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Allison’s diary episode 7


(Secrets ❎❎)
✏Jonas POV✏
I quickly dashed to the bathroom but it had no one in it, I ran out of her room back to the living room and at the dinning area, I found her food just as I had left it; Untouched and covered. Darting my gaze elsewhere, I ran out of the house and stopped to glance around again..
Where could she have gone to?
I was just about moving to where my instinct suggested, when I heard a small splash sound from the other corner. I rushed to the area and stopped when I found her sitting there in front of the big pool of water, she looked lost in it as her hand moved, throwing small stones into the water. I walked to her..
“Hey” I called, remembering I didn’t know her name. She looked startled and her gaze slowly shifted to me and paused there. I noticed the dried tears lines on her cheeks and absently, my gaze moved to her lips- they were dried and chaffed.
“Here you are, I was looking for you” I said, filling our space a little.
She lowered her lashes.
“I-I” her voice was low and shaky. “I suddenly I saw my mom and followed her to this place but I can’t find her” she said, it sounded like she was talking with her breath, cos each words came like an audible sigh. “So I just stayed here” she said, sounding like she was about to breakdown but she didn’t.
Seriously.. how do you calm or console a person going through such trauma? I don’t even know what to do..

Should I just take her to a therapist?
I took more closer steps to her and noticed a slash on her hand, a little below her wrist and dried blood surrounded it. I crouch beside her and took the hand in my palm, examining the wound. I gave her a look, her gaze was on me too.
“Did you do this?” I asked and for a moment she said nothing then lowered her gaze and nodded twice.
“Seeing her, I thought I was dead too. So I checked” she said. “It doesn’t hurt that much though” she added. I sighed gently, staring at her subtle face.
“It still needs to be treated so it doesn’t get infected. The first aid kits are inside, cmon” I said, offering my hand to help her up, she took it and I assisted her in standing up. She seemed almost weightless. I stared fully at her, she had a cut on her leg as well and the wound on her toe was open too, her feet were bare. She had a milk-colored dress on, you could tell it was originally milk colored but now it looked more like brown.
I still held her palm as we both made it inside, I bolted the door and asked her to wait on a couch while I get the first aid box. I brought it out and walked back to her, settling beside her, I took her hand and examined the wound.
How would any normal person cut herself this deep? Should I just take her to a therapist or just hang on for a while, she’s still in the early stage of her trauma. I began treating the wound and before I applied the iodine, her hand trembled and almost slipped off mine but I held it firmly, she shut her eyes and drew her lower lip into her mouth. A sense of deja vu washed through me at the action. I gave her a brief look and applied it.
Sorry” I said as she let out a muffled cry.
I closed the wound up with a medicated plaster and attended to the rest of her wound.
“All done!” I informed her, putting the items back in the box. Her dry lips opened, like she wanted to say something but then closed. “You didn’t eat your food. You don’t like what I made?” I said.
“I wasn’t hungry” she said, her gaze lowered. I stared at her dry lips and stood up, I grabbed the jug from the dinning table and filled a glass with water from it , I walked up to her.
“Do you want some water?” I asked and she nodded, gave me a brief look and took the cup from me, chugging down the whole liquid at a go like her life depended on it. “More?” I asked and she nodded rapidly, holding the glass cup out, I filled it for her and she gulped it all up and asked for another.. After the third glass, she sighed in satisfaction.
“Thank you” she said, her voice coming out more audible now.
“Would you like me to make you some food?” I asked.
“Actually, I just needed water. I don’t have the appetite for food. Can I just go to bed instead?” She asked, making direct eye contact with me, her look was soft and demanding.
“Uh.. Sure” I said and she stood up and began walking away. “Hey!” I called and she stopped, turning to look at me. “Don’t hesitate to tell me if you need anything or someone to talk to. I’m right here, okay?” I asked.
She nodded twice. “Yeah. Thank you, for everything” she said and continued her journey. I stared after her until she was out of sight.

