Amaka - The lesbian

Amaka the L£sb!an2 – episode 58

Amaka The L£sb!an
Season 2
Episode 58

I really want to handle our junior Pastor in my new apartment. I went up into my room for preparation. Uncle drove us all to church, I was so excited. “Wow! Nice seeing you” everyone greeted me. The program started, sister Margaret called me out, she wanted to use the special time with me at the back of the church. She told me she has already missed me. I know deeply this is not the right place for such evil thing. I walked out on her and returned to the bible study. Our senior Pastor spoke on a topic; “judgment day” from the book of Matthew 12:36. he was so cute and handsome in his short. After his teaching, a woman asked if it is right for a couple to deny each other s€× after marriage, she said her husband has stopped his man duty for a long time in the house. This is a section any member can bring their personal issue for advice or more enlightenment. I stood up amongst the congregation bodily, and lectured the woman for like ten minutes. I even used a story of sister Rose to ensure she understand me better, I ended my speech with clapping innovation. It was indeed wow! I sat quietly while my aunty whispered to me, “amy who is sister Rose?” I know she might think I fabricated the story. “It’s just a sister in an online story I read on toriperi website,” I replied. She asked me again if I’m sure. “Of course, yes”. “can you help me get adult stories too? She pleaded. That’s not too difficult, there are many online too, I assured her when we get home. The program last for just two hours, immediately we closed, sister Margaret called me, she promised to settle me well if I could make up to her in the coming weekend. “Ok, I will try my best,” I replied. This time around, I still need more cash to finally settle down, any work at all, I’m ready for it. As we’re talking I saw our junior Pastor telling my uncle and aunty something, I couldn’t hear them, people were too many; greeting, gisting, talking. later, he called his wife to join their meeting before he finally called me. Is everything alright? I asked myself. Before I even got to them, my Uncle drove away with aunty, they only waved me goodbye and said, “don’t walk later”. I got more confused, stood still, yet didn’t know what is what. “Don’t worry nne, come let’s go” sister Margaret’s husband said. I joined him in his car, for few minutes we were both speechless, not even cough but only hearing the sound engine. So many questions occupied my mind. “But daddy, where are we going”? He looked at me with a gentle smile. “Baby, won’t you like to see your new apartment? He retorted. You mean!… What of my aunty…” He cut in, please nne, Biko, I’ve already settled that with them. I told them we need to visit some members who have been away from church because of marital issue, seeing the way you spoke in church, everyone believed you’re gifted especially in handling broken marriages, so don’t worry”. I looked at his mouth throughout, man will always be man, just for him to enter me he lied to the church. Well, that’s none of my business. I got more excited for going to have my personal domain. Finally, my dreams are coming true – having my brothers and sister with me here in Lagos. Now, I need to supply my aunty more pleasure than before to quicken my brothers arrival and Pastor too. I adjusted my legs because I know my h0le will definitely work hot tonight, my Pastor cannot miss every chance he had with me. I looked at him driving and smile at him, he too smiled in return. Not so long, he drove in to a flat, though little big, and said, “baby, this is your apartment”. My l-ips separated in amazement with my two hands on my chest, “OMG!” I didn’t even know when I jumped on him wrapping him my arms. He carried me like a little baby or new married wife entered the house. I forgot immediately about my aunty and every other thing, he laid me on the sofa and went out to on generator, it was getting dark. “Daddy, come to your baby” I stretch forth my arms to welcome him. “Come and give it to me in big time”.

To be continued 

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