Amaka - The lesbian

AMAKA – THE L-SBIAN (episode 25)

On my way going back to my room, I didn’t know that my uncle was standing by the corner and was steering at my buttocks. He gave a sign like someone who was so engrossed and carried away. I quickly turned back with shock as I greeted him. Amaka how are u? See me in my room when you are done with domestic chores. I walked away only to look back and observed that He was still steering at me. I became more afraid as i was pondering what could be the issue that my uncle is inviting me in his room despite the fact that my Aunty is around. Or does it mean that He didn’t notice that my Aunty is around? Besides, we agreed to be meeting outside the home.
When I got to his room, he was taking his bath, as I was about leaving, He shouted Amaka wait…. am coming. I stood there wondering why he asked me to wait and besides, my Aunty and her friend were still around, but in my Aunty’s room. As he came out of the bath room with towel tied around his wa-ist, i made move to excuse him so that he could dress up before i come back to know why he called me. He said Amaka where are you going to? Come and help me rub cream at my back and i quickly told him that my Aunty and her friend were around. Hmmm! He said to hell with their presence. I was shocked and fear gripped me as i noticed the anger in his voice.
Immediately, he grabbed my b—-t and started s-cking it in different way. I was so surprised that i could derive another taste of sweet s-ck different from what it used to be from the females. He continued as he unzips my skirt and quietly removed my p-nt. Uncle stop i cautioned! The door is open, but he wouldn’t listen to me as he made his way to my h—y pot. Gently, he ins**ted his p*n*s which was very cold, as a result of the cold bath he had. He raised my two legs up and started banging me. He continued h-rder and h-rder, yet he wasn’t ready to release. Amaka your h—y pot is driving me crazy he exclaimed as he increased his banging. I was in another planet as i enjoyed the sweetness of the wh0le thing. I wished i could have him to myself alone hence my Aunty seems not to value what she has.
Amaka! Amaka! My Aunty was calling me. I wanted to push him away so that i can quickly dress up to answer my Aunty, but he grabbed me h-rder. Uncle! i called with a low voice, but he wasn’t ready to listen to me. He kept on banging and re-positioned me to the doggy style. After a while, i could feel that i was already getting close to o—-m as i held his hands and directed them to my b—–s. He pressed my b—–s with his two hands as he bangs me from the back view. I never knew that i could still enjoy varieties of f–k in my entire life having been maltreated by my Aunty and her friends.
Meanwhile, we never knew that my Aunty was at the door watching at the wh0le episode! Her friend had gone and she came back thinking that she will have more of me, only to see a different AMAKA in the arms of her lawfully wedded husband. At first, it was like a film. Not until she shouted. Jesus! Amaka what is going on here? Honey, I can’t believe this. I burst into tears and my Uncle never altered a word. My Aunty was still wondering if it was a reality before her husband broke the silence and said, you don’t always have time for me. You are always occupied with Church activities, even to prepare my meals is no longer part of your duties and Amaka has been there to do all. My Aunty was about beating me when i warned her that i will speak if she beats me. Go ahead and tell me Amaka, my uncle shouted. Speak! My Aunty was giving me sign not to speak, but i continued and told my uncle how i was molested by my Aunty and her friends. It was really a bad day for us all, as my Aunty was asked to pack her belongings.
We were still unclad when we had the voice of Sister Margaret at the sitting room. My Aunty went out to answer her, but with a moody face. We cleaned and dressed up to meet them at the parlor. My Uncle steered at Sister Margaret with deep regret and anger. He finally said! I never knew that both of you are l-sbians. Your husband will definitely hear this and you will be sent packing as well. My Aunty and Sister Margaret knelt down to beg my Uncle, but he insisted that she must go back to her parents’ house. Leave my sight now before i loose my temper on both of you, he shouted at them. Sister Margaret left and my Aunty went in,side to pack her bag. I held my Uncle warmly and pleaded that my Aunty should remain whilst i leave with my sister. He insisted as we both burst into tears. He embraced and held me close to his chest still weeping.
(THE END OF SEASON 1) To b continued… 

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