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Allison’s diary episode 6


(Secrets ❎❎)
✏ Jonas POV✏
“Seriously, I appreciate this Jay. It’ll be such a waste to lose you. Come over tomorrow, I’ve got something big for you, more like a parting gift” he said. “But I hope you’d think about your decision though. The crew won’t be like it without you” he added.
“There’s nothing to think about, Gavin. I’ll be with you tomorrow, goodnight” I said and hung up.
I left the phone on the dinning table and took off my jacket, I hung it on one of the couches, I sat beside it and stared into space, running a palm on my hair, I moistened my lips with my tongue.
From the little I saw and could put together, Gavin probably have something with a man and assumed, or was rather told that he had given it to the girl’s family. So, he had sent the squad there to get it and waste the family.
Gavin had said, it held some secrets and revelation about him and it could bring him to nothingness.
I stood up, walked outside and grabbed my bag from the car, I looked around and went back to the house. I bolted the door and opened the bag, I took out a bottle of painkillers and went to the room I left her in, she was still asleep. Upward. Just exactly as I had left her. I touched her forehead, it was hot and w€t with sweat. I freed the duvet a little from her body and increased the air-condition. I walked over to the nightstand, dropped the bottle there and walked out.

I arrived at the living room and put out the lights, I went to the couch and plopped in it.
I let out a heavy sigh. Staring back at the girl’s room. I stretched my shoulder, feeling it’s stiffness. I felt tired. I stretched out on the couch, glanced once more at the girl’s room and shut my eyes afterwards, drifting to an immediate sleep.

🖤Allison’s POV🖤
I m0aned aggressively, my fingers recklessly grabbing the sheets. I tossed violently on the bed, digging my face into the fluffy pillow.
His finger hung around the trigger, the red light plastering on Mom’s forehead I’m a tiny dot.
It moved. And then again until it met with the trigger and-
“No!” I yelled and my eyes flung open, lifting me to sit up with an imaginary force. My palm moved to my head, a splitting pain striking right at the middle. I winced as the pain aggravated, I tilt my head in an effort to suppress it but it only aggravated. At the nightstand, I found a bottle of aspirin and without an offer, I grabbed it and swallowed two of the tablet, shutting my eyes and relieving the pain. I sighed in relief after the pain died down some minutes later.
Slowly, I took in the room I was in. Last night’s memory flashed back in my head and as the tears fell, I tried to think of more..

I remember bumping into that guy and then my house… Oh my goodness! My house!
Those bastards burnt it down right after murdering my parents. As if hitting me anew, I didn’t know when I collapsed on the floor until I felt my butt hit the hard object. I drew my knees to my chest and cried..
What could we have done? We were just poor and alone. My parents were very peaceful and I didn’t have anyone else to talk to apart from them, I practically had no friend to have a beef with neither did my parent. They were the most peaceful people I know?
Who would want to harm us??
If at all they offended anyone, could it be to an extent of the person wanting their demise?
I couldn’t help the tears from falling rapidly, the wound was too fresh and open to keep quiet. One minute, we were happy and the next…?
It’s almost like a nightmare to me, if I hadn’t seen it then I wouldn’t have believed it..
They are gone! Gone forever.
Those inhuman bastards!!
They wiped them, everything I have! The only people I could call family! The only ones I knew, were gone!
I would’ve been with them too.. if I hadn’t escaped they would’ve killed me too, but for what reason?
Why would they just want to wipe a peaceful family out of the earth?!
My chest rose and fell rapidly and repeatedly, my breathing hard and audible as my body trembled.
This is like an awful toe-curling horror movie! But I experienced it..

