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Amanda batch 11


Episode 30
You need to fire her’! Wendy yelled as she reached his office.
‘Fire who? I don’t understand and you’re not supposed to scream like that. One, you are in my office. Two, you’re pregnant; What’s wrong with you Wendy’? Greg was getting frustrated and tired of her.
‘You know very well who I am talking about’ Wendy replied.
‘Last I checked, I wasn’t a magician’ Greg

returned to his work.
‘Your personal assistant, I hate her so much; there’s something dark about her and you have to fire her now before you regret it’ Wendy added.
‘Something dark? Like’? He pinned his brown eyes on her.
‘I don’t know; I just have a hunch’ she replied.
‘Ms. Atkins is good at her job and she is very professional; you have no need to worry’ Greg assured her.
He rose to his feet and encircled her in his arms; he reminded himself that he still needed to play his part.
‘Are you attracted to her’? Wendy asked.
That did it, he released her immediately ‘What’s that supposed to mean’?
‘I know you Greg; you find it difficult to resist blue eyed blondes, that’s why I want her out of here; I don’t want anyone to come in between us; what we have is special; it’s really beautiful’ Wendy complained.
‘I don’t sleep with my employees and you d–n well know that; stop accusing me of false things. Now I have some work to do’ he returned to his files.
‘Well I am sorry. So, I came to tell you about my doctor’s appointment, I would love for you to come’ Wendy rubbed her belly proudly.
‘That would be great, what time’? He peered at her.
‘8 o’clock’ she replied.
‘I’ll be there’.
She had eavesdropped on his connection and she felt her heart raced as he called another “princess”.
‘Who was that’? Trudy stepped out of the bathroom.
‘Um, no one’ Nathan murmured. He had not been aware she’d been listening to his call to Amanda.
‘Really? Are you cheating on me? Who’s the b—h’? Trudy cursed.
‘I am not cheating baby, have I cheated on you before’? He felt her hands gently, so softly that her anger fled.
‘No’ she replied quietly.
‘Then trust me, you have no cause to be suspicious’ he said to her.
‘So when are you meeting up with Greg’? He asked eagerly, he still had to deal with his half brother an take over the company.
‘Not successful, he sounded kind of busy’ Trudy replied.
‘Busy? How busy’? Nathan’s features contorted into a frown.
‘Busy! He seems he didn’t want to meet up with me’ Trudy replied.
‘That’d because you didn’t make an effort; you were not persuasive enough’ he hissed.
‘Really? That’s insensitive, I tried my very best to convince

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him’ she felt hurt that she wasn’t appreciated.
He wasn’t excited about the outcome; it only meant a delay in his plans.
‘Baby, you know what this means to me, to us; if I become the C.E.O of Beecroft, you’ll have all the finest things you’ve ever dreamt of; we would travel the world together; get our own yacht and jet, our love would be forever’ Nathan moved over to her and caressed her face.
‘I know but does it really matter? Those are material things, all we need is our love for each other; what if you just forget

about Greg and focus on us instead’? Trudy asked, as the days passed, she felt Nathan gradually slipping away from her hands.
‘Hey! If you don’t make this work; if you don’t set up a meeting with Nathan, then it’s over between us’ he placed a kiss on her lips and stormed out of the house.
‘No…please’ her voice was broken, her soul was weak as she watched him walk away.
After having a nice dinner with her mother; she had decided to pay her friend a visit as they had a lot to discuss and she didn’t want her mother to hear a word about all the negative things that happened on her first day.
She lay beside Alex on the bed feeding on some candies; Alex was a real sweet tooth.
‘So, how was your first day hon’? Alex winked.
‘Can you turn that off? If you plan to hear me’? Amanda pointed at the Television.
“Keeping up with the Kardashians” was on air, Alex was a real reality T.V show freak.
If she wasn’t watching “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills”, she was watching “Real housewives of Atlanta” or “WAGS”.
‘Before that, can I ask you a question’? Amanda rinsed her sugary mouth with a glass of water.
‘Yea’ Alex nodded.
Amanda decided to tell her about her experience with Greg, but she didn’t mention his name directly or disclose his office as her boss; she just used the word “guy”.
Episode 31
So, you stared into a guys eyes and he did same; you guys bonded for that moment and had chemistry; then he moves closer with intent and purpose; his steps are sure and determined; you’re sure he is going to kiss you but he walks over and says “there’s lipstick on your face”’, honey,

