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Amaka The Lesbian 2 – episode 66



Amaka the lesbian episode 1

Amaka the lesbian
Season 2
Episode 66

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“Thanks Daddy, I said as I ran to him on the chair with a strong and passionate kiss. I knew how desperately he wanted me, so I quickly stood while he rose up with me. I turned to the room direction, he was standing right behind me, his erection firmly pushed against my rear. I giggled flirtatiously and turned around, grabbed him by his waistband and dragged him with me into the bedroom. Standing against the bed, I let my dress fall to the floor, pulled our junior pastor against my body and gave him a long and hot kiss.  He pulled away the tiny black triangles that covered my br_sts and p_ssy and let them fall to the floor as well, leaving me naked in front of his hungry eyes. I took his hand and lay it on my chest. He caressed my firm br_st and flicked the n_pple with his finger.
“Baby, you’re so beautiful and special” he said as drew me even closer. He bent a little and kissed me again. While I was still a little dazed from the erotic kiss, he scooped me off the floor and carefully laid me down on the big soft bed. He tenderly kissed and licked every square inch of my naked body, from my face down to the soles of my feet and then slowly worked his way back up via the inside of my legs. With every kiss he came nearer to my inflamed p_ssy.
I whimpered softly as he slowly inched his way ever more closely. I could already feel his hot breath on my moist lips. Finally he reached its target. His tongue traced the folds of my sugary p_ssy, dipped inside for a moment, and then followed its way up to my protruding clit. The tip of his tongue flicked my little nub, sending chills of pleasure down my spine. He closed his mouth again and swallowed the top part of my p_ssy, s_cking softly and still flicking my cl_t with his tongue with reckless abandon. Loud slurping noises sounded from his mouth as he drank my flowing juices.
“You taste so good, baby” he whispered as he came up for air, licking his lips.
I grabbed his head and pulled him up to my face, pulled his strong body on top of me.
I kissed his mouth, tasting myself on his lips.
“Please put it in me, daddy, I cant wait any longer.”
He pushed his hands beneath my shoulders and my waist and rolled onto his back, taking me with him so I ended up on top of him. He raised his butt off the bed and I pulled down his trouser and shorts. His hard c_ck bounced up, as it broke free from its confines. Underneath this were his big round balls, pulled up tightly against his body, filled with cum and all set to quench the raging fire inside me. I touched and felt the warmness of his c_ck, getting up again, I firmly grasped his c_ck and held it against my p_ssy. The tip easily found the slick opening, and when I sank down a little, I felt the round head pop inside.
I could finally look into my our junior Pastor’s eyes and saw the look of rapture as his big c_ck inched its way deeper into my body. I’m sure I must have had the very same look as he plunged in. Deeper and deeper he went, until, at last, my butt came to rest on his legs and I knew I had taken his c_ck all the way inside me. Without the thin wall to separate us, he had slid in much deeper than he had done before, touching places that had never been touched and giving pleasure I had never known. Yet, even that was nothing compared to what was to come when I finally started moving.
Now that I was on top of him, I was able to control much of our motions. A whole new world of sexual delight opened up as my hips began to move; up and down, back and forth, rolling and twisting. every which way I moved gave a different, but always delightful new sensation.

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