Amaka - The lesbian

AMAKA – THE L-SBIAN 2 (episode 45)


I picked up my phone as we were leaving the room and quickly texted the pastor and prayed in my heart for him to get it before we reached him, so as to act up something to convince my all so smart a-s of a sister that we aren’t doing anything wrong, apart from praying to God. Before we reached him, we already heard the pastor singing an intense worsh¡p song unto the Lord, then I smiled and said a silent hallelujah. My sister slowly touched my arm and said, “Amy, am sorry for not believing you and making you cry, now I know you are not doing anything bad, my classmates are the ones that are bad and I will not talk to them again. Let me go back to the room so you go and pray with the pastor but please, come back quick…” “Hian…” I cut in, “we are here already, let’s join him to pray. And thanks for trusting and believing me”

I sounded unusually loud, so that the pastor will hear my voice. I made to hold her hands to wàlk into the sitting room but she pulled out and said she needed to sleep, then she turned around and walked back upstairs, I stood there and waited for the sound of the door to make sure she had gone in,side before I rushed into the sitting room and tapped the pastor on the shoulder, as he was still forming worsh¡p, and quickly whispered, “she has gone back to the room but am not still convinced. That girl is smarter than most adults I know, she might decide to sneak up on us, so let’s just pray and go to sleep” “Haaa, Nne, mbanu, that’s not possible o, you want conji to kill me? Since morning, I have been thinking of getting in,side there” he pointed towards my v—-a area, “now, a little girl wants to spoil show for us and you want me to allow it? God forbid. My madam is up there bleeding, so it’s impossible for me to enter her until she’s free, we must find a way to do this thing o, whether the devil likes it or not. Wait here fìrst, I will be right back” he finished and ran out, I sat on the chair, wondering what he was up to.

So this man too wants to become obsessed with my v—-a like my uncle, I couldn’t stop thinking the reason they favoured me much more than their wives when it comes to knacking. What is so special about me? Is there a different s-nsation mine gives that their wives own doesn’t give? Or is it because am younger? These and more, were the numerous questions I kept asking myself, though, it was obvious I would never get the answers to them. I was still lost in thoughts, when he half walked and half ran back in,side and told me to sit directly opposite him and remove my p-nt. I obediently did as he said without an argument, after which he told me to hide the p-nt under the chair, raise my skirt to my wa-ist level and spread my legs apart for him. The next thing he did was to unzip his trouser and brought out his half hærd cuc-mber and started rubbing it up and down.

After a few minutes, he asked me to sit out a little and spread my legs w¡der. All the lights were off, the only light we had was coming from the television that he left the volume very low. We sat at the far end, so it would take someone walking fully into the sitting room to clearly see us. He kept doing himself and was increasing his speed. I was so worried of getting caught, that I decided to speak up, “Sir, please, we have to stop doing this. Hurry up and get the apartment you talked about so that we can always go there and do whatever we want to do without this type of anxiety, am so worried like…” “ssshhhhh” he cut me short, his breathing was heavy, “touch yourself for me, please, put your middle finger in,side and move it in and out, just like you were doing the first night I caught you in the kitchen. And don’t worry yourself, after this night, the next time will be in the new apartment I will get for you, I already called an agent. Oya put your middle finger in,side now, please” he said.

I spread out my legs the more, looked at him in the eyes, licked my middle finger very slowly and brought it out of my mouth to tease him a little before ins**ting it in,side, that was when I heard a voice, “Amaka…

To be continued… 

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