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Amada batch 1



Episode 1

The evening breeze danced along with the trees as they swayed to the windy rhythm, another day had come and gone, but tonight would be different, tonight the stars would dance on her face, tonight she would taste the wanton side of life.

‘Are you sure you want to do this Mandy’? Her mother said to her.

‘Mum? I am not twelve, I can take care of myself’ the blue eyed blonde replied.

‘Honey, parties could get complicated, I don’t want anything bad to happen’ the woman expressed her fears.

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‘Mum, come on, stop doing this. I am an adult besides it’s not like I am going for the party, I am just paid to usher there; I hear it’s organized by some really rich folks’ Amanda replied.

‘Okay…is Alex coming with you’?

‘Sure, she is, we are riding in her car’ Amanda replied.

‘You don’t have to worry , I know you’re scared but nothing bad is really going to happen, you know how much this would help; I need the money, okay’? Amanda rushed and planted a sweet kiss on her mother’s cheek.

‘You know, sometimes I really wish I could do something to help you, I feel so bad that I am pulling you back; I am drowning your efforts’ the woman groaned.

‘Mum…stop’ Amanda began to shake her head.

‘No, it is my fault that we are living like this’ tears welled up in her eyes as she recalled the events that had led to her being crippled.

She had gotten married to the love of her life, Amanda’s father; the marriage was a youthful one, her parents and friends had not been in support of it, but she was too blinded by love to hearken to their words.

Her husband turned abusive and pushed her off the balcony, one year after Amanda’s birth and that was how she lost her legs.

‘It is not your fault, you fell in love with a man; falling in love is not bad’ Amanda had heard the story over a hundred times.

‘No, falling in love is a good thing, but it is better to walk out of it when you see the signs that love is gone forever. I knew he was crazy but I still stayed; I thought I loved him, but he ruined my life’ she cried.

‘Mum, it’s been twenty something years this happened, you need to move on. I know it’s hard for me to get and keep jobs so I can take care of us both, but I am not complaining. Everything would work out eventually’ Amanda offered her another kiss.

‘Thanks Mandy, you’re so smart and intelligent; you’re a hardworking woman and I wish I were half what you are when I was your age’ she smiled proudly at her daughter.

‘Thanks, Ma, now, I think I need to go’ Amanda peered out the window of their tiny bungalow.

Alex had arrived in her convertible; she announced her arrival with the blasting of the horn, very loudly.

‘Are you trying to turn deaf or something’? Amanda shouted.

‘No, something better, I am practicing Studio’ Alex grinned.

‘Crazy girl’ Amanda smiled and rushed towards the door.

Promise me one thing’ her mother’s words halted her.

‘What mum’? She swirled round.

‘Promise me you will never fall in love with the wrong person’ she returned.

‘Heart on my chest, I promise’ Amanda smiled and rushed out of the house.

She thought her mother’s behavior really weird but could she really blame the woman? Her mother had been terribly broken, physically and emotionally by the man she loved; she didn’t want the same thing for her and she clearly understood that.

‘Don’t worry mother, I don’t plan to fall in love anytime soon’ Amanda sighed as she reached the car.

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Amanda Atkins was a twenty five year old student of Humboldt State University where she majored in “Business management” with the hopes of getting an internship with one of those high flying firms in New York.

She was in her third year in school; her grades were doing fine, the only problem was her financial power, it was really weak and that was why she needed a job.

Like this one she was paid to do, ushering at a party.

She was too engrossed in bettering her life to engage in anything romantic; she never had a boyfriend, she didn’t have time for one.

‘Hey come on, don’t tell me that’s what you’re wearing for a party’? Alex’s face feel as her friend moved closer to her.

‘Seriously? This took me great effort’ Amanda rolled her eyes and joined her friend in the car.

Alexandra was her best friend; they hit off at an event two years before and remained close ever since; she was out spoken and kind hearted and she always looked out for Amanda.

‘Who wears a T-shirt and worn out denim for a party? Girl, step out and go get yourself a short dress’ Alex snorted.

‘Hey, I am waitressing not partying. I wanna feel comfortable’ Amanda replied.

‘Comfortable my dear, is totally boring. You never know who you would meet, we still got time’ Alex stared at her designer’s watch.

‘I am fine really. Let’s go’ Amanda said.

Unlike her, Alexander came from a wealthy home but she made sure this did not affect their friendship.

How could she tell Amanda that the clothes she’d put on were her very best clothes? She couldn’t afford designer wears or accessories, so she made do with what she had.

‘And your hair? You could have fixed it up Mandy; your curls are wild. You are one s£xy girl who actually has no inkling on how to pull s£xy off’ Alex scanned her briefly.

‘At least I wore lipstick, see’? Amanda pouted her lips hoping her friend would talk about something else.

‘Suit yourself, I intend to get a man for myself tonight. You know what I mean’? Alex winked at her friend.

‘Alex! You just broke up with Bellamy last week, gosh! You should be taking it easy’ Amanda stared at her friend in bewilderment.

