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Amanda batch 10


Episode 27
Feelings of misery and anger spiraled round him; he was in the middle of a whirlwind that threatened to consume him; he still had second thoughts about his marriage to Wendy.
She had bombarded his phone with several calls, he was choked with her; what then would marriage be like?
‘Come in’ he called absent mindedly.
His back was to the door; leaned against the window

and stared down at the streets; this made him feel relax when he was troubled.
A memory waved at him, he recalled how Amanda had run out of his office when she had discovered that he was Greg Beecroft; his eyes were nailed to the spot where Nathan had hit her.
‘Savage’ he murmured. He was thinking about the girl more than was necessary; what the hell was happening to him?
He was acting like a teenager having his first crush.
‘Gwen? Get me the files from Morgan’ Greg ordered without turning round; he was sure she was the one. His eyes strayed to his watch, Amanda was yet to show up, he wondered what was keeping her.
‘Good morning Sir’ she held her breath as her eyes scanned his back. Greg had good hair; his lean frame was further accentuated by the tightness of his pants; his muscles were well outlined; he looked like the men she saw in Fitness magazines.
She was here, he suddenly felt nervous; her voice was soft and gentle like the whispering of the wind on a cold night; her fragrance filled the air; she smelt of a garden where many flowers grew. He took her feminine scent.
‘Make me coffee’ he said.
‘Okay sir’ her confidence waned, his tone was commanding and authoritative.
‘Great, what were you thinking? That Mr. Boss would be all smiles when you step in’? She thought to herself.
Walking in the heels Alex had gotten from her wasn’t easy; she managed to get close to the cupboard where the coffee pot and the rest of equipments were and then she felt something claw at her legs.
Her feet wavered, gave way to the slippery floor and she fell down.
At the sound of the heavy thud, Greg swirled round at once, afraid that she had hurt herself a second time.
‘I am so sorry, it’s just this stupid heels that my friend got me’ she struggled to her feet.
Greg saw her lips move but he wasn’t listening; his focus fled, he was lost in her beauty.
The girl that had walked into his office wearing a hat and a churchy dress was gone; a highly attractive woman faced him.
Her hair was straight, fiery and golden; her brows were perfectly arched, giving her face an aristocratic look; her skin glowed like glass and he yearned to touch

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it; she wore a knee length skirt that hugged her lean hips and revealed a set of s£xy legs he had ever seen. Her legs were slender and straight.
His eyes trailed to the polka dot top she wore; her firm and round bre@sts clung to it; she really had a nice form, but all his attention was focused on the swelling of her lips; their redness, eminent softness and allure and the flowery fragrances that rocked his brain.
He fought hard for control but her innocent blue pebbles wouldn’t stop calling him; they were rimmed with eye liner; and

shaded by her thick lashes making her more s£xy.
He yearned to place a kiss on her lips; he yearned to kiss the sadness and uncertainty away from her blue eyes.
He took a step and then another.
Amanda’s eyes were glued with his’, it was a moment of raw admiration; no shame, no pretence; all of her was fixed on his seductive chestnut eyes and his sensuous mouth.
Her dreams of kissing him in a field of flowers yearned for reality; her dreams were enclosed in the box of anticipation, could she open this box?
He drew near to her. She swallowed as she watched his steps, his eyes were calculating and she prayed he wouldn’t stop.
Greg walked towards her swiftly, this was his last step; she licked her lips, nervously waiting for his kiss.
He reached her and then leaned forward and whispered: ‘You have lipstick on your face’.
Episode 28
‘‘You have lipstick on your face’’ Greg’s words reechoed in her brain; slowly, her fantasies and imaginations of him kissing her fled, the world stopped turning and she was faced with reality.
‘Oh, I…will er fix it…I better go fix that coffee’ her face reddened, she was thoroughly embarrassed. She wondered if he could hear the sound of her heart beating.
‘Better’ he said to her. Minutes later she scurried out of his office like a scared little bunny and he sighed with relief.
‘What the fu#k is happening to me’? Greg drummed his fingers on the table, he had never felt out of control before. He always had his emotions and urges under control; this was new for him.Was it because she looked so different? Was it because she was more alluring? Or he was just in the mood to kiss somebody.
He pushed the

