Amaka - The lesbian

AMAKA – THE L-SBIAN (episode 16)

Meanwhile, my aunty had been busy attending one church programme or another; she didn’t really have my time, until the day she walked in on me dressing up. I was wearing only p-nties, with b-ra in hands; she walked in, bolted the door and took the b-ra from me, dropped it on the bed, then began to k-ss me passionately. She was k-ssing me like her life depended on it. Her mo-ns were too loud and it gave me a great concern, though, I didn’t care if her husband caught us, my only fear was my smart, younger sister hearing her mo-ns from outside.
My aunt ravaged me, with reckless abandon. She k-ssed, s—-d, nibbled and finger f—-d me to her satisfaction. From the very first day this wh0le thing started, she never undressed in front of me neither did she tell me to touch her; she was the one doing the wh0le thing, which was unlike sister Margaret.
I had thought of how to pay my aunt back but the only two ways that came to mind were her husband and her pretty best friend. I had already collected her number, but I needed to thread with caution since I didn’t know if she was into such a thing or not. For I certainly know that it wasn’t all women that indulges in such act. But I was determined to pay my aunt back, so I didn’t mind the risk at all.
One night, my aunt went to a vigil and I knew the time to f–k her husband had finally come. I always made their bed every morning, but that particular day, I kept doing other chores and pretending not to remember to fix their bedroom until she was leaving that night, she walked into the kitchen and said, “Once you are done from here, make sure you go straight to my room and arrange the bed before any other thing. I am off to the vigil, come and lock the door” she turned and left.
Two hours later, I quickly showered, wore the skimpiest of gown, with no b-ra and p-nt and walked straight into my aunt’s room. Her husband was already asleep on the bed. I stood there for a while staring at him, losing the courage to walk up to him. I thought of how nice he was and all he had done for my sister and I, also what would be my fate if he refused my moves, but then, I didn’t care. I had lost all sense of sanity. After standing there for about 5 minutes, I confidently walked up to him, gently got on the bed and traced my hand from his belly button, down to his wa-istline, and then He opened his eyes. He laid there and was staring at me, like he wanted to fully understand what was going on, I continued my ministration, then suddenly, he sprang up from the bed, pushed away my hand and got out of bed.
“Amaka, what are you doing? Oh My God! I got confused for a moment. What has come over you?” He asked, staring at me in shock. “Uncle, relax jare. I know you want me, I see how you stare at my a-s and b—–s, I only came to put you out of your mystery” I replied, undressing at the same time, he stood and watched as I sed-ctively got out of my dress, I had nothing under. Standing stark unclad, I began to……
To be continued…
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