‘Honey, life is too short to stick to one man. Since it didn’t work out with Bellamy, I shouldn’t beat myself up about it. That’s the difference between me and you. I am a river; ruthless and always moving but you? You’re a pond. And ponds are boring’ Alex sighed.

‘Now that really hurts’ Amanda said.

‘Sorry’ Alex gave her hands a squeeze.

‘Um, you should probably get a boyfriend tonight; fall in love; have s£x and do wild things with him’ Alex chuckled.

‘Alex! Focus, we don’t wanna get involved in car crash, do we’? Amanda scoffed.

‘I’m focused’ Alex muttered and focused on the high way.

They listened and sang along as they headed towards the Rocky spur where it was going down that night. It was an architectural masterpiece surrounded artifacts and flowers. Lights surrounded the walk way.

Amanda felt nervous as she took in the sheer magnificence of the building. She had never seen such beauty in her life. The night was about to come alive. Already she could see scantily clad females troop in, some with their partners and others with their girlfriends.

Episode 2

Wow do you see all that?’ Amanda murmured.

‘I certainly see a lot of h—y males seeking me’ Alex laughed.

’ I feel out of place’ Amanda released the breath she held.

‘That’s because you wouldn’t listen and wore that tacky dress. I gotta go now’ she announced, after placing another coat of lipstick on her thin lips.

‘I thought you were gonna help me locate Mr Shultz?’ Amanda wished her friend would stay.

‘No, I wasn’t’ Alex patted her shoulder and jumped out of the car.

‘Alex! Come back’ Amanda called out to her.

‘Sorry honey, I gotta boogie’ Alex grinned mischievously and rushed into the hall.

‘Shit’! Amanda swore. She stared at the mirror and shuddered at her reflection. Maybe Alex was right, she should have done better with her clothes.

‘Whatever, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this’ she muttered the words to herself and stepped out of the car.

Amanda walked unsteadily towards the building. She spotted a group at the entrance. They seemed to be paying attention to a man in a tux. She noticed they had tags so she hurried over.

‘Hi, I’m waitressing’ she said breathlessly.

‘Name please?’ the man asked.

‘Amanda Atkins’

‘Ok ‘there was a pause as he checked the list in his hand. ‘Third floor’.

Loud music blasted in the background as she found the stairs. She found Mr Shultz.

‘Honey why aren’t you dressed?’ he asked in dismay

Her lips moved but nothing came out. He signaled one of the other girls.

‘Brenda, show her the changing room, fix her up,. Brenda gave her a friendly smile and led her away. Moments later she emerged wearing a mini red dress and fishnets , her blond hair was folded up in a loose bun. She had looked at the mirror in dismay wondering where the real Amanda went. The lipstick was outrageous; she was sure she looked ten years older.

She joined the others as they picked their trays. The bartender was in his elements, mixing, pouring and singing along at the same time. She watched the others carefully as she gingerly picked up her tray filled with glasses. She basically had to walk around and offer guests the drinks.

‘Hi there, I need some drinks’ Amanda smiled at the young man, feeling nervous.

‘Obviously’ he murmured and continued filling the other glasses. He didn’t return her smile.

‘So which table ordered this’? He pointed at her tray.

‘Table’? She rolled her eyes in confusion.

‘You don’t just walk in here with a tray. You take their orders’ he pointed at the dancers.

‘Oh, I never knew, I was not told’ Amanda shrugged and swirled round. There were a lot of tables without drinks; where would she start from?

Her eyes fell on a table with three young women; they were all smoking and they kept laughing loudly, even the sound of the music, couldn’t drown their laughter.

‘Excuse me’ she set the tray on the bar and moved towards them.

‘Good evening, please I’d love to take your order’Amanda fiddled with her hands.

‘Fu#k off b—h’! One of the girls screamed at her.

‘Oh, Fergie, you didn’t have to be so rude to this poor Bambi’ another laughed.

‘Just get us martinis, dirty’ the least drunk one stuttered.

‘Okay’ Amanda was visibly shaken by their outburst. This was the first time she was around drunken people.

She released a breath and turned to leave, but she wasn’t fast enough to see the man that approached.

‘Geez, I am so sorry’ she murmured a dozen apologies as she bumped into a guy.

‘No problem’ he smiled kindly at her.

It was as if something clogged her throat, her mouth felt dry as she stared into the most beautiful set of green orbs she had ever seen.

‘Nathan’ he offered her his hands.

‘Amanda’ she smiled shyly and took it.

‘Um, I have to go now, I have drinks to serve’ Amanda pulled her hands away and hurried to the bar.

‘If you’re done flirting, there’s a note for you’ the bartender guy said to her.

‘A note’? She wondered who would send her a note.

‘One of the ushers dropped it here, she said it’s for the blue eyed blonde’ he replied.

‘Oh’ she fetched the piece of paper that was stuck in between the glasses, this had to be interesting.

‘What is this’? Her features contorted into a frown as she read the note. Why would someone send her something to so rude and obscene?

‘What does it say’? The bar guy noticed her discomfort.

‘It doesn’t matter; did the girl tell you which table this came from’? Amanda swallowed.

