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Amanda batch 5


Episode 13

Amanda had never been so shocked in her entire life; seeing him there, looking so smart and handsome in his three piece suit tore down all the confidence she had built; she had no other choice but to run. She also felt stupid.

‘I slapped him, I slapped the boss’ those were her thoughts as she ran down the stairs, down into the streets.

In a swirl of confusion, she had failed to see the speeding vehicle; the last thing she heard was a loud screaming of her name: “Mandy”! by a very familiar voice, but it was too late, the fender of the car rammed into her. She gasped as she felt herself fall.

Everything else faded; and she was plunged into the field of flowers, the place where it rained silver, the place he had kissed her.

Alex rushed down to where her friend lay; tears stung her eyes as she stared at the driver of the classic Mustang.

‘What the hell where you thinking driving like that’? Alex yelled at him.

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‘I am so sorry,I…’ the driver raised his hands up.

Though her legs hurt badly; she had not gone out completely; she just felt weak and sleepy.

‘Mandy? Please say something’ Alex begun to cry.

‘Amanda’? The driver moved closer to her as he recognized the face.

‘Hell! Stop calling her name, dial 911 or something’ Alex couldn’t hold back her frustration.

‘Okay! Okay’ he fetched his phone and was about to dial when he spotted his elder brother running towards the scene.

‘Nathan? What the hell did you do’? Morgan was the face to notice him.

‘I swear to you, it was a mistake’ Nathan threw his hands in the air.

‘Were you drinking or something’? Greg glared at him darkly; not that he cared about the girl in question; she had slapped him and he couldn’t forget it. He was just concerned that this happened around the Beecroft’s premises.

‘She is awake! Mandy, how are you feeling’? Alex took off the beret that held her hair captive and her blonde curls fell free.

‘I think I went to heaven’ Amanda smiled; the pain she felt had faded away.

‘We still need to get her to the hospital’ Alex fired at Nathan.

‘Sure, I’ll do it’ Nathan offered.

‘I’ll come with you’ Alex helped Mandy up her feet.

They’d almost reached Nathan’s car when a deep and commanding baritone caused them all to pause.

‘I’ll take her, alone, the rest of you can go to work’ Greg moved forward and snatched the keys of the Mustang from his brother.

‘I am coming with you’ Alex was about to protest, she didn’t know this guy and she didn’t know if her friend’s was in good hands.

‘I’ll be fine Alex’ Amanda’s eyes danced dreamily as Greg placed her in the backseat of the car.

‘He is a gentleman, I promise you’ Morgan rubbed Alex’s shoulder.

‘Alright, I feel so scared, what really went on back there’? Alex turned to Morgan.

‘Hmmmm, appears to me Greg and Mandy have met somewhere before’ Morgan stated matter of factly.

‘Where did they meet’? Nathan was interested in the conversation.

He had searched the net for days but he couldn’t find his “Amanda”, the s£xy blue eyed goddess.

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‘Can you just find something else to do instead of hanging around like a sissy’? Morgan scowled at him.

‘Okay, whatever’ Nathan snorted and moved away.

‘Who is that anyway’? Alex stared after Nathan.

‘Nathan, Greg’s younger brother, but he is not important, let us focus on Greg and Mandy’ Morgan brought back her attention to what they had been discussing.

‘Oh, I don’t know. I don’t think those two have ever met’ Alex was surprised.

‘Really? Because Greg mentioned that your friend slapped him at the party we met? Does that ring a bell’?

Suddenly, it dawned on Alex why Amanda had appeared like that; she ran like she had seen a ghost.

‘Oh my God, this is not happening; can I ask you a quick question’? Alex inhaled deeply.

‘Go on’ Morgan nodded.

‘Is Greg a forgiving person’? Alex asked.

Morgan lifted his brows, why would she ask that? ‘Not really’.

‘Not really? As in Yes or No’? Alex repeated.

‘No’ Morgan replied.

‘Well, something happened back in the club; Greg sent Amanda an obscene note, she got pissed and ended up hitting him; I wouldn’t blame her, I would’ve done same if someone were to send me an obscene message’ Alex returned.

‘Alex sent her an obscene note? Are you sure’? Morgan was skeptical.

‘Of course, she has never lied to me, if that’s what you’re insinuating’ Alex felt offended that Morgan would see her friend in bad light.

‘Hey, come on, I didn’t mean it that way. It’s just that, your friend is not exactly Greg’s type’ Morgan was sure of this.

Amanda seemed like a simple girl; she wasn’t material and she looked inexperienced in the things of the world. Shw was a far cry from Greg’s trail of glamourous dolls.

‘Excuse me’? Alex bit her lip.

‘Hey babe, we shouldn’t even be talking about this; I am sure they will sort themselves out. I like your friend already and I feel she would be a good personal assistant to Greg, The past doesn’t matter’ Morgan reached out for her hands.

‘So, are we still on for our date tonight’? Morgan winked.

‘I don’t know, I need to know that my friend is okay’Alex shrugged.

