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Amanda season 2
Episode 15
You need to focus Greg’ Morgan wondered why his friend would be driving and fiddling with his phone.
‘I just sent the money back, so get set, we’re taking my company back’ Greg winked as they both marched towards his lawyers.
Minutes later, Greg’s team of lawyers walked into the office.
‘Mr. Beecroft, so pleased to meet you’ the eldest of them welcomed Greg.

/> ‘Thanks, Professor Bill, I am here to take back my company’ Greg dropped the files and the recorder on the table.
‘About that, like I told you before, there is nothing much we can do, we are still looking….’ He trailed off as Greg cut in.
‘Just take a look at that will you’? Greg pointed to the table.
There was shock first on the lawyer’s face, followed by relief ‘Where did you get this’?
‘Doesn’t really matter? What’s the next step’? Greg asked.
‘Now we have substantial evidence, we could sue your father and your brother and they could end up in jail for a really long time or we could show this evidence to them and you’re given back your position’ the lawyer replied.
‘What do you want Mr. Beecroft’? The lawyer asked.
‘Keep my father out of this, Nathan is the one I want in jail; it is his voice in that recording and he was the one that forged my signature’ Greg replied.
‘But your father tricked you into signing those papers, he needs to be punished too’ the lawyer said.
‘He is old, I guess Nathan must have fed him lies about me and that’s the reason he pressured me into getting married; just deal with Nathan’ Greg insisted on keeping his father out of the lawsuit.
‘Okay then, work begins now, get across to Silas’ lawyers’ Professor Bill snapped his fingers at his subordinates.
‘One more thing Mr. Beecroft, it would take just a few days or a week tops for you to take back your position and have your name cleared, is that okay’?
‘Thanks for doing this; I have to go now’ Greg shook hands with his lawyer and left.
‘I can’t believe it is over’ Morgan laughed and hugged his friend.
‘It is. Like a dream’ Greg laughed, he couldn’t wait to see the look on Nathan’s face once he found out he had been defeated.
‘So do you mind if we stop at a bar and celebrate’? Greg was excited; he couldn’t wait to see the look on his father’s face.
‘Sure, where do you think’? Morgan affirmed.
‘The new lounge’ Greg shrugged.
‘Fine by me’ Morgan fetched his phone and resumed his chat with Alex.
‘You really love her don’t you’? Greg glanced at him.
‘More than, after I got my heart broken, I didn’t think I’d find love

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again’ Morgan was all smiles as she went on and on about his blissful relationship with Alex.
‘Good for you. Love makes people weak, clouds their judgment’ Greg aired his opinion.
Love had turned his mother into a fragile and broken person; there was nothing like “love” in his world.
‘Don’t say that bro, you are only speaking this way because you have never been in love before’ Morgan offered his rebuttal.
‘Um, remind me again what love is’? Greg snorted and rolled his eyes.
‘Love doesn’t have a fixed definition; it could be many things to different people. Love

could be a feeling; a smile that lightens your whole world; the color of her eyes or the smell of her hair. Love makes you thrilled and wanting; your thoughts are consumed by the very person you love’ Morgan explained.
‘You’re really in love Morgan’ Greg laughed.
‘I read that from a book’ Morgan chuckled.
They fell silent as they reached the lounge.
Morgan’s words haunted him, “Love is the color of her eyes or the smell of her hair. It makes you thrilled and wanting, you thoughts are consumed by the very person you love”.
‘Come on now, we’re here, I hope they don’t make us wear masks today’ Morgan slipped from the car.
‘Right behind ya’ Greg called to him.
His eyes strayed to the spot where he had made love with Amanda that night; he noticed the flowers were gone; a tent had been er£cted there.
His heart warmed as he remembered the strawberry scent of her hair; her beautiful smiled that always made her sapphire eyes to dance; her tall and shapely body.
He realized he had done all he could. From firing her, to paying her off yet still, she plagued his thoughts.
Episode 16
He was afraid, more afraid than he had ever been; he wasn’t the type of man to spiral out of control, but this was what happened to him. He felt like an addict and Amanda his drug.
His heart softened as he typed her name and found the pictures of her and her dyslexic mother.
He briefly wondered how she had been able to survive alone; caring for both herself and her mother.
He clicked on one of her photographs, she wore a flowery dress with a pink hat; she looked innocent and adorable and he couldn’t help but smile