that guy meant to kiss you, he just lost his courage’ Alex replied. She was more experienced than Amanda so she had answers to such a question.
‘Really? Are you sure’? Amanda was glad, that meant he felt it too, the positive vibe that brewed between them.
‘So did Nathan tell you that? He didn’t strike me as a shy guy’ Alex rolled her eyes.
‘Um, yea, I was really surprised too’ Amanda lied.
She told Alex about Wendy; about Greg’s attitude and his hate for blue eyed blondes.
She saw a glint of amusement in Alex’s eyes and she had a feeling her friend had been keeping a secret from her.
‘I knew about his hate for blondes, but I just couldn’t tell you; it would’ve broken your heart’ Alex laughed.
‘Wait, was that why you asked me to wear a hat’? Amanda smiled. She couldn’t believe this, why would Alex play tricks on her.
‘I am so sorry; Morgan stated clearly that his boss was allergic to blondes with blue eyes; I lied to him too and I am so sorry’ Alex kept on laughing; she laughed so hard till her insides ached and a tear slipped from her eyes.
‘Are you okay Alex’? Amanda noticed she was crying.
‘I broke up with him’ she sobbed.
‘What? Morgan’? Amanda swallowed, she had know her friend wasn’t okay; there was something off about her. She had lost her charm and her cheer.
‘Yes, I broke up with him, I miss him so much’ Alex cried hard.
‘Why? What happened’? Amanda inquired.
‘He…I think we’re just too different, it was never going to last long but I really felt happy that I met him’ she sobbed.
‘I am so sorry Alex’ Amanda comforted her. She cried along her friend, but her tears weren’t totally for Alex; the tears were reserved for her own heart; she was heavily drawn to Greg and he had something serious with Wendy.
‘Thank you, so, about the list, what are you going to get for your boss’ Alex switched the topic, she wanted to lighten the atmosphere.
Ending things with Morgan had really hurt her, but everything she did was for Amanda who deserved her undying loyalty. She felt stupid about it sometimes though.
‘Pistachio nuts’? Amanda winked.
‘That’s cool’ Alex nodded.
‘And, I have this, you are going to help me, I didn’t want to do this at home, my mother would’ve totally freaked out’ Amanda fetched a pack from her bag.
‘What’s this’? Alex lifted a brow.
‘Dye. I don’t want to be blonde no more, I want to be a brunette’ she winked and handed the package to Alex.
‘Are you sure you want to do this’? Alex was skeptical.
‘More than sure’ Amanda replied.
She wanted her relationship with Greg to turn out perfectly; she was going to get him pistachio nuts and she had get rid of her blonde hair. That should fix it! That’s what she thought.
Hate filled her heart as she stared at the profile of Greg’s personal assistant; even though Greg had professed love for her, she was still not satisfied, she couldn’t trust him completely.
Only few men could resist such a charming woman and Greg was not on that least.
‘Amanda Atkins, Humboldt University’ she whispered and took down some notes about her.
She was going to keep to her promise and get her fired when she least expected it.
Satisfied, she turned off her laptop and moved over to the dining; her insides yelled for food; she moved over to the table and fed on the remnants of chicken wings.
‘That’s not really healthy for a pregnant woman’ Elena replied, she had just checked her daughter’s room, but she had not found Wendy there.
‘That’s what the baby craves for’ Wendy rubbed her belly.
‘When do you start your baby shopping’? Elena asked.
‘After we are married’ Wendy replied and poured herself a glass of water.
‘How is Greg taking it now’? Elena asked.
‘Fine’ Wendy replied but the wave of unhappiness written on her face couldn’t be easily dismissed.
‘What’s wrong darling’? Elena moved to her side.
‘Nothing. Just his personal assistant, she dresses like a b—h and she tried to seduce him today. I’ve asked him to fire her but he isn’t willing to’ Wendy suddenly lost appetite.
‘Honey, I know we wanted you to get married to Greg but if you don’t want to marry him; you don’t really have to. We’ll accept this child and raise it like our own; I and your father had a very happy marriage and I want same for you honey; I want you to be happy’ she rubbed her hair gently.
‘But I am happy mother, I am really happy with Greg. He is the right man for me and nobody can stand between us’ Wendy replied.
‘I know he is the right man but what if you have that perception because you have not fallen in love with any other guy before? All your life has been built around Greg; sometimes I felt he didn’t deserve you. Are you really sure about him’? The woman repeated.
‘Yes. He is coming with me to see the doctor tomorrow, isn’t that romantic’? She peered at her mother with smiling eyes.
‘Yes it is. Just be careful with your heart’ Elena placed a kiss on her forehead.
‘I will be, I am working on it’ Wendy replied sagely.
Episode 32
He had taken a nap once he’d arrived home from work; his chef had prepared a meal and once he was done eating; he moved straight to the bathroom.
As the water trickled down his spine, he took a mental trip to the events of the day.
He wondered why Wendy was so obsessed and delusional; she bombarded his phone with calls and he had gotten irritated and turned it off.
His mind travelled from Wendy to his personal assistant; slowly, the water turned to ice; and the ice turned to snow and he found himself in a world of fantasy.
