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Amaka the lesbian 2 – episode 68

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Amaka the lesbian

Season 2

Episode 68



I looked again, alas! It’s sister Margaret. “Everybody must hear this” she said as she ran out of the room. It never moved me, what is it she has never seen before, did she think my body belong to her alone, I laid down still thinking the just concluded revival. I touched myself, felt the seed inside me as some part came out waterily. Our junior pastor ran after his wife, I didn’t even moved, thank God I have the documents of the house. I got up, walked back to the dinning to finish the leftover Orange juice, showered before I set out back to my Aunty’s house. It was now I realized the prejudice of my action. I might not be able to succeed in bringing my brothers here if my aunty gets to know. I prayed silently sister Margaret confine the matter within her family. Getting home, it was a greatest surprise, I met my younger brothers sat in the sitting room. They ran into my arms. They are now matured than I thought. “Sister, we’ve missed you” they said as tears flowed out. I didn’t know if I should cry or smile, it was indeed a great surprise. My aunty stood up and went straight to her room. Now I need to plead my sister for forgiveness, she was desperately hurt with my action but I just thank God things turn out this way. As they held me close, I thought of sister Margaret and her husband, whatsoever, she might plan to do, I will take my siblings and start a new life in my new apartment.

“Please let’s sit” I told them. They gisted me of their suffering, how they went to bed with empty stomach and woke up in the next morning only to bombard them with plenty works. They finally made me shed tears. I hugged them, we all cried for some minutes before I remembered my aunty. I need to see her. “You should go up, shower and eat something” I excused myself…


I knocked at my aunty’s door, it was opened. She sat at the bed edge with her head bent – thinking. I knelt beside her asking for forgiveness. “I’m very sorry ma, I never meant to hurt you”. I never expected it, she gave me a sound slap, My mind went off, so sister Margaret has told my aunty. It was now I knew the game is over. No more hid and seek. “who do you think you are, I gave you everything, made you what you are today, see how you treated me, you spoke rudely to me on that day just because of your mere little brothers. Even for days now, nothing has ever gone well. I asked you again, who the hell do you think you are?” She said. I held my cheek. So, it was not about our junior pastor, I thanked my star and said “I’m truly sorry aunty, you are the only one in my life, everything that happened was to remind you of your promise and if I never did that how then will you know I love you”. You loved me by made me suffered, she cut in. “I don’t want you think that way, let it be bygone. Now is the time to enjoy every bit of me than ever before, I promise to do everything you ever want me do.” She side looked, “are you giving me your word?’ She asked. I realized she was moved and about to smile, this aunty cannot do without me, She is in love… My mind pounded heavy as I haven’t known what is yet to surface as our junior pastor would be battling right now in his house or maybe the case has gotten to church.

“Aunty, there’s no way to undone what already has been done, so kindly give me the chance to redeem my lost prestige” I pleaded and moved closer as I touched her thigh rubbing and patting forth towards her inner room. She widened her lips, “amy!” She announced in a tiny voice. Her body shook, before she could recover, I gave her a kiss. “Tell me you’ve forgiven me” I said. She nodded. Good! The case is settled, I stood and headed to the sitting room while she called; “Amaka, you’re a naughty girl”.

I smiled back at

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To be continued

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