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Allison’s diary episode 9


(Secrets ❎❎)
✏Allison’s POV✏
“I think I know the people that killed my parents” I said. I mean, I would, right? The card reader should have those answers.
“How? You saw the faces of those killers?” He asked, giving me a full glance.
“I did see one of their face though” I said.
“And you know that person?”
“No. The thing is, my dad gave something before that incident.
He worked as a gardener and his boss had been scared that his enemies were after his life cos he had some of their secrets that could tarnish their images real bad, apparently, he didn’t trust even his own family. So, he gave it to dad to keep for a while until he was sure he was secured enough.

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Dad, gave it to me; scared that he might misplace it or keep it and forget about it. And some minutes after that they were attacked and killed. And the more I think about it, I’m pretty sure we had no enemies, we were at peace with everyone we knew, not even once did we had issues with anyone. The only doubtless reason has to be that card reader, it’s either dad’s boss snitched on him or someone else found out about that stuff being with dad and they came for it” I said, telling him my whole thoughts.
Well, what doubt do I have to distrust him. He’s like the only person I have now.

“You’re with that card reader, right now?” He asked.
“Yes but it’s in the room. I’ll get it, hold on” I stood up and made it out of his presence. I opened the door, went in and grabbed my pants, I pulled the reader from it’s pocket and walked out. “Here” he took the reader from me, examining it.
“And you’ll do what?” He asked, bringing his gaze to me.
“Huh?” I asked, not getting his question.
“I mean, if eventually this holds the answer you seek, what would you do?” He asked.
“Um.. definitely I’ll get revenge somehow” I said.
“What’s your plan?” He asked.
“Well, first I have to be able to fully control myself from my parent’s death. I would have to kick back to my normal self, somehow and maybe then I’ll think of a plan” I said.
“Okay.. I’ll give you the laptop when it’s fully charged. Let me help you insert this first, in case it needs to load or something” he said and I nodded.
“Um Mr Jonas-
“Jonas. Call me Jonas” he said. “And we’re not strangers um-
“Allison. My name is Allison but you can call me Allie if you want” I said, suddenly feeling a bit guilty for not telling him when he had first asked.
“Allison, we’re not strangers. We met before that night and well, you were pretty tough and less formal with me-
“Yeah, about that. I’m sorry if I sounded mean back then and probably created a bad impression on you but I’m not like that, you were just kind of-
“Annoying and pushy” he completed and I said nothing, knowing it was the right words. He gave a very short laugh. “I know and you don’t have to be sorry, I wouldn’t have preferred you less. That attitude of yours got me interested in you, I wanted to know more about that girl that acted so different from any other to me” he said and I smiled lopsidedly.
He picked up the box.
“You should get ready, well be going to the mall to get you more clothes” he said. “And some other things you might need”
“Oh, thank you and I’m ready” I said, standing up..
“Okay, I’ll be right back!” He said and walked out.

🖤Jonas POV🖤
Getting to my room, I stared at the card. Gavin’s words repeated itself in my head.
This is it..
A blank expression crossed my face as I thought about it, I ran a hand down my hair.
There’s definitely no way I can give this back to Gavin, I mean I already told him I got rid of the girl after finding nothing on her.
How do I explain this?
Sh*t! I mumbled, moistening my lips and itching my hair hard.

I stared confusedly at the card reader before leaving it on the nightstand, I grabbed my car keys and walked to my wardrobe, opening it; I took out two thick leather jacket and shut it. Grabbing my phone, I head out of my room.
“Here, put this on. It’s cold outside” I informed her.
“Thank you” she collected the jacket from me and pulled it over her dress. It was big on her body, considering how huge I am compared to her. I hung mine on my shoulder and we head out, I took the Benz and we both hopped into it; I began the journey.

Quietness was what mostly ensued all through the journey, apart from the wind of course; we said nothing to each other. I was still thinking about what to do with that reader at home.
Should I just let her watch it and explain my part to her?
Telling me about that meant she trusts me but somehow, I don’t think it’s enough to accept my past or my involvement in her parent’s case. Definitely, if she hadn’t shown up as my target that day or if it had been just some random girl; I would’ve killed her without a thought but because it was her, the mystery girl I was trying to unravel. The one that made me realize my soft spot or rather, another version of me; I couldn’t.

I parked at a big shopping mall and we both got down, she gathered the jacket well on her body and I helped her zip it up, well not necessarily help, I just did it.
“Thanks” she said and I nodded.
Would she keep thanking me for everything? I mean the attitude was somehow different from when we first met. She must’ve acted tough cos I was a stranger and definitely, pushy.
We walked into the mall one of the workers, directed us to the female wears section as I had inquired.
“Go on, pick whatever you need. I’ll just wait here for you” I said and she nodded before following the lady who led her in. I sat on a chair, waiting for her and thinking again.

Minutes later, they walked out of the section, the lady carrying a bundle of clothes in her hands.
“Is that all?” I asked and she nodded slowly. “Let’s check out some shoes”
We got to where the shoes were and while Allison picked the ones she needed, I helped with some other necessities.

It went on for hours and when our goods were summed up and packed, it filled four big shopping bags. Well, at some point Allison had been skeptical about picking somethings and I had to make sure she was free to choose whatever she wants and she finally loosened up and did but I could see she still had a bit of skepticism in her.

I gave my card and after the lady collected her payment, she released the receipt and returned my card. Allison and I took two bags each into the car boot and head into the car.. she had to thank me repeatedly for everything.

“Are you hungry? Should we grab something to eat before going home?” I asked.
“No, I’m fine. I’m still full from breakfast” she said.
“You sure?” I asked and she nodded thrice.

I drove us home. Arriving and parking, I helped Allison with the bags into the house and went out to park the car in the garage.

After parking it properly, I went into the house, I took off my jacket and turned on the heater. After a brief rest, I went into the kitchen to prepare lunch, I quickly made two sandwiches and took two cokes from the fridge.
“Allison! Lunch’s ready!” I called as I set the meal on the table. She was out in no time and we had a quiet lunch.

After it, she quickly cleared the dishes from the table before I could contemplate. I let her be and walked to my room.
Opening the door, I walked in and sat on my bed. Grabbing my phone from my pocket, I checked the time and it was few minutes past twelve. I turned it off and left it on the nightstand and my gaze accidentally, dart to the card reader.

I picked it up and strolled my fingers to the last drawer, I drew it open and took out a box from the end of it. I closed the drawer and left the box on the table.
Carefully, I took out the memory card from the reader, placed it on the drawer and opened the box; revealing some unimportant memory cards in it.
T. B. C

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