as he ran his fingers over her face.
‘Greg’! Morgan knocked the glass window.
‘Coming’! He mouthed the words and turned off his phone.
He had avoided it at first; he had masked what he had felt using Wendy and work as an excuse, but for how long would he live a lie?
How long would he avoid amorous shadows that tugged at his sleeves? How long would he fight with these feelings that grew every day? Feelings of happiness and desire anytime he thought about her.
How long would he deny his love for Amanda Atkins?
‘You look bothered’ Greg noticed his friend was excited about something.
‘Your lawyers are really fast considering we just spoke with them three hours ago’.
‘What are you talking about’? Greg wondered.
‘Come on in, it’s all over the news’ Morgan dragged him along.
He had come to work as usual; gone through all the files from the various departments but he still felt off and somewhat nervous.
He had asked Gwen to make him four cups of coffee and he had gulped it down at once.
Trudy’s number couldn’t be traced; she seemed to be missing; he had searched the neighborhood, called her friends but none seem to know about her whereabouts but her luggage were still intact.
‘Are you okay sir’? Gwen had showed concern.
‘Yes. Yes. I am fine’ he had forced a smile but deep down he wasn’t fine.
He didn’t care if something bad had happened to her; he didn’t care if she got killed in an accident or just got missing; he cared about all his secrets he had shared with her; if they had somehow gotten out, then he was doomed.
‘Your father would like to speak with you’ Gwen had informed him.
He had taken the call on Line 3 and spoke well with the old man; he had asked about his new job and how he was handling things, he had answered all the questions.
Shockingly, his father showed up ten minutes later with some feds and he was left bewildered.
‘What is this nonsense’? Nathan struggled with the men.
‘You set your brother up, led me all the way to believe you, but you are the dirty one. I regret ever having you as a son, take him away’ Silas was red with anger..
‘Are you okay sir’? Gwen rushed to Greg’s father.
She was confused as everyone else about what had just taken place.
‘You could find me Greg and tell him that I am terribly sorry; I messed up because I know he would never speak to me’ Silas sighed and walked away.
‘Dad, you can’t let them take pictures of me, I am innocent. Greg is dirty, he set me up’ Nathan struggled with the men.
‘He set you up? You’re such a terrible liar; I heard the recording, your voice was unmistaken; I saw the files and all the things you planned for your brother’ Silas scoffed.
‘Excuse me? What recording’? Nathan was confused.
‘Mr. Beecroft, you have the right to remain silent else anything you do or say would be used against you in the court of law’ one of the men handcuffed him and he was led out of the Beecroft building.
All three women were glued to the television just like majority of Americans were doing right now.
‘I can’t believe he was capable of such’ Alex groaned.
‘Are you kidding me? From now on, I’d stay away from guys with green eyes’ Amanda laughed.
She didn’t know why, but she felt slightly relieved that Greg’s name had been cleared and everything would revert to normal.
‘We should celebrate this’ Mrs. Atkins joined the conversation.
‘Really? And why is that’? Amanda raised her brow.
‘He is still the C.E.O, meaning you don’t have to look for another job’ Alex cut in.
‘Really? I don’t ever want to work with Greg Beecroft and I still plan on returning his money’ Amanda rolled her eyes.
Why couldn’t they just stop talking about him? That would make forgetting him easier.
‘Don’t let your pride get in the way of your success, I need to take this, Morgan is calling’ Alex pecked her swiftly and rushed to the kitchen.
‘I am not proud’ Amanda muttered to herself.
‘Yes you are, come over here Mandy’ her mother beckoned to her.
‘Mom’? She pulled a chair next to the woman.
‘Are you in love with him’? Her mother asked.
‘What? No’! She rose to her feet.
‘Did Alex tell you anything’? She wondered.
‘No. I am no fool. You have been very distant of late and when Wendy came up here and showed me a picture of Greg, I wouldn’t blame you if you fell for him’ her mother returned.
‘Hey mum, I know you are worried I’d get hurt but I am not. I am not in love with him. Okay’? Amanda drawled.
‘If you say so but just so you know, don’t allow my fears to get in your way of happiness; I know I get worried a lot that you may end up with a man who doesn’t adore you and love you as much, but you need to get all that behind you; set your heart free and enjoy the thrills of the moment, see where it leads. I made the mistake of rushing, just open up yourself to love’ her mother advised.
‘Thank you’ tears welled up in her eyes as she listened to those words. She was madly in love with Greg but where would it lead.
‘I love you baby’ her mother drew her in for a kiss.
‘I am so scared mum’ she confessed.
‘Don’t be. If he is yours, you’ll both would make it work’.

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