‘Oops, okay then, I’ll check up on you later. I really want us to be more Alex’ Morgan placed a light kiss on her hair.

‘Me too’ she smiled

Episode 14

She had drifted off to sleep again; to that fantasy land where Mr. Rude had kissed her; the pain seemed to hurt just a little on her ankles.

‘Wake up’. The tone was harsh.

It was the sound of the voice that jerked her out of her sleep.

Immediately her eyes flung open, she realized who was sitting next to her in the car; blood rushed to her face; her eyes grew wide in surprise.

She suddenly realized who he was, Greg Beecroft, the man she was supposed to work for; but would never because of the events of that night.

Memory tugged at her and led her back to the events of that night; how was she supposed to know that he was Greg Beecroft? One of America’s finest millionaires.

‘I would’ve still slapped him’ she thought. What he did was wrong, how could a he disrespect a woman in such a way? Her features contorted into a frown; she wasn’t going to apologize for her actions; he deserved every bit of it.

Greg wondered why the crazy blue eyed girl was staring at him that way; he had offered to take her to the hospital because he didn’t trust Nathan’s driving; what if he rammed into other people? That was the last thing the company needed right now; his party pictures had attracted enough negativity. He really was not prepared for this new bit of drama.

He had seen the shock on her face when she had stepped into his office; apparently, she had not known that he was Greg Beecroft before slapping him back at the party and before applying for a job in his company.

He stepped out of the car and opened her side of it. ‘I need to take you inside’ he said.

They had a family doctor and he had decided to take her over to his hospital.

‘I can get out by myself’ Amanda muttered. She realized she was uncomfortable, or was it shy around him? He had this unsettling effect and she couldn’t look into his eyes.

‘Okay then, Ms Independent, show us what you got’ Greg was annoyed by her attitude. She was yet to apologize and here he was trying to help her. He moved away from her.

Amanda took a deep breath and tried to step down from the car but she found this very process totally difficult. The pain that had ebbed away suddenly felt so alive.

She gritted her teeth as she tried to lift her weight from the car. She stiffled a scream.

‘Whatever’ Greg decided he had no time for all that.

He scooped her into his arms, banged the door with his left foot and took her into the massive building.

Her insides melted as she took in his masculine scent; it was rare; it was inviting; it was intoxicating.

Her skin burned as he carried her; she had never been carried by a man before, let alone such a georgeous piece of meat.

‘He is a rude pervert’ she reminded herself and decided to focus on getting better. Greg carried her gingerly into the family physician’s office.

‘Is that Greg’? Dr. Walsh noticed he carried a fine young lady in his arms.

‘Yes Dr. She just had an accident. Nothing serious I hope’ Greg replied.

He knew her eyes had been fixed on him; he didn’t mind, he knew he was hot; so little Ms. Rude found him attractive too? And she had acted like a pure saint the other night. He laughed inwardly.

‘I see, lay her here’ the doctor pointed to the examination bed in his office.

‘How do you feel dear?, show me where it hurts’ The man walked up to Amanda and began to examine her.

She pointed out the places that hurt; he carefully examined them and prescribed some drugs for her. Her injuries were minor.

‘Lucky you Greg, your girlfriend is totally fine. No sign of internal bleeding; just a sprain which these drugs would take care off; give her two days and she would be walking fine again’ the doctor handed a sheet of paper over to him.

Girlfriend? Greg scoffed and shook his head ‘I can’t date a girl like her, she is not my spec’ he said.

Blood flooded Amanda’s cheek as he spoke those words; what did he mean by that?

She was about to say something when the pain in her ankles hit her again and she groaned slightly.

‘Sorry dear, you will be fine’ The Dr. reassured her.

‘Thank you Dr. Walsh’ Amanda managed a smile.

‘See you around Greg, I’ll advise she stay a little while the hospital ,the drugs will make her drowsy and she cannot do anything really’ the man suggested before stepping out of the room.

‘I have done my part, Nathan can take over from here’ Greg decided he had done enough.

‘Who is Nathan’? She dared to ask.

‘You’ll see’ Greg snapped at her and then stormed out of the room.

‘I’ll see’? Amanda swallowed. Why was he so mean to her? He had deserved that slap for heaven’s sake!

‘Rude brat’ she muttered.

If she ever saw him again, she was going to give him a piece of her mind; she had nothing to gain from him; she was sure she wouldn’t get the P.A job. That made her a bit sad. She wondered how her mother would take it. She would probably be back to waitressing. She was so lost in her depressing thoughts that she did not realize her cell phone and the purse she held were still in her possession, it was the buzzing of her phone that jolted her.

‘Alex’ a smile warmed her eyes as she saw who the caller was.

‘Savage wild thing’ Greg was highly infuriated by her actions. She had not apologized and she couldn’t even utter as much as a “Thank you”.

‘Who does that’? He snorted and moved to his car.

He had instructed Morgan specifically to find him a personal assistant that wasn’t blonde or blue eyed, but his friend had flaunted his order.

Anyway, one thing was for sure; Little Ms. Rude Ass wasn’t going to work in his company; not ever, not on his watch.


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