💫Zoe’s POV💫
I took a long drag from the cigarette and blew it out slowly. It was my favorite smoking mood; I added the other leg on the first that was already on the couch. Boss gave me a knowing frown and I shrugged.
“Why are we here, anyways?” I asked after the brief silence.
“Well, we all know Jonas already backed out of the team, he seemed to be pretty made up about it but I still believe he’ll come around and for now, you guys are left without a leader. I already picked Trevor as the temporary new team leader, I told him already. And I felt I should let y’all know too. Meanwhile, Zoe still remains the assistant” he said.
“Seriously? Mr hot pants” I mumbled with an eye roll, taking the ash off the stick mouth. I guess everyone expected that.
“Boss, I would’ve told you this privately but I think I need some support on this too,” Trevor said. “About Jonas, I was wondering, don’t you think he might want to snitch up on us or something?”
Okay, where’s this loser heading to? I sat up to listen more. “I mean he’s out of the team, there’s a possibility that it might happen. Remember, Shane? He did it too, right? No one expected it but still he snitched on us and almost got us into a mess if we hadn’t found out; anyone can” he said and I scoffed. ”
“What are you insinuating, team leader? That we get rid of your rival?” I asked with a tone of mockery, he noticed it but said nothing to me.
“Anyone else thinks the same way?” He asked for support from the others but no one gave it. I scoffed again.

“Jonas?” Boss spoke up and chuckled hysterically. “You’re right, Trevor. But Jonas can’t do that, apart from the trust, I’ve got him all covered up. I doubt that he’ll ever snitch up on us and even if he does, it’ll be his loss in the end, I’ve got so much on him, I’m pretty sure revealing us would be the last thing on his mind” boss said, laughing again.
“Well um.. if you say so” Trevor said, obviously disappointed.

After boss released us, I quickly accosted Trevor before he could get into his car.
“And what the fvck was that about, huh?” I asked, leaning on his car door.
“What?” He asked.
“Don’t you dare play dumb on me, what was that about Jonas snitching on us?” I asked.
“Oh, that. I total forgot he has a girlfriend in the squad. Or is it still a one-sided thing?” He asked, mockery very evident in his voice.
“That’s none of your business and you better stay off Jonas path!” I said.
“Should I just tell boss about you both?” He asked, giving me a lopsided grin.
“Never Trevor, never would you be even quarter as good as Jonas, no matter how hard you try. Jonas still has that huge spot in Gavin’s heart; beat that! And the earlier you accept your loser self and back off from him, the better for you!” I examined his look, it was all plain anger. I gave him a glare and walked out, putting my black shades on as I reached my car.

🖤Allison’s POV🖤
I jammed the door shut behind me and walked to the open window, I draped the curtain further to one side to get a more clearer view. Standing, I felt weak but at the same time that appetite for food wasn’t there. The early evening wind blew, slicing through my hair and sending it to sway lavishly.
I thought of that night- the night that was still so fresh in my head.
Dad’s smiling face came through as he helped me take my new bike out of the truck boot and then my extremely excited face zoomed in. I remembered how he had hugged me so lovingly while mom just smiled behind us, it brought a sad smile to my face.

How would life be without them?

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As he walked away, he had squeezed something into my palm, telling me of how vital it was. I didn’t place much interest on it then, cos all I wanted my attention on, was the bike. Slowly, I reached into my pocket and felt it, I brought it out and peered at it. Dad’s exact words rang in my head, I recalled how he kept repeating why I should keep it safe.. I stared up, recollecting the memories with a thoughtful expression then I stared back at the card reader.
Could it be the same people that were after dad boss’s life? Did they come to us for this after finding out somehow that dad has it?? Did his boss snitch on him?
The more I think about it, I couldn’t think of anyone that would want to harm my parents; talk more of wanting them dead in such a horrible way without at least letting their bodies rest in the earth. They were peace itself.. This definitely has to be it!

My fingers slowly rubbed the card in my hand. My gaze facing the window and into the open dark street.
Now I get it, I know why I had been chanced not to end up like them; to live. Someone has got to stay alive to find reveal those horrible monsters.
Someone has got to avenge their death- Me.

Q/n- can Allison truly find answers in that card and what do you think Jonas would do if he finds out?
Drop your opinions about Zoe..
Let’s keep the comment section interactive, you can’t be speechless😊. I’ll react to the catchy/best comments💕💕

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