Amaka - The lesbian

AMAKA – THE L-SBIAN 2 (episode 36)

I wondered what they saw in me, that they couldn’t get from other people. My Aunty molested me and decided to be the only one having me, except when she brings another female for threesome, Margaret had me and was glued, with reckless abandon, I sed-ced my Uncle just to hurt his useless wife, he got so f—–g obsessed with me, now I sed-ced our junior pastor, he wants to rent an apartment as our meeting point and ready to do anything for me, kai, I couldn’t believe my ears sha, it all felt like a dream.
But then, things like this doesn’t last at all, I really need to push my uncle h-rder, so as to hasten the process of bringing my brothers to lagos, it’s been months now and am starting to get worried, if they are not here and I get caught, I might not be able to get them again. I really need to be extremely careful. My plan is to get them, gather more money, then secretly rent an apartment, and move out with them, whether I get caught or not.
Later that night, sister Margaret sent her last child to come and call me, on my way to meet her, I met the pastor on the corridor, going downstairs and he quietly whispered to me, “meet me later, by 1am, same place” I nodded, trying so hærd to conceal my happiness, the thought of getting what I got the other night, is enough to make me jump up and down, with pleasure, kai. Things were turning out so well for me, though, I had this feeling of disaster at the back of my mind, everyday. I knew things will never end well, as it was my intention to make them pay for Breaking my life, but I still didn’t want my siblings to suffer for my deeds, I never for once thought that my actions were starting to get worse on them, much more than what I went through, because, my innocence was taken forcefully from me, objects were ins**ted into me for some disgusting, selfish pleasure, I was made a tool, kai. I made up my mind to fight the stupid feelings I was developing for our junior pastor.
What do I even know about love kwanu? Besides, I couldn’t possibly start loving him because of the way he handled me the other night, haba! I couldn’t let my guard down for no f—–g reason, falling in love with a pastor and a married man, old enough to be my father, wasn’t worth my plans at all, using it all to my advantage, had always been my best bet.
I got to sister Margaret’s room and knocked, she quickly opened the door, like she was already standing there waiting for me, immediately she locked the door after me, she gave me a very tight hug, pressing her huge chest on me, and breathing very hærd, “my love, what took you so long? I have been waiting for you” she asked. “Sorry, I had to make sure my sister had slept before sneaking out” I replied. “It’s okay, Asa m” as she tried to remove my dress, I stopped her, “hold on, it’s not safe na, pastor is still awake, I saw him on my way here, your kids too, what if they decide to come in here and find the door locked, with both of us in,side? Especially Ada, she will definitely suspect something, because of our…” “eeh, mba, biko don’t even go there. Don’t bring that up again, she’s my daughter, my seed, I have buried that incident long time ago, don’t refresh my memory.

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As for my husband, worry not, I always have my ways with him, as a devoted wife, he will forever be none the wiser, am sure he’s downstairs rom-ncing his bible, that man eeh, tufiakwa! All he cares about is his bible and church, he doesn’t even know how to please his wife, for years now, odikwa egwu. Thank God I now have you, my miracle. Oya get unclad for me, do it very slowly, please, I want to watch you”
I slowly began undressing, as I raised my hands to pull off my dress, I felt a sharp pain on my lower abdomen…
To be continued…

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