to it.
I reached the truck and opened and right there, at the backside was a beautiful pink bicycle! I gasped, putting my palm on my lips.
“Do you like it?” I heard Dad ask and I nodded rapidly. He helped me bring it down and left me to admire it more.
“It’s so beautiful, it must’ve cost a lot!” I said and he nodded.

“Alli, there’s something I want to give you” he said and I gave him a look, he reached into his pocket and drew out a card reader, pink in colour.
“My boss gave this to me, it’s one of the reason I arrived late. It contains some really powerful secret about his enemies and he needs it to get them exposed but he’s scared that he might get attacked and it’ll be robbed from him before he gets the chance to take it to court so he gave it to me to keep for tonight, I’m the only one he trusts since he has lots of enemies, even his family. I can’t tell your mother about this, you know how she is so I want you to keep it, he left this with so much confidence in me and I’m scared that I might lose it. I’m getting old and forgetful, which is why I want you to keep it for me. I’ll collect it before I leave for work tomorrow” he said and I nodded, taking the reader from him.
“It’s fine, I’ll keep it” I said.
“Thank you” dad smiled, stroking my cheek lovingly. “Now hurry up inside, your mom is setting the table already” he said and I nodded, he walked away.
I left the card reader in my pocket and went back to admiring my bicycle for a little while longer..
Feeling hungry, I decided to go in and have dinner.
“I’ll see you later.. oh, you’re mine already!” I giggled dramatically, giving my bike a kiss. I turned and head towards the house, I was on the narrow hallway that led to the front of the house and was close to it’s end when I saw something on the floor, it caught my attention and I moved closer..
My face grew pale and my eyes widen when I saw Mr Rogers, a neighbor on the floor, he was bleeding on the forehead with a bullet hole and was lying lifeless on the floor. Blood rushed to my face.
My voice caught in my throat and I heard some voices coming from my house, alarmed; I moved to the window and shakily looked through it, I saw some people, dressed like assassins with masks on their faces, only one didn’t have a mask on and he was pointing a gun toward my mom.. the red dot light stayed on her forehead and the next second he released the trigger; killing her.
“No!” I gasped and immediately all their attentions turned to me!

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