How could life be so cruel to me? Why did it bring me only to take the only people dearest to me, away?
A part of me regretted listening to dad, I shouldn’t have heeded to his request. I should’ve stayed.. maybe I could’ve changed somethings. I might’ve saved him even though it looked practically impossible but I should’ve stayed.. if I had then we would’ve been together.
I shut my eyes, letting the tears flow rapidly like water. I wanted to do more, I hated myself for just doing this but then it was all I could do and a single thought about last night’s horror was enough to bring a bucket of tears out. I would say I cried for hours- no exaggeration.
I let my thoughts wander back on yesterday’s night.
He helped me and I passed out, so he must’ve brought me here, right?
I looked around the room, it wasn’t his hotel room, he must’ve brought me somewhere else. Or could it not have been him? I’m pretty sure it was him though, I definitely wasn’t hallucinating.
I was still in thoughts and staring at the door when I heard a light knock at it, it froze me a little. The door began giving way and he walked in seconds later. I gulped at nothing, just staring at him.
“Um hey” he waved slightly at me. “I wasn’t sure you were awake and the door was open so I just walked in” he added, rubbing his temple.
“Yeah, so I made breakfast. You’re hungry right? I’m setting the table. And, that’s the bathroom over there, you can have a wash and would you need some clothes?” He asked but I gave him no reply, my voice suddenly seem lost and my vocal cords wouldn’t even produce anything, so I just stared at him.
“Of course you will, it’s a dumb question” he laughed hysterically at himself and shortly, “there are some clothes in the wardrobe, pick anything that fits you until you get other clothes” he said. “so um.. I’ll just go now. I’ll be expecting you at the dinning! It’s pretty easy to find” He gave me a small smile and walked out, closing the door lightly so it made just little creak noise.
Somehow, I wanted to doubt that any of this was real. I mean he didn’t act like it, but then again, I’m here at his house.. so it did happen.
I found out I couldn’t cry anymore and I wasn’t in the mood to do anything else, I just wanted to disappear, to be empty and free.
I didn’t want to be in this body, I didn’t want to talk or do anything..
My life as from now would suck horribly!
I sat up, feeling tired from crying and walked to the door he said led to the bathroom, I stared at my horrible reflection in the mirror and ended up going through another phase of loud cry.. The pictures were everywhere! Every fvcking where! I wiped my tears but my whimpering wouldn’t stop, I turned the tap on and splashed some water on my face. It was cold and it brought a whole new wave of feeling to me. I sight a stack of towel, neatly folded on a small table, I grabbed one and wiped my face and it help me look less horrible.
I walked out and went to the bed.
Truthfully, I was hungry. My body needed food but then there was a more stronger and powerful need, something that easily overshadowed that other need but I know it couldn’t be satisfied- it’s impossible. I shut my eyes and breathed out, walking to the bed, I gently laid myself on it and grabbed the pillow, hugging it tight and the next second, I was crying again..
🖊️Jonas POV🖊️
I sat at the dinning, staring at the exit of the passageway that led to the rooms but she wasn’t there.
It has been over an hour already since I left her room.
She probably wasn’t coming. Earlier after entering her room, she had been in tears, between that messed up and teary face; I still saw her angelic face. I understood she was going through a phase, everyone went through one, including me.
But.. she had watched her family die. Mine had been worse but we’re both different people with two whole completely different emotions.
I tried to assure myself that she’d come but she didn’t, I glanced at the time. It was past nine already.
With a sigh, I grabbed my fork and began eating.
After the meal, I covered hers up and left it on the dinning, she might come out later. I stood up, grabbed my car keys and head out. I stopped at the door, glancing at her room door and contemplating on checking up on her or not. It’s best to let her alone for now to gather herself back up. I shut the door, got into my car and drove off.
I calculated that I should arrive at Gavin’s by noon, so I set out early enough.

After a really long ride, I arrived at his house. I walked in and placed a knock on his door, he ushered me in at once and I walked into the living room. He was alone as expected, smoking from a pipe.
“Hey, yo! My boy’s here!” He commended, grabbing my palm and giving me a rough handshake. I sat opposite him and accepted his offer of a cigar and a lighter. I lit it up and took a slight drag, puffing the smoke out. “Please tell me you thought about it and you’re staying” he said, hopefully.
“I’m not,” I said and he gave a dramatic sad face. “Anyways, Gavin. There’s something I want to know” I said and he nodded quickly, giving me a curious look. “Well.. about that family yesterday, I just felt really curious and confused about the whole thing” I said.
“Oh.. you want to know about them?” He asked and I nodded, tapping the cigar on the ashtray to take out the excess Ash. “Well, I don’t know a thing about them either” he said. “The person I had an issue with was Horatio. Like I told you, Marilyn, his wife who was one of my mistress-you should know her, she’s the frequent one; told me about them. Anyways, I wanted Horatio’s shares, we used to be friends and kind of partners in crime until I betrayed him, of course. But the bastard, stored up all my secrets in some fvcking memory card, Marilyn told me about it and probably suspicious of her, he gave it to his Gardner. Probably asking him to give it to the cops or something, he must’ve known I was coming for him but we were smart, Marilyn found out in no time and that was why we attacked that family,” he ended, letting out a rough laugh. “interesting, huh?” He asked amidst laughter but I just kept a plain face and nodded slightly. “You know, if anyone had done that job and brought your kind of result, I would’ve doubted but since it’s you; I feel so relieved!” He said, taking a whiff..
A door opened in the house and a lady emerged from it, clad in just a short towel with her cleavages popped out.
“Oh and speaking of the devil” he flashed a lopsided smile at the chubby lady who walked to him, he squeezed her in, giving her a deep w€t kiss; I glanced away when his palm moved to her b00bs. “Marilyn, that’s Jonas, the one I told you about” Gavin introduced and she gave me a toothy smile, I left my expression blank, giving her an irritated look. “Don’t worry, he hates smiling” he told her.
“And right, here’s your pay. I tripled it as promised!” He said, leaving a briefcase on the table.
“Thank you, Gavin but I already quit work. You can take yesterday’s as a bonus. I just came to say a final goodbye and that’s it” I said, leaving the cigar on the tray and standing.
“Oh son,” Gavin stood up and squeezed me in for a hug. “Do not stop thinking about us.. we’re family, okay. To me, you’re just going on a vacation!” He said before releasing me and patting my shoulder. I gave the lady a cold glance and walked out of the house.
Getting into my car, I wasted no time in starting it and driving off.

I parked at a mall, got down and purchased a red flair dress with a pair of slippers and some underwears. I wasn’t sure of her size so I just took three different ones and sizes too. I paid and continued my journey home.
Arriving, I sighted the front door left open at a distance, my face grew pale immediately and I parked. I climbed down from my car, observed the area pretty well and headed for the door. I peered through it before entering, examining the house. Nothing seemed amiss but on second thought, I found myself rushing to her room but I stopped when I found the door wide open too, I walked in and my fear heightened, she wasn’t in her room!
Okay, so as someone suggested, I made this chapter long, said it’ll get more interest.. it’s probably the longest I’ve written since I started this story and trust me when I say it’s not easy. I hope ghost readers can just have a change of heart too and reconsider. No condition but please react, I’m begging 🤧
T. B. C

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