He imagined kissing her delicate lips; he imagined caressing her white throat and playing kisses all over her body.
She seemed to him a very hardworking and ambitious person; those were the two qualities that had drawn him to Wendy.
He believed in hard work and vision hence he found it difficult to resist women who had a mix of it; reason he had slept with some of his business partners, but that was in the past now; he was a new creature and old things were gone.
‘Focus’ he reprimanded himself.
Amanda was his employee and he had no business fantasying about her; he decided he would distract himself.
A mischievous smile curved his lips; he knew the perfect plan that would get her out of his mind.
As for Wendy, he still believed there was a way out; he couldn’t see himself being with someone like her. Since his father always used Nathan as a threat, he needed to remove that threat and he could only do that by pinpointing Nathan’s numerous weaknesses to their father. That way, the old man would realize he was still the best for Beecroft
Another day had rolled by quickly; he was dressed in tight black pants and a fancy shirt that clung firmly to his body and revealed his muscles.
He noticed Gwen wasn’t on seat and neither was his personal assistant;not that he really cared, he needed to speak with Morgan urgently. He had to find something on Nathan; something to prove that he wasn’t worthy of being the C.E.O ever.
‘What now’? His eyes pinned the sachet on the table. It looked familiar, this was something he loved and only someone close could’ve gotten him pistachio nuts.
He scanned the room briefly and settled his eyes back on the table; this was his favorite snack, somebody was trying to bribe him.
‘Wendy’ his eyes glared darkly, his irritation for her suddenly came alive and he picked the sachet that contained the nuts and dumped it in the trash bin; he had no time for her games. Wendy only gave him gifts when she needed something that he wasn’t willing to give.
He guessed the nuts was probably to cajole him into firing his personal assistant but he was not going to have any of that.
Minutes later after he had settled and written his “to do list”, there was a knock on the door; he guessed it was either Gwen or Amanda. If it were the latter, he had prepared himself adequately to face her.
He wouldn’t be unnerved by her charms; he would fight for control and that’s because she was going to be far away from him.
‘Good morning sir’Amanda stepped into the office with a bright countenance.
She noticed her boss was not frowning; his expression was neutral and this bothered her; she had expected him to be delighted after chewing his favorite snack. And what about her hair? She had changed the color so it would make him see her in a different light.
She wanted to prove so much to Greg; she wanted to prove that she took her job as his P.A seriously and she was hardworking and resilient as compared to his former assistant, Holly.
‘Morning’ he replied tightly. His eyes travelled first to her hair, it was perfectly done, jet black; it gave her the look of an Amazon; a fiery woman and it projected the blueness of her eyes.
He almost asked if she were a natural blonde or that had also been a dye but he held restraint by the shoulder. He didn’t want to encourage the attraction he felt for her.
‘I made your morning coffee’ Amanda dropped the tray on the table.
‘Oh, thank you Ms. Atkins’ Greg flashed her a quick smile and tore his eyes away from her.
Making eye contact was difficult. Anytime he stared at her, it seemed an unseen fire burned him; it opened the box of desires buried within him and resistance was difficult.
He drew a deep breath and fetched a paper from his drawer.
‘Have this’ he looked up and their eyes met again.
This time, Amanda was the one who felt the fire; he looked very different in his ensemble; more casual and a little bit s£xier. She was lost in the pool of his eyes.
His eyes travelled from her well shaped brows to her succulent lips and her neck; she wore a green shirt on a pair of tight pants that revealed her neat little hips; her bre@sts seemed bigger than before and he couldn’t help but imagine what was underneath.
‘So, that’s the list of things you would be doing today’ he managed to focus. What was she doing to him?
‘Oh’ Amanda stuttered as she recovered from their locking gaze.
Her lashes fluttered at first, maybe she had not read it well; how was she able to do all these in one day?
‘But sir, I know nothing about bunnies’ she stuttered, her first duty was buying him a bunny and looking after it; once she was done, she would go over to his house and clean it up and a ton of other irrelevant things; things that were not related to her job.
‘You are my Personal assistant Ms. Atkins, I need that bunny today, now run along, can you drive’? He asked.
‘Yes’ she nodded. What did he take her for? She wasn’t a pet sitter or a house cleaner? Why did she have this feeling that he still hated her even after she had dyed her hair.
‘Here, the keys to my car, so run along’ he replied and buried his face into the files before him.
‘Okay’ Amanda replied smugly.
‘Oh and Ms. Atkins, empty that trash bin’ he ordered.
As she fetched the little trash basket, her heart sank once she realized the pistachio nuts she had bought him was in there. Greg Beecroft really hated her; was he paying her for slapping him back at the club?

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