Amaka - The lesbian

AMAKA – THE L-SBIAN (episode 20)

So he devised a means that he thought might be suitable for us. He told his wife he had an urgent business meeting in Abuja and needed to travel the next day, the wife was very sad that he won’t be around for the prayer session but she couldn’t do anything to stop him, at the end, she helped him pack a bag and he left the next day. My aunty didn’t know that he only went to lodge in a hotel somewhere a bit far from our house, so every morning, my sister and I, will leave for school but I will drop my sister and go meet my uncle at the hotel where he lodged.
At first, I was so uncomfortable going there with my school uniform, the way the receptionist stared at me the first day I got there sent chills down my spine, I knew what she was thinking, I felt so so embarrassed and decided to talk to my Uncle about it. When I got to the room, he was so happy to see me on opening the door, he hugged me so tight and couldn’t get enough of me, “Amaka, what have you done to me? I can’t seem to get enough of you. I want you every minute. I want to bury myself in,side of you, I want to be wrapped around you. You are just my medicine. I have never felt this way in a long while, I really love you so much, and I want to…”
“Uncle, I need to talk to you about something. I won’t be able to come here tomorrow, I don’t like the way people were looking at me downstairs, I felt like a little w—e, walking into a hotel with my school uniform and school bag, the lady at the reception stared hærd at me with so much scorn in her eyes, I felt so uncomfortable. I think you should just come home and we can always sneak out at midnight to make love in,side your car with the lights off, you will park very close to the garden, it’s extremely darker there since the compound light doesn’t get to that angle, I think that’s just the only best option, I can’t face these people again tomorrow, am still thinking of how am going to walk out of here later in the day” I said, looking so downcast.
He nudged me to the bed and made me sit on his laps, “Nne, look at me, I am sorry for putting you through this, I guess I didn’t think about it thoroughly, you coming here on your school uniform. You see what you do to me? You make me loose it, I have completely gone nuts for you. Oya smile for me and give me a hug” he said. I turned and hugged him, with a smile on my face. That day, we made love like never before, it was so passionate. We went on for rounds and rounds until 3:30pm. I needed to rush back to school before closing time, which was 4pm to get my kid sis. I didn’t want her to go looking for me in my class and find out I didn’t go to class at all.
I quickly dressed up and was about to leave, when my Uncle said the most absurd thing…
To be continued…
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