She hated it when people disrespected her; she needed to find the writer of this obscene note and deal him a heavy blow.

‘Um, table 26’ he lifted his brow.

‘Thanks’ she shuffled the note into her jean pocket and scanned the room for the table.

Once she found it, she drew a deep breath, feasted her knuckles and trotted purposively towards it.

Episode 3

There you are’ she sighed as she finally found the owner of the obscene note, he had to be the one.

She took a brief glance at his handsome face; his eyes were chestnut brown;he had dark hair and a pair of sensuous lips and she suddenly imagined what it would be like kissing him.

She forced the disturbing thoughts out of her mind and moved nearer to the table.

‘Hey’ she drummed the table with her slender fingers.

‘I would like a tequila’ his sensuous lips moved.

‘Baby, I want something more than a tequila’ the red head that sat next to him placed a soft kiss on his face.

‘Me too, I want your kiss’ the blonde that sat at his other side begun to caress his hair.

‘You heard my queens, now got get us some wine Blondie’ he said laughing.

Amanda eyed him angrily. He couldn’t even apologize for sending her such an obscene note and here he was ordering her around.

‘Well, that’s what you’re paid for,what’s the face for?’ he replied and the trio burst out laughing.

‘Here, have this’ she moved nearer to him and landed a slap on his face.

His face burned from her slap; the liquor slowly faded from his brain as he realized that he had just been slapped by her.

‘Did you just slap me’? He rose to his feet.

‘And I will do it again, you psycho’ she fetched the note from her pocket and threw it on his table and then stormed out of the hall.

‘Trudy, didn’t you get the note I sent to you’? He turned to the blonde beside him.

‘No’ she shook her head.

‘I wonder how that crazy girl got to the note’ he staggered and fell on his seat.

‘It doesn’t matter honey, just forget her. She is a lame blonde b—h’ the red head sneered and there all burst out with laughter.

‘Where are you’? Amanda rushed towards the car as she dialed her best friend’s number.

Her phone kept going to voice mail.

Amanda’s face was flushed as she thought about what had just happened; she wished she could’ve followed up with some blows too. She felt insulted and denigrated by his crazy note.

‘Mandy, why are you out here’? Alex walked towards her.

‘Thank God you’re here’ Amanda gave her friend a hug.

‘Yea? What happened? You look very pale like you have just seen a ghost’ Alex replied.

‘Something worse, can we get the hell out of this place’? Amanda sighed.

‘What?! The party just started and I am really having fun’ Alex wore a frown.

‘What’s up with you? Don’t be so uptight, loosen up’ Alex quickly added.

‘Someone harassed me tonight’ Amanda exhaled sharply and cringed as she remembered the words of the note.

‘Geez, what happened? Are you hurt’? Alex moved closer to her.

‘No. Nothing physical, it’s just an obscene note’ Amanda retorted.

‘An obscene note? Can I see it’? Alex asked.

‘No, I threw it at the crazy guy along with a slap’ Amanda’s lips curled as she remembered the astonishment that had been written over his face.

‘What! what if he called the cops? You know, you don’t look bad tonight, you shouldn’t have slapped him’ Alex shrugged and pulled open the car.

‘Whose side are you on? You needed to see this note’ Amanda tried to explain the reason for her actions.

‘What did the note say’? Alex settled in the car.

“I want to s–k your p—y and f#ck you till your knees go weak’ Amanda said.

‘That is really weird for a secret admirer, are you sure he wasn’t drunk or something’? Alex chuckled.

‘Not funny. Now you see? He deserved that slap and more’ Amanda gave a long hiss.

‘Alright, remember I told you a lot of rich folks are at this party’ Alex started.

She knew her friend quite well; the things she loved and the things she hated. Amanda was not really thrilled by pity and undue generosity and that was the first mistake she had made in their early days of friendship.

She had offered to pay some of the faculty dues for her friend and Amanda had really gotten mad about it.

“I don’t need your pity or your money. I can handle myself” those were the words she had spoken to her that day.

‘Yea’? Amanda waited for more.

‘I heard rumors about some vacancies in the Beecroft Empire; they’re hiring’ Alex announced.

‘You mean that multibillion Software corporation’? Amanda’s blue eyes blazed, in surprise.

‘Yes, I thought you should check it out. You really ought to give it a shot’ Alex suggested.

She had a lot of rich friends and it would’ve been an easy thing to get her friend a spot, but she didn’t want to interfere. Telling her about it was enough; Amanda loved to fight for things on her own. She was a very independent person.

‘That’s really sweet, but there’s a little problem’ Amanda sighed.

‘What’? Alex lifted a brow.

‘What if am not good enough? Beecroft Corps is a huge business empire; a lot of people would want to seize this opportunity, what if I don’t make it’? She voiced her fears.

‘Hey, you don’t need to waddle in negativity; all you need is to prepare for the interview. You can do this’ Alex reassured her.

‘Thanks Alex, you’re the nicest person in the world’ she leaned forward and gave her friend a hug.

‘That means so much to me Mandy’ a smile split her face.

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