wavering thoughts away and fetched his buzzing phone. He didnt recognize the number.
‘Hello, Greg on the line’ he placed it against his ear.
‘Darling, you forgot all about me’ a familiar voice drawled. He couldn’t miss the owner of the voice, she was one of his numerous girlfriends.
He had a one night stand with her at a club where they’d first met and somehow they bumped into each other months later and started dating.Like most of the women that he dated, she knew he had other girlfriends but didn’t care; most of them came for the money.
‘Trudy, can you call another time? I am really busy’ he said, he didn’t have time for all the drama; right now he was in a mess and he needed to sort his was out of it.
‘Greg? But it’s important, I really want to see you’ she insisted.
‘Not now Trudy, I promise to call when I am less busy’ he replied.
‘Okay’ she hung up.
‘Whatever’ he sighed.
He decided that his time for playing games with women was over; he needed to focus on his life; he needed to plan; he still hoped there was a way out of his father’s plan.
He wished a miracle could happen; his eyes briefly strayed to the calendar and he realized that his birthday was drawing close.
‘Hell’ he cursed.
‘What’s hell? You upset or something’? Just in time Morgan walked in.
‘Hey’ Greg waved.
‘Are you staring at the calendar now? You got a wedding date’? Morgan moved next to him.
‘No. My birthday is coming’ Greg replied simply.
‘Oh, there’s that, so what did your old man say’? Morgan inquired about the visit.
‘Same old, same old. When are you getting married to Wendy’? Greg mimicked his dad.
‘As if there’s a big trophy attached to her’ Greg added.
‘Of course there is, there’s that 10% thing with her parents’ Morgan reminded me.
‘Oh, enough! What if that’s a lie too? My dad could cook up anything to trap me’Greg replied.
‘You know what? You need to get some air, there’s this new lounge in town; let’s hang out, play some games and you’ll feel better. If you weren’t such a workaholic, I’d say you should go on a vacation, Hawaii or the Bahamas’ Morgan winked.
‘Why do I have a feeling that you just broke up with someone’? Greg studied his friend.
Morgan wasn’t the outdoor type; but he loved to have a drink or two when he felt stressed, especially after a break up or if he was looking to flirt.
‘Oh my God, don’t tell me you broke up with her, I didn’t even meet her’ Greg scoffed.
‘I had to. I like a relationship based on truth and honesty and you know that’ Morgan stated.
‘Yes I do’ Greg nodded in agreement. He understood where Morgan was coming from, he had been in a relationship some years back and she hurt him real bad with lies and cheating.
Minutes later, Amanda reentered the office with some coffee; it had taken her eternity to regain control of herself.
After leaving his office, the very first place she had visited was the lady’s, she had checked her face for any sign of lipstick, but there was nothing on it.
She was still confused about Greg’s words.
‘Here’s the coffee sir’ she dropped the tray with shaky hands and paused as Greg brought out a sheet of paper.
‘Thanks, here are a list of things I need you do today’ Greg handed her a sheet.
She scanned the list briefly and decided that this job wasn’t as stressful as she imagined.
‘Got it’ she smiled and rushed out of the office
Episode 29
He stared at her behind as she trotted out; she was every inch s£xy and he wondered how he would concentrate with such a hot personal assistant. Even his friend wasn’t left out of this ogling.
‘You can stop staring now’ Greg said as the Amanda carefully shut the door behind her.
‘Is it hot in here or is it just me’? Morgan found it difficult to believe that was the same girl that had worn a hat for the interview.
‘She’s so d–n s£xy! I would have considered her if I weren’t dating her friend’ Morgan said.
Greg didn’t know why, but he felt slightly uncomfortable hearing his friend say that.
‘Hey, focus, we were talking about your break up, what happened’? Greg switched the topic. He didn’t want to hear more of Morgan’s fantasies concerning Amanda.
‘I don’t wish to talk about it; she lied about something really important and refused to say the truth; lies is a deal breaker for me, no matter how small’.
‘Okay! I give up, so when are going to this lounge’? Greg asked.
‘Excuse me’ Morgan fetched his phone and checked the calendar.
‘Next weekend would be fine, I hear a lot of interesting things go on there’ Morgan winked.
‘Whatever, I gotta get back to work’ Greg replied.
‘Okay, see you later man’ Morgan rose to his feet.
‘Phew’ Greg sighed.
He contemplated on a lot of things while sipping his coffee.
‘Come in’ he murmured, there was a knock on the door.
There she was standing by the door with a killer smile; her blue eyes danced, he noticed she had the best set of teeth; how was he going to survive this sweet torture?
‘I through’ she walked in with a confident smile on her face, hoping to please him. She dropped some files on the table.
