Amaka - The lesbian

AMAKA – THE L-SBIAN 2 (episode 40)

I was almost about to c-m, when we heard very clear footsteps, approaching the sitting room. We froze for à second, until it became clearer, I got up and picked my gown, without sparing a glance at him, I ran into the kitchen, gently closed the door and quickly wore my clothe, I was still on it when I heard a voice, it was sister Margaret’s, my heart kept beating faster than normal. What I had going on with the pastor seemed like my sure ticket to making my plans a very huge success, crashing now would really cost me a lot, though, I knew Margaret won’t even dare to punish me, because her own sins were way worse, but I wasn’t ready to be caught, kai.
“hhmmm, why is this place smelling like this?” She asked her husband. “Like how?” He replied, there was a brief silence, then she spoke up again, “it smells like your dirty boxers, but stronger this time. You know how your boxer smells when you pull it off, after a long day. Only that this one smells nastier, hhmm. And you didn’t even put on the AC, why are you sweating and p-nting like this? What is going on?”
“Hian, what is your problem? You ask too many questions, without waiting for an answer. I turned off the AC because I was feeling cold and my mood and sweat is due to prayers. I have been praying fervently, for more than an hour now, as for the smell, maybe it’s my dirty boxers from the room that is smelling so bad and got to this level, it’s high time you people started washing my boxers on time, instead of piling it up and it begins to smell so nasty and you complain” “The boxers didn’t smell in the room o, it’s only in this parlour that it is smelling, hmmm. Ok o, if you were masturbating, just admit it, stop acting like you know no sin, nobody holy pass, Daddy. Because, I can swear with my life that you were masturbating and stopped, immediately you heard my footsteps, no wonder you were in darkness, with the television and AC turned off.
I have lived with you for 21 years and you never stay in darkness, no matter what, I know you more than you know yourself, so leave talk. Our s€× life is nothing to write home about, so I understand if you m——–e, it shows you are human and God will understand” she finished. “May God have mercy on your soul! Listen to yourself, a pastor’s wife, even if we have a dead s€× life, I would never stoop so low, the spirit of God keeps me fulfilled always, so carnal things like this never cross my mind. Please, what do you want? I need to finish my vigil before I go to sleep?” “Hehehehe, pastor the pastor, prayer warrior, without singlet, no worries sha. I came to talk to you about Amaka. I think it’s better we don’t tell her guidance about her infection, because they might think she got it from the toilet in our house and since it’s a s€×ually transmitted disease, they will start looking at us somehow in church, as couples that have chlamydia”
“What won’t I hear from you this woman? Do you have chlamydia?”… there was a pause, then he continued, “then why are you worried? She definitely got the disease from their house, that her uncle that fries his hair and looks like a glorified gigolo, am sure he must have contacted it from one of his numerous concubines, I pity his poor wife that has devoted her life in serving the Lord. Besides, I don’t talk too much like you, so even if they will hear it, not from me, ighotago?” “You see how you indirectly called me a talkative, can’t you make your point without insulting me? You will go out there and be forming holy and mending people’s broken homes, while you are stylishly using your hands to tear down yours, mtchewwww”
They continued arguing, while I carefully opened the kitchen door and peered out, she was standing, facing her husband. I tiptoed out and went upstairs, I got into the room and closed the door, my sister spoke, “another meeting with the pastor?” I jumped, kai, “Yes, nne, how long have you been awake? You were fast asleep when I left” she yawned, “it doesn’t matter, please, next time, wake me up, so I can go with you”.

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To be continued…

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