Amaka - The lesbian

AMAKA THE L-SBIAN 2 (episode 51)


Amaka The l-sbian – episode 1

Until she started jerking with reckless abandon and locked my head with her thighs, I almost hoy choked sha, but I survived.
She quietly got up and went into the bathroom to clean up, I sat there waiting for her, I think she even used the toilet because she took more time than normal, just to clean up. When she came out, the silence in the room was so deafening, until I boldly decided to break it. I gathered courage and said “Aunty I am being very honest with you, I don’t have anything with sister, I swear. She had been making passes at me and coming to me with every possible but I never gave her the choice, since that last time you warned me, I haven’t allowed her touch me again please, you have to believe me, I will never do anything to hurt you”. Chai if only she knew I was f—–g her husband, back to back.. “Please, aunty” I finished.
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Finally she spoke, Amaka, I hope you know that sister Margaret lied to you against me, yh? ” I nodded, she had said it before I don’t know why she is repeating it, guilty conscience I said to my self as she continued “she said all that she said so that you will hate me and start thinking I will molest your baby girl, I don’t care about anyone else but you and I will do anything, anything at all, to make you happy. When I saw you with her I almost died, I felt severe pain in my heart, kai”
She covered her face with her hands, then I moved closer to her and fave her a hug.

No  matter how much I try, I couldn’t move in from the past and forgive her, she still f–k me anything she wants and I had accepted my fate long time ago, what keeps me happy and going, is the facts that I had my plans and was going to definitely pay finitely pau her back, without mercy. Even Margaret too, I already aft had her husband where I needed him to be, so no worries. I was still hugging her and thinking to myself when she spoke up again. “Amaka what can I do to prove my love and loyalty to you? Just tell me anything, as long ad it is within my power, I will do it for you, I want to do something that will put a huge smile on your face whenever you remember it and don’t tell me nothing, everyone has deeper needs” I thought about it for a while and nothing was forthcoming to my mind, so I used the opportunity to remind her the promise she and her husband made to me some months ago, about getting my brother to come live with us, something tells me that they are purposely stalling it… “that’s the only thing that would make me happy in life, for us to be together again, I will for ever be grateful to you and uncle” I replied. She got up from the bed and pulled me up with her, k-ssed me so passionately on the l-ips, while using her right hand to fondle my b—-t through my cloth, the k-ss left her breathless, the next words she said caught me off guard. “Okay baby, done. I will push your uncle h-rder this time, to get them here and if he doesn’t, I will, as soon as possible, I promise you this. But I want you to promise me something” she held my face and looked into my eyes and said, “promise me you will nit let anyone touch your body ever again, man or woman, that you will be mine forever, when I want you to get pregnant and have a child, I will get someone to impregnate you for me, I just want you to be mine and mine alone, promise me.

To be continued…

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