‘Oh, really? Let me see’ he pushed the mug aside and scanned the docvments.
Though his face was buried in the papers; his mind was not really there, her flowery fragrance wouldn’t let him be; they reminded him of kisses under the rain and making love on a really cold night.
Her eyes were drawn to the arch of his brows; to his capturing eyes and his soft lips; a sweet feeling crept into her belly as she imagined a kiss, yet again.
‘So…’ he abruptly looked up and found her staring at him.
Once their eyes met, she quickly looked away and focused on the mug instead.
‘You’re done, I’ll do something about finding you an office, tomorrow’ Greg grinned.
‘Um, as your personal assistant, I think I should really be close by, in case you need me urgently’ Amanda fiddled with her hands, not that she had any intention, she just wanted doing the right thing.
‘Are you suggesting we share an office Ms. Atkins’? Greg raised a brow.
Blood crept to her cheeks; his tone suddenly became tense and formal and she wondered if she had done anything wrong in asking.
‘Well…I…no’ she fetched the mug and left his office.
‘Better’ he replied tightly; and once she was out, he stamped his feet on the ground.
This was just the first day of working with her and he found it difficult to control himself; he wouldn’t lie to himself, there was something about her and he was drawn to it.
‘No employees’ he reminded himself yet again.
And then an idea came to him, he had done it many times whenever he was distracted by something or someone; he loved to bury himself into work but this time, it was going to be the opposite.
Tears stung her eyes as she left his office; she’d sensed a tint of mockery in his voice; was he mocking her suggestion or what?
‘Are you okay Amanda’? Gwen stopped working her computer and called Amanda over.
‘I am fine, totally fine’ Amanda blinked the tears away and took a seat beside her.
‘Really? Tell me all about it, it’s your first day, I know. You could be overwhelmed’ Gwen said.
Amanda decided it was best not to talk about what had happened earlier; she was too embarrassed.
‘It’s okay, feel free. I have worked with Greg for a long time; I know what he likes and I could help you win him over’ Gwen suggested.
‘Really’? Amanda was hopeful, she didn’t like his bossy tone earlier. She just wanted them to have a cordial relationship and less of the formal nonsense.
‘Not yet’ Gwen raised a hand.
‘Why’? Amanda was baffled.
‘Tell me what happened back there, don’t hide a thing from me’ Gwen said.
‘He wanted to get me an office, so I suggested I stay close, in case he needs me as his personal assistant and he didn’t respond fine’ she explained what had happened back there.
‘That’s strange, Holly stayed in his office the whole time; though it was partitioned’ Gwen narrowed her brows.
‘Oh, I think I know why he is being so hard on you’ Gwen bit her lip.
‘Why’? Amanda asked.
‘Holly was just like you; blue eyes and blonde hair; she was really irresponsible; maybe he feels you’ll turn out that way’.
‘Really’? Amanda felt even more hurt, was he regretting hiring her?
‘Not to worry, he probably has his reasons for doing that. So here’s what Greg likes…’
‘Fitness magazines, he has a bunch of them; a collection of video games; shades and pistachio nuts’ Gwen made a list.
‘Whoa’ Amanda laughed at the last one, she loved pistachio nuts too.
‘Okay, I know just what I’ll get him’ she replied.
‘That’s better, be patient with him, soon, you’ll both be the best of buddies’ Gwen assured her.
‘Thanks, I have to take this’ she fetched her phone.
‘Hello Princess, how are you today’? Nathan was the caller.
‘Nathan, I am fine thank you and you’? She was delighted to hear his voice, she could really use a friend now.
‘So, can we meet tomorrow? I am free now’ he asked.
‘Sure, tomorrow would be fine’ judging by the little work Greg was giving to her, she was would have time to do lunch with Nathan.
‘Thanks Princess’ he replied and brought the call to an end.
Her smile easily faded as someone’s wild perfume stung her nostrils; she raised her eyes and found Wendy staring at her darkly.
‘Good day Madam’ Amanda stuttered nervously.
Wendy’s heart raced as she stared at the girl whose amazing beauty she couldn’t compare with; she felt jealous instantly as she imagined so many things happening with Greg in the office.
‘I told you, you’ll leave sooner than expected’ she hissed and stepped into Greg’s office.
‘I don’t really get, why does she hate me’? Amanda was starting to get bothered.
‘That one, she’s a real pain in the ass, learn to ignore her’ Gwen advised.
Amanda sighed, she had a lot to tell Alex, she just couldn’t wait for her first day to come to an end.
Alex’s sad face flashed in her mind; her friend was wearing a mask, she wasn’t happy; what could’ve gone wrong?
‘I’ll be back, let me get this files to Morgan’ Gwen left her for a moment and she wondered briefly if Alex and Morgan were having problems.

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