Amaka - The lesbian

AMAKA – THE L-SBIAN (episode 24)

“Okay, no worries, I have heard you. But she still has to tell me where she got this phone. Madam, who bought you an iphone? And you better not lie to me” she asked. Her friend spoke up again, she was obviously feeling sorry for me, she knew I was in a very tight corner and she was trying to make light the situation and make my Aunty calm down. I could see the concern on her face as she tried to pacify my Aunty, but my Aunty wouldn’t have any of it, she ignore her and asked me again, this time, with serious anger, she practically scre-med at me. 
As I made to answer her, the phone began to ring, Kai. My heart started beating so fast. I remembered that I hadn’t spoken to my uncle since I got back from school and he’s probably calling to check up on me. The next thing I knew, my Aunty picked the call and put it on speaker, then she gave me a sign to answer the call, with a shaky voice, I said, “hello”.
“Amaka, how are you?” It was sister Margaret.
“Am fine, ma”
“Nne, are you still mad at me? I have been calling you for a while now but you refused to pick up”
“Am sorry ma, I have been busy cleaning my Aunt’s room and left my phone in my room. Am not mad at you” I looked at my Aunty and her friend, they were both eager to know what sister Margaret did that she was feeling sorry for. I prayed and hoped she doesn’t mention the secret money for s€× deal we have going on…
“Okay. Am relieved now. So when am I going to see you again? I miss your s€×y l-ips and your cute n—–s, not to talk of that honey pot of yours. I can’t wait to bury my face in between your legs. Hello, are you still there?” Sister Margaret asked. I knew I had to look for an excuse to cut the call short, my Aunty and her friend were staring at me in shock. She didn’t know I was f—–g sister Margaret and getting paid hugely for it, with reckless abandon.
“Please, can we talk later? Am doing some house chores now and I need to prepare dinner very soon” I said. Then she said okay, and told me to flash her when I was done, the call ended. My Aunty dropped the phone on the bed and clapped her hands, exclaiming, “oh my God! Blood of Jesus! Amaka, what was that? Are you allowing Margaret have s€× with you without my consent?” She asked me, I kept quiet. She angrily grabbed me and started beating me. She slapped me multiple times, before her friend intervened. It took time before she was able to free me from my Aunt’s tight grip. “Babe, take it easy abeg, it’s just s€×. You should even thank God she’s not f—–g a guy, that would have been devastating. Where would you have started from sef? But wait o, you said Margaret, is it the same one I know? Our women leader in church?” She asked, looking surprised. “Who else? If not that stupid woman that I brought here for threesome, sometime ago, kai, am so pissed right now, this woman continued f—–g my girl without my knowledge, something I will never ever think of doing to her. Kai, I won’t take this lightly at all, mbanu, she has touched the tail of lion”
Her friend laughed out loud and said, “I have always known that there’s something fishy about that woman, I don’t like her at all, the way she goes around in church puffing shoulders and acting all holy as if she’s the first daughter of God. Jehova! Wonders shall never end, Omo mehn, I don begin fear all these over zealous church people, na dem spoil pass but go dey preach like say dem be saints, tufiakwa! Biko, spare Amaka, don’t beat her again, Margaret obviously took advantage of her innocence, so don’t blame the poor girl” she finished and sat on the bed, while my Aunty kept p-nting and staring at me with so much anger.
Then she spoke again, “Amaka, why didn’t you tell me this was going on? Why didn’t you come to me? I take care of you, I practically spoil you in this house, you know how much I love you and yet you allowed Margaret touch you without my consent” I was crying profusely and didn’t utter a single word. She walked up to me and gave me a hug, then cleaned my eyes and continued. “Nne, am sorry, I didn’t mean to hit you, I was so jealous and lost control. Please, clean your eyes and stop crying, as for Margaret, I will handle her. Look at me, have you forgiven me?” I looked at her and nodded. “That’s my baby. Your uncle bought you an iPhone and you didn’t even tell me, what happened to your Samsung?” She asked. “It fell into the water by mistake and stopped working so I gave it to Uncle to help me fix it, the next day, he gave me this. I thought you knew about it that was why I didn’t tell you” I answered. She gave me another hug, then handed me my phone and told me to carry my cleaning stuff and go into my room.
As I made to leave, she said, “Nne, promise me you will never pick Margaret’s call again” I promised her and walked out of her room…
To be continued… 
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