Amaka - The lesbian

AMAKA – THE L-SBIAN (episode 14)

As I raised my head from her v—-a to tell her once again to reduce her voice, her mum knocked heavily on the door and shouted, “Will you girls open this door this minute before I break it down?” Her daughter violently pushed my mouth off of her p—y and hurriedly dressed up, I calmly sat at the edge of the bed, fully unclad and not making any effort to dress up. “These girls are really trying my patience, open this door this minute” her mother kept hitting hærd on the door. After the frightened girl had made several efforts to get me to dress up which didn’t work for her, she walked quietly to the door and unlocked it.
The next thing I heard was a resounding slap on her cheek, “are you stupid? What were you girls doing in here that you locked the door and refused to open it?” She asked her daughter, “nothing mum, I was using the toilet when you were knocking and I begged Amaka to help me open it for you but she refused”, she replied, amidst sobs. That was when Sister Margaret turned to face me and I saw the shock register on her face when she noticed I was unclad. “Am sorry, sister Margaret, I heard you knocking but I was too weak to get up and open the door” I said to her and walked to my wardrobe, bent over, pretending to be looking for what to wear in the lower drawers, making sure my a—–e and p—y was very visible to both of them. I knew she was aware of what we were doing and it didn’t scare me one bit, I was glad she found out this way. If she could molest another woman’s daughter, she should also expect such to happen to her daughter.
After what seemed like an eternity, she spoke, “oya you, go downstairs and wait for me in the car” she said to her daughter, while pushing her out of the room at the same time, after which she closed the door and locked it. “Amaka, are you f—–g my daughter?” I pretended not to hear her, she walked up to me and pushed me so hærd that I lost my balance and fell on the floor, “answer me, you cheap pr-stitute. Are you f—–g my daughter?” I quietly got up and laughed so hærd, like I never did before, and I replied, “See question o. Are you daft? Or has your bible blocked your sense of reasoning to not have noticed I was s-cking her brains off before you disrupted us with your annoying presence. For your information, I have been f—–g your daughter for long now and she can’t seem to get enough of me.
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We f–k every time we see, we have even f—-d in,side the school toilet. I think your daughter is already addicted to me, like mother like daughter. The apple obviously doesn’t fall far from the…..” I was still talking, when she slapped me so hærd, and slapped me again before I could regain myself. There were tears running down her cheeks. That was when I got angry and gave her a shove with a serious warning, “Bia Nwanyi a, don’t you ever lay hands on me again, I am not your daughter and you have no right to hit me, the next time you try this rubbish again, I will not only f–k your daughter, I will f–k your husband too, nonsense” She opened her mouth to speak but words failed her. Then she knelt down and started begging me not to touch her daughter again, that she will do anything I want. She kept begging and crying, I was about to speak when…………
To be continued… 
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