Amaka - The lesbian

AMAKA – THE L-SBIAN (episode 1)

My name is Amaka , I am 25years old and am a pr-stitute. I have been a pr-stitute for the past 6years now; please follow up, as I bring u the story of my life and how my journey into pr-stitution started, I come from a family of 4, (2 girls and 2boys) and am the first child. I was 16 years old when I lost my parents in an accident along Owerri road few years ago.
It was a very hot afternoon in school, when my class teacher pulled me out of the class that my uncle needed to see me. When I got out and approached my uncle, his eyes were bloodshot, like someone that has been crying. He held me by the hand and broke the bad news to me. At first, I didn’t understand him; I stood staring at him for a while, before the wh0le thing dawned on me. I would never set eyes on my parents again. I thought about my siblings, I knew the worse awaits us.
Few weeks later, the burial was done and my uncles and aunties gathered to decide on how to share us among them. After much arguments, it was finally decided that my 2 younger brothers goes to live with my mum’s eldest brother in Aba, while my younger sister moves to Port Harcourt to live with my mum’s cousin.
The next day, I moved to Lagos and started living with my dad’s newly married youngest sister; she was 25 years old at that time. I was welcomed with love. They made me feel so at home, bought new clothes for me and enrolled me into one of the best private schools in that area. Life was fun for me, I didn’t lack anything and in no time, my sorrow was forgotten. Little did I know that all the goodies and better life I was enjoying, came with a very big price.
On the 7th month of living with them, I had just gotten back from school and was about to shower, when my aunty called me, so I ran out of the bathroom with my towel tied, and went into her room;
“Good afternoon aunty”
“Afternoon. How was school today?
“Fine, aunty”
“Good. I called you in here because I want to bath you myself. I noticed you don’t wash your body properly and you are developing serious body odour”
I couldn’t believe my ears. I laughed so hærd and replied, “haba aunty. Am no longer a child for you to bath me. Okay, I will properly wash my body and you…”
She cuts in, “madam, get into the bathroom this minute and drop that towel” before I could reply again, she got up from the bed and half dragged me into the bathroom, “see this girl o. What are you hiding? Don’t tell me these small boys have started touching you”.
After fruitlessly dragging with her, I let go and we both walked into the bathroom. She started washing me with her soap and sponge, after a while, her breathing changed and she started acting funny. Her hands lingered on my b—–s, then she began squeezing my n—–s, I got confused, I didn’t know what to do. I kept staring at her half closed eyes. Nobody has touched me that way before. I was only 16. She poured water on me and moved closer, then put her mouth on my n—-e…..
To be continued…

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