Amaka - The lesbian

AMAKA – THE L-SBIAN (episode 23)

She was seated at the edge of the bed watching us with her hands folded, I knew so much was going through her mind. I decided not to think about that but to focus and enjoy the moment with her pretty friend. We took turns s-cking each other, after she stopped s-cking me and undressed. We made love while my Aunty watched keenly, it was like she wasn’t even in the room, everything her friend did to my body, I gave back to her same exact way, when we were done, she led me into the bathroom and washed me up. We made love again in,side the bathroom and for a while, I forgot about my Aunty and the wh0le loose v—-a issue.
By the time we got out of the bathroom, my Aunty was standing close to the door with my phone, “Amaka, I bought you a samsung, how come you have an iPhone? I went into your room to get your phone and found this. The guy that is f—–g you obviously changed your phone, I guess? Speak up, young lady or I mercilessly deal with you the way you will never forget in your life” I was speechless, I kept staring at her, short of words, her friend tried to speak again but this time, my Aunty interrupted her. “Nne, please, I use God beg you, stay away from this. You were h—y yeah? Now, you’ve had your fill, allow me handle this” she turned back to me,
“Amaka, speak up! Who has been banging you and got you an iPhone?” I had to think fast, “am not having s€× with any man, I used cuc-mber on myself a couple of times, maybe that’s why my v—-a feels loose, as for the phone, it was uncle that bought me the phone and collected my Samsung” I said, with tears already forming in my eyes.
“Chai! Wonders shall never end, so your v—-a has started to itch you so bad that you opted for a cuc-mber instead of coming to me first, how can you be this stupid? I told you that your body belongs to me, I take good care of you and give you all you want, the only thing I ask for is your body and for you to not allow anyone touch you without my consent, especially a man. Oh my God, this is just plain stupid” she said, walking back and forth in the room.
“Babe, calm down” her friend said, while motioning my Aunty to sit down. “Atleast, let’s thank God she’s not shagging some useless, good for nothing out there, the poor girl was probably h—y and decided to do herself, maybe she was shy to approach you about it since you are always the one that makes the first move on her, I don’t see anything bad in this. Take it easy, abeg” she finished.
“Okay, no worries, I have heard you. But she still has to tell me where she got this phone. Madam, who bought you an iphone? And you better not lie to me” she asked.
To be continued… 
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