Amaka - The lesbian

AMAKA – THE L-SBIAN 2 (episode 29)

I opened my eyes, faking shock and quickly got up to face him. “Nothing sir” I replied, acting scared, “Nothing? I walked in on you touching yourself sinfully and you say nothing? What evil spirit has possessed you? Upon all the preaching in church, all the prayers, this is the part you choose? Look at me when am talking to you. You know what? I will not allow this evil to consume you, he that is in me is greater than he that is of the world. I will pray for you and destroy that which is about to destroy you, it’s not by my power, but by the power of the holy spirit, but you must open your heart to accept Christ as your personal lord and savior, for you to be saved, follow me to the sitting room, I shall pray for you” he finished, then turned and walked into the sitting room, while I followed him.
Pray fire! Where was Christ when my parents died? Where was he when my Aunty ins**ted a carrot into my v—-a and took away my V-rginity, where was he when she started offering me to her friends as kolanut? Where was he when your wife paid me to make her c-m an hour ago? Now that I am living the life they exposed me to, you want me to accept christ and stop my s€×capades, hmmmm, the end is just the beginning, for me. I have not even started. I thought myself.
When we got into the sitting room, he told me to sit down and tell him my story, while he sat beside me and held my hands, then I began, “I don’t know what is wrong with me, since the age of 16, I have been touching myself, I thought it would stop when I get older but it hasn’t, it only got worse, I have ins**ted different objects into my v—-a, the urge never ends, my mind tells me that I need to have real s€× before it stops but am scared to do it, I don’t want to get pregnant or have an infection, please, help me sir. Help me get better, I don’t want to get into trouble because of this and I don’t want my Aunty to know, she might send me away and I have nowhere else to go”
I knelt down in front of him, sobbing with reckless abandon, “chaiii! The devil is a very big liar, sit up, my daughter, you are not alone in this battle, I have been a Pastor for 23 years now and there’s no spiritual battle I have not won, by the grace of the most high God. It was my spirit that led me to you in the kitchen, I will pray for you and deliver you from the shackles of Satan, immediately” he walked to the shelf near the television and got his bible, then he continued, “when you said you ins**t different objects into your womanh-od, what objects are you talking about?” I quietly replied, “carrot, cuc-mber, pen, plantain…”
“Wow! Jesus Christ! This is even stronger than I thought” he cuts in, “stay here, don’t go anywhere, let me get the anointing oil, the devil is a liar” he said and half ran out. I sat there and waited, I thought about what could possibly happen, what if he walks back in with sister Margaret?
What if he’s truly pure and can’t be sed-ced? So many ‘what ifs’ in my head but then, I had nothing to lose. At almost 19, done with secondary school, with a lot of money saved up in the bank, I could take my sister and go start life somewhere else, this was what life dealt me with, I had to keep surviving, for the sake of my siblings, especially my kid sister that was growing so fast, I didn’t want her to be molested like me, I watched her like a hawk and protected her at all times.
I was still lost in thoughts, when I heard footsteps, I looked up to see him walk in with an annointing oil. 
To b continued… 
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